20 Gorgeous Medusa Tattoo Ideas And Meanings

Are you looking for Medusa tattoo ideas and meaning? We have listed the medusa tattoo designs and their meanings for you.

The motivation for Medusa tattoos comes from antiquated Greek folklore. Today, Medusa tattoos are rich in symbolism and are pursued by a large number of devotees around the world, prized for symbolism as well concerning her extraordinary and wonderful aesthetics.

Medusa Tattoo Meaning

Medusa is a snake- haired lady who, as per legend, was reviled by Athena. Medusa turned into a casualty of Athenas in view of the previous’ relationship with Poseidon (a Greek god).anger. Consequently, Medusa could freeze any individual who got her eye.

So what does Medusa address? According to mainstream thinking, she symbolizes opportunity, female strengthening, and change. On the other hand, some accept that she has fiendish characteristics and a jealous behaviour.

Her current elements incorporate reptilian skin and hair. According to legend, she most likely symbolizes the pattern of life, demise, and the hereafter or a rebirth.In this article you will see a portion of the best Medusa tattoos moving online.Also, the craftsman/source data is given close to each picture so you can find a greater amount of the craftsman’s work directly.

Medusa Tattoo Ideas

Medusa Tattoo Sleeve

Medusa Tattoo ideas Sleeve

A full Medusa sleeve tattoo takes a ton of time under the needle. But in the end it is mind-boggling. As you can see from the outcome above, there is a ton of black, dim and white in the tattoo. There is a mind-blowing measure of detail and that Tattoo gives a gleaming impact because of the prudent utilization of negative spaces.

Medusa tattoo on the hand

hand medusa tattoo

Hand tattoos are excruciating. But if the design has meaning and feel, it’s worth the effort. The tattoo above is a hand tattoo of Medusa. You can see the value in the satisfying facial portrayal and subtleties should be visible in the snake hair on her head. The design seems as though it will encase the hand and fingers. It is a genuinely enchanted piece.

Realistic Medusa Tattoo

Realistic Medusa Tattoo

Medusa tattoo on the forearm

Medusa tattoo on the forearm

The lower arms region is the most loved spot for Medusa tattoos. The vertical sythesis makes it simple to fit most designs into regions like lower arms, upper arms, and calves. The above design has a dull topic that praises the focal, exemplary Medusa imagery.

Black and Gray Shaded Medusa Tattoo

Black and Gray Shaded Medusa Tattoo

Tattooing a Medusa just beneath the back of the neck is smart. The design above is the ideal illustration of how craftsmen can sharpen their mastery by making a tattoo in greyand black ink with fitting concealing impacts to feature the features.

Colored Medusa Tattoo on Thigh

Colored Medusa Tattoo on Thigh

Medusa tattoos look much more noteworthy when the right shading strategy is applied. Therefore, they go all of the time to their craftsman’s Medusa work of art. You ought to have significant involvement in the subject as well as inking strategies while inking. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned tattoo turned out great!

Medusa Tattoo Full Body

Medusa tattoo full body

You can decide to get a Medusa tattoo any place you need; notwithstanding, barely any arrangements turn out best for this kind of tattoo. A couple of the most well-known spots for Medusa tattoos are the thighs, legs, back and arms. To lay everything out and get an absolutely noteworthy Medusa tattoo, consider finishing this all over your full body, beginning with your chest.

Medusa tattoo on the upper back

The Medusa tattoo is impeccably focused on her upper back. It’s a moderately clearer form, involving differences in fundamental technique.

Under Chest Medusa Tattoo

Under Chest Medusa Tattoo Outline

The famous under chest tattoo is an incredible option in contrast to the chest, particularly in the event that you don’t need your plan to be constantly in plain view. Anything that the size of your tattoo is, it’s an extraordinary region to work in, yet it looks particularly incredible assuming your plan follows the bend of your chest with the point of convergence sitting squarely in the middle.

Spine Medusa Tattoo

The VerticalThe adjusted Medusa tattoo in the picture above brings its course down the man’s spine through and through. There is a mind boggling point of interest in theTattoo.It’s a magnum opus in each way.Here you can see the craftsman’s involvement with concealing tattoos, line tattoos, dotwork tattoos, Geometric tattoos and numerous other tattoo procedures in one piece.

Medusa Chest Tattoo

Medusa Chest Tattoo

The above illustrative Medusa Tattoo is for the trying lover who isn’t bashful about investigating the crowd perceived. It is set at the focal point of a lady’s chest and the tones express stronger than words about the design. The inconspicuous lettering and featured trimmings add to the tomfoolery and allure of this adaptable design.

