25 Best Sternum Tattoos For Women in 2023

Sternum tattoos are a popular choice among women because they can be placed on the breastbone or the center of the chest. This makes them an ideal location for those who want to showcase their tattoos, but don’t want to draw attention to their breasts.

Sternum tattoos are a great way to express your love for someone. It’s an intimate part of the body and is usually covered by clothing. If you want to get a sternum tattoo with your partner, then you should definitely consider getting matching sternum tattoos so that you can show off your love for one another.

Sternum tattoos are often small and simple, but they can also be large and intricate. Some people choose to get a sternum tattoo with their loved one’s initials, while others opt for an inspirational quote or meaningful design.

1. Butterfly Sternum Tattoo

Butterfly sternum tattoos are a very popular choice among girls. The butterfly is often used to represent transformation or metamorphosis, which is what happens when you go from young girl to woman. Butterflies also represent femininity and beauty. This is why butterfly sternum tattoos are so popular among women who want to show off their feminine side.

Butterfly Sternum Tattoo

2. Cute Sternum Tattoo

If you want something cute and simple then you could try to get a small star tattoo on your chest. This is a very popular design because it is so versatile. You can have any colour or size of star tattooed onto your sternum and it will look great. It will also be a great way of showing off your personality without having too much detail involved.

Cute Sternum Tattoo

3. Dagger Sternum Tattoo

Many women like getting dagger sternum tattoos because they represent strength and courage. They show that you are an independent woman who doesn’t need anyone else to take care of her or protect her from harm. This can be especially important for women who are single parents or who work in male-dominated professions where they may not always feel safe in their workplace environment.

Dagger Sternum Tattoo

4. Delicate Sternum Tattoo

If you’re looking for a subtle and delicate tattoo design, then a small bird or flower may be perfect to fill up this area. You can choose from several different designs, including hummingbirds and roses, which are both very feminine symbols that are also associated with love and passion. A butterfly also makes an excellent choice as it represents transformation and change in life, which is exactly what getting your first tattoo is all about!

Delicate Sternum Tattoo

5. Dragon Sternum Tattoo

If you’re looking for something more unique than just a simple design like flowers or birds, then consider getting a dragon instead! Dragons are known for being fierce creatures who breathe fire and inhabit deep caverns beneath the earth’s surface, but they were also considered wise guardians of ancient knowledge who would protect their people from harm if they were treated well by those around them.

Dragon Sternum Tattoo

6. Egyptian Sternum Tattoo

Egyptian sternum tattoos feature an image of an Egyptian god or goddess such as Isis or Horus. The god or goddess is usually depicted in profile or in a full-frontal view with wings extended from the shoulders like angel wings. The most common Egyptian gods featured in this type of tattoo include Osiris, Horus and Anubis.

Egyptian Sternum Tattoo

7. Feminine Sternum Tattoo

If you are looking for something feminine, then a sternum tattoo may be right up your alley. These tattoos are often small and delicate in nature, making them perfect for female bodies. Many people feel that these types of tattoos will work well on them because they do not take up much space on their bodies and they can wear clothes over them if they like.

Feminine Sternum Tattoo

8. Floral Sternum Tattoo

Floral sternum tattoos are some of the most popular designs for women. These tattoos include flowers, vines and leaves that cover most or all of the sternum area. The flowers can be wildflowers or roses, depending on what you’re looking for in your design.

Floral Sternum Tattoo

9. Flower Sternum Tattoo

Flower sternum tattoos are another option for this type of tattooing. The flowers can be placed anywhere on your chest where they look best, but they should not be placed too close together or they will look crowded. It’s best to use small flowers instead of large ones because they will stand out more on your skin tone than larger ones would.

Flower Sternum Tattoo

10. Geometric Sternum Tattoo

Geometric sternum tattoos are one of the most popular designs for women. These tattoos usually consist of multiple shapes or lines that form a circle or square. Geometric sternum tattoos are perfect for both large and small areas of the body, so they look great when placed over your sternum area.

Geometric Sternum Tattoo

11. Lotus Sternum Tattoo

Lotus sternum tattoos are another design that looks great on women because they’re colorful, feminine and easy to match with any outfit you have in mind. Lotus sternum tattoos also come in multiple colors and sizes so you can choose one that suits your style best!

Lotus Sternum Tattoo

12. Mandala Sternum Tattoo

A mandala is an intricate geometric design that represents harmony, balance, and unity within yourself and with others. It usually has four quadrants that represent different aspects of life: mind, body, soul and nature. Many people choose mandalas as their sternum tattoos because they are beautiful designs that fit well on this area of the body.

Mandala Sternum Tattoo

13. Meaningful Sternum Tattoo

A meaningful sternum tattoo is one that has some kind of deep meaning behind it. It could be related to your family, religion or culture. The idea behind this type of tattoo is that you want to make sure that it is not just any design but something that means something special to you personally.

