40 Best Compass Tattoos For Men And Women

Compass tattoos are a popular tattoo design for both men and women. The compass is an important symbol in the maritime industry, particularly among sailors, who use them to navigate the seas. It has also been used as a tool by explorers, adventurers and travelers to help them find their way.

Compass tattoos are usually depicted as circles but can also be drawn as an arrow pointing north or south. The circle is symbolic of infinity and the arrow symbolizes a single point in time. Together, they represent that no matter what happens in life there will always be an end and a beginning, which will come back around again.

A compass tattoo is a design that signifies direction and purpose. It can also symbolize travel and adventure. The most common form of compass tattoo is the simple outline of a compass with the arrow pointing to the North Pole. Compass tattoos can also be made more elaborate by adding additional features, such as a map or background scenery. A compass tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body and can be easily incorporated into other tattoo designs.

1. 3d Compass Tattoos

A 3d compass tattoo is a good choice for those who want something that’s more than just black and white. A 3d compass can be designed with any colors you like and can also be accompanied by other symbols such as flowers or hearts if you wish to do so. The design itself is very simple and easy to draw, which makes it one of the most popular tattoos for both men and women alike.

3d Compass Tattoo

2. Anchor And Compass Tattoo

The anchor and compass tattoo is one of the most popular nautical tattoos. It represents the sailor’s lifelong commitment to a voyage in search of new adventures, while always keeping the safety of their ship and crew in mind. A compass tattoo can also be used as a memorial to lost loved ones who have passed away at sea or to honor their memory.

Anchor And Compass Tattoo

3. Arrow Compass Tattoos

An arrow compass tattoo is a simple and classic design that has been around for decades. The arrow represents the North Pole, while the circle represents the South Pole. It’s a good tattoo to get if you want a reminder of where you came from or where you’re going.

Arrow Compass Tattoo

4. Clock And Compass Tattoo

The clock and compass tattoo is another popular tattoo design that symbolizes time, direction and knowledge. It is usually depicted with an ornate clock in the center and two arrows pointing in opposite directions. The clock may have Roman numerals or Arabic numerals, depending on which type of clock you prefer.

Clock And Compass Tattoo

5. Compass Tattoo Design

Compass tattoos are an extremely popular tattoo design, and are commonly seen in the form of a compass rose. The idea behind this tattoo is that it will help you find your way through life. It serves as a reminder that you can always turn to your faith for guidance when you feel lost or confused. Compass tattoos can also be used as a symbol of travel and adventure, or even loss and sadness.

Compass Tattoo Design

6. Compass Tattoo For Men

Compass tattoos are very popular among men who enjoy traveling and exploring. Compass tattoos are also very popular among military men who want to show their patriotism by having an American flag on their bodies. If you’re looking for a patriotic tattoo design that isn’t as common as other flag tattoos, then this might be a great choice for you!

Compass Tattoo For Men

7. Compass Tattoo For Women

Women also love having compass tattoos too! Compass tattoos are especially popular among women who enjoy traveling around the world and exploring new places. Many women choose to get compass tattoos on their wrists or ankles so that they can easily hide them if needed.

Compass Tattoo For Women

8. Compass Tattoo Ideas

A compass tattoo represents direction, orientation and guidance in life. A compass tattoo can be used to represent the journey of life, either good or bad. It can also represent an important place in your life such as home or school. Compass tattoos are often made up of one point or several points that are connected by a line or string.

Compass Tattoo Ideas

9. Compass Tattoo Meaning

There are many different meanings associated with compass tattoos. The most common meaning is that they represent goals or dreams that you have set for yourself, but they can also mean other things as well. For example, if you’re looking for a way to express yourself artistically or creatively, then a compass tattoo may be the perfect choice for you!

Compass Tattoo Meaning

10. Compass Tattoo On Arm

The arm is a great place for a compass tattoo because it’s easy to hide under clothing if you’re not looking for attention. This design is also easy to cover up if necessary, so it’s perfect for people who don’t want to be stuck with their tattoo forever but still want some art on their body.

Compass Tattoo On Arm

11. Compass Tattoo On Chest

A chest tattoo can be very large and dramatic, or it can be small and subtle depending on what you’re looking for. A compass on your chest adds a bit of mystery and intrigue, making it an excellent choice for someone who likes showing off their tattoos but doesn’t want something too obvious or gaudy.

Compass Tattoo On Chest

12. Compass Tattoo On Hand

A hand compass tattoo is another popular choice for those who like to travel or hike through nature. You can place this design anywhere on your hand and still make it look nice with other tattoos such as flowers, stars or hearts surrounding it. You may also want to consider getting an anchor tattoo as well if you love sailing or camping on boats during the summer months.

Compass Tattoo On Hand

13. Compass Tattoo On Leg

Leg tattoos have become incredibly popular in recent years. They’re usually placed high up on the thigh or calf, which means they’re not always visible when wearing shorts or skirts. However, leg tattoos can also be placed on your upper leg or ankle depending on your personal preference!

