50 Awesome Neck Tattoos For Men in 2023

Neck tattoos for men are one of the most popular tattoo designs. The neck is a great place to get a tattoo and can be easily concealed if you want to keep it private. Many people choose neck tattoos because they are hard to see and even harder to photograph, making them ideal for people who don’t want their tattoos on display 24/7.

Neck tattoos for men are considered as one of the best choices when it comes to body art. These tattoos have a lot of advantages over other types of tattoos because they are not only comfortable but also easy to hide if you want to go for a formal event or something similar. Here are some of the best types of neck tattoos that you can choose from:

Neck tattoo ideas for men are a bit different than the usual tattoos. The neck is not the most exposed area of the body, but it still has an important role to play. The neck is a very intimate and personal part of the human body. It represents power, strength, determination, courage and confidence.

1. Angel Neck Tattoo

One of the most popular tattoo designs for males is an angel. That is because they have a wide range of possible meanings. Some males see angels as a symbol of their trust in Christ. Others view them as an homage to traditional art. Angel tattoos typically feature a lot of movement and flowing lines, which complement the placement’s small neck curvature.

Angel Neck Tattoo

2. Angel Wings Neck Tattoo

Angel wings are the most common type of neck tattoo for men. The angel wing design is very versatile and can be used in many ways. This design usually features two wings with feathers that spread out across the collarbone area. However, there are many variations of this design available so it’s up to you how you want yours done!

Angel Wings Neck Tattoo

3. Anubis Neck Tattoo

The Anubis tattoo is a great choice for any guy looking for a meaningful design on his neck. This Egyptian god represents mummification, death and rebirth. He’s also the protector of souls in the underworld and is often depicted with a head of a jackal or dog. Anubis neck tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos among men. This tattoo can be placed anywhere on your neck, but it looks best when placed on the back of your neck or on your chest.

Anubis Neck Tattoo

4. Back Neck Tattoo

A back neck tattoo is usually placed on the side of the neck where it can be easily seen when someone wears their hair up or off their shoulders. This area is especially popular with women who wear their hair up frequently at work or school. The back neck tattoo can be any size, but most people choose small designs that fit within an inch or two of their collarbones and blend into their skin seamlessly.

Back Neck Tattoo

5. Bee Neck Tattoo

Bee tattoos are popular among men. They are a symbol of hard work, patience, and dedication. If you have a bee tattoo on your neck, it means that you are always in charge of your work, and you will never give up easily. This is also a good choice for those who want to portray their love for nature because bees are known to be the first pollinators who help in the reproduction of plants and flowers.

Bee Neck Tattoo

6. Bird Neck Tattoo

Bird tattoos can appear in any part of the body but they look most attractive when placed on the neck. A bird tattoo has two meanings: one is freedom and another one is freedom from the rules of society. For instance, if you get a bird with an open wing or flying high above then people will understand that you want freedom from all things that bind them down in life such as relationships or commitments and responsibilities towards family members or friends.

Bird Neck Tattoo

7. Blackwork Neck Tattoo

A blackwork tattoo is a great way to show off your love for tattoos. The tattoo style is usually done with black ink only. It is a very simple tattoo that can be done in one sitting. A blackwork neck tattoo can be any size or shape, so it is easy to customize the design to fit your needs and preferences.

Blackwork Neck Tattoo

8. Butterfly Neck Tattoo

The butterfly design is another classic choice when it comes to getting inked on your neck. Butterflies symbolize transformation and change, which makes them perfect for someone who wants a meaningful tattoo design that represents their life story or personality. This butterfly tattoo looks like it was done by an expert artist with lots of experience creating beautiful butterfly designs!

Butterfly Neck Tattoo

9. Chess Neck Tattoo

Chess tattoos are a popular choice for men because they’re simple and can be easily incorporated into a larger design. While most chess tattoos are black and white, you can use any color scheme that you’d like. This example uses red, blue, and yellow to create a sophisticated design that looks great on any skin tone.

Chess Neck Tattoo

10. Classy Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos can be difficult to execute but if done right they look amazing. This classy neck tattoo is bold without being too over the top, which makes it perfect for someone who wants something subtle but still eye-catching. The shading technique used here is fantastic as well!

Classy Neck Tattoo

11. Cross Neck Tattoo

This cross tattoo is a great way to show your devotion to God or religion. The cross can represent many things, so it’s important to consider the meaning behind it before getting this tattoo. If you’re just getting one because it looks cool and you like the design, then that’s fine too! However, if you want it as a symbol of faith, then make sure you know what it means and why you want it.

