40 Impressive Chest Tattoos for Women in 2023

Chest tattoos for women are not only gorgeous but also have a way of enhancing one’s looks and beauty. Having a tattoo on the chest makes one stand out and look different from everyone else. However, it is the design you choose that will determine the kind of person you are.

Women Chest tattoos are becoming increasingly popular these days, as they are a type of tattoo that can be covered or revealed at will. There are an endless number of designs to choose from, and the wearer has a great deal of flexibility in terms of where they decide to place their chest tattoo. The options are really endless when choosing a design.

The chest is also one of the more painful areas to get a tattoo, so women should take this into consideration as well. There is something about getting a tattoo on the chest that makes it feel more intimate than other parts of the body, so women who choose to get one should be aware of how it makes them feel.

1. Anchor Chest Tattoo

Anchors are often associated with sailors. However, for women, it is a sign of stability and strength. You can have an anchor inked on your chest without necessarily having a rope tied around it; this will make it look much more beautiful. You can decide to have an anchor placed on its side or facing upwards; it all depends on how you want it to look. The most common color used when inking anchors is black; however, you can use different colors if you want your tattoo to look unique and more feminine.

Anchor Chest Tattoo

2. Angel Wing Chest Tattoo

Angel wing tattoos can mean many things, but one of the most common is a literal guardian angel. If you don’t believe in angels, you could interpret this as a reminder that you should always look out for others and be their caretaker.

Angel Wing Chest Tattoo

3. Animal Chest Tattoo

Animal tattoos are extremely popular because they can represent so much. A bear tattoo can mean strength, confidence, and fearlessness, while an elephant tattoo can represent luck or patience. There is no limit to what an animal tattoo on your chest can symbolize, so choose one that means something special to you.

Animal Chest Tattoo

4. Arrow Chest Tattoo

An arrow tattoo represents protection and defense but can also symbolize movement and direction. The arrow points towards where you are headed in life, or what your purpose is.

Arrow Chest Tattoo

5. Bird Chest Tattoo

Bird tattoos have always been popular with women, and this is because they have a certain feminine appeal to them. Bird chest tattoos can really make a woman stand out in a crowd. This can be especially true if she gets the right bird design on her chest.

Bird Chest Tattoo

6. Butterfly Chest Tattoo

Butterfly chest tattoos are one of the most popular designs that women get on their chests. This is because these butterflies have a lot of symbolism in them, such as freedom and rebirth. Some women even choose to get butterfly tattoos on other parts of their bodies, such as their arms or legs.

Butterfly Chest Tattoo

7. Chest Quote Tattoo

It’s always a good idea to think carefully about what you want written on your body, and it’s important to make sure the words come from your heart and not just your head. If you do get a quote tattoo, make sure it’s exactly how you want it because that ink is going to be on your body forever.

Chest Quote Tattoo

8. Chest To Sternum Tattoo

A sternum tattoo is probably one of the most popular tattoos for women in this area. The sternum is the flat bone that connects your ribs and covers your heart. It is also commonly known as your breastbone and is located at the center of your chest. However, this area can be quite painful when getting a tattoo done.

Chest To Sternum Tattoo

9. Chest To Stomach Tattoo

Another option is to get a tattoo that starts at your chest and goes all the way down to your stomach. This allows you to add more details or design elements to your tattoo, especially if you want something larger than what can fit on just your chest area alone. Even if you don’t go for something big, you can use this space to incorporate other designs, such as flowers or other tribal patterns.

Chest To Stomach Tattoo

10. Collar Bone Tattoo On Chest

One of the sexiest spots for a tattoo is the collarbone area on the chest. The collarbone is an exposed area that is always more noticeable than other parts of the body. Collarbone tattoos are usually small; if they are larger, they can take up too much space and make the canvas look crowded and cluttered. Smaller tattoos generally look better in this location. These chest tattoos can be geometric shapes like triangles or circles, letters of names, stars, hearts, and vines.

Collar Bone Tattoo On Chest

11. Colorful Chest Tattoo

Colorful chest tattoos are good choices for women because they allow you to showcase your personality and style in a beautiful way that is unique to you. You can use a variety of colors, like pink or purple, to give your tattoo a feminine vibe. Or you can use red for a bolder look or black for something sexy and mysterious.

Colorful Chest Tattoo

12. Compass Chest Tattoo

If you love to travel, then you can have a compass tattooed on your chest. This will not only make you look good, but it will also signify your love for adventure. You will be able to show off this unique design to everyone that you meet. This tattoo is often chosen by people who are in search of an adventure in life.

