30 Awesome Snake Tattoo Designs in 2023

Snake Tattoos

Snake tattoos are among the most popular tattoo styles, because they can be very versatile in terms of design. Snake tattoos can be done in a variety of different styles ranging from tribal, to realistic, to abstract. Snakes are an intriguing and intriguing animal, so it comes as no surprise that snake tattoos are also extremely popular.

Snake tattoos have many different variations and styles. The snake tattoo can be a fearsome symbol and even a reminder of the devil, but it also represents healing and medicine too. Many people wear snake tattoos on their wrists as a reminder to stay strong and resilient in the face of adversity.

Snake tattoos are often chosen for their complex meanings and symbolism, as well as their striking appearance. Many cultures have long looked on the snake as an evil or destructive creature, but in many others it is revered. The snake has long been associated with medicine and healing, and this is a common theme in many tattoo designs. Snakes can also symbolize rebirth, fertility, health and strength. Let’s take a look at some of the most common designs and themes used in snake tattoos.

1. Red Snake Tattoo

Red snakes have always been associated with evil, danger, death, power and even sex. These are some of the reasons that people often get red snake tattoos. Red is also known as the color of passion, lust, desire and love. People who get these tattoos often want to express their feelings about these things through their body art.

Red Snake Tattoo

2. Snake Skeleton Tattoo

One of the most popular forms of snake tattoos is that of a snake skeleton. These are usually made in black ink with an uncolored background to give it an authentic look. Snake skeletons come in various shapes and sizes. Some people prefer to use their entire back for their design whereas others like to keep their tattoo small and minimalistic by using only a few lines of the skeleton on their wrist or neck.

Snake Skeleton Tattoo

3. White Snake Tattoo

Due to the growing popularity of white snake tattoos, many people have started getting these done in white ink instead of the usual black color. A white snake tattoo can be made in any part of your body depending on your personal preference. While some get a full-sized tattoo on their back, others choose smaller designs such as a symbol or even just one line along their arm or leg.

White Snake Tattoo

4. Realistic Snake Tattoo

Realistic snake tattoos are very popular among men and women who want to emulate the appearance of real life snakes on their bodies. One of the best things about this type of tattoo design is that it can be done in a variety of different colors, making it perfect for anyone who wants something unique but still maintains some realism at the same time.

Realistic Snake Tattoo

5. Snake Forearm Tattoo

There are several reasons why people love snakes on their forearms. First, it’s a large area that can accommodate the size of a snake, and second, the forearm offers easy visibility for anyone who wants to show off their ink.

Snake Forearm Tattoo

6. Two Headed Snake Tattoo

The two headed snake tattoo is a very symbolic tattoo that represents good and evil or an inner struggle with yourself. You may also see the two headed snake tattoo design portrayed with fire or flames to represent someone that has been through life experiences that have left them feeling scorched by life.

Two Headed Snake Tattoo

7. Snake Arm Tattoo

Snake arm tattoos are common amongst men but some women also wear them on their arms too. These tattoos can be small or large depending on how big you would like your tattoo to be. Some people like to wear them around their upper arm while others prefer to wear them around their lower arm just above the wrist area.

Snake Arm Tattoo

8. Snake Sleeve Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo is a sizable piece of body art that, as the name implies, is often done on an arm or leg. It can be filled with a series of smaller tattoos or one large tattoo. Snake tattoos are often used for sleeve tattoos, especially if the snake design is large. The designs can include other creatures or symbols to convey a specific meaning.

Snake Sleeve Tattoo

9. Snake Finger Tattoo

Snake Finger Tattoos are a real challenge for the tattoo artist, but they look amazing. These tattoos are very popular among women and men, and they look amazing in both black and colored styles.

Snake Finger Tattoo

10. Snake Ankle Tattoo

Snake Ankle Tattoos are more popular among women than among men. These tattoos have a lot of interesting designs that can fit on the ankle area. However, as snakes are not very small animals, it is better to choose a larger design if you want to get this type of tattoo.

