30 Meaningful Best Quote Tattoos in 2023

Quote tattoos are very popular nowadays because they are perfect for people who want to express something in their body through words. Basically, it is a great way to say something without actually saying it. However, quote tattoos can also be quite challenging because you have to be able to choose the right words and make sure that you really mean it.

Quote tattoos can be designed in many ways. Some of the most popular quote tattoo designs are ones that involve words that are inspirational or meaningful to the wearer. Words and quotes can be used to send a message to someone else, or they can be personal and have meaning only to the wearer.

Quote tattoos are also very popular because it is a unique way to express yourself, your personality, your character and what you believe in. This can include a favorite quote, song lyrics, scripture or verse from the Bible or a poem. You can use just about any type of text for your tattoo, but make sure you do some research first if you are using a foreign language or symbol because you want to make sure it means what you think it does.

Quote tattoos are always a great choice for any tattoo lover. If you are looking for something different than the traditional skull, heart and dragon tattoos, here is your chance. Quotes can inspire us and give us strength when we need it the most. They can be funny, inspirational or motivational. Check out some amazing quote tattoos that will inspire you to get one of your own.

1. Angel Wings Quote Tattoo

If you are looking for a quote tattoo that has some extra meaning then consider this angel wings tattoo on the arm. This tattoo has a beautiful script font and is surrounded by a pair of angel wings. You can easily add your own quote to this design and personalize it.

Angel Wings Quote Tattoo

2. Arm Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos are very popular and if you want one then try out this arm design. It features a positive quote in fancy writing and it can be placed almost anywhere on the arm. This type of tattoo looks best as a big piece so choose something short but meaningful.

Arm Quote Tattoo

3. Bible Quote Tattoo

If you are religious you may like this bible quote tattoo idea. This black ink tattoo has a simple font and is placed on the arm. It is a great way to show your faith and would suit anyone who loves reading the bible.

Bible Quote Tattoo

4. Bicep Quote Tattoo

The bicep is a great area for a quote tattoo, with the upper bicep being the preferred location. This is because the space is larger, allowing for more text in the tattoo. If you want a quote that’s relatively short, then you can get it inked on either side of your arm rather than on top.

Bicep Quote Tattoo

5. Chest Quote Tattoo

The chest is another great place for a quote tattoo, especially if it’s a more personal quote that you want to keep close to your heart. The space on your chest offers plenty of room for longer quotes too, so take advantage of that if you plan to get an extensive quote tattooed on your body.

Chest Quote Tattoo 1

6. Flower Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos work well if they’re combined with other elements like floral designs or images. You can have a flower along with a quote or have flowers within the words themselves. In this case there are two options: either have the flower and quote separately or combine them as one piece of art.

Flower Quote Tattoo

7. Geometric Quote Tattoo

Geometric shapes have been all the rage for some time now, and even though they are a trend, the best of them will be a permanent part of your body when you get a tattoo. This quote tattoo is so unique and beautiful, I’m sure it’s made any list of the best quote tattoos out there.

Geometric Quote Tattoo

8. Girl Quote Tattoo

Girl Quote Tattoo

9. Hip Quote Tattoo

Many people like getting hip tattoos because they look amazing and they are easy to hide if need be. This quote tattoo is the perfect example of that and it’s also a beautiful design that anyone would love on their body!

Hip Quote Tattoo

10. Japanese Quote Tattoo

This Japanese quote tattoo is for the lovers of Japanese culture. In this design, the quote is on the side of the thigh. The quote has meanings behind it, which makes it more interesting to be written as a tattoo.

Japanese Quote Tattoo

11. Leg Quote Tattoo

This leg quote tattoo design is not only elegant but also inspirational. The quote is written in cursive style, which gives it a touch of elegance. This design is ideal for girls who love classy and minimal designs.

Leg Quote Tattoo

12. Long Quote Tattoo

This long quote tattoo design will take a lot of space on your arm. However, if you have enough space and love huge designs or you have a long quote that you would want to be written as a tattoo, this is an ideal choice for you.

Long Quote Tattoo

13. Meaningful Quote Tattoo

This is a very common quote tattoo design especially for girls who like to have meaningful tattoos. They are usually written in cursive which makes them look feminine and elegant. Some even add flowers or other beautiful designs as complement for their quote tattoo design.

Meaningful Quote Tattoo

14. Planet Quote Tattoo

This type of quote tattoo design is for people who want something different on their tattoos. Instead of having words, they would rather have a planet as their quote tattoo design but they still want the same effect of expressing themselves with words.

Planet Quote Tattoo

15. Quote Tattoo On Forearm

Forearm tattoos are one of the best when it comes to wording and especially quotes. This quote tattoo is simple and can be done in different colors. It is a great quote tattoo for those who love keeping things simple and meaningful.