Cross Neck Tattoo

12. Crown Neck Tattoo

A crown tattoo on your neck makes you look regal and elegant. It adds a touch of royalty to your personality making it look classy and elegant at the same time. A crown tattoo can be designed in many different ways including flowers or vines around the base of the head or even just the crown itself without any other embellishments.

Crown Neck Tattoo

13. Dagger Neck Tattoo

A dagger tattoo on your neck gives you an aura of being dangerous and aggressive which people love about you because they know not to mess with you! The dagger can be designed in many different ways such as having blood dripping from its tip or even just a plain dagger with no embellishment at all! This design looks great when worn with a suit or tuxedo and will give you that air of mystery that most women love.

Dagger Neck Tattoo

14. Date Neck Tattoo

This is a classic tattoo that has been around for decades. It’s a way to commemorate something special in your life such as an anniversary or birthday, but it might also just be something personal that means something special to you and your significant other. The date can be as simple as two numbers separated by two dots or as elaborate as you want it to be!

Date Neck Tattoo

15. Dove Neck Tattoo

A dove tattoo on the neck can represent peace between two people who have had disputes in the past or that there will be peace between two countries who have had disagreements in the past. A dove tattoo also reminds us that we need to love one another more than we hate each other if we want our world to become a better place for everyone to live in.

Dove Neck Tattoo

16. Eagle Neck Tattoo

An eagle tattoo can be done in any color, but black ink is always a classic choice for this type of tattoo. If you have a large piece of land with an eagle on it, then you could consider getting a large piece that spans from your shoulders down to your chest and back.

Eagle Neck Tattoo

17. Flower Neck Tattoo

Flower tattoos have become very popular over the last few years and they are also great choices for men’s neck tattoos. If you want to get a flower tattoo on your neck, then choose something simple like a rose or forget-me-nots instead of something more complicated like a flower bouquet or garden scene.

Flower Neck Tattoo

18. Front Neck Tattoo

A front neck tattoo is another popular choice among men who want to show off their ink. It’s a great way to flaunt your body art without having to worry about showing it off too much. This type of neck tattoo is often done in black ink with outlines in red or blue. It can also be done in other colors such as green or purple.

Front Neck Tattoo

19. Full Neck Tattoo

A full neck tattoo is a great way to get a large piece of art on your body. This tattoo can be done in any style, but it is usually done in black and gray. The artist will first use the stencil to mark out where he will put each line of the drawing on your skin, then he will start applying ink into every single line with a needle. When the tattoo is complete, you will have a beautiful piece of art that goes from your ear all around your neck and down both sides of your chest.

Full Neck Tattoo

20. Geometric Neck Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are usually very intricate and have lots of details in them. They make great options for men who like more intricate designs as they can be made larger without losing their detail. Geometric tattoos are also easily hidden if needed making them perfect for guys who work in conservative fields or who don’t want others knowing about their tattoos right away.

Geometric Neck Tattoo

21. Grim Reaper Neck Tattoo

This Grim Reaper tattoo is a classic design that looks great on any man’s neck. The tattoo is done in black ink and is filled out with shading to give it more depth. The tattoos for men that feature skulls and other death imagery are popular because they represent strength and power. This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body but it’s especially common for men to get this tattooed on their necks or arms.

Grim Reaper Neck Tattoo

22. Heart Neck Tattoo

The heart is one of the most popular designs for neck tattoos for men, as it can be done in many different styles and colors. Some people choose to have their spouse’s name tattooed on their neck, or even their child’s name, which can make for an especially meaningful design. Heart tattoos are also popular choices for couples who want matching tattoos because they are so common and easy to find on both men and women alike.

Heart Neck Tattoo

23. Horseshoe Neck Tattoo

Horseshoe tattoos are very common among bikers and other motorcycle enthusiasts because they represent luck, good fortune, and protection from harm. Horseshoe neck tattoos are usually made with black ink but can also be made with red ink or even gold leaf to highlight the design.

Horseshoe Neck Tattoo

24. Lion Neck Tattoo

A lion is often thought of as a symbol of strength and courage, and it’s also considered a sign of royalty. This majestic animal can be seen in many cultures around the world and has been used as an emblem by many nations throughout history. Lion tattoos have always been popular among men who want to show off their masculinity, so this is definitely an option if you’re looking for something masculine but elegant at the same time.

