50 Best 8 Ball Tattoos For Men And Women

The 8 ball is a popular tattoo design for both men and women. The meaning of the 8 ball tattoos varies from person to person, but the most common interpretation is that it represents luck, fate and wisdom. Other interpretations include strength and protection. The 8 ball can also represent the number of balls in a game of pool, which may have given rise to some of its more negative connotations.

8 ball tattoos can be designed in many different ways but one of the most popular designs is the 8 ball with a pool stick coming through it. This type of tattoo looks good on any part of your body but it looks great when it is done on the wrist or forearm area. The pool stick represents life while the eight ball represents death so this style of tattoo has a deeper meaning than just a simple game of pool!

8 ball tattoos come in all different styles and sizes. Some people choose to get the number 8 tattooed on their wrist as it can be easily hidden when needed, but still displayed for everyone else to see. Another reason why this tattoo design may be popular is because of its symbolism. A lot of people choose to get an eight ball tattooed on them because they want to express something about themselves or their life story without having to say anything at all!

1. 8 Ball Tattoo On Wrist

An 8 ball tattoo can be inked on the wrist in several different ways, such as with just one ball or multiple balls together. A single 8 ball tattoo can be used as a personal symbol for someone who enjoys playing pool or billiards, while multiple balls can represent something like luck or fortune. This type of tattoo often takes up less space than other types of tattoos so it doesn’t take up much room when it’s placed on someone’s wrist area.

8 Ball Tattoo On Wrist

2. 8 Ball Tattoo Designs

There are many different styles of 8 ball tattoos. Some people like to have their names written on the balls while others prefer a more artistic design with flowers or other intricate designs. If you are thinking about getting an 8 ball tattoo then it’s important to consider your options first before getting one done.

8 Ball Tattoo Designs

3. 8 Ball Tattoo ideas

The first idea is a simple black and blue 8 ball tattoo with a white outline around it. This design is perfect for those looking for something simple but still stylish. You could also add some stars around the ball to make it pop out more against your skin tone.

8 Ball Tattoo ideas

4. Simple 8 Ball Tattoos

One of the simplest ways to design your own 8 ball tattoo is by using one color for the entire image. This will give your tattoo a very basic look but will still be able to show off its unique shape. If you want something that stands out more than this option then try using two colors instead! This will make your tattoo pop from any angle and it won’t be too busy either! You could even go with three colors if you wanted something even more simple than that!

Simple 8 Ball Tattoos

5. 3D 8 Ball Tattoos

The 3D 8 ball is another popular design that you may want to consider. Some people choose this option because they feel that it looks more realistic than a 2D tattoo would appear on their body. It also helps to ensure that the artist has enough room to get all of the detail into their design without having to worry about losing any of it during the process.

6. 8 Ball Tattoo On Chest

If you’re looking to get an 8 ball tattoo, then you’ll probably want to get it on your chest. This is because it will be easy to see and make a statement when you’re out in public. The best place for an 8 ball tattoo is on the upper part of your chest, just below your throat line. If you have large pectoral muscles, then this is where you’ll want to put your new ink piece so that it looks good on your body type.

7. 8 Ball Tattoo Stencil

If you don’t want to get an 8 ball tattoo, then there are other ways that you can show off your love of pool without having to permanently mark yourself with ink. One way of doing this would be by getting yourself a temporary eight ball tattoo stencil so that whenever you want to show off how much you love pool or billiards then you.

8. 8 Ball Tattoo Flash

The 8 ball is an important element in the game of pool, and the tattoo design can be used to represent many things. It can be used for everything from a gambling tattoo, to a memorial piece for someone who has passed away. There are also several other meanings associated with it as well.

9. Small 8 Ball Tattoos

Small 8 Ball Tattoos are usually the best ones to start with if you want to get an 8 ball tattoos. They are easy to hide if need be, but still have plenty of meaning behind them. You can find these small designs on your ankle or wrist and they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. They’re perfect for women and men who don’t want something too big or noticeable on their bodies.

Small 8 Ball Tattoos

10. 8 Ball Tattoo On Back

The back is a great place to get an 8 Ball tattoo because it can be easily hidden if you don’t want people to see it at work or school. You can get it on your lower back or higher up on your spine if you’d like more visibility. If you’re thinking of getting an 8 Ball tattoo on your back, make sure that the ink is high quality so that it won’t fade over time and become blurry!

