70 Beautiful Rose Tattoos For Women in 2023

Rose tattoos are popular among women. It is a symbol of love and beauty. Rose tattoos have a different meaning for everyone. The rose tattoo can be a symbol of your love or it can be the representation of your personality. They can be inked in different styles, colors and designs to suit your taste and preference. You can go for simple and small or large and heavy ones.

Roses are beautiful flowers, but what makes them even more beautiful is all the meanings behind them! Roses have been around for centuries and their meaning has changed very little over time. They have been used in many different cultures throughout history as symbols of love due to their vibrant coloration and beautiful form. These flowers have been used as wedding bouquets since ancient times because they represent a happy marriage!

Rose tattoos for women are the perfect way to express your feminine side. The delicate rose flower has been popular for many years and continues to grow in popularity as a tattoo design. Rose tattoos can be bright and colorful, or they can be more realistic looking. They can also be small or large, depending on your preference.

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1. Arm Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo designs are perfect for an arm tattoo because they can be placed anywhere on the arm without looking too busy or overwhelming. Rose tattoos on the arms are also very feminine and elegant, making them great for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride who want something more subtle than a full sleeve or chest piece tattoo. The best part is that if you don’t like it after a few years, you can always get it removed without too much trouble!

Arm Rose Tattoo

2. Black And Grey Rose Tattoo

A black and grey rose tattoo is a unique choice for those who want something different than traditional colors when getting inked. These tattoos are often done in black ink only or with some grey shading added in to create contrast between the different parts of the flower’s petals and stem.

Black And Grey Rose Tattoo

3. Black And White Rose Tattoo

If you like the idea of having just one black and white rose tattoo, then this type of design might be perfect for you! This tattoo features a single black and white rose with multiple leaves surrounding it. The artist used vibrant colors on all the petals but left the center of the flower blank so that the viewer could see through it and see the person’s skin underneath it. This design would work well for someone who wants something simple yet elegant looking.

Black And White Rose Tattoo

4. Black Rose Tattoo

If you have always wanted to have a black rose tattoo, then this design is for you! This tattoo has been designed using only black ink and hence looks very unique compared to other designs available in the market today. It will look good on any part of your body but if placed on the back, it will give it a different dimension altogether!

Black Rose Tattoo

5. Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue rose tattoos are a symbol of the divine, and a powerful reminder that you are loved. The blue color represents faithfulness and loyalty. This tattoo is popular with women who have been through heartbreak, but who still believe in love. It’s also a great tattoo for those who don’t want to get their hearts broken again!

Blue Rose Tattoo

6. Butterfly Rose Tattoo

Butterflies are one of the most popular types of tattoos for women. They symbolize change, transformation and rebirth. Butterflies are also associated with beauty and gracefulness. If you want to get a tattoo that reflects your inner beauty and gracefulness, then consider getting a butterfly tattoo on your ankle or wrist. Butterfly tattoos can also be combined with other images like roses or birds if you want something more unique than just an ordinary butterfly tattoo design.

Butterfly Rose Tattoo

7. Butterfly With Roses Tattoo

The butterfly with roses tattoo is a very popular design among women. This design incorporates both the butterfly and the rose into one design, which makes it more meaningful than just having one or the other inked on your body. The butterfly represents freedom, while the rose represents love and beauty. If you’re looking for something that combines both freedom and love, this might be perfect for you!

Butterfly With Roses Tattoo

8. Clock And Rose Tattoo

This beautiful clock tattoo design is a great idea for anyone who loves roses and wants to incorporate them into their body art. This tattoo is unique because it combines two separate designs into one piece of art. The clock represents time, while the rose represents love and beauty in life. These two things go hand in hand with each other and make this tattoo stand out from all others.

Clock And Rose Tattoo

9. Collarbone Rose Tattoos

A collarbone tattoo is one of the most popular designs for women. The design is simple and elegant, but still has a slight edge that makes it just as edgy as any other type of tattoo. The size of the rose will depend on how large you want your tattoo to be, but it is usually large enough to cover most of the collarbone area without being too overwhelming or difficult to hide under clothing. If you want something small and subtle, try a small red dot surrounded by thorns or leaves.