Lion Neck Tattoo

25. Mandala Neck Tattoo

Mandala tattoos are among the most popular designs among women, but they’re also becoming increasingly popular with men too. The mandala is a circular design that represents wholeness and completeness, think of it as a visual representation of your inner spirit or energy source. There are many different types of mandala available including animal, geometric and floral designs so you’ll find one that reflects your personality perfectly!

Mandala Neck Tattoo

26. Money Neck Tattoo

This is one of the most popular types of neck tattoos for men. It’s a small design that can be placed anywhere on the neck, mainly around the Adam’s apple area, or lower down on the neck near where it meets the chest. You can choose from a wide variety of designs for your money tattoo, including dollar bills and other currencies like pounds sterling or yen.

Money Neck Tattoo

27. Moth Neck Tattoo

Moth tattoos are another type of tattoo that is gaining popularity with men these days. The moth tattoo can be done in many different ways including as an outline or an actual photo of a moth on the neck area. It’s a great way to show off your personality without being too overbearing or obnoxious about it!

Moth Neck Tattoo

28. Music Note Neck Tattoo

Music notes are one of the most popular neck tattoos for men. They can be done in many different styles and colors, but most commonly in black and white, or just black. The music note is a symbol of how much you enjoy music and how it is such a big part of your life. The music note tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, but it looks especially good on the neck because it accentuates your Adam’s apple.

Music Note Neck Tattoo

29. Neck Tattoo Design

A good rule of thumb when deciding what kind of neck tattoo design you want is to think about the message you want to convey with it. For instance, if you’re looking for something that represents strength and courage, then perhaps a tribal pattern would be appropriate. If you’re looking for something that represents love and commitment, then maybe an infinity symbol would be better suited for your needs.

Neck Tattoo Design

30. Neck Tattoo For Guys

Neck tattoos for guys can be a great way to show off your manly side, but you have to be careful with what you choose. A lot of guys like to get tribal tattoos on their necks, but these have become almost passe in recent years. I think that this is because they are so common now.

Neck Tattoo For Guys

31. Neck Tattoo ideas For Men

It is an amazing piece of art and can be used to express your feelings. The neck tattoos for men are popular nowadays and a lot of people are getting them inked on their necks. If you are looking for some cool neck tattoo ideas for men, then this article is going to help you out.

Neck Tattoo ideas For Men

32. Neck Tattoo ideas

If you want something more elaborate than a small tattoo, then you can consider getting an entire sleeve done on your neck. This will allow you to have a large amount of space to work with when designing your tattoo. Some people choose to have their entire back done in one piece, but this is not recommended because it could cause problems with moving around comfortably after getting it done.

Neck Tattoo ideas

33. Neck Tattoo Men

Neck tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs for men. They can be placed in any area of the neck from just below the ears to above your collarbone. The placement of this tattoo depends on whether you want it to be visible or not, as well as what kind of message you want to convey with it. A lot of people choose this design because it’s not very noticeable unless someone is looking closely at you.

Neck Tattoo Men

34. Neck Tattoos For Men

Neck tattoos for men are becoming more and more popular because they look great when wearing shirts or ties. They can also look good when wearing open collars too! When choosing a neck tattoo keep in mind that they tend to have more meaning than other types of tattoos because they sit right above your heart!

Neck Tattoos For Men

35. Neck Tattoos Men

Neck tattoos are becoming more and more popular with men. The neck is a very delicate area of your body and the skin is thin, so it can be quite painful to get a tattoo there. However, if you do decide that you want a tattoo on your neck then you need to find a tattoo artist who specialises in them. You also need to think about what kind of design you want as well because it can be difficult to cover up any mistakes.

Neck Tattoos Men

36. Octopus Neck Tattoo

The octopus tattoo is another type of tattoo that has been popular with men for many years now. The octopus is an animal that has many arms, which means that there are many places where you can place an octopus tattoo if you want one. One of these places is on your neck. An octopus tattoo on your neck will show off your individuality as well as your love for animals and nature in general.

Octopus Neck Tattoo

37. Owl Neck Tattoo

If you’re looking for a unique tattoo that also represents your personality and interests, consider getting an owl tattoo. Owls are known as wise and intelligent creatures, so they make great tattoos for people who want to show off their intelligence and wisdom. This particular owl has feathers that resemble flames in the fire place, which gives it a beautiful edge.

Owl Neck Tattoo

38. Panther Neck Tattoo

The panther is a fierce animal that has been used in tattoos for centuries. The panther tattoo has many meanings depending on the artist and the style in which it’s done. A panther can represent strength and power but it can also represent freedom and independence. This tattoo can be done in black ink or color to bring out the details of the animal’s face and body.

