70 Best Watercolor Tattoos Design ideas in 2023

Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are a style of tattoo where the ink bleeds into the skin to create a fade effect. They are bright and eclectic, making them a great choice for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. Watercolor tattoos are a style of tattoo that has become increasingly popular in recent years. A watercolor tattoo is a style of tattoo that uses bright colors, or just black ink, to create an image reminiscent of a watercolor painting. These tattoos are becoming more popular for several reasons.

Watercolor tattoos can also be very pretty and subtle in appearance. This makes them perfect for people who want to get a tattoo but cannot find anything they like on any of the flash sheets at the tattoo shop they visit. Watercolor tattoos are often used to create small images or to use designs that are otherwise not suitable for traditional tattoos.

Watercolor tattoos are a new tattooing trend that’s becoming more and more popular as time goes by. They are very unique in their own way and can be used to create beautiful pieces of art. Watercolor tattoos can make you stand out from the crowd because they are so different than the regular black and grey or color tattoos.

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Watercolor Tattoo Designs

1. Watercolor Anchor Tattoo

A watercolored anchor tattoo is just one example of this type of design you can choose from. The subject matter can be anything you choose, but to get the best results, intricate designs often work best.

Watercolor Anchor Tattoo

2. Watercolor Angel Wings Tattoo

Watercolor angel wing tattoos are a perfect choice for anyone who wants an artistic and beautiful design that can symbolize anything from faith to freedom. Angel wings are an extremely popular tattoo choice among both men and women, but if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, consider going with a stunning watercolor design rather than classic black or even gray shading.

Watercolor Angel Wings Tattoo

3. Watercolor Animal Tattoo

Watercolor animal tattoos make for some truly amazing pieces of artwork on your skin. Animals take on many different meanings depending on your own personal beliefs or feelings about any given species. A blue butterfly may mean one thing to someone, while someone else will have an entirely different interpretation.

Watercolor Animal Tattoo

4. Watercolor Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are often small in scale because of the tight space in this area of the body. This means that they’re perfect for the fine details and soft edges of watercolor art. Choose something light-hearted like a hummingbird or flower design to brighten up this spot.

Watercolor Ankle Tattoo

5. Watercolor Arm Tattoo

Watercolor arm tattoos can be as intricate or as simple as you choose. The bold nature of this placement already makes for an impressive design, but adding watercolor elements only takes it to the next level. Choose an abstract pattern or a more naturalistic subject for this spot.

Watercolor Arm Tattoo

6. Watercolor Arrow Tattoo

This arrow tattoo has been given a watercolor treatment with a bright shade of pink, blue and yellow ink. Arrows tend to symbolize protection and direction, but this piece takes on an even more meaningful look when you add the watercolor effect to give it a bit of character. This tattoo is super simple and can be easily placed on any part of your body as well.

Watercolor Arrow Tattoo

7. Watercolor Back Tattoo

A watercolor back tattoo is a great way to add a big splash of color to your body. This type of tattoo has no outline, it just moves from color to color in an almost abstract design. Some people choose to use wispy flowers or animals as their design, while others prefer geometric shapes.

Watercolor Back Tattoo

8. Watercolor Bird Tattoo

A watercolor is the perfect way to express your love for bird tattoo. Watercolor bird designs are fun and colorful and can be made into any size of tattoo. Most often, the birds are shown in flight over wispy clouds or branches. A flock of watercolor birds is also very popular.

Watercolor Bird Tattoo

9. Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

The best part about a watercolor butterfly tattoo is that there are no rules when it comes to color selection. You can choose any color you like for any part of the butterfly and make your own unique design, unlike traditional butterfly tattoos that must follow certain color schemes.

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

10. Watercolor Cat Tattoo

If you love cats, then why not take your love for them to another level with this awesome cat watercolor tattoo? This piece is super colorful and fun and would look great on your rib or wrist. It’s also a great way to remember someone who loves cats as much as you do!

Watercolor Cat Tattoo

11. Watercolor Cherry Blossom Tattoo

This is the most common type of watercolor tattoo, because the cherry blossom is already a popular design in Japanese tattoos. A lot of times people get Japanese characters and symbols incorporated into their cherry blossom tattoo, but this one is just flowers floating down the arm.