Collarbone Rose Tattoos

10. Colorful Rose Tattoo

A colorful rose tattoo has many possible meanings behind it. If you’re looking for something fun but still beautiful, then this might be a good option for you! Consider getting one on each ankle or wrist with different designs so that they complement each other instead of matching exactly. This way, you’ll have an entire set of roses that will look great together no matter where you decide to wear them!

Colorful Rose Tattoo

11. Dead Rose Tattoo

A dead rose tattoo is a symbol for something that has died or lost its beauty. It usually represents the loss of love or a relationship that was once beautiful but now gone forever. The dead rose tattoo can also represent an end to something that was once alive and full of life, but now no longer exists or is dead like a relationship or friendship.

Dead Rose Tattoo

12. Dreamcatcher Rose Tattoo

The dreamcatcher tattoo is a symbol of feminine strength and courage. It represents a woman’s ability to protect herself from bad dreams and negative energy that might otherwise affect her life. The dreamcatcher rose tattoo can also be used as a memorial for someone who has died, especially if that person was important in your life or if he or she was suffering from an illness at the time of death.

Dreamcatcher Rose Tattoo

13. Fine Line Rose Tattoo

This fine line tattoo looks so pretty because of its minimalistic design which makes it look like a watercolor painting on paper rather than an actual tattoo design! It is stitched together using black ink only so that it resembles an actual rose petals and has a beautiful color combination too!

Fine Line Rose Tattoo

14. Geometric Rose Tattoo

Geometric tattoos have simple, straight lines that make them very easy to draw. These tattoos can cover large areas of skin or be small enough to fit on your wrist or ankle. Geometric roses can also be combined with other flowers or flowers with geometric designs to create a unique piece of body art that represents who you are and what you believe in.

Geometric Rose Tattoo

15. Half Sleeve Rose Tattoo

The half sleeve tattoo is one of the most popular designs for women when it comes to tattoos. It looks amazing on any arm, but especially on those with darker skin tones. This design works best with smaller roses and leaves, with a few larger ones thrown in for good measure. The colors should match your skin tone as much as possible so that they don’t stand out too much against it.

Half Sleeve Rose Tattoo

16. Heart And Rose Tattoo

A heart tattoo is one of the most common designs for women. It has a lot of meanings, but it is mostly associated with love and romance. The heart is a symbol of love, while the rose represents beauty. If you have this tattoo, people will know that you are in love or that you want to fall in love with someone special.

Heart And Rose Tattoo

17. Matching Rose Tattoo

Another common type of rose tattoo is the matching one. A matching tattoo can be done by couples who want to express their love towards each other. This kind of tattoo also means that they will always be there for each other and they will never leave each other’s side no matter what happens in life.

Matching Rose Tattoo

18. Minimalist Rose Tattoo

A minimalist rose tattoo can be designed in many different ways, but they all have one thing in common: they use simple shapes to create an image that is more abstract than realistic. Minimalist tattoos are often created using just two colors and consist of little more than simple lines and dots. The result is an eye-catching design that’s sure to turn heads.

Minimalist Rose Tattoo

19. Moon And Rose Tattoo

The moon and the rose are a common theme for tattoos. These are also very popular tattoo designs for women. The moon is a feminine symbol, while the rose is a symbol of love. When you combine these two beautiful symbols it creates a visually stunning tattoo design that will be sure to catch people’s attention. This tattoo can be done in either color or black and white ink.

Moon And Rose Tattoo

20. Quote Rose Tattoo

If you have a quote that you want to get tattooed on your body, then you should consider getting it in the form of a rose tattoo. The quote will be written on top of the rose or inside it depending on how much space there is for it on your skin. The quote tattoo can be anything from inspirational words or phrases to quotes about love and friendship. It all depends on what message you want to send out through your rose tattoo!

Quote Rose Tattoo

21. Red ink Rose Tattoo

One way to get a rose tattoo is to use red ink. This style can be done in many ways, with different colors or shading. The red ink can be placed on any part of the body, including arms, legs, chests, and even backs. Red ink roses are often brightly colored and look very vibrant on skin tone.

Red ink Rose Tattoo

22. Red Rose Tattoo On Shoulder

The red rose shoulder tattoo is a simple yet beautiful tattoo design that incorporates the classic floral design with a feminine silhouette of a woman’s torso. This tattoo can be placed on any area of the body, but it looks particularly great on the shoulders because they are large enough to accommodate such an elaborate design without becoming too overwhelming or distracting from your outfit.

