40 Beautiful Heart Tattoos For Women in 2023

Heart tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. Hearts are also prefect for couple tattoos. The heart symbolizes love, charity and compassion. Heart tattoos are a great way to show your love to someone special. If you are getting a tattoo yourself, that means you are really confident of your feelings.

Hearts are great tattoos because they can be placed nearly anywhere on the body, and modified in a variety of ways. There are so many variations of heart tattoos today that it’s hard to pick just one. Some of the most popular heart tattoos include religious symbols, such as a cross or Jesus on the cross inside the heart. Other popular designs include Celtic hearts, tribal hearts, realistic and cartoon hearts.

The heart is a symbol of love and every design has a different meaning. A tattoo can be used to show someone how you feel about them and can be used to describe someone’s personality. These designs are not just for one gender but for both. There are many different designs that can represent the heart.

1. Fine Line Heart Tattoo

Fine line tattoo designs are common nowadays because they look elegant and stylish. There are many tattoo ideas using fine lines and this includes the heart design. This is a unique idea that most people don’t see in other areas of the body.

Fine Line Heart Tattoo


2. Finger Heart Tattoo

The heart finger tattoo is a simple, sweet and cute tattoo. It can be used as a symbol of love or as an announcement of one’s love for another person. The meaning of this particular finger heart tattoo is that the wearer feels that he/she should be loved by someone else in return.

Finger Heart Tattoo


3. Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

A fingerprint tattoo is a great way to honor a loved one. This tattoo is special because your fingerprint is unique and can’t be duplicated by anyone. Fingerprint heart tattoos are also easy to create since you don’t even need to know how to draw a heart.

Fingerprint Heart Tattoo

4. Fire Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos are often considered romantic tattoos. They can be combined with other elements, such as fire, to take on a dark meaning. Fire hearts can symbolize passion and desire. The contrast of the bright flames against the black background makes this tattoo stand out.

Fire Heart Tattoo

5. Flower Heart Tattoo

These types of heart tattoos are usually done in black ink, and they add an element of beauty and detail to a floral design. Some people opt for the roses because they represent love, while others choose flowers that have a special meaning to them.

Flower Heart Tattoo

6. Matching Friend Heart Tattoo

Matching tattoo with a loved one or friend can be an incredibly special experience. Hearts are a popular choice for this kind of tattoo as they symbolize love, friendship and deep affection.

Friend Heart Tattoo

7. Heart and Arrow Tattoo

Heart and arrow tattoos are often simple in design but full of meaning. These tattoos can symbolize love at first sight, deep romantic love or everlasting friendship. Heart and arrow tattoos are often combined with other images such as stars, flames, birds, butterflies and crosses. A name is often added to a heart tattoo, especially if it’s for a partner or loved one.

Heart and Arrow Tattoo

8. Heart Cross Tattoo

Heart cross tattoos are a popular variation on the classic cross tattoo. A heart cross tattoo is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a religious tattoo that also has a softer side to it. The image of Jesus on the cross surrounded by thorns is particularly meaningful to some people as well as cherubs with hearts inside crosses.

Heart Cross Tattoo

9. Heart Shoulder Tattoo

This heart shoulder tattoo shows that we are one with our loved one even though we are far apart from each other in distance. The meaning behind this kind of tattoo is that we will always be together no matter what happens in life, even if we’re not physically present with each other, we will always have each other in our hearts because we truly love each other no matter what happens between us.

Heart Shoulder Tattoo

10. Heart Tattoo on Wrist

A wrist tattoo is another excellent choice for women who want their ink to be sexy but discreet. A simple outline of a heart looks great in black ink on the inside of the wrist, and this design is easy to hide with a watch or bracelet when necessary.

Heart Tattoo on Wrist

11. infinity Heart Tattoo

The infinity symbol is a mathematical symbol that represents an infinitely large number. It is often used to represent something that has no limit, like this universe. In tattoo art, infinity tattoos can be created in several different ways, with various symbols and words added to it. It is also a very popular design for couples to get around their wrists and ankles.

infinity Heart Tattoo

12. Matching Heart Tattoo

The most iconic heart tattoo would be the matching one. These are usually done by couples who want to show their dedication to each other for eternity. The beauty with heart tattoos is that they are simple and it doesn’t take long for them to be done which makes them a perfect choice if you want to get inked with your significant other on the same day!

Matching Heart Tattoo

13. Mom Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos are a classic choice for women and there’s no better way to show your love for your mother than with a beautiful heart tattoo dedicated to her. These designs can be big or small depending on the details you want to include and they look great anywhere on the body.

Mom Heart Tattoo

14. Name Heart Tattoo

These are one of the most popular forms of heart tattoos. And this is because people are sometimes very sentimental about their loved ones and want to show them how much they love them with a permanent name tattoo in the heart shape. People can also choose to get names of their children inked on their skin, which is also a great way to express your love for them. These tattoos can be made in various sizes and styles, so you have plenty of options at your disposal.