Compass Tattoo On Leg

14. Compass Tattoo On Thigh

A thigh tattoo, also known as a leg piece or thigh piece, is usually located on the inner thigh area, but it can also be placed on the outer thigh area too. There are plenty of choices when it comes to designs for thigh tattoos including flowers, animals, symbols, geometric shapes and more!

Compass Tattoo On Thigh

15. Compass Tattoo On Wrist

Wrist tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos today because they’re so easy to hide under long sleeves if necessary! Wrist tattoos come in all shapes and sizes but they typically feature intricate designs with lots of little details like flowers, hearts and arrows.

Compass Tattoo On Wrist

16. Compass Tattoo Sleeve

A sleeve tattoo is a large tattoo that covers an entire arm from shoulder to wrist in one piece. Sleeve tattoos are popular among men who want to show off their bodies or women who want to cover up some unwanted scars or marks. You can get a sleeve tattoo as part of your first tattoo or as part of a series of tattoos down the length of your arm.

Compass Tattoo Sleeve

17. Compass Tattoo With Quote

Quote tattoos can be a great way to express yourself and share your thoughts with others. Quotes are a great way for you to communicate your beliefs and ideals without having to actually say them out loud. This can be especially helpful if you have social anxiety or simply don’t like talking much!

Compass Tattoo With Quote

18. Compass Tattoos For Female

Compass tattoos for female are very feminine and delicate. Compass tattoos for females can be placed on the back, wrist, upper arm, neck or ankle. A woman’s compass tattoo can be simple or complex depending on how much detail you want in your tattoo. The most common type of compass tattoo for females is a simple design with two hearts instead of two hands pointing north and south.

Compass Tattoos For Female

19. Feminine Compass Tattoos

Compass tattoos for women can be feminine as well as masculine. Feminine compass tattoos are usually small in size and have pretty designs or flowers around them. They can be placed anywhere on the body such as on the shoulder blade or ankle area if you’re looking for something small but beautiful at the same time!

Feminine Compass Tattoo

20. Flower Compass Tattoos

Flowers represent beauty and nature. Flowers are also associated with romance, love, fertility and other positive attributes. They are often used in tattoo designs as a way to express one’s feelings for another person or for someone who has passed away. If you’re looking for a tattoo design that represents freedom, peace and tranquility then consider getting a flower tattoo design inked on your body.

Flower Compass Tattoo

21. Forearm Compass Tattoos

The forearm is an ideal place to get a tattoo because it’s easy to hide if you’re not working in an office with strict dress codes. Forearm tattoos often feature bold lines and geometric shapes that look great against your skin tone. If you’ve been wanting to get a tattoo but haven’t found the right picture or design, consider getting one on your forearm!

Forearm Compass Tattoo

22. Geometric Compass Tattoos

A compass tattoo is a great geometric tattoo design because it can be made to look like any other geometric shape such as an arrow or flower. This allows you to choose what kind of shape you want your compass tattoo to be and then have it colored in any way you want.

Geometric Compass Tattoo

23. Half Sleeve Compass Tattoos

There are many different types of compass tattoos that you can get done on your body. One of these types is the half sleeve tattoo which covers all or most of your upper arm and shoulder area with a design that has been created by combining multiple different designs together into one image. You can get this type done in any color scheme that you want and the artist will usually work with you to come up with something that matches your personality perfectly.

Half Sleeve Compass Tattoo

24. Hourglass Compass Tattoos

Hourglass tattoos are very popular among women because they symbolize time and how precious it is. Most hourglass tattoos have two parts that connect at the top and bottom of the hourglass with sand flowing through them like water from one side to the other. This signifies how quickly time passes by without us even realizing it until we look back at our lives later on in life.

Hourglass Compass Tattoo

25. Map And Compass Tattoos

Map and compass tattoos are popular with both men and women alike. In fact, they can be worn by anyone who wants a nautical themed piece of body art that has meaning behind it. These tattoos often feature a detailed map of an area where you have traveled or plan to visit in the future. You can also opt for a more abstract design depicting your home state or country as well as other countries that you have visited in the past or hope to visit in the future.

Map And Compass Tattoo

26. Meaningful Compass Tattoos

A compass tattoo is a symbol that is used to guide people in their lives. Compass tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, but they are usually found on the arms or chest. The meaning behind these tattoos varies from person to person, but most people get them because they want to find their way in life. Some people also get this tattoo as a reminder of where they came from or where they want to go in life.

Meaningful Compass Tattoo

27. Minimalist Compass Tattoos

Compass tattoos are usually small, but there are some minimalist compass tattoos that stand out from the rest. These minimalist tattoos are simple yet powerful. They are designed to look like traditional compass tattoos with two separate points joined together by a straight line, but they also have a more modern twist to them by using simple geometric shapes as their design elements.