Quote Tattoo On Forearm

16. Rib Quote Tattoo

This rib tattoo is one of the most beautiful and elegant quote tattoos. It is a perfect example of how to make a quote tattoo look aesthetic. It is also a good choice for those looking to have a small quote tattoo.

Rib Quote Tattoo

17. Rose With Quote Tattoo

Best quote tattoos look fabulous. It is very important to choose the perfect one which suits your personality and style. The rose is a symbol of the love and you can express your feelings by engraving a beautiful quote about love on the rose. This tattoo looks elegant and it is suitable for any body part. This unique design will make you different and special.

Rose With Quote Tattoo

18. Short Quote Tattoo

This is another popular tattoo idea which everyone loves to have on their body. You can choose any font style and color according to your taste and preferences. The short quote tattoo is a great way to express how you feel.

Short Quote Tattoo

19. Small Quote Tattoo

A small quote tattoo will give an aesthetic look to your body. You can engrave the words which inspire you in life or you can get a saying of your favorite character or celebrity. This tattoo will look fabulous wherever you get it done on your body.

Small Quote Tattoo

20. Spine Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos on the spine are usually written in cursive, which is another reason they make great quote tattoos. The cursive font gives them an elegant look. These tattoos can be large or small and may go up or down the spine, depending on how long the quote is.

Spine Quote Tattoo

21. Traditional Quote Tattoo

Traditional quote tattoos are another great type of tattoo for someone who wants a quote tattoo. Traditional tattooing is characterized by bold lines and bright colors, so it’s easier to read than other styles. Traditional style also looks timeless and classic, so your quote will never go out of style.

Traditional Quote Tattoo

22. Ankle Quote Tattoo

Another fun place to get a small quote tattoo is on the ankle. The ankle is a great place for text because it’s visible if you wear socks and shoes, but if you want it to remain hidden, you can easily cover it up with pants or tights.

Ankle Quote Tattoo

23. Back Quote Tattoo

The back is a great place to have your quote tattoo, as it gives you plenty of space to create a nice design and have it inked in a large size. It’s also a great place for ladies that prefer to keep their tattoos covered up when they’re at work or around their families.

Back Quote Tattoo

24. Butterfly Quote Tattoo

Butterflies are one of the most popular tattoo choices for women and it’s no surprise why. Butterflies are often associated with rebirth, beauty, and femininity, so getting a butterfly tattoo is definitely a good choice for ladies who want to show off their girly side. If you want to add another layer of meaning to your butterfly tattoo, consider getting a quote included with it too!

Butterfly Quote Tattoo

25. Quote Tattoos For Men

Quote tattoos for men are a great way of expressing your thoughts or philosophies in life. They can be small, medium, or large, and their location is up to you. They can be placed on the inner arm, the outer arm, the chest, the back, the leg, and more. Some common fonts used for quote tattoos are cursive and blackletter.

Quote Tattoos For Men

26. Quote Tattoos For Women

Quote tattoos for women are a great way of expressing your thoughts or philosophies in life. They can be small, medium, or large, and their location is up to you. They can be placed on the inner arm, the outer arm, the chest, the back, the leg, and more. Some common fonts used for quote tattoos are cursive and blackletter.

Quote Tattoos For Women

27. Shoulder Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos are usually carried on a part of the body where they can be read easily. They can be placed on the arm, above the wrist, or across the chest. The area that you choose to tattoo your quote will depend wholly on what you want and how you want it to look.

Shoulder Quote Tattoo

28. Sun Quote Tattoo

The sun is one of the most powerful symbols in the world and many cultures have worshipped it for thousands of years. It is not surprising that people would eventually decide to get a sun tattoo design as a symbol of their love for this celestial body.

Sun Quote Tattoo

29. Thigh Quote Tattoo

If you are thinking of getting a quote tattoo, but want something more unique than the typical inspirational quote, consider a thigh quote tattoo. This is a great place to get a long quote that needs room to breathe. A quote on your thigh can be seen or covered easily by clothing, so you have the option to choose when to reveal your latest ink.

Thigh Quote Tattoo

30. Wrist Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos on the wrist are another popular placement for words and quotes. The wrist is a very visible part of the body that can’t be hidden by clothing. If you’re looking for an everyday reminder of an important life lesson or mantra, a simple wrist quote tattoo is just the thing for you!

Wrist Quote Tattoo


What Is A Quote Tattoo?

A quote tattoo is a type of tattoo that features words, letters or quotes. Quotes are often inspirational and can have meaning to the person who decides to get the quote tattooed on their body. Some people choose to put their own quote on them while others choose to get one from their favorite writer, celebrity, actor or singer.

How long does a quote tattoo last?

Well, it depends on how you take care of it now that you have it. If you follow all the proper aftercare instructions given by your tattoo artist, then your tattoo should look brand new for many years to come. If you don't take care of it properly, then it may start fading away in just a few months.


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