35 Best Meaningful Semicolon Tattoo Ideas

Semicolon tattoos are a type of body art that is taken by the people who have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. The semicolon tattoo is a symbol that we can continue our lives despite having some difficult times in our lives. We can look at life as a sentence and the semicolon as a dot. We can use this dot to end the sentence and leave our lives or continue it and fight against all the odds.

The semicolon tattoo is considered one of the most powerful tattoos. It represents hope and strength for those who struggle with mental health problems. Even if you don’t have any mental illness, you can get this tattoo on your body to show love and support to your loved ones who are suffering from these mental health conditions.

Semicolon tattoos appear in different shapes and sizes. They can be small, medium or large. They can be placed anywhere on the body. Just like any other tattoo, it is all up to the person who is getting the tattoo. Some people like their semicolon tattoo to be big so that they can easily show them off while others like to have them small so that they can hide them when they need to. Here are some of the common forms of semicolon tattoos:

1. Behind The Ear Semicolon Tattoo

The behind the ear tattoo will look great on you if you are looking for a small and discreet design that can also complement your hairstyle.One of the most popular places for a semicolon tattoo is behind the ear. This location can be seen as a more discreet place to get a tattoo while still having it easily visible and easy to show off if you want to.

Behind The Ear Semicolon Tattoo

2. Cute Semicolon Tattoo

This tattoo design is a cute one and the placement is done on the wrist. The semicolon represents the sentence that would have been ended but it has been given a continuation. This tattoo represents perseverance, hope and victory over depression. It also gives strength to keep fighting and not give up in life.

Cute Semicolon Tattoo

3. Matching Semicolon Tattoo

There’s nothing like having matching tattoos with your bestie, especially when they have such deep meaning. All of these matching tattoo designs are adorable, but we especially love this simple semicolon design because it’s both elegant and bold at the same time.

Matching Semicolon Tattoo

4. Semicolon Anchor Tattoo

Anchors can mean different things to different people — some people get anchors to remember their love of sailing or to symbolize hope. But an anchor can also symbolize stability or strength, which makes this semicolon design a wonderful way to remember someone who was an anchor in your life. There’s no doubt that you’ll love this gorgeous anchor tattoo design.

Semicolon Anchor Tattoo

5. Semicolon Ankle Tattoo

You can also include a semicolon with other symbols like hearts or birds. Another popular option is to have the phrase Lotus flower tattoo next to the semicolon on your ankle.

Semicolon Ankle Tattoo

6. Semicolon Arm Tattoo

These tattoos can be placed on any part of the arm, though most people choose the bicep and forearm areas. They can be designed in a variety of ways and are often accompanied by other elements like flowers, feathers, or quotes.

Semicolon Arm Tattoo

7. Semicolon Arrow Tattoo

Many semicolon tattoos include an arrow or two. Arrows symbolize moving forward in life and overcoming obstacles, so they’re a beautiful addition to any semicolon tattoo design.

Semicolon Arrow Tattoo 1

8. Semicolon Back Tattoo

One of the biggest advantages of getting a back tattoo is that you can hide it easily when required. If you want to show your fellow classmates how much you care about mental health, this tattoo can do the job perfectly.

Semicolon Back Tattoo

9. Semicolon Bird Tattoo

This is one of the most beautiful and minimalistic tattoos that we have come across. The bird is symbolic of positivity and happiness, which is what the tattoo stands for. If you want something simple yet meaningful, this is it.

Semicolon Bird Tattoo

10. Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

One of the most popular designs for semicolon tattoos is in the shape of a butterfly. Because butterflies start out as caterpillars, which are unable to fly, they represent transformation and rebirth. Therefore, a butterfly semicolon tattoo can serve as a reminder that you’ve overcome your own struggle or that you have the strength to do so in the future.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

11. Semicolon Cat Tattoo

A cat tattoo always looks cool and if you are a cat lover, this will be apt for you. This particular tattoo also depicts strength and bravery which shows that you are someone who has faced depression but has fought against it bravely.

