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28 wrist tattoos for women

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28 wrist tattoos for women

One of the coolest tattoo placement options for women is the wrist area. Wrist Tattoos are very important because of their relatively high visibility. In this article, I’m going to feature some of the hottest wrist tattoos for women . These designs have taken the internet by storm. If you like cuteness, delicate artwork, and perfection, you are likely to fall in love with these designs. As a tip, try to choose a meaningful design. After all, tattoos are permanent and you want to look at your wrist with confidence and admiration.

Wrist tattoos for women

1.Semicolon wrist tattoo

Semicolon Tattoo on Wrist

A semicolon tattoo is a popular option among wrist tattoos for women. It’s also one of the easiest tattoos you can get. It is done freehand, often using the handpick technique, and is a quick session in the tattoo parlor. However, the semicolon is one of the strongest meanings. So what does it mean? It’s a punctuation mark that most of us are pretty familiar with. Are you struggling with mental health? – then the semicolon symbol stands for solidarity and strength. It gives hope for a better future. Combine a semicolon with a heart to remind yourself to love yourself. The addition of a butterfly adds importance to include rebirth and transformation.

2.Disney Tattoo on Wrist

Disney Tattoo on Wrist

Your love for Walt Disney and all the characters that went with it began when you were a small child. These characters brought joy and amazement and inspired you to be creative, happy and ambitious. That’s reason enough to get the “D” from Disney tattoos on your favorite part of the body – the wrist. Let it be a reminder of all the joy and positivity this world has to offer. But above all, never forget to smile and make others smile :).

3.Sea waves tattoo on the wrist

Sea Waves Tattoo on Wrist

Wave tattoos are important. Waves are the strongest natural force on earth, but at the same time they have a calming meaning. Waves are also associated with duality. Countless sailors have drowned in aggressive waters. At the same time, waivers helped many to achieve their goals. The ocean or ocean waves are a calming event.

4.Butterfly tattoo on the wrist of a woman

Butterfly Tattoo on Woman’s Wrist

Butterflies come in different patterns, sizes and colors.What they represent is even more beautiful – transformation and freedom. Butterflies are sought after by tattoo enthusiasts for their intricate details and bright colors. If you are a woman going through a period of transformation in your life, you will connect well with a butterfly tattoo. It’s nice to have one on your wrist. You don’t have to put up with extensive, painful experiences; after all, butterfly designs are a reminder to be positive and hopeful.

5.Cross Design Wrist Tattoo for Women

Cross Design Wrist Tattoo for Women

Cross tattoos are associated with the Christian faith. They represent Jesus’ sacrifice of humanity and goodness. For this reason; the cross is often associated with devotion and unconditional love. With such a depth of meaning in connection with the cross, it makes perfect sense for many to view it as tattooed on their wrists or some other preferred body position.

6.Puppy tattoo on the wrist

Puppy Tattoo on Wrist

Many women have had their puppy’s face tattooed on their inner wrists. The meaning is pure cuteness, love, warmth and joy. In the above tattoo there is an immeasurable level of detail due to the shaded tattoo technique. The puppy’s face has come to life. It’s realistic yet subtle. Overall, there is a sense of softness and a desire to find what is right and start cuddling right away!

7.Side wrist tattoo for women

Side Wrist Tattoo for Women

The side of the wrist is a sexy place for women to consider for a tattoo . If you want to ink a small but aesthetically wonderful design around the wrist area, this placement is for you. The area here is pretty minimal, however. Therefore, the artist has to be experienced with small designs. In addition, this area can be painful as the thin skin underneath has higher bone density. However, if you are looking for a great result, the pain is worth every second you experience it. In the picture above, the Om (Hindu symbol) looks amazingly black in color.

8.Mother-child outline tattoo on the wrist

Mother & Child Outline Tattoo on Wrist

As mentioned again and again in this article, the wrist is a special area that the Most reserved is special thoughts or symbolism in your life. You can see a perfect example of this mindset in the picture above. A mother holds her baby. The above watercolor style tattoo is flawless. There is the right amount of color, but the thick black contour lines capture the essence of the images in the simplest possible way. Do you notice the baby’s angel wings? A tattoo of angel wings goes into the head of every female enthusiast. This concept is popular with those who show a strong inclination to honor their beliefs. In addition, angel wings also represent freedom, protection and an excellent sign to cherish the memory of a loved one. There is no better place to be reminded of a loved one than on your wrist. Let’s not forget how cute this design is, mostly when it is confined to the limited wrist area.