Snake Ankle Tattoo

11. Snake Shoulder Tattoo

Snake Shoulder Tattoos are popular among women and men, because this is one of the biggest areas where you can get a tattoo on your body. There are many different designs that can fit nicely on your shoulder, so this is a perfect place to ink your favorite snake tattoo design.

Snake Shoulder Tattoo

12. Traditional Snake Tattoo

The traditional snake tattoo design is one that is very simple and easy to do. Traditional snake tattoos often feature the face of a snake on top of the arm or shoulder blade in black ink. This type of design is popular because it is very simple and easy to do. This is a great choice for anyone interested in getting a snake tattoo but not sure how to go about it.

Traditional Snake Tattoo

13. Snake Leg Tattoo

Leg tattoos are often large pieces that wrap around the thigh or calf, so snakes are popular choices for these designs because they can be drawn in one continuous line to create a circle or spiral shape around the leg. You may see skulls or daggers incorporated into these designs, along with some color like reds and purples.

Snake Leg Tattoo

14. Small Snake Tattoo

Small snake tattoos are generally liked by people who wish to have a tattoo for the first time. Since there is no harm in getting a small tattoo, it is perfect for rookies to get used to the pain of getting inked. It is not just about the size though; these tattoos also need very less space so you can get one on any part of your body you like.

Small Snake Tattoo

15. Snake Chest Tattoo

A popular place to get a snake tattoo is on the chest, where the snake can wrap around the chest and end up on the back or shoulders. Another way to use a snake tattoo on the chest is to have a snake biting its own tail, which looks good on both men and women. This design also works as an armband or leg band tattoo.

Snake Chest Tattoo 1

16. Gucci Snake Tattoo

This tattoo has become quite popular recently. It can have various meanings and interpretations, but one thing is for sure – it will make your body look more appealing and attractive. If you are interested in getting this tattoo, bear in mind that the snake’s position is also very important, so you should think about it carefully.

Gucci Snake Tattoo

17. Tribal Snake Tattoo

This type of tattoos has always been very popular among men because they are very masculine and powerful. The most common designs feature black snakes and they are usually combined with other patterns, like flowers or animals. If you want to make your tattoo stand out, you should think about adding some colorful shades to it.

Tribal Snake Tattoo

18. Snake Hand Tattoo

A snake tattoo on the hand is a bold choice and can be as simple or elaborate as you like. This tattoo looks awesome against bare skin, making it the perfect choice for a summer look.

Snake Hand Tattoo

19. Cute Snake Tattoo

If you want to soften the image of a snake and make it cute, consider adding some flowers to your design. Flowers are associated with femininity and can make the tattoo look more delicate.

Cute Snake Tattoo

20. Snake And Skull Tattoo

This design is one that can be carried out on any part of the body. However, you will need to ensure that it is done well so that it does not look too unnatural or awkward on your skin. The snake is usually represented as a skeleton with its head tilted back so that it looks almost like a living being. You may choose to use other colors if you do not want to go for the traditional black color.

Snake And Skull Tattoo

21. Aztec Snake Tattoo

The Aztec civilization was a powerful society that existed in Central Mexico until the 15th century. They had a rich culture that was influenced by art and religion. The snake was an important symbol in the Aztecs’ beliefs. They believed that the god Quetzalcoatl was a giant, feathered snake and his twin brother Xolotl was a dog-headed snake.

Aztec Snake Tattoo

22. Snake Thigh Tattoo

The upper thigh is one of the most popular places to get a tattoo, particularly among women. This area is big enough to accommodate even the largest tattoo designs and can be easily shown off or covered up as desired. Many tattoo artists recommend thigh tattoos as an option for first-timers because they are so easy to hide while you get accustomed to having a tattoo.