Red Rose Tattoo On Shoulder

23. Red Rose Tattoo

Red rose tattoos are popular with women and men. The red color is the color of love and passion. The red rose means beauty, romance and grace. Red roses also mean passion and desire, so if you are looking for an ink design that will express your love for another person then consider a red rose tattoo on your body.

Red Rose Tattoo

24. Rose And Butterfly Tattoo

A rose and butterfly tattoo is very popular with both men and women. The rose represents love or passion while the butterfly symbolizes freedom, peace and happiness. This tattoo design is usually placed on the upper arm or shoulder area of the body. It can also be placed on the lower back or hip area if you want something more discreet.

Rose And Butterfly Tattoo

25. Rose And Dagger Tattoo

The rose and dagger tattoo is a symbol of love, betrayal and sacrifice. The rose represents love, while the dagger symbolizes betrayal. The combination of these two elements makes this tattoo a symbol of sacrifice. In most cases, people get this tattoo to commemorate someone they loved who passed away or to memorialize someone who they lost in some tragic way.

Rose And Dagger Tattoo

26. Rose And Sword Tattoo

The rose sword tattoo design is another popular choice for women who want to wear a floral tattoo design that has meaning behind it. The sword represents strength in battle or overcoming obstacles in life, while the rose represents love and beauty in nature. This type of tattoo design usually fits well on the upper arm or shoulder area of the body but can also be placed on other areas like your lower back or hip area if you prefer something more discreet.

Rose And Sword Tattoo

27. Rose Back Tattoo

A back tattoo is great way to show off your feminine side. Roses are one of the most popular tattoo designs for women because they represent love, beauty and passion. Roses also symbolize romance between two people. A rose on the back can be inked in many different ways depending on your personal preference including color scheme and style as well as whether it is an original design or one that has been copied from another source like a painting or photograph.

Rose Back Tattoo

28. Rose Chest Tattoo

A rose chest tattoo is a great idea for women who want to get a tattoo on their chest but don’t want something too obvious or bold. There are many variations of this tattoo, including one with a single rose on the left side of your chest. This type of tattoo can be done in black ink or even red ink if you’re looking for a more edgy look!

Rose Chest Tattoos

29. Rose Clock Tattoo

The rose clock tattoo is a great choice for women who like simple yet elegant designs on their body. It’s also a good choice for those who don’t want their tattoos to be too big or too bold because this design is small enough to look elegant without being too noticeable or distracting from other outfits that you might wear on a daily basis.

Rose Clock Tattoo

30. Rose Cross Tattoo

A rose cross tattoo is a religious symbol that represents the trinity of God and Jesus Christ as well as the crucifixion. This tattoo can be placed on any part of the body including arms, legs, hands, wrists and ankles. It’s also common to see them placed on chests and backs where they can be easily seen by others.

Rose Cross Tattoo

31. Rose Finger Tattoo

A rose finger tattoo is one of the most popular types of tattoos among women because it’s small in size and easy to hide when needed. This type of tattoo is usually done on fingers or toes but can also be done on ears if desired by the wearer. The color options are endless when it comes to roses so you’re sure to find one that matches your personality perfectly.

Rose Finger Tattoo

32. Rose Forearm Tattoo

The rose forearm tattoo is often done in a realistic style, with leaves and thorns as well as stems and buds. The tattoo will usually be placed on an upper arm, above the elbow to minimize visibility when wearing short sleeves or tank tops. For women who want a more feminine design, they may choose to have their roses in pastel colors such as pink or lavender rather than black and gray.

Rose Forearm Tattoo

33. Rose Hip Tattoo

Most women choose to get rose tattoos on their hips because it is a very sexy spot for a tattoo. The hip bone is an ideal place for a tattoo because it is visible when wearing tight clothing such as jeans or shorts. If you are looking for a unique tattoo then consider getting a rose hip tattoo because not many people have it done!

Rose Hip Tattoo

34. Rose Leg Tattoo

Another popular location for women to get rose tattoos is on their legs. This is also an excellent choice because you can easily hide this tattoo with pants or long dresses if you do not want anyone to see it all of the time. You can also choose to wear short skirts and dresses that show off your leg tattoo when you want others to see it!

