30 Sexy Thigh Tattoos for Women in 2023

Thigh tattoos for women are popular for a number of reasons. They are visible, but easy to hide with pants or a skirt if your workplace doesn’t allow ink. They can be tasteful and understated or they can be fun and sexy.

Thigh tattoos are very popular among women and men both. They are particularly popular with young people because they are sexy and show off a person’s legs. Women like thigh tattoos because they can flaunt them in short skirts. Men like thigh tattoos because they make their upper legs look muscular.

Thigh tattoos can be placed on the inside or outside of the thighs, depending on the design being used. A tattoo on the side of the thigh will be more visible when a woman is wearing a short skirt or shorts. A tattoo on the inside of the thigh might only be seen by someone she is intimate with, which can be very exciting for some women.

Thigh tattoos for women come in all shapes and sizes. They can be fierce and unique or delicate and feminine. This article will give you some ideas for great thigh tattoos for women that you can use to create your own unique design.

1. Front Thigh Tattoo

When you think of a leg tattoo, chances are it’s going to be on the front of the thigh. This location is perfect for those who want their designs to be easily seen when they want them to be, but not visible all the time. However, because the front thigh is an easy space to show off, these tattoos tend to be more risqué than those on other parts of the body.

Front Thigh Tattoo

2. Side Thigh Tattoo

The side of the thigh is one of the most popular areas for women to get a tattoo. This is because it has such great visibility, especially if you want to show off your new ink at the beach or pool side. The only downside of this area is that it may not always be visible when wearing certain clothes like jeans or shorts. You may also not want people to see your ink all the time so this isn’t always ideal if you want a discreet placement.

Side Thigh Tattoo

3. Inner Thigh Tattoo

Inner thigh tattoos are usually smaller than those placed on the outer thigh, as these tattoos can be covered up with clothing if desired. The inner thigh is a sensitive area so getting a tattoo there may hurt more than other areas of the body. However, it’s one of the few areas where you can get a large tattoo without showing it all the time.

Inner Thigh Tattoo

4. Sexy Thigh Tattoo

One of the most popular thigh tattoo ideas for women is a sexy design inked on one or both thighs. This can be anything from a seductive image, to something beautiful, like angel wings. These designs often take up most of the space on your thigh and are usually large enough for you to see them even when wearing shorts or a skirt.

Sexy Thigh Tattoo

5. Rose Thigh Tattoo

Another popular idea for the best thigh tattoos for women is the rose. This flower has long been associated with love, beauty and femininity and has many symbolic meanings as well. A rose tattoo could be done in traditional red and green ink, or it could incorporate other colors that you choose, such as pink. They are commonly done in black ink as well, but this might limit their visibility because it doesn’t allow much room for creativity.

Rose Thigh Tattoo

6. DreamCatcher Thigh Tattoo

Dreamcatcher thigh tattoos are usually done by women. They can be done in small or big size as per your choice. It is also a very popular design and loved by most of the women. It can be customized with bird and feather as they are mostly accompanied with this design.

DreamCatcher Thigh Tattoo

7. Lion Thigh Tattoo

This is one of the most popular tribal thigh tattoos for women. The lion represents power, strength, and beauty. Moreover, it also symbolizes leadership and authority. If you have a lion tattoo on your leg, you’re brave and strong enough to achieve your goals!

Lion Thigh Tattoo

8. Small Thigh Tattoo

A small tattoo on your thighs is more than just ink on skin – it’s an accessory! It will never go out of fashion because it’s so versatile! A small thigh tattoo can be combined with anything – jeans, shorts or skirts. It will look amazing in any case!

Small Thigh Tattoo

9. Sweet Thigh Tattoo

One of the sweetest tattoos that you can get is a flower, which will look beautiful on your legs. You can also go with hearts or stars as well, because they will look really cute too. If you have a lot of leg room, then this type of tattoo might be perfect for you.

Sweet Thigh Tattoo

10. Dragon Thigh Tattoo

Many people love dragons because they are mythical creatures and many people like to imagine what it would be like to live in their world. This type of tattoo is perfect for anyone who loves dragons, because they will be able to show off their favorite character in a way that they never thought was possible.

Dragon Thigh Tattoo

11. Sunflower Thigh Tattoo

Sunflowers are a great choice for women’s thigh tattoos because they look elegant and stylish. Sunflowers are usually associated with summer and happiness, so your tattoo can be a reminder of the things you love.

Sunflower Thigh Tattoo

12. Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Striking colors and alluring designs are the trademarks of butterfly tattoos, and the thigh is a great place to show them off. A butterfly is one of the most popular designs for women, but it’s also an excellent choice for men. There are literally hundreds of butterfly tattoo designs you can choose from, whether you want a simple outline or a colorful symmetrical pattern.

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

13. Tiger Thigh Tattoo

Tigers are powerful and beautiful creatures. They’re also a popular choice for thigh tattoos because they have a long shape that fits well on the thigh. You can find tiger tattoo designs in many different colors and styles, including realistic black-and-white, cartoonish tiger tattoos, and tribal tiger designs.

Tiger Thigh Tattoo

14. Henna Thigh Tattoo

Henna is used for thousands of years. It’s the perfect solution if you want to try out a tattoo before making the final decision. However, henna tattoos can still look spectacular, especially if they are combined with some other type of designs and symbols.