9.Cats on The Moon wrist tattoo

Cats On The Moon Wrist

The above picture shows a certain phase of the moon cycle. It is the phase when there is a connection between transition and constant changes in life. The cats are the witches’ favorite pets. This tattoo represents luck, mystery and in some cultures death.

10.Phases of the Moon Tattoo on the wrist

Phases Of The Moon Tattoo On Wrist

The above example is a classic example of a tattoo that looks incredible on the side of the wrist.It’s a colored tattoo, but subtle and minimalist at the same time. The moon is associated with powerful feminine energy. The symbolism is wisdom, birth, rebirth, intuition, spiritual associations and even death.

11.Red peppers tattooed on the wrist

Red Peppers Tattooed on Wrist Sides

This is another series of tattoos that spice up a woman’s life. The meaning can be as hot or so be bitter as the wearer perceives them. All in all, this is a whimsical tattoo that will undoubtedly get the conversation started.

12.Paw print tattoo on wrist

Paw Print Tattoo on Wrist

Here’s another design to take the cuteness quotient to a new record level. The intricate dot work tattoo technique above shows off your favorite four-legged pet’s paw print. So get ready to hear copious amounts of “Aws” and “How Cutes” as you walk around with your new tattoo.

13.Baby Elephant Tattoo on the wrist

Baby Elephant Tattoo on Wrist

Elephants are universal symbols for strength, honesty, loyalty, divinity and luck. The elephant is a fantastic tattoo design idea that looks great on many different body placements. The wrist is the ideal place for a cute little one like the one above.

14.Heart tattoo on the wrist

Heart Tattoo on Wrist

The heart is primarily a symbol of love. It is also associated with passion, life and heartbreak, among other things. A heart tattoo makes sense when you are in a relationship or want to honor a loved one. Did you know that a red heart means “romance” while a black one means “loss of life”? What will be your reason for getting a tender heart tattooed on your wrist?

15.Heartbeat Tattoo on Wrist

Heartbeat Tattoo on Wrist

Hearts are excellent tattoo options that we should all consider. But the heartbeat is catching up quickly as a great twist on the classic hearts. I say “generously” because the heart rhythm is presented as an extension of the traditional red heart. In this way, the monotony is broken to form a new design centered around the concept of hearts.

16.Rowing boat tattoo on the wrist

Row Boat Tattoo on Wrist

Boating is an activity that brings you closer to peace and nature. The above shows a scene of nocturnal rowing as participants gaze at the stars and water during their “me-time” of immense peace and tranquility. The symbolism of the tattoo is intended to remind the wearer to stay calm and grounded in life.

17.Cute bird tattoo on the wrist

Cute Bird Tattoo on Wrist

We all know that all bird species are associated with freedom. They are also powerful symbols of courage. In addition, there are birds in a beautiful variety. So if we shrink the size of your favorite bird and tattoo the design on your wrist, the result will be super cute. But the exact meaning of the bird design you choose will of course depend on the bird you choose. For example, choose a hummingbird if you want a sign associated with hope and great joy. Alternatively, choose a swallow if the meaning is to be loyalty and luck.

18.Leaves Tattoo on Wrist

Leaves Tattoo on Wrist

The above tattoo is elegant, simple and extremely feminine.Tattoos and jewelry go hand in hand as popular forms of body art. It’s not uncommon to find people with decorative tattoos on their earlobe, ring finger, ankle, or wrist. These are all hot spots for jewelry lovers. The above green armband tattoo is no exception. It’s an eye-catching design that makes great fashion sense. In general, armband tattoo ideas include elements such as tendrils, leaves, flowers, chains, etc.

19.”Shut Up” Quote Tattoo

“Be Still” Quote Tattoo

Quotes that keep you grounded, positive, and focused are a popular option for wrist Tattoos. Don’t let the ups and downs of life turn you into something you are not.