Watercolor Cherry Blossom Tattoo

12. Watercolor Chest Tattoo

A chest tattoo is one of the most bold and unique places to get a tattoo. This is especially true when it comes to a watercolor chest tattoo like this one. It features some of our favorite colors, including bright blue and red. This is a great example of how some artists use more traditional techniques to create the watercolor effect in their work.

Watercolor Chest Tattoo

13. Watercolor Compass Tattoo

This compass design uses more blues than any other colors, making it a great piece for someone looking for a cool watercolor tat. If you look closely, you can see that there’s an anchor mixed in with the nautical theme of this tattoo.

Watercolor Compass Tattoo

14. Watercolor Cute Tattoo

You can get a watercolor tattoo of your favorite cartoon character, or you could even take inspiration from cat, like in this example. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect design, don’t be afraid to ask your artist for help and advice. They’ll have plenty of experience with this style, so they’ll know exactly what will work and what won’t.

Watercolor Cute Tattoo

15. Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo

Dragonflies are popular insects for watercolor tattoos due to the color differences between the wings and body. The wings are often translucent in real life, which makes them perfect for this style. You could also choose a hummingbird or butterfly instead if you want something that’s very similar.

Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo

16. Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Dreamcatchers are an old Native American tradition designed to protect you from bad dreams. They’re usually hung over a bed so that good dreams can pass through the center and bad dreams are caught in the webbing. This colorful watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo by Doy is a fresh take on this old tradition! The vibrant colors and abstract shapes make it truly striking.

Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo

17. Watercolor Eagle Tattoo

Eagles are popular tattoos in general but they are especially well suited for watercolor tattoos. The feathery details work well with the hazy effect of a watercolor tattoo. They can be done on the back, chest or arm and may include other elements such as clouds or mountains.

Watercolor Eagle Tattoo

18. Watercolor Ear Tattoo

If you would like to try out a small watercolor tattoo, then this option may be suitable for you. You can have a tiny tattoo done on your ear and usually, people choose flower designs for this type of tattoo. The ear is also an ideal place for a small tattoo since it is not too visible unless you want to show it off.

Watercolor Ear Tattoo

19. Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

Elephants are another great subject for watercolor tattoos because their features lend themselves to the soft focus technique used in these tattoos. A herd of elephants walking through a forest or a single elephant standing in front of trees would make excellent subjects for a back piece or sleeve tattoo.

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo 1

20. Watercolor Eye Tattoo

A watercolor eye tattoo is a unique and interesting way to turn your body into a work of art. This tattoo is a beautiful and unusual design that will draw the attention of all those who see it. It has bold colors that make the design jump out with vibrancy and intensity. The detailed design of the eye gives this tattoo an amazing appearance that makes it stand out from other tattoos.

Watercolor Eye Tattoo

21. Watercolor Feather Tattoo

The watercolor feather is a stunning tattoo that has bold colors, creative shading, and a beautiful design. This tattoo is striking to look at and will draw the attention of all those who see it. It has an artistic appearance that makes it look like it belongs in a painting instead of on someone’s skin. This tattoo looks just as good on women as it does on men.

Watercolor Feather Tattoo 1

22. Watercolor Feminine Tattoo

A watercolor feminine tattoo is an artistic way to decorate your body with an image that is meaningful to you. This tattoo uses bright colors and creative shading to create a design that looks like something from a painting or drawing. It has a unique appearance that will make you stand out from others who have feminine tattoos as well.

Watercolor Feminine Tattoo

23. Watercolor Finger Tattoo

One of the best places to get a watercolor tattoo is on your fingers. They are small enough to make sure that the details don’t get smudged, but big enough to make sure they stand out. This finger tattoo looks like a modern art piece. The black and white lines contrast with the colorful flowers, making them stand out even more.

Watercolor Finger Tattoo

24. Watercolor Flower Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are great for flowers because they mimic the same way that the petals look in real life. The colors are not solid and change as you go through each petal, creating a beautiful and realistic design. You can choose any flower you want and then have it done in watercolor style.

Watercolor Flower Tattoo

25. Watercolor Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoos are always popular because of their unique and sexy placement. They look great when done in watercolor style and can be any size or shape you want. This foot tattoo has a few different elements that come together to create a beautiful design. There is an owl, feathers and flowers, but it all works together to create one cohesive piece of art.