Meaningful Sternum Tattoo

14. Medusa Sternum Tattoo

If you are looking for a unique tattoo idea, you should consider getting a medusa sternum tattoo. The reason behind this is that it is a symbol of feminine power. It is an image of a woman with snakes in her hair and she can turn men into stone with just one look. So, if you are a woman who wants to show her dominance and strength over men, then this could be the perfect tattoo for you.

Medusa Sternum Tattoo

15. Minimalist Sternum Tattoo

If you want to get a minimalist sternum tattoo, there are lots of different designs that you can choose from. You could get an abstract design or something with a lot of detail, such as flowers or butterflies. You could even get your favorite animal on your chest like a lion or tiger or even an elephant or giraffe if you wanted something cute and fun instead of serious and dramatic like some other tattoos tend to be.

Minimalist Sternum Tattoo

16. Moth Sternum Tattoo

The moth is one of the most popular choices for sternum tattoos for women. The wings may be separate from the body or they may be connected by a line that runs down the center of the butterfly’s body. This design looks great on women who have small breasts because it helps balance out their body proportions, but it looks equally as beautiful on women with larger breasts too!

Moth Sternum Tattoo

17. Rose Sternum Tattoo

If you’re looking for something more feminine and romantic than a butterfly, then getting a rose sternum tattoo is perfect for you! Roses come in many different colors and varieties so there’s no limit to what kind of rose design you can get. You can even get multiple roses if you want!

Rose Sternum Tattoo

18. Simple Sternum Tattoo

One of the most popular types of sternum tattoo is a simple one that covers just a small portion of it. These can be done in any number of styles, from floral designs to tribal patterns. They can even be enhanced with colored ink or shading techniques that make them look like tattoos on skin rather than just paint or markers applied directly to bone.

Simple Sternum Tattoo

19. Skull Sternum Tattoo

Another popular type of sternum tattoo is one that features a skull design on it. This may be as simple as an outline with no shading, or it could also include other details such as horns or wings coming off the skull’s head or shoulders. You can even have multiple skulls placed around your sternum for a more dramatic effect!

Skull Sternum Tattoo

20. Small Sternum Tattoo

If you want to get a tattoo but don’t know what to get, it’s best to start small. A small tattoo can be easily hidden under your clothing. It also doesn’t take too much time or money. A small tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, including the chest. A lot of people choose this area as their first tattoo because it is easy to hide from others and because it is not painful at all.

Small Sternum Tattoo

21. Snake Sternum Tattoo

A snake sternum tattoo is a popular choice for women who like snakes and want to show them off in a subtle way. The snake symbolizes change and transformation, which may be why women love them so much! Women can get snake sternum tattoos in any color they want, but most commonly they get green or black ones because these colors look good on every skin tone!

Snake Sternum Tattoo

22. Sternum Tattoo Women

Sternum tattoos are one of the most beautiful and feminine designs. It can be a simple design or a complex one, depending on the taste of the wearer. The beauty of this tattoo lies in its versatility and simplicity. You can choose any design you like and add it to your sternum tattoo, but there are some designs that suit better than others.

Sternum Tattoo Women

23. Sun And Moon Sternum Tattoo

The sun and moon sternum tattoo is a popular option for women who want to get inked on a sensitive part of their body. The design consists of two elements: a crescent moon and a sun with rays. These two celestial bodies are often depicted as being in love with each other, symbolizing romance or commitment between two lovers.

Sun And Moon Sternum Tattoos

24. Sunflower Sternum Tattoo

A sunflower sternum tattoo is an excellent choice for women who love flowers and animals. A sunflower sternum tattoo will add elegance to your look, especially if it is done in black ink. Sunflowers are known for their beauty and they are loved by people all over the world because they represent growth and hope. If you love flowers then this is definitely the best sternum tattoo design for you!

Sunflower Sternum Tattoo

25. Unique Sternum Tattoos

If you want something that looks unique and beautiful, then try getting a unique sternum tattoo design. A unique sternum tattoo can be any shape or size depending on how much space you have on your chest area. You can choose from various designs including butterflies, cherries and stars as well as other designs that suit your personality best!

Unique Sternum Tattoo

Underboob Tattoos

Underboob tattoos are becoming more and more popular. From butterflies to flowers, there are many designs that can be placed on the underside of the breast. A tattoo artist will start by drawing up a design, which they will then transfer onto your skin using a stencil. It’s recommended that you choose a tattooist who has experience with this type of tattoo, as it is not as easy to do as other designs.


What does a sternum tattoo mean?

The meaning of this type of tattoo depends on the design you choose, but most people get it because they want to remember someone who was important to them or because they want to honor someone who has died.

Is Sternum Tattoo Painful?

Sternum tattoos are usually painful because there are so many nerves in this area of your body, but if you take care of yourself and follow all instructions from your artist then it should not be too bad!

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