Compass Chest Tattoo

13. Cross Chest Tattoo

The cross tattoo for women is a very popular choice for a few reasons. First, it can be placed on the chest either alone or with any other type of design. Second, there are many different styles and types of crosses that you can choose from, so there will never be two identical tattoos. Third, it is symbolic of faith and religion, so this could be a great choice if you are a Christian or Catholic woman who wants to show off your faith through ink.

Cross Chest Tattoo

14. Cute Chest Tattoo

If you want something small and sweet, there are plenty of cute designs to choose from. Since the skin on the chest is so delicate and smooth, it can be a great canvas for subtle imagery such as flowers, birds, or hearts. Cute chest tattoos are most commonly inked in black, but they also come in some gorgeous colors that make them even more charming.

Cute Chest Tattoo

15. Dandelion Chest Tattoo

The dandelion is a flowering plant with white flowers and large puffball seed heads. The seeds are scattered by the wind when they blow in the breeze. It is also called a blowball or a lion’s tooth. The dandelion tattoo symbolizes rebirth as well as change because it is a flower that can survive in almost any environment around the world.

Dandelion Chest Tattoo

16. Delicate Chest Tattoo

Another popular option for women is the delicate and dainty chest tattoo. These pieces utilize thin lines and small feminine motifs such as bows, stars, hearts, or butterflies. Many of these designs feature filigree, which adds an elegant touch to any piece of body art. Delicate chest tattoos allow you to show off your feminine side without being too obvious.

Delicate Chest Tattoo

17. Dragon Chest Tattoo

Dragons have long been associated with spirituality and magic. They have played an important role in Oriental culture as a symbol of good fortune and luck. A dragon chest tattoo usually represents power, wisdom, strength, protection, and good luck. You can choose your own colors, size, and even add some special designs to your dragon tattoo to make it unique.

Dragon Chest Tattoo

18. Feather Chest Tattoo

Feathers are becoming more popular as tattoo subjects, and they are often chosen by women who want a unique design that represents an important concept. For example, some women choose feather tattoos because they symbolize freedom. They also tend to be associated with birds, which can represent a person’s soul or spirit.

Feather Chest Tattoo

19. Flower Chest Tattoo

Flowers are among the most popular tattoo subjects, and many women choose to get large flower tattoos placed on their chests. These flowers are often depicted as vines or stems that wrap around the body. Typically, the designs include detailed petals, leaves, and other elements that give them a realistic look. Some of the most popular floral tattoos include roses, lilies, and cherry blossoms.

Flower Chest Tattoo

20. Full Chest Tattoo

Full-chest tattoos are not just for men. Women can have them too, and they look just as good on women. A full chest tattoo can have a variety of designs. Many women prefer a design that starts at the bottom of the chest and wraps around to the back. For example, a woman could have a full chest tattoo of an owl that wraps around her ribs and crosses her back.

Full Chest Tattoo

21. Geometric Chest Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo styles right now, and many women want them on their chests. Some geometric tattoos can be small, while others take up the entire chest. One example is three geometric triangles on the upper part of a woman’s chest below her neck. Another example is triangles or squares going down the side of a woman’s body onto her ribs and stomach area.

Geometric Chest Tattoo

22. Heart Chest Tattoo

The heart is the most symbolic and meaningful symbol of love. The heart is also often associated with strength and courage. For example, if you have had open heart surgery or have suffered from heart disease, you may want to show your strength and courage by getting a chest tattoo of a heart. It will be like your badge of honor while also showing that you are romantic at heart.

Heart Chest Tattoo

23. Henna Chest Tattoo

Henna chest tattoos are a good choice for a first tattoo because the pain is minimal and you will easily get used to the feeling of a needle on your skin. Henna tattoos usually last up to two weeks, so if you don’t like your design, you can easily change it after some time.

Henna Chest Tattoo

24. Traditional Chest Tattoo

Traditional tattoos are usually done in black ink and feature bold lines and shading. These tattoos are usually large, with a lot of detail included. You may want to consider getting a tribal design, which is a type of tattoo that’s been around for centuries.

Traditional Chest Tattoos for women

25. Moon Chest Tattoo

Another great option for chest tattoos for women is a moon tattoo design. These designs include stars, moons, and other celestial objects that symbolize peace and harmony. Moon designs look great with any kind of clothing because they’re so versatile!