Semicolon Cat Tattoo

12. Semicolon Cross Tattoo

This is where a cross appears before the semicolon. It is a symbol of faith, hope and love. This kind of semicolon tattoo is ideal for those who have faith in God and believe in His love for humanity.

Semicolon Cross Tattoo

13. Semicolon Daisy Tattoo

This kind of semicolon tattoo has a daisy or two before the semicolon. The daisies represent innocence and purity as well as new beginnings and hope that one day everything will be fine. This kind of semicolon tattoo is ideal for those who want to spread awareness about mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Semicolon Daisy Tattoo

14. Semicolon Finger Tattoo

A small, simple tattoo on your fingers is often an excellent way to get your first tattoo. A semicolon finger tattoo is one of the boldest ways to carry the meaning of the semicolon project. Since you’re using your hands all day every day, it’s an excellent place for a reminder of why you choose life over suicide.

Semicolon Finger Tattoo

15. Semicolon Flower Tattoo

A flower with a semicolon in the middle of it. This tattoo is a common choice for women who have been through depression or suicidal thoughts. The significance of a flower in bloom is that they have come out of their dark period and they are now thriving.

Semicolon Flower Tattoo

16. Semicolon Hand Tattoo

The hand semicolon tattoo is an excellent way to express your beliefs and support the cause. It’s also a great conversation starter that allows you to discuss your mental health challenges with others who share similar experiences.

Semicolon Hand Tattoo

17. Semicolon Heart Tattoo

The most popular tattoo design of semicolon is in the shape of a heart. This tattoo has different meaning than a simple heart. In most cases, the two elements represent togetherness. They can also mean that you are a survivor and have battled suicidal thoughts or depression. It is also a symbol of love and adoration for another person. The semicolon tattoo with heart represents love, togetherness and connection.

Semicolon Heart Tattoo

18. Semicolon Heartbeat Tattoo

A heartbeat tattoo is a popular design that is used to symbolize someone’s life. The heartbeat can also be represented with an electrocardiogram. This tattoo has many different meanings but it usually represents life and love that beats forever. With the addition of a semicolon, it means that your life matters more than anything else in this world.

Semicolon Heartbeat Tattoo

19. Semicolon Lotus Tattoo

If you’re into yoga or meditation, you may enjoy this lotus-themed tattoo. A lotus grows up out of the mud and blooms into a beautiful flower. This is a perfect metaphor for anyone who has struggled and overcome depression.

Semicolon Lotus Tattoo

20. Semicolon Love Tattoo

Love is one of the most powerful ways to combat mental illness. And when you love yourself, it helps you stay in recovery, too. A semicolon love tattoo is a reminder that you matter and that other people care about you. It’s also an uplifting image for anyone who’s lost a friend or loved one to suicide.

Semicolon Love Tattoo

21. Semicolon Moon Tattoo

The moon is associated with romantic feelings and good times with loved ones. A semicolon moon tattoo shows that even though you have had bad experiences, there will always be better days ahead. You can ink it on any part of your body to show that you are ready to move on with your life despite what happened in the past.

Semicolon Moon Tattoo

22. Semicolon Music Note Tattoo

A music note can look great with a semicolon, because both ideas involve creativity and music. This tattoo can symbolize how someone has found new meaning in their life through music. Of course, it also works well if you’re passionate about music in general!

Semicolon Music Note Tattoo

23. Semicolon Neck Tattoo

A neck tattoo can be incredibly powerful, especially if you have difficulty hiding it during the workday. Some people may see a neck tattoo as unprofessional, so only get one if you feel comfortable not being able to hide it. Just remember that your story is important to share!

Semicolon Neck Tattoo

24. Paw Print Semicolon Tattoo

There are several meanings behind a semicolon tattoo, but the most common one is to stand for mental health awareness. This tattoo is usually inked on wrists or close to the heart, but some people choose to get it on their feet or neck as well. The paw print addition adds a touch of personalization and uniqueness.

