36 Meaningful Evil Eye Tattoo Design ideas

The Evil Eye tattoo is a popular choice for those who want to protect themselves from negative energy or bad intentions. It can also be used for protection against curses and hexes. The evil eye tattoo can be worn on the body as a standalone piece or with other symbols and designs that represent your personal beliefs and values.

The evil eye is a universal symbol of protection. It has been used in many cultures throughout history and it takes different forms depending on the region and culture. The symbol itself has a long history and can be traced back to ancient Greece, where it was known as “Ayn.” In this form, it represented the eye of God watching over mankind.

In more recent times, the evil eye has become associated with jealousy, envy or bad luck. This is because its appearance was believed to cause injury or death to those who looked at it directly. As a result, anyone who could not afford to ward off these dangers would have an amulet made from wood or metal that had an eye painted on it so they would not come under its spell.

1. Egyptian Evil Eye Tattoo

The Egyptian evil eye tattoo design is one of the most common and popular designs used by people around the world. The Egyptians believed that the evil eye could cause harm or illness if someone looked at them with envy or jealousy, so they made these amulets for protection against this type of negative energy. These amulets were often worn as pendants or charms around their necks by both men and women.

Egyptian Evil Eye Tattoo

2. Evil Eye Tattoo Back Of Neck

The most popular place for an evil eye tattoo is on the back of the neck, where it can be easily concealed by long hair if you don’t want it to be seen by everyone. There are many different designs available for this area including the traditional teardrop shape that is associated with jealousy and envy. Other options include placing a single teardrop under your eye or multiple teardrops along your jawline. You can also get an evil eye tattoo inked behind one ear or both ears if you want more protection against negativity in your life.

Evil Eye Tattoo Back Of Neck

3. Evil Eye Tattoo Behind Ear

The behind ear tattoo is also a pretty popular spot for women to get tattooed because it’s so subtle and easy to hide with your hair. Plus, it’s not as painful as other areas on the body because you don’t have to worry about getting poked in the eye or anything like that!

Evil Eye Tattoo Behind Ear

4. Evil Eye Tattoo Designs

The evil eye tattoo design symbolizes protection from the evil eye. It can be worn as a symbol of luck or to protect yourself against envy, jealousy, or other negative feelings that may come your way. If someone gives you a compliment about your appearance, for example, take a look at their eyes before responding to their comments to see if they have an evil eye tattooed on them!

Evil Eye Tattoo Designs

5. Evil Eye Tattoo For Men

Many men choose to get an evil eye tattoo because it’s considered masculine and powerful. The best time for men to get this type of tattoo is during their 20s when they’re still young enough to show off their bodies without feeling self-conscious about it!

Evil Eye Tattoo For Men

6. Evil Eye Tattoo ideas For Women

The evil eye is a symbol with ancient origins. It is believed that it protects its owner from the evil eye, envy and negative thoughts of others. In some cultures the evil eye is considered a good luck charm for protection. The Evil Eye Tattoo can be worn alone or in combination with other tattoos like heart tattoos, star tattoos, flower tattoos or butterfly tattoos.

Evil Eye Tattoo ideas

7. Evil Eye Tattoo On Ankle

Ankle tattoos are a great idea for a first tattoo. They are relatively small and easy to hide. The ankle is also a very common place for people to get tattoos, so it’s not unusual for someone who doesn’t know you to have one on their ankle as well. If you have an ankle tattoo and want to cover it up, there are several ways you can do that.

Evil Eye Tattoo On Ankle

8. Evil Eye Tattoo On Arm

The arm is another spot where many people get their evil eye tattoos placed. This is because the arm area is known for having a lot of energy and vitality and also for being able to heal itself quickly if injured. Therefore, it makes sense why so many people choose to get their evil eye tattoo on their arms rather than other parts of their bodies such as their wrists or hands.

Evil Eye Tattoo On Arm

9. Evil Eye Tattoo On Back

The back is one of the best places for an evil eye tattoo because it’s one of the most visible areas of your body. A large eye on your back will be visible from almost any angle. This can be a great location for someone who wants to make sure that everyone knows that they’re wearing an evil eye tattoo.

Evil Eye Tattoo On Back

10. Evil Eye Tattoo On Chest

The chest area is another good choice for an evil eye tattoo because it’s an area where you can show off your body art without worrying about covering up with clothing or makeup. The chest area will also allow you to get a larger image if you want to wear multiple tattoos on this part of your body.