Panther Neck Tattoo

39. Peony Neck Tattoo

This peony tattoo is perfect for anyone who loves flowers and wants something that’s feminine but still bold enough to make an impact. This design features two peonies with leaves growing out of them, one on either side of the neckline beneath your chin. These designs are usually done in black ink so they pop against the light skin tone of the wearer’s neck.

Peony Neck Tattoo

40. Plant Neck Tattoo

Plant tattoos have been around since ancient times. They can express your connection with nature and they can also be used to represent something important in your life. The plant neck tattoo will look amazing on any skin tone and it will also look great if you want to get a colorful design.

Plant Neck Tattoo

41. Praying Hand Neck Tattoo

A prayer hand neck tattoo is an amazing tattoo idea for men who love to express their faith. It’s a very popular choice among men as it can be combined with any other design and style. You can get this tattoo on any part of your body, but if you want to get it on your neck then you should go for a small one.

Praying Hand Neck Tattoo

42. Red ink Neck Tattoo

Red ink tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattooing today and they also have some of the best symbolism behind them as well. Red ink tattoos look great on anyone and they can be used to symbolize many different things such as love, passion, danger, strength or even blood itself!

Red ink Neck Tattoo

43. Religious Neck Tattoo

A religious neck tattoo is a great way to show off your faith and be proud of it. This is a great way to share your beliefs with others and show them that you are not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. There are many different types of neck tattoos that can be found on the Internet and in magazines. You just need to find one that suits your personality and body type.

Religious Neck Tattoo

44. Rose Neck Tattoo

If you want something simple yet elegant then getting a rose tattoo on your neck would be perfect for you. There are many designs available in this category; however, if you do not have time to visit an artist then there are plenty online websites that offer free designs that you can choose from and get them done in no time at all without having to spend too much money on it either!

Rose Neck Tattoo

45. Simple Neck Tattoo

A simple neck tattoo is one of the most popular choices among men. It can be small and discreet or large and bold, but it always looks good on the neck. A simple tattoo can be done in black ink, or it can be colored with different colors like red, blue or green. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a simple neck tattoo for men!

Simple Neck Tattoo

46. Skull Neck Tattoo

A skull tattoo on the neck is a great way to show off your personality, especially if you are a man. The skull is one of the most popular designs for men, and it makes for an interesting tattoo. A skull neck tattoo can be done in many different ways and with many different styles. You can have a simple black and white tattoo with just the outline of the skull, or you can have one that has some shading and color added in.

Skull Neck Tattoo

47. Small Neck Tattoo

If you are looking for small neck tattoos then there are plenty of designs available online and in tattoo studios all over the world which will not only look amazing but also can be done quickly without making much mess or requiring any special equipment which means that even if you are on a budget then going for small tattoos would not be an issue at all as they do not require much work.

Small Neck Tattoo

48. Sword Neck Tattoo

A sword tattoo is another popular choice amongst men who want to get a neck tattoo. Swords are associated with masculinity, power, strength and courage. If you are looking for a unique design for your skin, then you should definitely consider getting a sword tattoo on your body part of choice.

Sword Neck Tattoo

49. Tribal Neck Tattoo

A tribal neck tattoo is another great design for men. Tribal tattoos are usually done with black ink in a very bold style. They can be done as one large piece that covers your entire back or chest, or they can be done as smaller pieces all over your body. You may also want to add other elements such as flowers or animals into your design as well.

Tribal Neck Tattoo

50. Wings Neck Tattoo

Wings tattoos are a common choice for men looking to get inked because they offer a lot of different options when it comes to sizing and placement on your neck area. Wings can be done in any color combination and even incorporate multiple colors within each wing itself if desired!

Wings Neck Tattoo


What Is A Neck Tattoo?

A neck tattoo is a body art design that can be found on the neck and upper chest area of men. These types of tattoos are usually very bold in nature and can make for some very unique designs.

How long does it take to heal from a neck tattoo?

It can take as long as six months for a neck tattoo to heal completely, but usually it takes about two weeks for new tattoos to stop itching and for scabbing to stop forming. A good rule of thumb is that if your skin looks healthy and normal after two weeks, then it likely won't scar too badly when the scabs finally fall off.

Do neck tattoos hurt?

Tattoos on the neck are more painful than tattoos on other parts of the body because there are many sensitive nerves in this area. Because of this, it's best to get a tattoo on your neck with a sharp needle that's smaller than the one used on other parts of the body.


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