11. 8 Ball Tattoo On Knee

Another popular place for an 8 ball tattoo is on either knee, which makes sense since knees are always exposed when you are walking around in public places like shopping malls or grocery stores. The knee area is also known as being one of the most painful areas on your body to get tattooed so if you want an 8 ball design permanently etched into your skin then this may be one of the best locations.

12. Colorful 8 Ball Tattoos

Colored 8 ball tattoos come in all colors, but red, yellow and orange are the most common colors used for this type of tattoo. There are many different ways to create this colorful design including using traditional shading techniques, coloring each ball individually or just coloring them all in solid colors to create a multi-colored effect. If you want something unique then this may be the way to go!

13. 8 Ball Tattoo On Elbow

The elbow is a great spot for an 8 ball tattoos, as it’s large enough to display well without being too big or distracting to other elements in the design. This particular design shows off a colorful 8 ball with some kind of wing type thing coming out of it. It’s not very clear what the purpose of this style is, but it does make for an interesting visual element in the design.

14. 8 Ball Tattoo On Hand

This is a tattoo of an 8 ball on the hand. The ball is done in black and white and has the number 8 written on it. It looks like a simple tattoo but when you look at it closely, you will find that there are many details that make up this tattoo. This can be a good tattoo for those people who love playing pool or just want to show their love for the game.

8 Ball Tattoo On Hand

15. Lucky 8 Ball Tattoos

People who like to gamble or play pool may choose to get a lucky 8 ball tattoos. This can be done in several different ways, but one of the more popular choices is to have the 8 ball tattooed on the arm or leg. These tattoos are usually done in black ink only, although some people do decide to add some other colors as well.

Lucky 8 Ball Tattoos

16. Tiny 8 Ball Tattoos

These are tiny tattoos of an 8 ball in different colors like black, blue and red. The balls have been placed on top of different parts of the body like arms and legs so that they can be clearly seen from any angle. The tattoos have been placed at locations where they will not interfere with daily activities such as working or exercising.

Tiny 8 Ball Tattoos

17. 8 Ball Tattoo For Women

8 ball tattoo is a unique design and a popular tattoo among women. This tattoo is a symbol of luck as well as fortune. It is believed that the number 8 represents infinity in Chinese culture. This tattoo also symbolizes the number of perfection, which means that the wearer wants to live a perfect life.

8 Ball Tattoo For Women

18. 8 Ball Tattoo On Collarbone

Collarbone tattoos are becoming more and more popular among women these days. A collarbone tattoo is small, delicate and elegant; it can be easily hidden or shown depending on the mood of the wearer. A collarbone tattoo can be placed anywhere on the neckline, but people usually like to put it under their chin or at their throat area.

19. 8 Ball Tattoo On Rib

This design features an 8 ball tattoo on the rib cage. The number 8 is placed in between two dice and there are also other symbols inside the circle as well. This design may be preferred by those who want something that stands out a little bit more than other designs. The circle around the number 8 is filled with hearts and others symbols and colors that give this tattoo a unique look!

20. 8 Ball Tattoo On Stomach

The 8 ball tattoo on stomach is a very popular tattoo design for guys. It looks good on both men and women. It can be used for both men and women, but it is a very masculine tattoo design. It is mainly used by men to show off their masculinity.

21. Old School 8 Ball Tattoos

The old school 8 ball tattoos were mostly done with colored pencils or markers. These tattoos were usually black and white and had no shading or coloring in them at all. The designs were done in very simple shapes with no detail and very little shading done in them at all, which made them stand out more than they do today because they were so simple!

Old School 8 Ball Tattoos

22. 8 Ball Tattoo On Hip

The 8 ball tattoo on hip is another popular tattoo design that is used by men as well as women. The 8 ball is a symbol of luck, which makes it a good choice for people who have been through some hard times in their lives and need to find their way out of the darkness they are experiencing. This type of tattoo will give you hope that things will get better if you just keep fighting through whatever problems you are facing right now.

8 Ball Tattoo On Hip

23. 8 Ball Tattoo Sleeve

The 8 ball tattoo sleeve is a unique design that can be applied to any arm. The black and white colors are easy to replicate and make it easy to create an original piece of art that represents your personality. This tattoo sleeve can be created in any style of art, including tribal, Celtic knotwork, and abstract designs. The most popular color scheme for this type of tattoo is black and white with red accents.

8 Ball Tattoo Sleeve

24. Gangster 8 Ball Tattoos

A gangster 8 ball tattoo is often seen on the forearms of criminals who belong to an organized crime group such as the Mafia or the Yakuza. These tattoos usually contain images from the Bible or religious scripture written in Hebrew or Arabic script along with other symbols that represent luck, good fortune, protection from evil forces etcetera.