Evil Eye Tattoo On Chest

11. Evil Eye Tattoo On Collarbone

This evil eye tattoo has been placed on the collarbone, with a design that is perfect for anyone who wants something a little more subtle. The simple design makes it perfect for people who are looking for something that isn’t too in your face but also shows off their love of tattoos.

Evil Eye Tattoo On Collarbone

12. Evil Eye Tattoo On Finger

If you are looking for a small and cute tattoo, then evil eye tattoo on finger is the best choice for you. This is one of the most popular designs among girls. There are many designs available on the internet which you can choose from. You can also get it inked by an expert artist. It is quite easy to get this type of tattoo done as it does not take much time to complete.

Evil Eye Tattoo On Finger

13. Evil Eye Tattoo On Foot

Foot tattoos are also very popular among girls as they look charming and unique when compared to other types of tattoos. The foot tattoos are getting popular these days because they can be done easily without any pain during the process of getting it done. It looks attractive when done with bright colors like red, blue or green etc., You can choose any design that suits your personality and body type best!

Evil Eye Tattoo On Foot

14. Evil Eye Tattoo On Hand

The hand tattoo is very popular, and many people choose this place for their tattoo. This is because the hand is a good place to put a tattoo, and it looks cool. It also has many meanings, and you can learn about them from our blog post. The hand has many spots that make great tattoos, but we recommend the back of your hand or near the wrist area.

Evil Eye Tattoo On Hand

15. Evil Eye Tattoo On Knee

Knee tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos in the world because they have so many meanings and can be placed on many different areas of your body. Some people use this part of their body as a way to express themselves, while others just like how it looks when they get one done there. You can get a knee tattoo anywhere on your knee, but we recommend getting it somewhere where it will look best when you bend down or sit down with your legs crossed!

Evil Eye Tattoo On Knee

16. Evil Eye Tattoo On Neck

Neck tattoos are pretty popular because they look good no matter what style you choose! You can get anything from flowers to tribal designs in this area of your body, so make sure that you think about what kind of design would look best before getting one done here!

Evil Eye Tattoo On Neck

17. Evil Eye Tattoo On Sternum

The sternum tattoo is often done in black ink, but can be done in any color. This design is very simple, consisting of one eye with no shading or detail work. The eye can be made larger or smaller depending on the size of your chest, but it should always be centered on the sternum.

Evil Eye Tattoo On Sternum

18. Evil Eye Tattoo On Thigh

The thigh tattoo is similar to the sternum tattoo but is usually a little more detailed. It usually consists of two eyes and may also include shading, although this isn’t necessary for this type of design. This type of design works well for women who want to show off their body art without being too obvious about it

Evil Eye Tattoo On Thigh

19. Evil Eye Tattoo On Wrist

The wrist tattoo is one of the most popular locations for an evil eye tattoo. The wrist also has symbolic meaning, as it represents the connection between mind and body. A wrist tattoo can also be used to signify time spent in prison, as they are often given out by inmates to mark their time served in jail.

Evil Eye Tattoo On Wrist

20. Female Evil Eye Tattoo

The female evil eye tattoo is often used as a form of protection against envy, jealousy, or even bad luck. The female version of this tattoo usually has a tear drop shape rather than an oval shape like its male counterpart does.

Female Evil Eye Tattoo

21. Forearm Evil Eye Tattoo

This is a great location for an Evil Eye tattoo because it’s hidden by clothing but still visible when you’re wearing short sleeves or showing off your arms. This placement makes it easy for everyone to see your tattoo when they look at your arms. This placement makes it easy for everyone to see your tattoo when they look at your arms.

Forearm Evil Eye Tattoo

22. Greek Evil Eye Tattoo

The Greek evil eye tattoo design uses the Greek alphabet to create an intricate design with many different colors. The Greek evil eye tattoo is usually done on the wrist or ankle area but can also be placed anywhere else on your body if desired.

Greek Evil Eye Tattoo

23. Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo

The hamsa is an ancient Middle Eastern symbol, and has been used for centuries to ward off evil. The hamsa is also known as the Hand of Miriam or the Hand of Fatima, and is believed to provide protection from the evil eye. The symbol itself is often placed on jewelry or other items for protection. It is said that when worn on a necklace, it can help ward off the evil eye. The hamsa often looks like a hand with an eye in its palm, but it can also appear as a peacock feather or a stylized eye surrounded by rays of light.

Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo

24. Matching Evil Eye Tattoo

For those who want matching tattoos, there are many designs available that feature two hands facing opposite directions. One hand holds an eye while the other holds open palms with fingers spread out like rays of sunshine. This design represents how one person’s negativity can affect another person’s well-being if they’re not careful about how they treat others around them.

Matching Evil Eye Tattoo

25. Meaningful Evil Eye Tattoo

The meaning of an evil eye tattoo is pretty simple: protection from bad luck, envy, jealousy and misfortune. The symbol itself has been used since ancient times as a talisman against the evil eye. It was believed that the wearer of an evil eye tattoo would be protected from all forms of negative energy directed towards them by another person or supernatural being.

Meaningful Evil Eye Tattoo

26. Minimalist Evil Eye Tattoo

This minimalist tattoo design doesn’t have any shading or colors added to it – only black ink was used for the outline of this tattoo design. This makes it easier to conceal when wearing clothes so you won’t have problems showing off your new tattoo during summertime!

Minimalist Evil Eye Tattoo

27. Moon and Evil Eye Tattoo

One of the most popular designs that combines these two symbols is the Moon and Evil Eye tattoo, which features a moon or crescent shape surrounded by colorful dots or diamonds. These tattoos are usually done in black ink but can also be done in other colors as well.

Moon and Evil Eye Tattoo

28. Realistic Evil Eye Tattoo

This is one of the most popular designs for those looking for an eye tattoo design that will really stand out from others. It features a realistic eye with green iris surrounded by black pupil, red markings around its outer edge and blue dot in its center along with two small stars above it.

Realistic Evil Eye Tattoo

29. Red Evil Eye Tattoo

Some people prefer red eyes instead of black eyes because they think this design looks better on them or because it’s easier for them to see when they’re wearing sunglasses at night. Red eyes can be used as standalone tattoos or they can be combined with other symbols such as hearts and flowers in order to create unique designs that reflect your personality and interests.

Red Evil Eye Tattoo

30. Simple Evil Eye Tattoo

The simplest way to get an evil eye tattoo is to go with a simple black dot. This design is usually placed on the hand or wrist, but it can also be placed on other parts of the body, including the back, arm or leg. In most cases, this design is small enough that it doesn’t need to be colored in. However, some people choose to add color to their black dots so that they stand out more against their skin tone or clothing.

Simple Evil Eye Tattoo

31. Small Blue Evil Eye Tattoo

This small blue evil eye tattoo has only one dot in the center of the circle, but it still looks great! The color of this tat was chosen very carefully because it matches her hair perfectly! The size of this tat is perfect for any girl who wants to get inked but doesn’t want something too big.

Small Blue Evil Eye Tattoo

32. Small Evil Eye Tattoo

This small evil eye tattoo looks great on any part of your body! You can get this tattoo anywhere from your ankle up to your shoulder blade! This would be a perfect piece for anyone who wants something small that still has meaning!

Small Evil Eye Tattoo

33. Sun Star and Evil Eye Tattoo

This design features a sun star, which is a five-pointed star with rays coming out from each point. It’s often surrounded by an evil eye. These tattoos are usually small, but they can be done in any size. They’re also sometimes combined with other elements like flowers or butterflies.

Sun Star and Evil Eye Tattoo

34. Tiny Evil Eye Tattoo

This version is designed to be subtle and not very noticeable. The artist may use black ink so that it will blend in with your skin tone and not stand out too much. This type of tattoo is usually placed on the wrist or shoulder area where it can easily be concealed when needed.

Tiny Evil Eye Tattoo

35. Traditional Evil Eye Tattoo

The designs used in traditional tattoos are usually very simple and geometric with few colors. The shapes are usually circles or triangles with simple lines connecting them together to form the design. Many times there is only one color used on the entire piece, but there can be more than one color used in each design as well.

Traditional Evil Eye Tattoo

36. Turkish Evil Eye Tatto

The Turkish evil eye tattoo design is another common style used by many people who like this particular type of tattoo design. This one is usually done with black ink only but other colors could be used to if desired by the wearer of this type of tattoo.Turkish Evil Eye Tatto


What does the evil eye tattoo mean?

The meaning of the evil eye tattoo varies depending on who you ask but most agree that it represents protection against bad luck, curses and negative energy.

What does the evil eye tattoo symbolize?

The Evil Eye Tattoo is a symbol of protection and good luck, and it's one of the most common tattoo designs in the world. The Evil Eye is also called the Eye of Horus, and it has been used for thousands of years in many cultures.

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