Rose Leg Tattoo

35. Rose Neck Tattoo

A rose neck tattoo is a great choice for women who want to show their love and affection. You can get a small or large rose tattoo on your neck, which will look beautiful and elegant. It also represents love, beauty and romance. A rose neck tattoo is suitable for girls who want to make a statement with their ink.

Rose Neck Tattoo

36. Rose On Hip Tattoo

Another popular tattoo design for women is the rose hip tattoo. This design is quite popular among ladies because it looks bold and sexy. If you get this type of design done on your body then you will definitely make heads turn because it is an eye-catching piece of art. The great thing about this design is that it can be worn by anyone as it does not have any specific meaning behind it, but still looks amazing!

Rose On Hip Tattoo

37. Rose Outline Tattoo

A simple outline of a rose is one of the most common types of rose tattoo designs. The outline makes it easier to get the tattoo started but still allows room for you to customize it as you see fit. The outline also helps keep your tattoo simple if you aren’t sure exactly how you want it to look yet.

Rose Outline Tattoo

38. Rose Shoulder Tattoo

A shoulder rose tattoo is also another option that many women choose when they want a tattoo but don’t want anything too big or too small on their body parts. The shoulder has a lot of space available so you can get as big or small a design as you like on your shoulders without making it look odd or awkward on your body shape at all!

Rose Shoulder Tattoo

39. Rose Sleeve Tattoo

Rose tattoos are very popular among women, especially because they are so beautiful and feminine. If you want to get one, then you can choose between many different designs such as a full sleeve or just a single rose on your arm. You can also get it in different colors like black or white ink, depending on what color you prefer.

Rose Sleeve Tattoo

40. Rose Spine Tattoo

This is a spine tattoo design that features a simple red rose with green leaves on the wearer’s right shoulder blade area. It’s a simple yet elegant design that will look great on any woman who wants something unique but does not want anything too over-the-top or flashy like other tattoos tend to be these days.

Rose Spine Tattoo

41. Rose Tattoo Behind Ear

Behind the ear tattoos are often small designs with intricate details that make them stand out from other tattoos. A rose tattoo behind your ear could be either realistic or abstract, depending on your preference. You may want to combine other symbols with your rose tattoo behind your ear, such as butterflies or birds, if you want something more complex than just a simple flower.

Rose Tattoo Behind Ear

42. Rose Tattoo Design

Rose tattoos are a classic design and they can be used to represent many different things. This makes them a great choice for anyone who wants a tattoo that is meaningful, but also looks great. Whether you have your own reasons for getting a rose tattoo or you want to know more about the meaning behind this design, there are some facts that you should know.

Rose Tattoo Design

43. Rose Tattoo Designs

The design of a rose tattoo is mostly determined by what kind of rose you want. There are several different types of roses, so you will want to make sure that you choose one that matches your style and personality perfectly. You can also get creative with other aspects of the design such as color and placement on your body.

Rose Tattoo Designs

44. Rose Tattoo Ideas

Rose tattoos are a very popular choice among women. There are several reasons why this is so, but the main one is that it can symbolize love and femininity. You don’t have to have an idea of what it means, just like with any other tattoo. You can just get it because you like the design!

Rose Tattoo Ideas

45. Rose Tattoo Meaning

The rose is one of the most popular flowers when it comes to tattoos. It’s also one of the most meaningful. Roses symbolize love, passion and beauty, making them a favorite among women. Roses are often associated with romance, which makes them perfect for wedding tattoos or anniversary ink. The rose also symbolizes birth and rebirth, which is why many people get rose tattoos after a loss.

Rose Tattoo Meaning

46. Rose Tattoo On Ankle

An ankle tattoo is usually small and discreet, which makes it an ideal location for a rose tattoo design. You can choose from a wide range of colors, including red roses or pink roses, or even mix them together if you like. Rose ankle tattoos can also be combined with other symbols such as hearts, butterflies or stars to create something much more elaborate than just one flower!