Watercolor Foot Tattoo

26. Watercolor Forearm Tattoo

A forearm tattoo is perfect for showing off your ink while keeping it tucked away when necessary. These are often chosen because they’re easy to conceal with long sleeves when you need to be more formal or conservative. Plus, the forearm is a large area that’s easy to work with, making it ideal for larger designs, such as this beautiful blue and purple butterfly.

Watercolor Forearm Tattoo

27. Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo

Galaxy tattoos have been popular for several years now, but watercolor galaxy tattoos take them to a whole new level. The soft colors and imperfect lines allow the artist to create beautiful works of art that seem more like paintings than tattoos.

Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo

28. Watercolor Geometric Tattoo

Geometric designs are among the most popular types of watercolor tattoos out there. This is partially because they can be combined with other elements, such as flowers or animals.

Watercolor Geometric Tattoo

29. Watercolor Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are becoming more and more popular because they’re an easy way to show off your ink. A great place to put your hand tattoos is on the back of your hands because it’s an area that’s easily concealed, so you can show off or hide your ink depending on the situation.

Watercolor Hand Tattoo

30. Watercolor Heart Tattoo

Watercolor heart tattoos are a great option if you’ve always wanted to get a heart tattoo but you don’t want something too serious or dark. Heart tattoos come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so there are plenty of options to choose from. You can even add a splash of color with some watercolor designs if you’re still looking for something extra special.

Watercolor Heart Tattoo

31. Watercolor Hibiscus Tattoo

The hibiscus flower is a popular choice for watercolor tattoos. It looks great in watercolors and it is a beautiful flower. It also has many different meanings depending on the culture you believe it comes from.

Watercolor Hibiscus Tattoo 1

32. Watercolor Hummingbird Tattoo

The hummingbird is another popular choice for watercolor tattoos. This bird is known for being colorful as well as small and swift, which makes it a good choice for someone who wants to show their personality. The hummingbird is also known for being very social, which makes it a good choice for people who have an outgoing personality or want to show their need to be around others.

Watercolor Hummingbird Tattoo

33. Watercolor Pisces Tattoo

If you are looking for something simple yet stunning, then consider getting a watercolor Pisces tattoo like this one. This particular design features two fish swimming in opposite directions — each one filled with varying shades of blue and purple. The placement of this tattoo is great because it will be easily visible without having to show off your entire arm or chest.

Watercolor Pisces Tattoo 1

34. Watercolor Leg Tattoo

A watercolor tattoo on the leg can be quite a good choice for someone who wants to get a nice design. Although these tattoos seem more appropriate for those who like to show off their legs, they can also look good on other parts of the body too. A leg tattoo is not a very big one, but it can be really expressive and colorful. The watercolor technique will make it even more beautiful, because it will add that fun touch to it.

Watercolor Leg Tattoo 1

35. Watercolor Lighthouse Tattoo

This abstract lighthouse tattoo is a great example of how watercolor tattoos can have multiple layers. The tattoo blends red and blue together in soft strokes that make it look like the image was painted on with water. The artist also shaded in the design using red, which gives the lighthouse a warm glow that really makes it pop out.

Watercolor Lighthouse Tattoo

36. Watercolor Lily Tattoo

This lily tattoo is another example of how watercolor tattoos use multiple layers to create depth. Notice how the artist used black ink around the edges of the petals and then blend.

Watercolor Lily Tattoo

37. Watercolor Lion Tattoo

The watercolor lion tattoo is a unique tattoo as it does not follow the conventions of standard ink tattoos. The colors used in this tattoo are bright and vivid, and can be applied in many different configurations.

Watercolor Lion Tattoo

38. Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo

This is one of the most popular watercolor tattoo designs. The lotus flower symbolizes beauty and purity, so it’s a great option for those who want something that looks great and also has a deeper meaning.

Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo

39. Watercolor Mandala Tattoo

The mandala represents wholeness and balance in life. Once you understand what these symbols mean, it becomes easier to apply them to your own body art. With watercolors, you can create a colorful mandala on your arm or leg.

Watercolor Mandala Tattoo

40. Watercolor Meaningful Tattoo

Meaningful tattoos such as this one can be customized to suit your preference. A variety of quotes and symbols make for great watercolor tattoo ideas. The design is simply beautiful and has a unique, bright color palette that makes it pop.

