35 Best Dragon Tattoos With Meanings

Dragon tattoos are a popular tattoo design that is chosen by many tattoo lovers. Dragons are mythological creatures that have been used in different cultures around the world. The designs of these tattoos can be plain and simple or very elaborate, depending on what you want.

The dragon tattoos can be designed in many ways with other elements like clouds, flames, sword etc. They are also mixed with skull tattoo designs to give a deadly look and they look fabulous on men’s chest or back. You can use your whole back to create a dragon tattoo with wings or you can get it done on your arms or legs too. You can also add some quotes to your dragon tattoos that will describe the meaning of your tattoos quite easily.

Dragon tattoos are famous all over the world, and they have become a symbol of strength and power. The dragon is a mythological creature that has been created in many different cultures. They are very powerful, and they have magical abilities. They can fly, they breathe fire and they can live forever. They are also known to be wise creatures, so it’s no wonder that people want to get dragon tattoos to show off their power.

1. Red Dragon Tattoo

Red dragon tattoos are a really popular tattoo design among people of all ages, both male and female. Dragons are mystical creatures that hold a lot of meaning to a lot of different types of people. Red is a captivating color, it’s vibrant and alive. Red dragons can be seen as powerful, intense and fierce. Or they can be viewed as passionate, loving and creative.

Red Dragon Tattoo

2. Japanese Dragon Tattoo

A dragon from Japanese culture represents freedom and liberty. These dragons are more like snakes than bats, as they have no wings at all. They are called “ryu” in Japanese and represent strength and courage. These types of dragons are usually drawn with long bodies that wrap around the body, such as down the back or around an arm. They are often shown in gold or yellow ink because these colors represent happiness and good luck in Japanese culture.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

3. Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese dragons are extremely powerful symbols in Chinese culture and are said to control the weather, rivers, lakes and seas! They also symbolize power, strength and good luck for people who are worthy of it throughout their life!

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

4. Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Tribal dragon tattoos are one of the most preferred designs for men and women. They are usually decorated with some elements, such as flames, arrows, flowers and even skulls. The tribal dragon is the most personal symbol in their culture because it signifies a person’s spirit.

Tribal Dragon Tattoo

5. Haku Dragon Tattoo

Haku was a water spirit from Japanese mythology. In Spirited Away, Haku could transform from his human form into a dragon at will. Today, people can get the Haku dragon tattoo to show their love for Spirited Away and Studio Ghibli.

Haku Dragon Tattoo

6. Back Dragon Tattoo

Dragon back tattoo designs are mostly chosen by men as they need a lot of space to fit in all the intricate details. Thus, the back is one of the best places for getting such tattoos inked if you want them to be prominent and visible easily.

Back Dragon Tattoo

7. Koi Dragon Tattoo

The Koi Dragon tattoo is a wonderful symbol that represents positive energy and good luck. It’s a popular choice for men and women who are looking to get a tattoo that symbolizes strength and protection.

Koi Dragon Tattoo

8. Asian Dragon Tattoo

Asian dragon tattoos are among the most popular motifs in the tattoo world. These Chinese dragon tattoos are often drawn in red and black ink and can be coupled with other images like a lotus flower or cherry blossom tree.

Asian Dragon Tattoo

9. Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo

The yin yang symbol is one of the most popular image pairings used in tattooing. When you add a dragon to the mix, it creates a cool-looking design that represents balance and harmony.

Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo

10. Blue Dragon Tattoo

A blue dragon tattoo is an ideal choice if you want a unique design that stands out from the crowd. Blue is often associated with water, which makes it an especially good choice for tattoo enthusiasts who would like to incorporate their love of swimming or other water activities into their design.

Blue Dragon Tattoo

11. Arm Dragon Tattoo

Arm tattoos are very common, and dragon tattoos are no exception. A dragon can be placed on the arm in many different ways. It can be done as a sleeve tattoo that covers the entire arm or it can just be on one part of the arm. If you have an interest in Asian culture then this would be a great tattoo for you.

