30 Amazing Galaxy Tattoo Designs with Meanings

The galaxy tattoo is a beautiful and unique way to show your love for space. The beauty of the galaxy is something that can’t be matched by any other tattoo design. A galaxy tattoo is perfect for anyone who loves astronomy or the cosmos.

Galaxy tattoos can be made in many different ways including, but not limited to: abstract, realistic and colorful designs. Galaxy tattoos come in all different sizes from small to large so there will be a design that fits your body type perfectly.

A galaxy tattoo is made up of many different elements that all come together to create a stunning piece of body art. The most common way to design your own galaxy tattoo is to use a black outline and fill it in with vibrant colors. This gives the tattoo depth and makes it stand out from others on your body.

Galaxy tattoos are a popular choice for many people. They symbolize the universe and everything in it, which is why they are so popular. Galaxy tattoos can be designed in many different ways, but the most popular is with stars and planets. If you want to get an awesome galaxy tattoo, you should check out some of these ideas.

1. All The Planet Align Tattoo

If you love astronomy and astrology then All The Planet Align Tattoos are a great choice for you. This unique tattoo design shows all nine planets in their correct order with the sun in the center as they align with each other across the solar system.

All The Planet Align Tattoo

2. Arm Filled Galaxy Tattoo

These tattoos have a lot of different elements such as stars, moons, planets, and other celestial objects. They can be done as one large piece or several smaller pieces that join together.

Arm Filled Galaxy Tattoo

3. Colorful Galaxy Tattoo

One of the most popular ways to get a galaxy tattoo is by using bright colors. This can make it look like you are looking at the sky at night, with all of its different colors and stars shining brightly in the darkness. If you want something that is more colorful, then this is definitely an option that you should consider.

Colorful Galaxy Tattoo

4. Cool Galaxy Tattoo

Cool galaxy tattoos include bright colors, like yellows, greens, oranges, blues and reds. They also often have bright star bursts throughout the design. A common theme is shooting stars or falling stars that look like they’re crashing through space or sometimes just sitting there.

Cool Galaxy Tattoo

5. Detailed Galaxy Scene Tattoo

You can also get detailed scenes of galaxies if you want something more complex than just one large design that covers your entire arm or leg or back or chest or whatever part of your body you want to get it on! You can get all kinds of different scenes with planets and moons and stars, and plenty of other things as well!

Detailed Galaxy Scene Tattoo

6. Detailed Planets Tattoo

The planets are another popular choice for people who want a space themed tattoo. The planets in our solar system have always fascinated humans because we could not travel to them until recently. Now that we know more about them, they still fascinate us with the possibility of life outside our planet. There are many different ways that you can choose to design your planet tattoo. You can use colors or shades of black ink on either your arm or back, depending on how large you want it to be.

Detailed Planets Tattoo

7. Full Moon Tattoo

Full moon tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs amongst women. These tattoos can be easily inked on any part of your body including back, neck or foot etc. The best part about full moon tattoos is that they come in a variety of colors and sizes thus making it easy for people to choose from a wide range of options available in market today.

Full Moon Tattoo

8. Galaxy Animals Tattoo

Galaxy animal tattoos are a great way to show off your love for animals in general or even just one particular animal that you admire. These tattoos come in many different shapes and sizes so they will fit perfectly on any part of your body no matter how big or small it may be. There are also many different styles available when it comes to galaxy animal tattoos so there is something for everyone out there!

Galaxy Animals Tattoo

9. Galaxy Astronaut Tattoo

Astronaut tattoos symbolize bravery and courage, which are traits often associated with astronauts. They also represent adventures that no man has ever experienced before, which makes them ideal for those who have always wanted to go into space but never had the chance yet.

Galaxy Astronaut Tattoo

10. Galaxy Bolt Tattoo

Galaxy Bolt Tattoos prove that you love space and stars. You can get a tattoo of a bolt of lightening, or a sky full of stars. The bolt can be colored in with bright colors, or you can get a black and white tattoo. Galaxy Bolt Tattoos are great for anyone who loves to travel the universe!

Galaxy Bolt Tattoo

11. Galaxy Filled Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs around. And they make for some great designs when they’re filled with galaxies and stars! A galaxy filled heart tattoo is an excellent choice for anyone who loves the universe. You can get this tattoo on your shoulder or back, but if you want something more original, try getting it on your arm or leg.

Galaxy Filled Heart Tattoo

12. Galaxy Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are always popular,but if you want something really unique, consider getting an arm piece that includes a galaxy or two! There’s nothing like a little astronomy mixed in with your ink to make it stand out from all the rest.

Galaxy Forearm Tattoo

13. Galaxy In A Bottle Tattoo

A galaxy in a bottle tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos out there right now. You can get them done in any size or shape that you want, but they are usually large designs that cover your upper arm or lower back. They are created using real paint and then sealed with a protective coating so they don’t fade or smudge when you wear clothes or go swimming.

Galaxy in a Bottle Tattoo

14. Galaxy Paint Tattoo

Galaxy paint tattoos are similar to galaxy in a bottle tattoos, but instead of using glitter or other small particles to create the starry effect, it’s done with paint. The result is a more solid color behind the stardust and swirls than you’d get from using glitter or another powder substance.

Galaxy Paint Tattoo

15. Galaxy Sky Scene Tattoo

If you’re looking for more than just a simple star tattoo then this is one of the best ways to go about it. There are lots of different designs out there but this is one of my favorites because it shows off some of our favorite constellations along with the Milky Way galaxy itself! It’s definitely not an easy design but it will look amazing when it’s finished!