Name Heart Tattoo

15. Neck Heart Tattoo

The neck is one of the most sensitive parts of our body, and due to this reason, getting a tattoo here can sometimes be quite painful. However, if you are determined on getting a neck tattoo, then a simple heart shape will do just fine. It will look beautiful especially if it is decorated with some flowers or leaves. You could also choose to get some symbols or initials inked along with the heart shape to make it look even more beautiful and impressive.

Neck Heart Tattoo

16. Red Heart Tattoo

For centuries, the heart has been used to symbolize love and affection. In western culture, the heart has traditionally been associated with romantic love; however, in many other cultures, the heart is seen as the center of all human emotion. Red hearts are popular tattoos because they’re eye-catching and easy to place. They can be accompanied by other symbols or stand alone as statement pieces.

Red Heart Tattoo


17. Rib Heart Tattoo

A heart rib tattoo can be a very powerful way to show your love for your significant other, or even your family. The rib cage is one of the most intimate and personal parts of the human body. It is also one of the most difficult places to tattoo because of its hard to reach location and because it is so close to vital organs. This makes it an especially beautiful place to make a statement about your love or dedication.

Rib Heart Tattoo


18. Rose and Heart Tattoo

The most popular design idea is the rose and heart tattoo. It is symbolic of love, loyalty, and commitment. This unique, feminine design idea is ideal for young girls as well as middle-aged women as it represents all kinds of love.

Rose and Heart Tattoo

19. Sacred Heart Tattoo

Sacred heart tattoos are very popular amongst religious people as they represent their devotion towards religion. Sacred heart tattoos can also symbolise different meanings to different people. Some take it to show the love they have for their family or children while others use it to represent their faith in God or Jesus Christ. Sacred Heart tattoos can be combined with other designs such as wings, an anchor, a halo, or flames to make it even more meaningful.

Sacred Heart Tattoo

20. Semicolon Heart Tattoo

Semicolon heart tattoos have become a widely accepted symbol for suicide prevention. This particular design can be used to represent someone who has had mental health problems or it can represent someone who has lost a loved one to suicide.

Semicolon Heart Tattoo 1

21. Simple Outline Heart Tattoo

Simple outline heart tattoos are usually very small, often placed on either the wrist or the back of the neck. Most outline hearts tend to be black in color, but other colors like red are also common.

Simple Outline Heart Tattoo

22. Small Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos come in various sizes. If you want something discreet yet still meaningful, try getting a small heart tattoo on one of your fingers or on the back of your ear. The location of your tattoo allows for just enough space for the design without crowding your other body parts. You can also create a more intricate design by combining different elements into one awesome piece, such as a simple heart with an elephant inside.

Small Heart Tattoo

23. Sunflower Heart Tattoo

A sunflower is often associated with happiness and the summer season. If you want to capture the beauty of this flower all year round, try incorporating it into your heart tattoos. A sunflower in full bloom makes a great addition to any tattoo design, whether it’s on its own or incorporated into a unique pattern. You can also combine hearts with other elements that represent love and happiness, such as birds or butterflies.

Sunflower Heart Tattoo

24. Three Hearts Tattoo

One of the more popular designs of heart tattoos is the three hearts tattoo. This design consists of three small hearts chained together. The three small hearts are usually placed in a diagonal direction, one overlapping on top of another. In the past, these tattoos were often used to symbolize a broken relationship or lost love. Today, this design is mostly used to symbolize friendship or a loving relationship between two people. This is also one of the more basic designs when it comes to looking at heart tattoos.

Three Hearts Tattoo

25. Tiny Heart Tattoo

Another popular option when looking at heart tattoos is the tiny heart tattoo. There are many variations on this design, but they all have a similar theme. They all consist of a small heart with wings in the middle of it. Some may have words written in the middle of them, while others will just have one large wing and two smaller ones surrounding it.

Tiny Heart Tattoo


26. Watercolor Heart Tattoo

The bright colors and unique style of watercolor tattoos creates a look that many people love. The vibrant, multi-hued art form has become very common in the tattoo world in recent years, so it’s no surprise that it’s popular in heart tattoos, too.

Watercolor Heart Tattoo

27. Anatomical Heart Tattoo

Anatomical heart tattoos are a popular choice for people who want to express their love through a tattoo. While an anatomical heart is not actually how the human heart looks, it has become a symbol for the organ itself.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo

28. Anchor Heart Tattoo

Anchors are also often associated with faith and hope. The anchor represents stability and strength in all areas of life. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is so often combined with the heart tattoo. This combination stands for the strength of love and hope for the future.

Anchor Heart Tattoo

29. Ankle Heart Tattoo

The ankle is another popular spot for heart tattoos. Ankles are both cute and sexy, making them the perfect place for a small, sensuous heart tattoo. You can also opt for a large, elaborate design that flows across both of your ankles if you have enough room to spare.