Arm Dragon Tattoo

12. Neck Dragon Tattoo

If you want to get a dragon tattoo but you don’t want it to be too obvious then the neck is a great spot for it. You can opt to get just the head of the dragon or the full body. A tattoo like this would look best if it was done in black ink only, but you could add some color if you wanted to.

Neck Dragon Tattoo

13. Finger Dragon Tattoo

The dragon finger tattoo designs are quite small in size but they are pretty amazing to look at. These types of dragon tattoos are popular among women as they can be comfortably carried even at work place without attracting much attention. They look quite cute and trendy too. Also, you can choose to get these tattoos on your fingers even if you don’t want to make it visible all the time as you can always hide them with gloves or by wearing rings on your fingers.

Finger Dragon Tattoo

14. Leg Dragon Tattoo

The leg provides a large canvas for several different types of design. For instance, if you would like to have your dragon tattoo cover your leg from ankle to hip, consider having it wrap around your leg like a snake or ribbon. A male might want his dragon tattoo to stretch from ankle to knee on one side of his leg, or wrap around both legs like tribal bands.

Leg Dragon Tattoo

15. Celtic Dragon Tattoos

The Celtic dragon is one of the most popular Celtic tattoos, as they are rich with meaning and symbolism. A Celtic dragon tattoo can be worn by both men and women. It usually looks great in large or medium size. It can be portrayed in a variety of different ways, such as with a heart, a knot, or wrapped around an arm or leg.

Celtic Dragon Tattoos

16. Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo that covers an entire sleeve looks very cool. There is a lot of room for detail, so it’s worth choosing a good tattoo artist for this type of work.

Sleeve Dragon Tattoo

17. Thigh Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo on your thigh can look particularly sexy if done right. Again, make sure you choose a good tattoo artist because the dragon will be highly visible even when you’re wearing clothes.

Thigh Dragon Tattoo

18. Ankle Dragon Tattoo

An ankle dragon tattoo might not be as common as other parts of the body, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good. As with any other part of your body, this too requires skill to look good so make sure you shop around before making a decision.

Ankle Dragon Tattoo

19. Chest Dragon Tattoo

Chest dragon tattoos are a popular choice for men, and many men get them across their chest or back. Many people who choose to get a chest dragon tattoo get them across their entire chest, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It could start at your shoulder blades and go all the way down your back to your waist if you want it to be larger than life. A medium sized tattoo would look great at the top of your chest just above your stomach, too.

Chest Dragon Tattoo

20. Belly Dragon Tattoo

Belly dragon tattoos are popular among women because they look sexy on their belly area. These types of tattoos can accentuate the shape of the female body in a very flattering way. They are also popular among men.

Belly Dragon Tattoo

21. Shoulder Dragon Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos are very popular nowadays, especially for men. Shoulder dragon tattoos are a perfect choice for your first tattoo, because the shoulder is a less sensitive body part compared to other parts, and it is also easy to hide if you need to. You can choose from a wide variety of designs and styles if you want a shoulder dragon tattoo.

Shoulder Dragon Tattoo

22. Hand Dragon Tattoo

If you want something more visible and eye-catching, then hand dragon tattoos are the right choice for you. Hand tattoos are usually big, so that they can be seen easily. They can be combined with other tattoos or symbols as well. Hand dragon tattoos are very showy and powerful.

Hand Dragon Tattoo

23. 3D Dragon Tattoo

A 3D dragon tattoo can make a great statement anywhere on the body. You can decide to place it on the arm or the leg, or any other part of your body. With this type of tattoo, you can be as creative as you want and come up with a unique design. One of the best parts about this kind of tattoo is that you can choose from a wide variety of designs and colors.

3D Dragon Tattoo

24. Wrist Dragon Tattoo

The wrist is one of the best places to get your dragon tattoo inked. If you decide to ink your wrist, then you should know that there are a variety of designs that will look great on this part of your body. If you want more color, then you could go for a design that has an extra touch. However, if you prefer something smaller, then a smaller dragon tattoo will also look just as good.