Minimalist Compass Tattoo

28. Nautical Compass Tattoos

The nautical compass tattoo represents a journey or voyage. It is a significant symbol for those who want to travel across oceans or seas, for those who aspire to reach new heights in life and for those who want to find their way through life’s crazy waters. The nautical compass tattoo is also used as a reminder that there is always hope in every situation no matter how difficult it may seem at times.

Nautical Compass Tattoo

29. Neo Traditional Compass Tattoos

Neo traditional tattoos are extremely popular among women today. These designs are very feminine, but still very edgy at the same time. They feature flowers and butterflies along with hearts, stars, and crosses. The colors used in these designs are often bright colors like fuchsia, purple, red and orange.

Neo Traditional Compass Tattoo

30. Nordic Compass Tattoos

The Nordic compass tattoo is an ancient symbol that has been used for navigation for centuries. The idea behind this tattoo is that it will guide you through life like it would guide you across oceans and over continents. This type of compass tattoo was once only used by sailors but now anyone can get one done if they want to represent their love for traveling or just want something unique!

Nordic Compass Tattoo

31. Norse Compass Tattoos

The Norse compass tattoo was inspired by ancient Norse mythology and folklore. Vikings believed that there were nine worlds in total, with Yggdrasil being the World Tree that connects them all together (similar to how our solar system connects our earth). The Norse compass tattoo is typically designed as a tree or Yggdrasil with branches going off in different directions, corresponding to each world within their mythology.

Norse Compass Tattoo

32. Rose Compass Tattoos

A rose compass design is something that many people choose because it represents love and loyalty. The rose is often associated with love and romance, while the compass points us in our direction of travel in life. You can also choose whether or not you want your rose tattoo to have thorns or not; this choice is up to you!

Rose Compass Tattoo

33. Ship And Compass Tattoos

A ship tattoo is a popular choice for men and women who love the sea. There are many different types of ships that you can choose from when getting this type of tattoo, but all of them will have the same meaning: adventure and travel. These tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body and will look great no matter what part of your body it is on!

Ship And Compass Tattoo

34. Simple Compass Tattoos

A simple compass tattoo can be a great gift for anyone who loves traveling. The simple design of this tattoo makes it easy to incorporate into almost any design theme, so it’s perfect for someone who wants something unique but doesn’t want a lot of detail in their tattoo. The compass tattoo also makes a great symbol for those who love going on new adventures and experiencing different cultures around the world.

Simple Compass Tattoo

35. Small Compass Tattoos

The most popular type of compass tattoo is the small one that is located on the wrist or the back of a hand. This allows it to be seen easily by others without being too noticeable at first glance. The wrist is also an area that is easy to hide if you do not want anyone seeing your new tattoo design until they notice it themselves at some point in time when they look closer at what you have on your body.

Small Compass Tattoo

36. Traditional Compass Tattoos

A traditional compass tattoo is one that has been used for years and years by people who love the outdoors and traveling. These tattoos usually feature a compass rose with north pointing toward one side of the rose and south toward another side. The middle of the rose can be any color; however most people choose red as it symbolizes fire, life, passion and love among other things.

Traditional Compass Tattoo

37. Trash Polka Compass Tattoos

Trash polka tattoos are all the rage right now with people wanting to add some color to their lives with bright colored tattoos that pop out at you when you look at them! Trash polka tattoos are usually made up of different colored dots that have been arranged in such a way that they form an image or shape.

Trash Polka Compass Tattoo

38. Vegvisir Viking Compass Tattoo

The Vegvisir is a symbol of protection in Norse mythology. It is a magical sign that shows the way to heaven. The Vegvisir compass tattoo is a popular tattoo design among those who want their body to be protected from the evil eye. This symbol has been used since ancient times by Vikings and other Northern Europeans.

Vegvisir Viking Compass Tattoo

39. Vintage Compass Tattoo

The Vintage Compass Tattoo is perfect if you want something that looks like it belongs in a museum rather than on your body! The old fashioned compass design is really eye catching and would look amazing on its own or as part of a bigger piece such as an arm sleeve or half sleeve design.

Vintage Compass Tattoo

40. Watercolor Compass Tattoos

If you want something that looks like it was painted by an artist then this is probably the right type of compass tattoo for you. Watercolor tattoos are very popular among women who want something feminine yet bold and eye catching at the same time. The watercolor effect makes these tattoos look very feminine and beautiful but they also add some color into your life which is always good!

Watercolor Compass Tattoo


What does a compass tattoo mean?

A compass tattoo is often associated with people who have a love for exploration and adventure. They symbolize the ability to find one's way through life and show that you can always find your way back home.

What does a compass tattoo symbolize?

It symbolizes freedom, adventure and courage. It's also used as an important part of military culture because it represents bravery and loyalty toward one's country. A compass is also seen as a sign of hope or guidance in times of need, especially when someone feels lost or confused about what direction their life should take next.


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