Ankle Heart Tattoo

30. Arm Heart Tattoo

Some of the most classic heart tattoos are inked on the arm, and for a good reason. There’s plenty of room to work with, so you can get a big, elaborate heart design that shows off your individuality. A small, simple heart tattoo can also serve as a nice accent to other arm tattoos. If you want to add something special to an existing arm tattoo, consider adding a small heart behind the ear or at the wrist.

Arm Heart Tattoo

31. Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo

These designs are the most popular heart tattoos. They look very beautiful, and they look great on all body parts, especially on places like the chest and lower back. The barbed wire usually symbolizes prison and imprisonment, but when it comes to heart tattoos, it means protection. This is why many people get these types of tattoos with their lover’s names around them.

Barbed Wire Heart Tattoo

32. Beating Heart Tattoo

A beating heart tattoo is another great design of a heart tattoo that you can consider. It is basically an animated heart that symbolizes a real-life heart beat. It is a great way of showing how much you love someone, and it will always remind you of them when you see the tattoo. A beating heart tattoo can also portray two hearts that are beating as one to symbolize two lovers who care for each other deeply.

Beating Heart Tattoo

33. Behind The Ear Heart Tattoo

If you want a small heart tattoo then this is the perfect place to get one inked. The behind the ear area has a lot of skin so if you want to get a larger design then getting it here is ideal as you will have more than enough space.

Behind The Ear Heart Tattoo

34. Black Heart Tattoo

This is another common design that is used by men and women. It can have many different meanings depending on what the person wants it to mean. The most common reason why people will get this type of tattoo is because they are mourning over the death of someone close to them or they are trying to show their loved ones that they have moved on with their lives and they no longer care about the past relationship they had with them. The black heart can also mean that you have given up on love.

Black Heart Tattoo

35. Bleeding Heart Tattoo

A bleeding heart tattoos mean that love is sacred and unconditional, but sometimes it can hurt. Bleeding hearts symbolize love, honor, sacrifice and strength. These tattoos are also used to express sorrow for the loss of a loved one or pet. The color red stands for danger, pain, intense passion and blood.

Bleeding Heart Tattoo

36. Broken Heart Tattoo

Broken heart tattoos are a popular tattoo design choice because they can be used to express so many different emotions. After all, there are so many reasons behind why someone would get a broken heart tattoo. Some people have lost a loved one, while others have experienced the end of a relationship. And still others get this tattoo to show that they’re strong enough to move past their pain and find happiness again.

Broken Heart Tattoo

37. Chest Heart Tattoo

Chest is one part of our body, which allows large area to be tattooed. It is also a close representation to the heart, which makes it even more attractive. A tattoo artist can easily place some meaningful symbols like angel wings, stars or other designs near the heart to make the tattoo more beautiful. Chest heart tattoos can also include some other themes like ribbons, dreamcatchers and many more to bring new meaning to the tattoo.

Chest Heart Tattoo

38. Crying Heart Tattoo

If you’re trying to express a feeling of pain or loss from a broken heart, you might consider getting a crying heart tattoo. This type of tattoo features tears coming from the eyes of the heart symbol and is commonly used by people who have lost loved ones or suffered through breakups.

Crying Heart Tattoo

39. Cute Heart Tattoo

These types of heart tattoos are perfect for those who want to show their affection in a fun way. They can vary in size from small cute hearts on fingers, hands or ankles to large bold hearts on back or chest area. The small designs can be placed on different parts of body including neck, wrist, arms and legs.

Cute Heart Tattoo

40. Family Heart Tattoo

A mother and her child can both get their names inked inside a heart-shaped design. The mother’s name should be written above the child’s name and should come before it. It doesn’t matter if you want to do this with two children or three children; it doesn’t even matter if you want to do it with four or five children! You can also get your parents’ names inscribed inside a family heart tattoo.

Family Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoos For Men

While heart tattoos are not as common among men as they are among women, they still get them from time to time. You’ll see these tattoos in traditional red ink or using other color combinations like black and grey. They can be done in tribal style as well as watercolor or blackwork.

Heart Tattoos For Women

As we mentioned above, heart tattoos are very common among women. Because they’re so versatile, heart designs work almost anywhere you want to get them inked. Some fun ideas include placing your partner’s name inside the heart before getting it tattooed, or having your children’s initials written inside the design. You can even combine a heart tattoo with an infinity sign to represent eternal love!


Heart Tattoo Meanings

Heart tattoo designs are often very meaningful, and are a great way to represent the love you have for someone or something. Many people think that all heart tattoos are created equal, but that is not the case. There are many different types of heart tattoos, each with its own unique meaning and symbolism.

What does a heart tattoo symbolize?

A person may get a heart tattoo to symbolize love and commitment, or they may choose this design to reflect loss and mourning. The heart is not just a symbol of romantic love; rather, it also represents spirituality, compassion, and kindness.


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