Wrist Dragon Tattoo

25. Small Dragon Tattoo

If you’re looking for something small, then you should consider getting some small dragon tattoos. These are great ideas for first time tattoo wearers because the designs are not too large, so they don’t have to worry about it being too big or too much at first.

Small Dragon Tattoo

26. Forearm Dragon Tattoo

In this tattoo, the dragon is shown on both sides of the forearm. The details are excellent, with the dragon’s head and scales running over the top of the arm and then down to its tail. This design is perfect for anyone who wants a dragon tattoo that they can easily show off.

Forearm Dragon Tattoo

27. Rib Dragon Tattoo

Ribs are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and it is surely not for everyone to get inked on their ribs as it hurts a lot. But if you’re someone who can bear the pain for beautiful art then rib tattoos should be your choice. You can ink any type of art on your ribs but make sure it reflects your personality and style.

Rib Dragon Tattoo

28. Foot Dragon Tattoo

If you want to get a small yet powerful tattoo then getting it inked on your foot is a great idea as no one could see it unless you show it off yourself. Foot tattoos are mostly done by women as they look pretty cute on them.

Foot Dragon Tattoo

29. Dragon Behind The Ear Tattoo

This is a unique location to get a tattoo inked. This small dragon tattoo behind the ear will depict your fiery passion and attitude towards life. These tattoos are becoming popular with both the genders.

Dragon Behind The Ear Tattoo

30. Tradional Dragon Tattoo

The traditional dragon tattoos are perfect for those who like to ink their body with large pieces. These bold and colorful tattoos could be inked on your arms, shoulders and back. These tattoos are mostly sported by men as they stand as a symbol of strength and power.

Tradional Dragon Tattoo

31. Black and White Dragon Tattoo

If you love simplicity, then these black and white dragon tattoos are just for you! They look stunning and attractive without being too loud or bright.

Black and White Dragon Tattoo

32. White Dragon Tattoo

A white dragon is often depicted with blue wings and a blue tongue. The white dragon is said to represent purity and goodness. It is believed that the white dragon will fight against evil or bad things. This type of design can also represent overcoming obstacles in your life and rising above them.

White Dragon Tattoo

33. Simple Dragon Tattoo

Dragon tattoos don’t have to be big in order for them to be impressive. Some dragon tattoos can be small, yet still remarkable in appearance. You can choose from a variety of simple designs that will make the dragon tattoo look great on your skin. If you want something simple, then go with one color or black and grey shading. Small designs can be very cute and feminine as well.

Simple Dragon Tattoo 1

34. Watercolor Dragon Tattoo

While watercolor tattoos generally seem to be a fad, they are actually quite beautiful when applied on the right canvas and with the right colors. Watercolor dragon tattoos look particularly eye-catching, since the colors and textures match the scaly skin of dragons so well.

Watercolor Dragon Tattoo

35. Realistic Dragon Tattoo

Realistic dragon tattoos are simply stunning when done correctly. They can be vibrant and full of life, or dark and shadowy, depending on whether you want something majestic, or something menacing inked onto your skin. A realistic dragon tattoo is best done in black ink only, although a little bit of grey shading doesn’t hurt either.

Realistic Dragon Tattoo


What does a dragon tattoo symbolize?

A dragon tattoo can also symbolize strength, courage, protection or ferocity. The meaning behind your dragon tattoo will depend on what type of dragon you choose to get, as well as its design elements. It is best to research various types of dragons before choosing one for your tattoo so you can learn about its symbolic meanings and associations before you head into the tattoo parlor!

What is the Meaning of a Dragon Tattoo?

All dragon tattoos have different meanings. For example, a Chinese dragon is a symbol of wisdom and power. It can also mean good luck and success. A Japanese dragon represents protection and strength. On the other hand, a Celtic dragon is often considered to be a symbol of chaos and evil.

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