20.Rose tattoo on the wrist

Rose Tattoo on Wrist

Among all the flowers out there, the rose has a special meaning in our hearts. As a flower of beauty, pain and love, this beautiful flower reminds us of the balance in life that we must strive for. The thorns on its stem ensure balance. So if you are looking for a powerful symbol of perfect balance in life, think no further. Roses come in different colors. Popular among them are pink, red, white and yellow. So if love and romance are at stake for you, think of red roses – choose yellow for joy. By the way, roses tattooed on shades of black can be as vibrant and meaningful as any other.

21.Name tattooed on the wrist

Name Tattooed on Wrist

Your name or the name of a loved one tattooed on your wrist serves as a regular reminder. This reminder indicates the importance of this name (or its meaning) in your life. The name is right in front of you. It’s on your wrist. You can’t help but look at it and think about it every day. It’s a thoughtful and special tattoo. The spot is also great for a quote of particular importance to you. The hope is that this tattoo will remind you to stay strong and positive every day.

22.Minimalist wrist tattoo

Minimalist Wrist Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are super cute. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of such tattoos out there that will confuse you. However, if you’re one of most women who has cute puppy or paw designs in mind, then these are a few attractive options that you can’t go wrong. Other nice options are matching hearts for him and her, a small fruit or lettering (name, initials, etc.). The bottom line is, choose a design that has special meaning and is close to your heart. The evil eye above is a protectionist symbol to keep you safe from bad things.

23.Adorable panda tattoo on the wrist

Adorable Panda Tattoo on Wrist

The panda bear is a symbol of peace and quiet. The rest is history! This tattoo is also one of the cutest options to ink yourself with. Everyone loves pandas. Women and children love them the most. So if you are looking for the cutest tattoo design, look no further.

24.Anchor Wrist Tattoo for Women

Anchor Wrist Tattoo for Women

The wrist is a nice place to get the cutest and most expressive tattoo inked. In keeping with that thought, why not consider a small anchor? In ancient times, an anchor was a symbol of security, so Christians adopted it as a symbol of hope. In shipping, the heavy metal anchor holds the ship in place.Are you in a relationship? Yes sir? It makes sense to go for this amazing symbol. An anchor is a mark honoring your partner whom you respect for keeping you grounded and safe.

25.Crown Wrist Tattoo

Crown Wrist Tattoo

The surface on the wrist is relatively small for tattooing. But that doesn’t mean that a tattoo placed there can’t be immensely meaningful. One such design is the crown symbol; it means power, royalty and wealth. There are many types of crowns that you can choose from. However, a cute one like the one shown above is the perfect choice for a woman’s wrist. You can also add other elements related to the crown image to change the meaning or make the design more unique. Crown tattoos are also an exciting way to honor your partner when you are in a relationship. For example, your boyfriend or husband can be the king in your heart. Crowns also remind us that we are strong and deserve a good life.

26.Snake Wrist Tattoo

Snake Wrist Tattoo

Snakes shed their skin, which is why tattoos with snakes mean transformation, rebirth and new beginnings. The snake is a powerful creature that popular with both men and women.

27.Sunflower wrist tattoo

Sunflower Wrist Tattoo

Flowers are a popular topic in women’s body placement. I already mentioned rose, peony and chrysanthemum, of course. However, there is another flower that is becoming increasingly popular – the sunflower. Sunflower is a bright yellow flower that puts a smile on everyone’s face. It is the flower that is known for its devotion to the sun. Viewers get a feeling of warmth and happiness just by looking at the flower. The meanings associated with the sunflower include happiness, vitality, joy and hope, as well as immense positivity.

28.Flower tattoo on the wrist

Flower(s) Tattoo on Wrist

Flower tattoos all over the body are the most popular tattoo element for women. Hands down! Whether rose, chrysanthemum, peony or lotus, women love them all. Flowers have an incredibly feminine feel, even more so than butterflies. What makes them special is their importance. Women love different flowers for different purposes (tip: pick a rose if you’re in love). The general sense associated with all flowers is, of course, beauty, life and nature. Flower tattoos can be black and white. Otherwise they can be colorful. The latter is chosen if you are looking for maximum vibrancy.

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