Snake Thigh Tattoo 1

23. Snake Wrist Tattoo

Snake tattoos can be anything from a small wrist tattoo to a full sleeve snake tattoo. The best part about these tattoos is that they can be inked anywhere on the body. Snake tattoos are also quite versatile, which means that you can have them inked in a variety of different sizes, shapes and colors.

Snake Wrist Tattoo

24. Black Snake Tattoo

The black snake stands for chaos and destruction, but it also represents rebirth and renewal. The snake is one of the most popular animals chosen by men because it is symbolic to their masculinity. The black snake tattoo can be designed alone or with other symbols and elements.

Black Snake Tattoo

25. Simple Snake Tattoo

If you do not like having large tattoos on your body, then you may want to pick small ones. In this instance, you should think about getting a simple snake tattoo. Getting a simple snake tattoo is a fantastic idea particularly if you are still trying to find the ideal place to get it. This usually means that you could test out different places before deciding on one permanently.

Simple Snake Tattoo

26. Snake And Rose Tattoo

Roses and snakes together make for a beautiful tattoo design. The rose is the perfect contrast to the snake, which makes this combo an attractive choice for a tattoo. The rose symbolizes beauty, purity, love and strength while the snake represents rebirth and transformation.

Snake And Rose Tattoo

27. Snake Back Tattoo

A snake back tattoo is a popular design that can be done in many different ways. A snake back tattoo can be done with one or more snakes, depending on the style and look you are going for. Another popular way to do a snake back piece is by using a tribal design in conjunction with the snake. You can really add any type of design to your snake back tattoo, as long as you like it and it means something to you.

Snake Back Tattoo

28. Snake Tattoo Sleeve

A snake sleeve tattoo is another popular version of the snake tattoo. Many people like to incorporate other elements into their designs which may include skulls, fire, daggers, or even roses. If you are looking for a great snake sleeve tattoo, then make sure you take your time and view all the different types of designs that are available online.

Snake Sleeve Tattoo 1

29. Japanese Snake Tattoo

The Japanese have long had an interest in snake tattoos. They were first created during the Edo period and are thought to be inspired by the Samurai. The design of these tattoos often includes a sword and lightning bolt which symbolizes power and strength. Many people choose to get Japanese snake tattoos because they like how they look and how they symbolize power and strength.

Japanese Snake Tattoo 1

30. Cool Snake Tattoo

Cool snake tattoos are very popular among people who like to be different and who do not mind being different from others. Some people choose cool snake tattoos because they like how they look, while others choose them because they want something that will show their personality. Cool snake tattoos can be very colorful or simple black lines that make up the outline of a snake.

Cool Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoos For Men

Snake tattoos for men are not only masculine but also can be rich in symbolic value. Both the snake and the tattoo are powerful, so you should be careful about combining them in a tattoo. The design can have both positive and negative connotations, depending on the different cultures.

Snake Tattoos for Women

Because snakes are associated with femininity and fertility, they are very popular among women. They are often combined with flowers or other feminine symbols to create beautiful tattoos. Because they can be designed in so many different ways, women can choose from a wide variety of styles like old school, blackwork or delicate watercolor designs. Snake tattoos are also thought to bring good luck.


Snake Tattoo Meanings

Snakes have been a part of mythology for centuries, and they hold an important place in many cultures. The serpent is seen as a symbol of life, fertility and death, and it’s often used to represent the duality of human nature. The snake has both aggressive and benevolent meanings, which is why it’s such a popular choice for tattoo designs. Snakes are also associated with rebirth and transformation because of their habit of shedding their skin, which is why many people choose to get snake tattoos as a symbol for a new beginning or new chapter in their life.

What does snake tattoo symbolize?

Snake tattoos are a symbol of sensuality, fertility, and creativity. Snake tattoos are also a sign of rebirth, life cycles, and the power of nature. Some snakes can even be seen as guardians, protectors and guardians of the underworld. Snake tattoo designs can come in many different forms, shapes, sizes and colors.


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