25. Flaming 8 Ball Tattoos

The flaming 8 ball tattoos is another popular choice for those who want a large design on their forearm or upper arm. This design features flames in the background as well as a bold number eight ball in the center of the tattoo design. The number eight on this particular tattoo is usually red or orange in color with flames coming out from behind it. These types of tattoos tend to be colorful, bold, and very eye-catching!

Flaming 8 Ball Tattoos

26. 8 Ball Tattoo On Foot

This is a really cool 8 ball tattoo on foot. The artist has done a great job of making it look realistic, especially when you look at the veins on the back of the leg. The tattooist has also added some shading so that it looks like real skin and not just ink on top of skin.

27. Realistic 8 Ball Tattoos

Realistic 8 ball tattoos are very intricate and take time to complete so make sure that you have enough time available before getting one done so that you don’t end up having to rush through it because time is running out on your appointment! If you want something more simple then there are plenty of other designs available too such as hearts and flowers; flowers are also very popular amongst women.

Realistic 8 Ball Tattoos

28. 8 Ball Tattoo On Leg

The most popular place to get an 8 ball tattoo is on your leg. It can be done freehand or it can be done as part of a sleeve or half sleeve design. If you are getting this tattoo then it is recommended that you get a realistic looking one done instead of an abstract design because they can look very tacky if they are not done properly.

8 Ball Tattoo On Leg

29. 8 Ball Tattoo For Men

The 8 ball has been a popular tattoo for men for years. It does not matter if it is an old school or new school design, men love the 8 ball tattoos. There are many different ways to give this tattoo its own unique look and feel. One of the most common ways is to add colors to it or even make sure that you get some shading done on the tattoo to give it more depth. You will also find that there are many different styles of lettering that can be used in order to give this tattoo its own unique look as well.

8 Ball Tattoo For Men

30. Cool 8 Ball Tattoos

The cool 8 ball tattoos can be inked anywhere on your body, but most people prefer getting them inked on their arms, shoulders, legs or backs. These tattoos are usually small and simple with no complicated designs involved. You can choose from many different colors including blue, red and green among others to get your own cool ball tattoo done.

31. 8 Ball Tattoo On Neck

The 8 Ball tattoo is inked on the neck of a man. The tattoo has a simple design and it features an 8 ball with two dice on the side. The dice are colored black and white and they are placed in front of the 8 ball. The 8 ball has five hexagons on its surface and these hexagons have different colors. There is also a spot for an eagle to be inked on this tattoo.

8 Ball Tattoo On Neck

32. Watercolor 8 Ball Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among tattoo enthusiasts and artists alike. The watercolor tattoo style is characterized by its soft colors and faded shading that gives the artwork a vintage feel. A watercolor 8 ball tattoos will look beautiful on any part of your body and can be combined with other tattoos to create a unique piece of art that suits your personality perfectly!

33. 8 Ball Tattoo On Forearm

An 8 ball tattoo on the forearm is one of the most popular choices for people looking for a new design in this location. It’s an easy way to show off your personality without having to constantly explain what your new ink means every time someone asks about it! There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating a meaningful design using an 8 ball image so let your imagination run wild!

8 Ball Tattoo On Forearm

34. 8 Ball Tattoo Outline

The way you draw an 8 ball tattoo outline determines how good it looks. If you want something simple, then make sure that your tattoo artist draws a nice straight line around your design. This will help ensure that it looks clean and sharp. If you want something bolder and more edgy, then get it colored in with black ink. Be careful though, because this can be quite painful!

35. American Traditional 8 Ball Tattoo

American Traditional 8 Ball Tattoos are a great choice for those who want something simple but meaningful. The tattoo style has been around for years and it’s still popular today. This style often features bold black lines with little to no shading or color fill. The design is typically filled with solid black ink only but can sometimes include gray shading as well.

American Traditional 8 Ball Tattoo

36. 8 Ball Tattoo On Ankle

The ankle is a great place for an 8 ball tattoos because it’s not visible when you wear pants, but it can be shown off with shorts or skirts. An 8 ball on your ankle is simple and stylish at the same time, so it works well for both men and women.

37. Meaningful 8 Ball Tattoos

If you want a meaningful 8 ball tattoo, then consider getting an image of a pool table or billiards balls. There are many designs available online that show various aspects of these games, from playing cards to snooker cues, which can be used as inspiration for your own design.

