30 Best Moon Tattoos Ideas and Meanings in 2023

Moon tattoos can be done in a variety of different styles, colors, and designs. Moon tattoos can be worn by both men and women. The moon is a very old symbol and has been viewed as a symbol of power for many years.

Moon tattoos are extremely popular, and people get them for many different reasons. Maybe they have a connection to the moon or they might just like the way it looks. Regardless of the reason, there are many great styles to choose from, and you should find one that fits your personality perfectly.

Moon tattoos are a great choice for anyone who is fascinated by the moon or who wants to get a tattoo that is meaningful to them. There are so many different options for moon tattoos that it can be difficult to choose just one. If you’re interested in getting a moon tattoo, these beautiful examples will help inspire you to find the design that’s right for you.

1. Shoulder Moon Tattoo

It is somewhere that can be covered up easily if needed, but at the same time, it can be shown off as well depending on what you are wearing. The moon is a great choice for this area because of its shape and size, and you will love how it looks in that location.

Shoulder Moon Tattoo

2. Blood Moon Tattoo

A blood moon is an interesting thing and can make for a great tattoo design. It’s when there is a lunar eclipse and the moon is red in color. This means that the sun reflects off of the earth and hits the moon with red light. It’s not something that happens all the time either so if you are looking for something unique, this would be a great choice.

Blood Moon Tattoo

3. Neck Moon Tattoo

The neck is one of the best places to put any tattoo. It allows you to show off your ink in a subtle way or create a statement piece. A small crescent moon placed on the back of the neck is an excellent choice for women who want to show off their feminine side without getting something too big or obvious.

Neck Moon Tattoo

4. Arm Moon Tattoo

Arm tattoos are incredibly popular for both men and women due to their versatility. You can get a moon tattoo on your upper arm near your shoulder or bicep, go for a sleeve tattoo or get a smaller design at the lower parts of your arm like your forearm or wrist.

Arm Moon Tattoo

5. Moon And Rose Tattoo

The rose is the most popular flower for tattooing, so it’s no surprise that it often appears alongside the moon. This pairing of symbols can have a lot of different meanings, depending on how you want to interpret it. In general, however, roses and lunar imagery are often associated with female power and sexuality.

Moon And Rose Tattoo

6. Half Moon Tattoo

Tattoos depicting only half of the moon are a little less common than other styles, but they can look just as striking. The crescent shape creates a wonderful opportunity for the artist to get creative with their design, allowing them to fill the rest of the space with other elements or images.

Half Moon Tattoo

7. Sun And Moon Tattoo

The sun and moon tattoo is a unique tattoo that has a lot of meaning to it. The sun stands for light, power, strength, force, vigor, energy, and determination. The moon stands for the mother figure, femininity and fertility. When you combine these two symbols into one tattoo, it creates a very powerful image that holds a lot of meaning.

Sun And Moon Tattoo

8. Black Moon Tattoo

Many people choose to get crescent moon tattoos, which are typically worn on their wrists or behind their ears. These symbols may stand on their own or be paired with other motifs such as stars, flowers or animals. Black crescent moons are often associated with witchcraft because they represent the waning moon phase, when magic is said to be most potent.

Black Moon Tattoo

9. Leg Moon Tattoo

A leg is a great place to get a moon tattoo because there is plenty of space to work with. A crescent moon looks beautiful on the thigh, while a full moon works well on the calf. Some people even get three moon tattoos – one crescent, one half and one full – on their legs. These tattoos look stunning whether they’re black-and-white or colorful. You can also add details like stars, roses or other elements around your moon tattoo for an extra element of detail.

Leg Moon Tattoo

10. Foot Moon Tattoo

A small tattoo on the foot is a great choice for people who want their ink to remain hidden most of the time. If this sounds like you, consider getting a tiny crescent moon on top of your foot or on your ankle. The tattoo can be black or colorful.

