25 Best Swallow Tattoos With Meanings

Swallow tattoos come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes, just like all other tattoo symbols do. Due to this fact, these birds can nearly be tattooed anywhere on the body. Due to their small size and style options, these birds can easily fit into any part of your body.

Swallow tattoos are a traditional type of tattoo that has become increasingly popular in the recent years, especially among women. The swallow tattoo is thought to be one of the most popular tattoo designs out there, and it’s not hard to see why. The design is rich in symbolism and meaning, lending itself perfectly for people who want a cool piece of art on their skin that is more than just visually pleasing.

Swallow tattoos are no doubt the most popular tattoo designs that are worn by thousands of people all over the world. Swallows are birds that are known to be very social and they can also travel long distances. Swallows have been used in different cultures as symbols. Some of these cultures include the Greeks, Romans and Celts. Today, swallows are still used today as a symbol for many things.

1. Arm Swallow Tattoo

The arm swallow tattoo is by far the most popular choice for swallow tattoos. Arm Swallow Tattoos can be used to symbolize freedom or traveling. The meaning of an arm tattoo will depend on how it is designed.

Arm Swallow Tattoo

2. Neck Swallow Tattoo

Neck Swallow Tattoos can also be used as a symbol of freedom or traveling, but they can also represent a love of music. A cute neck swallow tattoo design would be one sitting on a music note or guitar string.

Neck Swallow Tattoo

3. Finger Swallow Tattoo

These are small tattoos that are often simple black lines; they’re often worn on finger knuckles either one or two per hand. The finger swallow tattoo looks like an outline of feathers around your finger or fingers when viewed from certain angles – which gives it a unique 3D look!

Finger Swallow Tattoo

4. Leg Swallow Tattoo

Swallows are often associated with sailors, due to the superstition of them bringing good luck and safe travels back from a long journey. The swallow tattoo is not only a symbol of safety back on land, but also a promise of a safe return from the sea.

Leg Swallow Tattoo

5. Sleeve Swallow Tattoo

The most common placement for swallow tattoos is the arm. A traditional swallow tattoo sleeve features the bird with an anchor, cherry blossom or banner. For a modern take on this classic look, try experimenting with different colors, patterns and geometric shapes.

Sleeve Swallow Tattoo

6. Thigh Swallow Tattoo

The thigh is a great place to get a tattoo of any kind, but it’s especially beautiful when you get a large swallow design. This tattoo features the upper half of the bird in flight with wings outstretched and beak open. It’s a gorgeous blue color with hints of purple, and it’s sure to turn heads everywhere you go!

Thigh Swallow Tattoo

7. Ankle Swallow Tattoo

Many people get smaller tattoos on their ankles because they look great with sandals during the summer months. This tiny swallow is flying along the wearer’s ankle in a beautiful black ink. It’s simple yet elegant, and it makes an excellent addition to anyone’s collection!

Ankle Swallow Tattoo

8. Chest Swallow Tattoo

Chest swallow tattoos are often used as a symbol of protection and security. Chest swallow tattoos are often seen on people who have been through difficult times in their lives and want to remind themselves that they can still be strong no matter what happens. Chest swallow tattoos show that you have overcome obstacles in your life and will continue to rise above them no matter what life brings.

Chest Swallow Tattoo

9. Shoulder Swallow Tattoo

Swallow tattoos look great when placed on your shoulders. This placement is perfect if you want to get a large scale swallow design with a lot of detail. It will also allow your artist to add other elements to your design like roses, banners, and even other birds.

Shoulder Swallow Tattoo

10. Collarbone Swallow Tattoo

Collarbone swallow tattoos are super trendy right now. They are dainty and elegant which makes them perfect for women who want to add a feminine touch to their ink collection.

Collarbone Swallow Tattoo

11. Hand Swallow Tattoo

Hand swallow tattoos can be designed in a variety of different ways. Sometimes, the swallow will be designed alone, but other times it will be created with other symbols or elements. Swallow tattoos can be designed to portray a cartoon-like image or a more realistic image of the bird.

Hand Swallow Tattoo

12. Wrist Swallow Tattoo

The wrist is another area where we often see swallow tattoos. Swallows are said to symbolize good luck, so having one inked on your body can bring you good luck and fortune in life. Wrist swallow tattoos can be inked in different styles and sizes, depending on what you want. They look great whether they are small or large, simple or complicated.