Watercolor Meaningful Tattoo

41. Watercolor Medusa Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are a newer style of tattooing that has been steadily rising in popularity over the past several years. Where traditional tattoos are often bold and black, watercolor tattoos incorporate different colors and shading for a lighter, more subtle appearance. The result is a tattoo that looks like an actual piece of art.

Watercolor Medusa Tattoo

42. Watercolor Mermaid Tattoo

The mermaid watercolor tattoo is one of the most popular designs. The tattoo is placed on the back, upper arm or chest, and it can be done in a variety of different colors. The mermaid tattoo can represent freedom and independence.

Watercolor Mermaid Tattoo

43. Watercolor Moon Tattoo

One common variation of the watercolor tattoo is a half moon and stars piece. This design features a crescent moon surrounded by vibrant stars that can be placed anywhere on the body. A typical color scheme includes reds, yellows, blues and greens that match the colors of the night sky.

Watercolor Moon Tattoo

44. Watercolor Mountain Tattoo

Another common design is the watercolor mountain tattoo. This tattoo shows off jagged peaks that fade from blue to purple at the top of the mountain. The piece can range from small to large depending on what you prefer.

Watercolor Mountain Tattoo

45. Watercolor Music Notes Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are becoming more and more popular as people seek a new way to express their love for art. These tattoos are inspired by the fine art technique of watercolor painting. They feature soft edges, an array of colors, and an overall dreamy look. While often seen as feminine, these tattoos can be applied to both genders and come in all shapes and sizes.

Watercolor Music Notes Tattoo

46. Watercolor Neck Tattoo

A neck tattoo can be a bit intimidating, so it’s best to choose a design that will stand out. This watercolor neck tattoo is one of our favorites because of the colors used and how they fade into one another. The colors work so well with one another that this design almost looks like it’s glowing.

Watercolor Neck Tattoo 1

47. Watercolor Orchid Tattoo

If you love flowers, a watercolor orchid is an excellent choice for your next tattoo. The colors are beautifully blended together to create this gorgeous flower, which looks like it could literally bloom off of the skin at any moment. This would make an excellent addition to your arm or leg as well.

Watercolor Orchid Tattoo

48. Watercolor Owl Tattoo

This owl tattoo looks great when it is used in full color and then again when it is used in black and white. This tattoo is simple yet unique. You would not mistake this for one of your standard tattoos.

Watercolor Owl Tattoo

49. Watercolor Paw Print Tattoo

This paw print tattoo appears to have been painted right on the skin. There is no mistaking this for a standard tattoo.

Watercolor Paw Print Tattoo

50. Watercolor Peony Tattoo

The colors in this peony tattoo look like they were just applied on the skin. No one would guess this was a tattoo based on how it looks. The stunning design makes it hard to take your eyes off of it!

Watercolor Peony Tattoo

51. Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo

Phoenix tattoos are extremely popular, but it’s not very common for people to go for watercolor phoenix tattoo designs. This is one of the best watercolor tattoos I’ve seen in that style. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and the shape of the bird is also very well done.

Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo

52. Watercolor Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos are also very popular, but again, it’s not a very common style to find them in. Just like in this case, the quote is done in black ink and then colored in with different shades of blue for more contrast. It looks great!

Watercolor Quote Tattoo

53. Watercolor Rose Tattoo

This gorgeous rose tattoo was done completely in watercolor style, and it looks amazing! It’s colorful and vibrant, and the colors blend together perfectly. This is an example of how good these tattoos can look when they’re done right!

Watercolor Rose Tattoo

54. Watercolor Shoulder Tattoo

This shoulder tattoo looks like an image taken straight out of a watercolor painting. It’s a beautiful way to show off your love of nature by having this lovely scene on your shoulder.

Watercolor Shoulder Tattoo

55. Watercolor Side Tattoo

Side tattoos are always fun to have because you can always cover it up or show it off whenever you want to. This one is simple, but the pink and blue shades really pop against the skin, making it look like a real painting.

Watercolor Side Tattoo

56. Watercolor Simple Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos can be designed in any style and with a wide range of colors. However, they’re most commonly designed in a simplistic fashion with few colors and simple lines. This type of design is perfect for those who want something small and dainty. These designs also work well as additions to existing tattoos that were done in other styles.