38. 8 Ball Tattoo On Calf

The 8 ball tattoo on calf is a very popular design and often used by both men and women. This tattoo design is a great way to show off your love of pool, especially if you play on a regular basis. This style of tattoo can be done in any color that you like but it is usually done in black ink so that it shows up well on the skin.

39. 8 Ball Tattoo On Thigh

If you want something that shows off your love of pool in a more discreet way then an 8 ball tattoo on thigh might be right for you. A thigh tattoo tends to be more visible than other areas of the body, but at the same time it isn’t as obvious as an arm or leg piece would be. A thigh piece is also easier to hide if needed, especially if you work in an office environment where tattoos are frowned upon.

8 Ball Tattoo On Thigh

40. 8 Ball Tattoo Drawings

If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant design for your next tattoo then consider getting an 8 ball tattoo drawing. An 8 ball tattoo drawing is a great way to show off your sense of style without having to worry about making mistakes or identifying errors in placement because you will be able to see exactly how it looks before it even goes under the needle.

41. 8 Ball Tattoo On Shoulder

A common place to get an 8 ball tattoo is on the shoulder. This tattoo can be done in many ways, but it’s usually done with black ink and not as detailed as other types of tattoos. The main reason people choose this placement for their 8 ball tattoo is because it looks good when you wear short sleeves or tank tops.

8 Ball Tattoo On Shoulder

42. Minimalist 8 Ball Tattoos

Minimalist 8 ball tattoos are perfect for people who want to add an important design element to their body art without being too flashy. Some of these tattoo designs are simple and elegant while others have a few more lines or even some color added to them for extra detail.

43. Half Sleeve 8 Ball Tattoos

This is a great way to show off your love for pool. The half sleeve tattoo is a good way to show off your love for pool, even if you don’t have much space on your body. You can also get this design on your chest or back if you want more room for other tattoos as well.

44. 8 Ball Tattoo Meaning

The 8 ball tattoos is a symbol of luck, but also represents the number of balls used in the game of pool. There are many different designs to choose from when getting an 8 ball tattoo. It can be done in black and white or color, small or large, with or without shading or shading that resembles a pool table. The number 8 can be used alone on its own or with other symbols such as hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs.

45. 8 Ball Tattoo On Arm

The most popular place for an 8 ball tattoo is on the arm. There are many different designs for this particular tattoo including tribal designs and Celtic knots. You can also get multiple 8 balls tattooed on one arm if you like the idea of having several tattoos at once.

8 Ball Tattoo On Arm

46. 8 Ball Tattoo On Finger

An 8 ball tattoo on the finger is a symbol of luck and fortune. It is a common tattoo among pool players and gamblers alike. An 8 ball tattoo is often done in black ink, but can also be done in color. The number eight ball is used as a symbol for luck because it has two spots on it, which can represent fate and chance.

47. Cute 8 Eight Ball Tattoo

There are many different types of cute 8 ball tattoos. You can get an image of the actual number eight ball or you can get an image of the dice that are used in many gambling games. If you want something more unique, then you can get an image of the dice with numbers on them or even just a picture of some playing cards.

48. Magic 8 Ball Tattoos

A Magic 8 Ball tattoos is an amusing design to get. The magic eight ball is a toy that answers yes or no questions by floating on water inside the ball. It can also be used to predict the future, which is why it’s so popular among people who want to know if they should take a certain action.

Magic 8 Ball Tattoos

49. Neo Traditional 8 Ball Tattoos

The neo traditional style is based on classic Americana and vintage tattoos. The design features bold lines and shapes, with flat shading and the use of solid colors. This style is usually done in black and grey, or black and red ink.

50. Behind The Ear 8 Ball Tattoos

An 8 ball tattoo behind the ear is a great way to show off your love for pool, gambling and luck! This tattoo can be placed in any location behind your ear, but it looks best when placed in an area where it will be visible when you wear your hair up or down.


What does an 8 Ball tattoo Mean?

An 8 Ball tattoo can be interpreted in many different ways. For instance, it can mean that you are prepared for any challenge that life throws at you or that you believe in yourself and are confident about your future. It can also show that you are ready to face any situation that life presents.

What is 8 Ball Tattoo?

An 8 ball is a type of pool ball, which has been made famous by its use in the game of pool. The name refers to the number of balls used in the game of pool and not the color of the ball itself. There are black and white balls used in this game but they are simply called 1 ball and 2 ball respectively regardless of their color.

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