Foot Moon Tattoo

11. Cat And Moon Tattoo

There are many different types of moon tattoos, but one of the most popular is the cat and moon tattoo. This tattoo design is usually combined with other symbols such as stars, clouds and hearts. You can also incorporate flowers into your design if you want to add more color to your tattoo.Another option would be to include an animal or bird with your moon tattoo design such as an owl or crow for example.

Cat And Moon Tattoo

12. Moon Phases Tattoo

Another popular option when it comes to moon tattoos is that you can get one for each phase that the moon goes through during its cycle. This is a great option because it gives you something new to look at every day or month depending on what phase the moon is currently in when you look at your tattoo.

Moon Phases Tattoo

13. Hand Moon Tattoo

The hand is indeed one of the most visible parts of your body where you can place your moon tattoo. Some people prefer to get them on their fingers, others get these tattoos on their palms, and there are those that place their tattoos on the back of their hands.

Hand Moon Tattoo

14. Realistic Moon Tattoo

A realistic tattoo of the moon looks very beautiful and can make for a wonderful design. You can choose to have just a realistic image of the moon or you can have other elements included in your design as well. For example, you could have the moon with clouds around it or with birds flying around it. You can even have the moon as part of a bigger scene where you could have a ship sailing on water underneath it or a sky full of stars and other planets surrounding it.

Realistic Moon Tattoo

15. Back Moon Tattoo

The back is one of the favourite places for women to put their tattoos. It is because they can easily hide the tattoo when they wear short-sleeved shirts or tank tops. This is also a great place to put a moon tattoo because it can be hidden easily and will not be seen by others.

Back Moon Tattoo

16. Ankle Moon Tattoo

An ankle moon tattoo is a great example of how you can use the shape of your ankle to create interesting designs. The crescent moon tattoo is a subtle and elegant design that looks great when inked on the ankles. You can also add stars or clouds to your moon tattoo to make it more attractive. In fact, many people prefer to have a half-moon tattoo on the back of their ankle with a star in between.

Ankle Moon Tattoo

17. Simple Moon Tattoo

If you are not sure about having a complicated design, then you can choose for simple moon tattoos which will look beautiful and attractive as well. If you are having a word tattoo or lettering along with your moon tattoo, then it’s better to place it on one side so that the overall design looks balanced. You can also place your moon tattoo above your wrist or below your neck for an attractive look.

Simple Moon Tattoo

18. Triple Moon Tattoo

The triple moon tattoo is also known as the mother-maiden-crone moon or the waxing-waning-full moon. The design of this tattoo features three moons side by side. The first one has a crescent shape while the second one looks like half of a circle and the last one is full and circular in shape. These represent the three stages of life: birth, maturity, and death. It also symbolizes the three aspects of womanhood: maiden, mother, and crone.

Triple Moon Tattoo

19. Thigh Moon Tattoo

Thigh moon tattoos are a very good choice for those who want to get something big and beautiful, but also a bit hidden. They can be drawn in all possible designs, shapes, and sizes. The most popular ones are realistic moons with the faces of animals or something else, however, abstract designs are very popular as well.

Thigh Moon Tattoo

20. Mandala Moon Tattoo

Mandala moon tattoos are becoming more and more popular these days because they have that mysterious vibe that we all love so much. These tattoos will definitely look adorable on your ankle, wrist, or even on your back!

Mandala Moon Tattoo

21. Full Moon Tattoo

Full moons are the most popular moon tattoo design. It represents completeness, the ending of one phase and beginning of another phase. The full moon is also considered as a symbol of fertility, femininity, motherhood and childbirth. A full moon tattoo can also represent the different stages in life and how it all fits together like a circle.

Full Moon Tattoo

22. Finger Moon Tattoo

A finger tattoo can be a simple reminder that you’re constantly under the watchful eyes of the moon. Small moon tattoos on fingers are perfect for those who want to add a personal touch to their body art but do not have enough space on their body to accommodate large designs.