Galaxy Sky Scene Tattoo

16. Galaxy Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos have really taken off lately because they’re so easy to create and they look really nice too! This particular design features all kinds of bright colors mixed together making it look like a colorful dream! Galaxy watercolor tattoos use bright colors to create beautiful images of space and other planets.

Galaxy Watercolor Tattoo

17. Little Galaxy Tattoo

If you’re looking for a small galaxy tattoo design, this is perfect. It will look great on your leg or arm, depending on where you want it placed. You can get this design in any color that you like, but I think a bright blue would look great against the skin. The little stars make this tattoo even more unique!

Little Galaxy Tattoo

18. Meet Me In The Sky Tattoo

This is another awesome little tattoo idea that will look great on your body part of choice! It has tons of different colors and shapes, which makes it really unique compared to other designs out there! This one isn’t too big either, so if you don’t want something too noticeable then this one might be perfect for you!

Meet Me in the Sky Tattoo

19. Milky Way Scene Tattoo

These tattoos are usually done on the shoulders or the back, but you can get one anywhere on your body. They’re usually done in black ink with white stars, but some artists like to use color instead. The best part is that it’s easy to get creative with these tattoos because there’s no limit to what kind of scene you want! You could get a night sky scene or a sunrise scene or even something more abstract.

Milky Way Scene Tattoo

20. Milky Way Shoulder Piece Tattoo

These tattoos are similar to the previous type except that they’re smaller and they tend to be more detailed. They will often feature an image of our galaxy along with some planets and other celestial objects like comets and asteroids. These tattoos also look great when paired with other types of tattoos like suns and moons.

Milky Way Shoulder Piece Tattoo

21. Outer Space Full Sleeve Tattoo

If you’re looking for a large body tattoo, then outer space tattoos might be right for you. Many people choose to get their entire arms done with the theme of outer space, but this can be done on any part of the body as well. If you want an entire sleeve done, then make sure that your artist knows exactly what you want before he starts working on it!

Outer Space Full Sleeve Tattoo

22. Outer Space Half Sleeve Tattoo

If you want something smaller than an entire sleeve, but still want something that covers a decent amount of area, then half sleeves are perfect. One half sleeve can cover anywhere from the top of your shoulder all the way down to your wrist and everything in between! They’re also very popular with both men and women alike thanks to their versatility.

Outer Space Half Sleeve Tattoo

23. Planet Scene Tattoo

The solar system is one of the most popular tattoo ideas out there. If you want a tattoo with planets, stars and asteroids, then this is the design for you. These tattoos typically feature all of the major planets and some smaller ones as well. Some people choose not to include Pluto in their design since it was recently downgraded from planet status by astronomers. However, if it’s important for you to include Pluto in your tattoo, then by all means do so!

Planet Scene Tattoo

24. Planets And Stars Tattoo

If you’d like something even more detailed than just a scene from space, then consider getting a tattoo that features individual planets or stars instead of an entire scene. You can get these tattoos anywhere on your body and they will look amazing no matter where they are placed.

Planets and Stars Tattoo

25. Saturated Galaxy Scene Tattoo

For those who want a realistic look, this galaxy scene tattoo is the perfect choice. The vibrant colors and detail make this design appear as if it were taken from an actual photograph. The planets and stars are arranged in a circular formation around the sun, creating a stunning depiction of space!

Saturated Galaxy Scene Tattoo

26. Small Outer Space Tattoo

If you’re looking for something more simplistic, these small outer space tattoos will do the trick! Each one features a different symbol associated with space like planets or galaxies. These designs are great for anyone who wants an easy but still creative tattoo that can be placed almost anywhere on their body.

Small Outer Space Tattoo

27. Starry Watercolor Scene Tattoo

If you want something that is a little more whimsical than your average starry night tattoo, then this watercolor scene might be perfect for you! It’s easy to see why this design has become so popular in recent years, it’s just so beautiful! These designs really capture the essence of the stars and planets as they move through space.

Starry Watercolor Scene Tattoo

28. Technology In Space Tattoo

If you love space and technology then you might want to get a tattoo that incorporates both elements into one design. The solar system is full of planets, stars and asteroids, which leaves you with plenty of options for creating a unique design for your next tattoo.

Technology in Space Tattoo

29. Unicorn Galaxy Tattoo

Unicorns are mythical creatures that are usually white with a horn on their head. They are often associated with magic and rainbows. Unicorn galaxy tattoos are similar to starry night sky tattoos because they both have a lot of stars in them. However, unicorn galaxy tattoos also include unicorns among the stars and clouds.

Unicorn Galaxy Tattoo

30. Watercolor Stars Tattoo

Watercolor starry night sky tattoos are very beautiful and they look like they were painted by an artist with watercolors. Watercolor tattoos have become quite popular recently, especially among women who want to get a tattoo that is feminine but still looks cool on their body.

Watercolor Stars Tattoo


What do galaxy tattoos mean?

Galaxy tattoos mean different things to different people. In some cases, they represent a desire to explore space or travel to other planets. For others, they symbolize their love of astronomy or their interest in cosmology.

What do galaxy tattoos symbolize?

Galaxy tattoos can symbolize many things, including the universe and the unknown. They can also represent dreams, aspirations and goals that you have yet to achieve. Galaxy tattoos may also be used as a way to commemorate someone who has passed away or to honor them in some way.


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