Rose Tattoo On Ankle

47. Rose Tattoo On Arm

An arm tattoo is another popular choice for women who want to wear their rose tattoos on their arms. This area of skin offers plenty of room for creativity when it comes to designing your own piece of body art, from colorful flowers to intricate patterns that cover your whole arm in color!

Rose Tattoo On Arm

48. Rose Tattoo On Calf

This is a beautiful rose calf tattoo that has been done on an attractive young lady. This design shows off the beauty of roses in all its glory with their petals that are so red and vibrant against a background of black ink. This is certainly one of the most popular designs for women looking for a rose tattoo as it can be done in many different ways depending on the size and shape of your calf muscle.

Rose Tattoo On Calf

49. Rose Tattoo On Foot

A rose foot tattoo is another popular choice among women because it doesn’t take up much space but still shows off their love for roses in an artistic way. This type of tattoo is usually done in blackwork style or watercolor style because those two styles best suit small areas like feet and ankles.

Rose Tattoo On Foot

50. Rose Tattoo On Forearm

For a cool look, you can get a rose forearm tattoo that has lots of leaves around it with shading to give it a realistic look. The leaves also add to the beauty of this design as they are green in color. The shading gives it depth and makes it more appealing to look at.

Rose Tattoo On Forearm

51. Rose Tattoo On Hand

The rose hand tattoo is another popular tattoo design that many women choose as their first tattoo. This design can be placed anywhere on your hand or fingers, but it typically works best on the knuckles or back of the hand where there will be plenty of space to show off your new ink!

Rose Tattoo On Hand

52. Rose Tattoo On Stomach

The rose stomach tattoo is a great way to express your love for someone or something. This type of rose tattoo can be done in various styles, depending on what you want it to look like. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you would like, depending on how detailed you would like it to be.

Rose Tattoo On Stomach

53. Rose Tattoo On Wrist

A rose wrist tattoo is a great way to show off your feminine side without having to go overboard with your body art. A small rose wrist tattoo can be worn out at night or during the day without being too noticeable or distracting from whatever else you’re wearing.

Rose Tattoo On Wrist

54. Rose Tattoo With Name

A rose tattoo is a symbol of love and affection. The rose tattoo with name is one of the most popular tattoo ideas for women. It can be traced back to ancient times when the Romans used it as a symbol of love and beauty. The rose has come to mean so many different things to different people over time, making it an excellent choice for a tattoo design.

Rose Tattoo With Name

55. Rose Tattoos For Females

The rose tattoo is a popular choice among female tattoo enthusiasts. A lot of women choose to get them on their ankles, shoulders, hips, and wrists. However, they can be placed just about anywhere on your body as long as it’s not on your face or neck area.

Rose Tattoos For Females

56. Rose Tattoos For Women

Rose tattoos often have more than one color in them. There are many different types of roses that you can use in your designs including red roses, yellow roses, pink roses, black roses and white roses just to name a few! You can also choose to get an abstract rose design if you want something unique that doesn’t look like any particular flower type!

Rose Tattoos For Women

57. Rose Thigh Tattoo

The rose thigh tattoo is a popular choice amongst women. This tattoo is symbolized as a way of expressing love and care. The rose thigh tattoo can be done in various colors and designs, depending on your preference. You can have it done in black or red ink, or even add some flowers to make it more interesting.

Rose Thigh Tattoo

58. Rose Vine Tattoo

The rose vine tattoo is another popular option for women who want to get a new tattoo design. This particular design is very beautiful and can be done in different colors such as red, white and pink. You can even ask your artist to add some flower buds on top of the vines if you want something colorful and eye-catching.

Rose Vine Tattoo

59. Rose With A Butterfly Tattoo

This rose tattoo has a butterfly flying above it. The butterfly represents hope, freedom, and new beginnings while the rose represents love and beauty. This tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to show their love for someone special while also showing off their colorful personality!

Rose With A Butterfly Tattoo

60. Shoulder Rose Tattoo

This shoulder rose tattoo features a simple design with pink roses around it. The placement of the rose on this woman’s shoulder makes it look like part of her body rather than an object that was put there by someone else. This placement also allows for people to see the details of the petals without having to look down at her chest area where most people place their tattoos!

Shoulder Rose Tattoo

61. Simple Rose Tattoo

A simple rose tattoo is a great way to get started with a new design or to add some color to an existing tattoo. A simple rose can be in many different colors and styles, but you do not have to choose from only one design if you want a simple tattoo. You can pair multiple simple roses together for a more interesting look.