Moon Chest Tattoo

26. Owl Chest Tattoo

Owls are wise and mysterious creatures that have been associated with magic and the occult. As such, they are ideal for a tattoo design. This small owl design is perfect for the chest. The large eyes of the owl make it look ferocious, yet the soft lines of the feathers soften the look.

Owl Chest Tattoo

27. Medusa Chest Tattoo

One of the most famous mythological characters, Medusa, is a great subject for a tattoo design. According to Greek mythology, she was once a beautiful maiden, but she angered Athena after falling in love with Poseidon and being seduced by him in her temple. To punish them both, Athena turned Medusa into a hideous creature with snakes instead of hair who could turn anyone to stone simply by looking at them!

Medusa Chest Tattoo

28. Rose Chest Tattoo

For those who want something more feminine on their chest, rose tattoos are stunning designs that show off your feminine side. Rose tattoos come in several different colors and sizes, so you can customize the design to fit your needs.

Rose Chest Tattoo

29. Scorpion Chest Tattoo

The scorpion is a very powerful symbol that represents many things, including wisdom, death, rebirth, and transformation. For some people, the scorpion tattoo represents healing because scorpions can help cure illnesses.

Scorpion Chest Tattoo

30. Semicolon Chest Tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is one of the most meaningful and powerful tattoos that you can get today. The semicolon tattoo represents hope for anyone who has been through tough times or who struggles with depression or anxiety.

Semicolon Chest Tattoo

31. Shoulder Chest Tattoo

A shoulder piece is beautiful, but if it’s too small, it could get lost on your body. So if you want to make sure your shoulders stand out, get a larger design that goes across your collarbones and down the front of your chest.

Shoulder Chest Tattoo

32. Simple Chest Tattoo

If you are looking for something simple and meaningful, then getting a simple quote or word inked on your chest is always a good idea. A lot of people like to get quotes from their favorite books or songs inked on their body because it can remind them of something special in their life at all times.

Simple Chest Tattoo

33. Skull Chest Tattoo

I’m not saying all skull tattoos are evil. But skull tattoos are usually chosen by men rather than women. Some women still like skull tattoos and get one on their chest. Skulls can be designed in different ways, such as combined with flowers or birds.

Skull Chest Tattoo

34. Small Chest Tattoo

A lot of people like small tattoos because they are cute and easy to hide if needed. You can choose any design you want to make a small tattoo on your chest, such as birds, flowers, butterflies, and stars.

Small Chest Tattoo

35. Snake Chest Tattoo

The snake is a symbol of life and wisdom. In Christian belief, the snake symbolizes sin, temptation, and evil. The snake also represents transformation and rebirth.

Snake Chest Tattoo

36. Star Chest Tattoo

The star tattoo is a popular choice for both men and women to get inked on their chests. It can be used as an accent above a larger design or inked alone. The stars are generally believed to represent the celestial elements of the universe, the heavens, and space.

Star Chest Tattoo

37. Tribal Chest Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are very common among both men and women. They are often used to identify members of a certain tribe or group. Tribal designs are often considered masculine because they tend to have heavy, bold lines that give off a masculine appeal.

Tribal Chest Tattoo

38. Under Chest Tattoo

The under-chest tattoos have become very fashionable lately, perhaps because they are on a part of the body that is quite easy to hide if necessary. This style allows you to carry your tattoo wherever you want without anyone noticing it if you do not want it to be seen. In addition to being able to choose any design we want, we can also decide whether to cover a large part of our chest or just a small area.

Under Chest Tattoo

39. Vine Chest Tattoo

When it comes to tattoos on the chest, vines are a popular choice. Women can choose to have a vine tattoo that wraps around the chest or just have a vine design in one area.

Vine Chest Tattoo

40. Watercolor Chest Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are an excellent way to add color and detail to a tattoo design. If you want to add more color but don’t want to go all out, you can get a few bright spots with watercolor ink.

Watercolor Chest Tattoo


What are good chest tattoos?

The best chest tattoos for women will accentuate your curves, not hide them. If you want to create a sensual look, choose a larger design that makes a statement. For smaller tattoo ideas, try some delicate details in an area of the chest that is prominent when you wear a low-cut top or dress.

Do chest tattoos on women hurt?

Chest tattoos hurt because that part of the body has very little fat or muscle to cushion the impact of ink needles. However, you can get through it! A tattoo artist can help you plan a design that will work well with your body type. You will also have more options if you look at temporary tattoo designs first to see how they fit your body.


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