Watercolor Simple Tattoo

57. Watercolor Skull Tattoo

The skull has long been one of the most popular subjects for a tattoo, and it works well in the watercolor style due to the versatility of color. Watercolor skulls can be designed in bright colors that give a child-like appearance or dark colors that create a more ominous effect.

Watercolor Skull Tattoo

58. Watercolor Sleeve Tattoo

The watercolor sleeve tattoo has been popular for a few years now and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. This tattoo is actually a collection of many different elements, from mandalas to flowers to birds to butterflies and more. It’s an excellent choice for people who love art and want something more than just a random design on their arm to commemorate their love of ink.

Watercolor Sleeve Tattoo

59. Watercolor Small Tattoo

If you want a memorable tattoo without going overboard, then this small watercolor tattoo is perfect for you! It’s delicate, yet meaningful and will never let you down!

Watercolor Small Tattoo

60. Watercolor Snake Tattoo

If you love art and have a passion for snakes, then this is the best watercolor tattoo idea for you! This colorful snake tattoo will decorate your arm in the most beautiful way.

Watercolor Snake Tattoo

61. Watercolor Star Tattoo

This watercolor star tattoo is a great example of how the watercolor technique can be used to create amazing designs that would be impossible with regular ink. What makes this particular design so unique is how the artist incorporated.

Watercolor Star Tattoo

62. Watercolor Sun And Moon Tattoo

Sun and moon tattoos like this one are often worn by people who would like to represent the balance of day and night, light and dark, good and evil. These types of tattoos can also be worn to symbolize the different cycles that we go through in our lives.

Watercolor Sun And Moon Tattoo

63. Watercolor Sun Tattoo

It’s a great idea to start with the sun in a watercolor tattoo. The sun is a symbol of life, vitality, youth and joy. The sun is often depicted as something that brings good luck and success. This tattoo will be a very symbolic addition to your body art collection.

Watercolor Sun Tattoo

64. Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflower tattoos are very popular because they can have different meanings depending on the person who gets them done. A sunflower tattoo might remind you of your first summer love, or it could just be a cute way to show how much you love summer!

Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo 1

65. Watercolor Text Tattoo

A popular design for a watercolor tattoo is the name or words of someone you love or believe in. This can be a great way to personalize your body art and give it meaning. It also looks beautiful on skin and in the watercolor style.

Watercolor Text Tattoo

66. Watercolor Thigh Tattoo

This is one of the most popular spots for a tattoo these days, whether it’s in watercolor or another style. This location allows for more space for your design, so it’s especially good for longer words or names, but it can also accommodate small designs as well. And depending on how much room you want to dedicate to your body art, you can get anything from a small quote or word on your upper thigh to an entire phrase that spans your thigh and maybe even goes down toward your knee area.

Watercolor Thigh Tattoo

67. Watercolor Tiger Tattoo

The watercolor style looks great with animals and nature-inspired designs. This type of art creates a dreamy effect on skin, which gives the appearance of grace and movement to animals like tigers.

Watercolor Tiger Tattoo

68. Watercolor Tree Tattoo

The idea of a watercolor tattoo is to add a splash of color to your body art. This tree tattoo gives you just that. The leaves are done in a variety of colors and the branches are lined with black ink. This is a great placement for this tattoo, too.

Watercolor Tree Tattoo

69. Watercolor Wolf Tattoo

Wolf is one of those animals that faces extinction in many parts of the world. That’s why this watercolor wolf tattoo has been made to look as realistic as it gets. The use of vibrant colors in this tattoo gives it a mystical feel.

Watercolor Wolf Tattoo

70. Watercolor Wrist Tattoo

This watercolor wrist tattoo is a great choice for anyone who wants a small and simple design. The combination of blue and black makes the design more unique and interesting. This kind of design looks best when done on women.

Watercolor Wrist Tattoo


What is a Watercolor Tattoo?

A watercolor tattoo is done by using special tattoo inks that are less dense than traditional tattoo inks. This gives the tattoo a lighter and more transparent appearance, much like a painting done with watercolors. The idea behind it is that it looks as though the image was painted onto your skin instead of being imprinted on it.

Types of Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos can be done with a number of different images, but they tend to look best when they are done with a single color or several similar colors. The amount of detail that can be included in these tattoos varies based on how light or dark the color of your skin is and how dark the ink is. In general, lighter colors and less detail work better than dark ones.


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