Semicolon Pet Tattoo

25. Semicolon Rose Tattoo

Semicolon rose tattoos are beautiful, feminine tattoos that are often overlooked for their meaning. While roses are commonly associated with love and beauty, they also have symbolism that is relevant to mental health issues. Roses represent love and friendship, but they can also represent healing and new beginnings.

Semicolon Rose Tattoo

26. Semicolon Serotonin Tattoo

You probably know serotonin as the happy chemical, the one that keeps us feeling positive and happy. Serotonin is produced by nerve cells in the brain, and is also found in our digestive system. When we feel good, or experience emotions like love and happiness, our bodies release serotonin.

Semicolon Serotonin Tattoo

27. Semicolon Soot Sprite Tattoo

We may not all be fans of anime, but there’s no denying that Studio Ghibli has created some amazing works of art. My Neighbor Totoro is one such movie; it’s about two girls who meet a spirit named Totoro, who takes them on adventures through the countryside in Japan. Soot Sprites are small creatures that are supposed to bring good.

Semicolon Soot Sprite Tattoo

28. Semicolon Sun Tattoo

This tattoo idea also represents hope. It has a deep meaning which can be seen in the words, “You are the author of your story.” It shows that you have a bright future ahead, so you must keep on moving forward.

Semicolon Sun Tattoo

29. Semicolon Thigh Tattoo

Among all the places where people get tattoos, I think the thigh is one of the best places to put your semicolon tattoo. It’s also one of the places where guys are most likely to look at first, so you might as well surprise them with a meaningful tattoo like this one.

Semicolon Thigh Tattoo

30. Semicolon Wrist Tattoo

Semicolon wrist tattoos are a very popular tattoo placement. In fact, they are among the most requested tattoos in the world. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is that a semicolon wrist tattoo is very easy to hide. You can cover it up with anything from a band-aid to a pair of long sleeves.

Semicolon Wrist Tattoo

31. Semicolon Yin Yang Tattoo

This semicolon tattoo is designed on the inside of the arm. It consists of two yin yang symbols joined by a semicolon. Each yin yang symbol represents one of the two sides of bipolar disorder, and the semicolon symbolizes hope and strength.

Semicolon Yin Yang Tattoo

32. Semicolon infinity Tattoo

This is one of the most popular semicolon tattoo designs. It is a very creative idea and has lots of variations that can be made in it. You can have an infinity symbol with a semicolon in the middle or you can have an infinity symbol wrapped around your wrist with semicolons all over it. Whatever design you choose, it will surely turn out to be amazing.

Semicolon infinity Tattoo

33. Small Semicolon Tattoo

This is another great option which you can try out if you don’t want too many details or too big of a tattoo. All you need to do is get a small smicolon tattooed somewhere on your arm or wrist and it will look great. You can also try out variations in color like pink, blue or black for the semi colon. This is a very simple tattoo that does not require much maintenance either so if you are looking for something easy then this should be it!

Small Semicolon Tattoo

34. Tiny Semicolon Tattoo

This is a very small tattoo because it’s on the person’s wrist, but it’s also really simple in design. It only uses one color, and there are no other images or words with it. The semicolon is a symbol that means to pause and not end your life. It’s an important message, and this person chose to make sure that everyone who sees her hand will know about it.

Tiny Semicolon Tattoo

35. Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo

If you want to get a tattoo for a loved one who has lost their battle with mental illness, then you should consider getting a watercolor semicolon tattoo like this one. The colors in the tattoo represent mental health awareness ribbons, which makes it clear what the tattoo is about. It also has the person’s name written on it, so you’ll always remember them when you see it.

Watercolor Semicolon Tattoo


What semicolon tattoo means?

A semicolon tattoo is usually used to represent a new beginning after something difficult in someone’s life. Some people get a semicolon tattoo to symbolize their fight with mental illness. It can also be used as a reminder for those fighting depression or addiction not to give up on themselves.


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