Finger Moon Tattoo

23. Small Moon Tattoo

These tattoos are usually inked on the wrist, ankle, collarbone or behind the ear. They’re incredibly small and often feature a crescent moon. The tattoos may be black and white or have a splash of color. They’re so tiny that they’re great for first-timers who want to start out with a smaller design.

Small Moon Tattoo

24. Crescent Moon Tattoo

Crescent moon tattoos are both beautiful and symbolic. The crescent shape is actually a phase of the moon, but it’s also associated with different goddesses like Artemis, Diana and Hecate. The crescent moon tattoo is very versatile because you can go big or small, and the design can be placed almost anywhere on the body!

Crescent Moon Tattoo

25. Sun Moon And Stars Tattoo

A sun, moon and stars tattoo is not just a beautiful design, it also holds symbolic meaning. A common symbol in many cultures, this tattoo has been used as a representation of spirituality and knowledge. They represent the connection between the earth and space. The sun represents birth, life and energy while the moon stands for intuition, emotion and inner strength. The stars represent inspiration, guidance and hope.

Sun Moon And Stars Tattoo

26. Flower And Moon Tattoo

A flower with a moon tattoo can be an extremely beautiful piece of body art if done right. The image of the sun with a rose or other flower is often used to symbolize beauty in nature or eternal love. It can also be used to represent feminine power or motherhood. A flower with a moon tattoo can make for an eye-catching design that will look great on anyone’s body!

Flower And Moon Tattoo

27. Moon Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dream catchers are very popular among the Native Americans. These items were used by some tribes for capturing bad dreams and nightmares hence allowing good dreams to pass through. For your moon tattoo, you can have a dream catcher with a moon in it. The size of the dream catcher is up to you or your artist. You can have a small on on your wrist or a big one on your back.

Moon Dream Catcher Tattoo

28. Forearm Moon Tattoo

If you’re looking for simple forearm tattoos, the crescent moon is ideal for any gender. Choose from several different fonts and add anything else you like to express yourself fully. Forearm tattoos are among the most popular designs for both men and women, so you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Forearm Moon Tattoo

29. Moon And Stars Tattoo

The moon and stars are among the most popular tattoos in the world because they’re so flexible in design. They can be done just about anywhere on the body and in a variety of styles. And while they may be seen as simple designs, their meanings often run deep.

Moon And Stars Tattoo

30. Wolf And Moon Tattoo

A wolf howling at the moon is a symbolic tattoo design that has been around for centuries. The wolf has always been revered as a symbol of protection and guardianship, while the moon has been viewed as a feminine symbol of fertility and life-giving power.

Wolf And Moon Tattoo

Moon Tattoos for Women

Traditional moon tattoos for women have a lot of meaning. They include things like crescent moons and stars on the forearm, around the wrist and neckline and around the ankle or foot. However these designs are primarily associated with female symbolism and are often believed to bring good luck or protection to those women who wear them.

Moon Tattoos for Men

Men prefer larger tattoos that cover their body parts like their arms, legs and chest. They can have a full-moon tattoo with detailed clouds inked on their backs or arms. The moon can also be along with other designs such as skulls, dragons, abstract designs and celestial objects like stars, comets and planets.


Moon Tattoo Meanings

Moon tattoos can mean a variety of different things and are worn by both men and women. The moon is a powerful symbol that has been associated with the supernatural since the beginning of time. The phases of the moon have significant meaning to many cultures, and therefore, many people get tattoos to represent the power of the moon.

What does Moon Tattoo symbolize?

Besides being a symbol of beauty, the moon is also considered a symbol of mystery and magic. People tend to see the moon as an emblem of intuition and inner strength, while others see it as a sign of perspective and enlightenment. The moon's light only appears when it reflects on the sun's light. This makes people believe that the moon only shines when there is sun light. As such, many people believe that the moon represents one's inner self and potential.


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