Simple Rose Tattoo

62. Small Rose Tattoo On Hand

A small rose tattoo on hand is perfect for women who don’t want a large piece of art on their body but still want something meaningful. Rose tattoos are often chosen by women who have just gotten married or who have lost someone special because they represent love and passion which makes them perfect choices for such occasions.

Small Rose Tattoo On Hand

63. Small Rose Tattoos

If you don’t want anything too big on your skin then getting a small tattoo would be ideal for you. There are many different types of small rose tattoos available in the market today and they are just as beautiful as any other tattoo design out there. You can get these tattoos done anywhere on your body whether it be on your arms, legs or even back! It all depends on what kind of design you would like on your body!

Small Rose Tattoos

64. Snake And Rose Tattoo

Snake and rose tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs for women. The combination of these two elements makes for a unique, feminine tattoo design. Snake tattoos can also be combined with other designs. A snake and rose tattoo is a great way to express your personality, while also showcasing your individuality.

Snake And Rose Tattoo

65. Snake Rose Tattoo

A snake rose tattoo is a great design choice for anyone who loves snakes, roses or both. A snake rose tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, including on the arms or legs. To get this tattoo, you must have an artist who knows how to draw roses and snakes effectively. A skilled artist will be able to make your snake rose look realistic and beautiful.

Snake Rose Tattoo

66. Sternum Rose Tattoo

The rose sternum tattoo is one of the most popular choices for women. It is simple, yet beautiful, featuring an outline of two roses with vines intertwining around them. This design can be placed anywhere on the chest area or even down onto the abdomen if desired.

Sternum Rose Tattoo

67. Tiny Rose Tattoo

Many women choose to get tiny rose tattoos in order to cover up scarring or other marks on their bodies that they want covered up with something pretty and feminine like a flower tattoo design. These tiny tattoos can be placed just about anywhere on your body but are most often found on the ankle or wrist area because they are so small in size and can easily be hidden under clothing if needed!

Tiny Rose Tattoo

68. Traditional Black Rose Tattoo

The traditional black rose tattoo is one of the most popular designs for women. It features a black outline around an intricate design of red roses with green leaves. These tattoos usually take up most of the forearm or upper arm. There are many different styles of black rose tattoos out there, including Gothic-inspired designs with skulls and crossbones surrounding the roses or more realistic looking roses surrounded by vines and leaves.

Traditional Black Rose Tattoo

69. Traditional Rose Tattoo

The traditional rose tattoo is usually done in black or grey ink with some details added in color. It can be placed on any part of the body, but it’s most commonly seen on the wrist or ankle. The traditional rose has five petals and a stem, which symbolizes growth, fertility and life itself. It also represents beauty and elegance as well as prosperity and abundance.

Traditional Rose Tattoo

70. Yellow Rose Tattoo

A yellow rose tattoo is a variation of the traditional one, but instead of being red it’s yellow. Yellow roses symbolize friendship rather than love, so they make great tattoos for best friends or sisters who want matching tattoos. Yellow roses also look great when combined with other elements such as hearts or butterflies. You can visit our Pinterest rose tattoos board.

Yellow Rose Tattoo


What does a rose tattoo mean?

The meaning behind a rose tattoo can vary depending on what color ink or shading you choose. For example, red roses symbolize true love while white roses symbolize innocence or purity. Black roses are usually associated with death or mourning while pink roses represent beauty and romance.

What does a rose tattoo symbolize?

Roses are often associated with love, beauty, and romance and this makes them a popular design among women looking for tattoos that express their feelings. Roses symbolize beauty, love and joy so if you want to get a tattoo that represents these things then this flower is perfect for you!

What do red tattoos mean?

Red roses represent love, passion and romance. They are often given as gifts to show how much you care about someone. Red rose tattoos are commonly used by people who want to show their affection towards someone else.

What do black rose tattoos mean?

Black roses represent death or misfortune and therefore symbolize the opposite of love and passion: hate, anger and pain. Black rose tattoos may be chosen by people who have experienced some sort of loss in their lives or by those who want to show their displeasure towards something or someone else.


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