Henna Thigh Tattoo

15. Mandala Thigh Tattoo

They are becoming more popular as time goes by. They symbolize balance and harmony. They can also be used as a spiritual guide or a sign of an inner transformation. Mandalas are quite geometrical and symmetrical, which makes them even more attractive for most people who want to get a thigh tattoo.

Mandala Thigh Tattoo

16. Snake Thigh Tattoo

Snake thigh tattoos are popular among women because they symbolize femininity. The snake represents fertility while its coils stand for rebirth or regeneration. A woman wearing this type of tattoo would indicate that she wants children someday soon.

Snake Thigh Tattoo

17. Large Thigh Tattoo

Large thigh tattoos take up a lot of space on your leg, but they can be designed in any way that you want. Since large thigh designs take up so much room, it’s best to choose something that you won’t regret later on in life. Large thigh tattoos are perfect for women who like large-scale designs.

Large Thigh Tattoo

18. Skull Thigh Tattoo

Skulls are usually associated with death, but they also make great tattoos because of their beauty. A skull with roses is perfect for someone who likes dark things and wants to show it off in an elegant way. It’s also common to see skulls paired with butterflies, cherries and other feminine things.

Skull Thigh Tattoo

19. Thigh Tattoo With Quote

Quotes are also a great way to express yourself with a quote tattoo. You can choose any quote or saying that you want for your thigh tattoo. Quotes go well with almost any style of tattoo design since there are so many fonts.

Thigh Tattoo With Quote

20. Tribal Thigh Tattoo

Tribal thigh tattoos are a popular choice amongst women. They depict culture and tradition, along with a sense of strength. These thigh tattoos for women range from small to large designs, which can be made in various colors or just black.

Tribal Thigh Tattoo

21. Colorful Thigh Tattoo

If you are looking forward to getting a colorful tattoo done on your thigh then this can be one of the best designs you can choose from. The tattoo is designed in such a way that it will fit perfectly on your thigh and it will also look very attractive on you.

Colorful Thigh Tattoo

22. Circular Band Thigh Tattoo

These are one of the most popular thigh tattoo ideas among the younger generation. Women can get a band tattoo all around their thighs. One can also opt for words or quotes inked on a band around the thigh.

Circular Band Thigh Tattoo

23. Bird Thigh Tattoo

A tattoo of a bird on the thigh is not just beautiful, but it also holds a lot of meaning. The most common tattoo one can see on the thigh is that of a dove as it represents peace and tranquility. A bird tattoo with blue or red hues is widely popular in the tattoo world. Along with being beautiful, these tattoos represent different meanings according to their colors.

Bird Thigh Tattoo

24. Flower Thigh Tattoo

Flower tattoos are often seen as feminine designs as they look quite elegant and beautiful on women’s thighs. They come in all shapes and sizes and also look quite impressive when done in different colors. The most common flower tattoo we see is that of a rose as it represents love and passion.

Flower Thigh Tattoo

25. Lotus Thigh Tattoo

The lotus is a beautiful flower that has many symbolic meanings. A lotus tattoo is perfect for anyone that relates to the meaning of the lotus flower, which is often associated with rebirth, purity, and spiritual awakening. Lotus tattoos can be large or small and they work well in black, white, red and any other color you can think of.

Lotus Thigh Tattoo

26. Elephant Thigh Tattoo

One of the most common and popular thigh tattoos for women are elephant tattoos. Elephants are beautiful animals which represent many things, including strength and power. They come in many different shapes and sizes when it comes to tattoos, and they can also be designed in a variety of different positions.

Elephant Thigh Tattoo

27. Hip And Thigh Tattoo

The hip is another area that provides ample space for a tattoo design. Hip tattoos can be sexy and sensual, especially if they cover the entire hip area. Hip tattoos are also often placed higher up on the body near the waistline.

Hip And Thigh Tattoo

28. Traditional Thigh Tattoo

A traditional thigh tattoo is a classic design that has been around for a long time. They are an all time favorite of both men and women. A traditional thigh tattoo is usually done in black ink and it can be done in many styles. Some people like to have them done in color as well but there are some designs that look better when done in black ink only like the one above.

Traditional Thigh Tattoo

29. Bow Thigh Tattoo

Thigh tattoos are a great place for any woman who is looking to get a tattoo. You can find thigh tattoos in many different styles and designs and they can be located on both the inner and outer part of the thigh.

Bow Thigh Tattoo

30. Sun And Moon Thigh Tattoo

A sun and moon thigh tattoo is another popular design that can be found on the thighs of many women today. It is a symbol of balance and eternity and it makes for a beautiful tattoo for any woman who wants to get one on her thighs.

Sun And Moon Thigh Tattoo


Do Thigh Tattoos Hurt?

The pain level of thigh tattoos depends on the location and size of the design you choose to have inked on your body. The inner portions of your thighs will more than likely hurt more than outer portions of your thighs.Tattooing over bone will be more painful than tattooing over muscle, meaning that the lower portion of your thigh will probably be a little more painful than the upper portion because there is more bone in this area.

Are Thigh Tattoos A Good Idea?

There are many benefits of getting a thigh tattoo. One advantage is that it provides an opportunity to get a large tattoo without having to opt for something as extreme as a full sleeve or back piece. The outer thigh also offers a unique option for those who want something less revealing than an inner thigh tat.

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