Wrist Swallow Tattoo

13. Forearm Swallow Tattoo

The forearm is a varied canvas for swallow tattoos. This area of the body is visible, but less conspicuous than the wrists and hands. The forearm can be an ideal place to display your love of these birds, whether you are a sailor or not.

Forearm Swallow Tattoo

14. Rib Swallow Tattoo

Some people like to get large swallow tattoos done on their ribs or sides. This is a great choice for both men and women and can be done in several different ways. If you want something a bit larger but still have plenty of room for other designs, this may be the way for you to go.

Rib Swallow Tattoo

15. Geometric Swallow Tattoo

Geometric style swallow tattoos look amazing! If you like simple but beautiful designs with clean lines, this style is perfect for you. You can choose some very detailed geometric pattern as well if you are looking for something bolder and unique.

Geometric Swallow Tattoo

16. Foot Swallow Tattoo

The feet are one of the most popular places for tattoo enthusiasts to get their ink done. The reason for this is that they tend to be out of sight most of the time. This is especially true if you work in an office setting or somewhere else where showing off your body art might not be appropriate. Foot swallow tattoos are also popular because they are very easy to hide when necessary. A simple pair of shoes will cover them up completely!

Foot Swallow Tattoo

17. Swallow Behind The Ear Tattoo

Getting a swallow tattoo behind the ear is another way to show off your body art in an unobtrusive manner. Many people choose this location because it is easy to hide the tattoo when necessary by simply pulling your.

Swallow Behind The Ear Tattoo

18. Tradional Swallow Tattoo

The traditional swallow tattoo is usually a design of two swallows. The swallows are often facing opposite directions to symbolize a sailor returning home after being away at sea. While this is the most common design of the swallow tattoo, there are still several ways that you can make the tattoo unique to you, depending on your personality and interests. In the traditional style, the swallows are outlined in black ink and simple shading is added to create depth.

Tradional Swallow Tattoo

19. Back Swallow Tattoo

Swallows are very popular designs for back tattoos and can be incorporated into many different scenes. Swallows flying out of anchor tattoos are especially common and are reminiscent of the bird’s link with sailors and lastly, swallows have a positive connotation which is why they are so popular in tattoos.

Back Swallow Tattoo

20. Flock of Swallow Tattoo

A flock of swallows can also represent good luck or togetherness. Swallows are known for traveling together in large groups and this can be used as a symbol of partnership or family bond and loyalty.

Flock of Swallow Tattoo

21. Small Swallow Tattoo

Swallows are known for their long-distance migration and small size. If you want to carry the meaning of a small swallow on your body, you can get an impressively sized tattoo that still looks natural. It may just look like a simple black line if you don’t take a closer look at it. That’s one of the reasons why smaller tattoos are more popular than larger ones!

Small Swallow Tattoo

22. Cute Swallow Tattoo

If you’re looking for a classic tattoo with a colorful touch, you should consider getting a cute swallow tattoo. It doesn’t matter if you choose one or several swallows – they’ll remind you that there is always hope on the horizon and give your life a new meaning.

Cute Swallow Tattoo

23. Tiny Swallow Tattoos

The most popular choice for a tattoo is a tiny swallow. Because of its small size, it can be easily hidden under the clothes. You can place it on your hand or forearm or even behind your ear.

Tiny Swallow Tattoos

24. Minimalist Swallow Tattoos

If you are not satisfied with the size of the swallow and want to have a big one, then choose the minimalist style. It’s great for those who dislike an abundance of little details. For example, a fairly large tattoo is placed on the forearm, but it has only one color and a simple design without many elements.

Minimalist Swallow Tattoos

25. Flower Swallow Tattoos

There are many images of swallows in combination with flowers. Usually, these tattoos depict various kinds of daisies, roses and cherry blossoms. They look very feminine and create a romantic image.

Flower Swallow Tattoos


What Does Swallow Tattoo Mean?

Swallow tattoos have long been a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts all over the world. Because they are so versatile, they can be drawn in a variety of different styles and colors, as well as placed in any location on the body. The swallow is a bird that has long been associated with sailors, and the deeper meaning of swallow tattoos vary depending on whether they are worn by men or women.

What does a swallow tattoo symbolize?

Swallow tattoos are a classic tattoo that has been around for ages. These birds have a long standing presence in many cultures throughout history, and are often considered symbols of good luck and prosperity.


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