Medusa Belly Tattoo

Medusa Belly Tattoo

Medusa tattoos, generally speaking, are in a real sense the portrayal of her head. Because of this, the design can undoubtedly be inked in any focal spot. The center of the upper back was one such spot, yet for this situation it is the middle of the stomach, a similarly decent placement.

Traditional Medusa Tattoo

traditional medusa tattoo

Medusa tattoos are wealthy in imagery, but the wearer’s style makes each tattoo remarkable. A famous decision can be a traditional tattoo. The method is known for its intense tones and striking lines. The sort of piece will say something and get you seen. Plus, there’s an absence of time. Ladies who decide to buy this ink ought to think about position. Because it’s so dazzling, you presumably need to place it in a space where you can show it off!

Medusa tattoo all around the chest

There are a few invigorating components here: the Medusa tattoo.First, it is a round tattoo with the Medusa figure in the middle.Next, the blades go through her reptilian head. Alternatively, this tattoo can likewise be on women, with the back being the ideal placement.

Medusa Tattoo Stencil

medusa tattoo stencil

Dark Medusa tattoo on the front of thigh

Dark Medusa tattoo on the front of thigh

This is a dim Medusa tattoo. It’s a decent plan to go through this as a, assuming you have another more established, lighter tattoo that you at last need to stow away. Nonetheless, this tattoo looks amazing and vibrant.An intrinsic advantage of this tattoo is that it won’t give any indications of blurring for a long time.

Wrist Medusa Tattoo

wrist medusa tattoo

Back of the Head Medusa Tattoo

Once, once more, the back of the head is a spot to look at when tattooing hurts. That said, it’s not a great fit for everybody. If you’re one of the daring and striking, the outcome and applause merit consistently and the penny you spent on this piece. Additionally, a Medusa has an advanced meaning that you will be lastingly glad of.

Face Medusa Tattoo

Face Medusa Tattoo

This tattoo will blow your mind (not literally).It is found right on the face at the edge of one ear, the cheek, the stir Any tattoo on the face will be noted and talked about. However, in the event that it is a prominent design like the one above with the numerous snakes, there will be a fury among onlookers. Get an extremely experienced tattoo craftsman utilizing the best gear and supplies.You don’t need him to wreck your most noticeable spot!

Full Back Medusa Tattoo

Full Back Medusa Tattoo

A full back can either be dim, thick, and exceptionally itemized, or the inverse. However, the two procedures can deliver fantastic outcomes when done expertly. For the model, the full back Medusa tattoo above is more modest in ink and with substantially more accentuation on the utilization of negative space.

Flower Medusa Tattoo

Flower Medusa Tattoo

Small Medusa Tattoo

small medusa tattoo

Small tattoos are an exquisite choice for ladies. Little ink is alluring in light of the fact that it looks spotless and fragile. While you might be a piece obliged in the plan you pick as you can pick nothing profoundly intricate, these smaller pieces are more spending plan agreeable and invest in some opportunity to finish. This likewise means that there isn’t a lot of aggravation! Another significant professional is that you are not restricted in arrangement; If you wish, you can get a tattoo on your wrist or finger.

Colored Medusa Tattoo Sleeve

Colored Medusa Tattoo Sleeve

To adjust this pleasant rundown of awesome Medusa designs, we have the full sleeve hued tattoo above.Also, there is a brilliant degree of detail, an amazing thoughtfulness regarding practical facial highlights, and special tones. This tattoo would look amazing on most complexions as the shadings are very vibrant.

Medusa Tattoo For Men

Medusa Tattoo For Men


What do Medusa tattoos symbolize?

Medusa tattoos are an inconceivable image of female power and, in the cutting edge world, an image of woman’s rights. The other meanings firmly connected with her are opportunity, change, evil and jealousy.

What does the head represent?

The snake-haired head is an image of guarding against evil.According to antiquated Greek folklore, she was executed by the god Perseus. Perseus was commended for his courage and bravery.

Is Medusa evil or good?

Medusa is in some cases depicted as excellent regardless of being a beast (she was a winged humanwoman).She isn’t a goddess and was reviled by Athena, which is the reason she was viewed as a beast. She is one of the gorgons in old Greek folklore. Overall, she has snake hair and reptilian skin and is related to being a being.


At first look, the picture of Medusa causes the watcher to waver and to feel a feeling of discourtesy. She has snake hair, reptilian skin, and is a winged human female.Getting a Medusa Tattoo. A Medusa picture is anything but a forceful picture. However, it could make individuals think and perhaps question the choice. Don’t immediately wonder whether or not to get a Medusa immediately, assuming you need your tattoo to draw consideration, immediately excited and symbolizes something significant.

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