35 Best Pisces Tattoo ideas For Men And Women

Pisces tattoos are an excellent way to represent the zodiac sign. The water bearer is the twelfth sign in the zodiac, and it represents fish. Pisceans are known for their creativity and imagination, as well as their ability to see both sides of a situation. The Pisces tattoo can be done in several different ways, but most often it will include a small fish or two swimming in a body of water.

Pisces is a water sign and is ruled by the planet Neptune. Pisces people are very artistic, intuitive, and compassionate. They have a strong sense of spirituality and often have psychic abilities. Pisces tattoos are feminine and romantic. They are often used as a symbol of freedom or escape from reality. The Piscean tattoo can also be used to represent the zodiac symbol for Pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions.

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, and people born under this sign are said to be compassionate, sensitive and artistic. They are also known for their creativity and ability to adapt to any situation. The symbol used for Pisces is two fish connected by a cord. If you want to show off your love for Pisces, get a tattoo of this symbol! There are many ways you can wear your zodiac sign on your body, so here are some ideas:

1. Colorful Pisces Tattoo

A colorful Pisces tattoo will look amazing on any body part! This particular one is very colorful and has a lot going on in it; however, it still looks great because it’s not too busy or flashy. The colors are bright and vibrant, which makes them stand out even more on dark skin tones than they would on lighter skin tones.

Colorful Pisces Tattoo

2. Constellation Pisces Tattoo

Another popular tattoo design is the constellation Pisces tattoo. These are usually starry designs that feature the body parts of each fish in the sky. Some people choose to get this type of tattoo because they believe it will bring them luck in romance or relationships. This may also be true if you get it for yourself as a birthday gift!

Constellation Pisces Tattoo

3. Cute Pisces Tattoo

One great way to get a cute Pisces tattoo is by getting one that has a lot of detail and color. A small design with lots of detail will make it look more sophisticated than something simple and boring does. You can get this kind of tattoo by getting one that has several colors in it or by getting one that has intricate designs on it instead of just being plain black ink like most other tattoos are made up of.

Cute Pisces Tattoo

4. Feminine Pisces Tattoos

The feminine Pisces tattoos are gentle and soft, because they are mainly made up of swirls, flowers and butterflies. These tattoos can be inked on any part of your body such as shoulder blades, back or arms. The best place to get a feminine Pisces tattoo would be your lower back or hips where you can show it off in bikinis or swimsuits without having to worry about covering it up all the time.

Feminine Pisces Tattoos

5. Geometric Pisces Tattoo

The geometric design is always in style, especially when it comes to tattoos. The geometric pattern of the Pisces symbol is an excellent choice for those who like to stay on trend with their body art. The design can be worked into any part of your body and will look great no matter what you choose.

Geometric Pisces Tattoo

6. Girly Pisces Tattoo

The girly Pisces tattoo is often designed with more feminine colors such as pink, purple and white ink. It will usually feature small fish swimming in an ocean setting with bubbles around them. This type of design looks great on any part of the body such as your foot, ankle or wrist area where it can be easily hidden if you don’t want everyone to see it!

Girly Pisces Tattoo

7. Male Pisces Tattoo

Pisces tattoos are often chosen by men because they have such an interesting history behind them and they look great on any body part! There are many different ways to get your personal zodiac tattoo done, whether it be through permanent ink or temporary ink so you can always change your mind later on down the road if you want to take it off completely or simply want to change it up a bit!

Male Pisces Tattoo

8. Meaningful Pisces Tattoo

The most popular type of Pisces tattoo is one that has a meaning behind it. These tattoos usually have words or phrases inscribed inside them to express something personal about the wearer or someone close to them. These can end up being very meaningful pieces that always remind you of where you came from or what you believe in.

Meaningful Pisces Tattoo

9. Minimalist Pisces Tattoo

A minimalist Pisces tattoo is great because it doesn’t take up much space on your body and still looks great with any outfit or style. If you want a simple design that won’t clash with other tattoos, then this one’s for you! You can also get it in black and white if you want something more subtle that won’t stand out too much but still has some detail and depth to it!

Minimalist Pisces Tattoo

10. Pisces Ankle Tattoo

An ankle tattoo is very popular among women who want a small tattoo without showing it off too much. This Pisces ankle tattoo features a beautiful watercolor fish design with some text underneath it. The text reads “If I could be anything I would be a dolphin because they have no fear of death.” The Pisces symbol on the top of the ankle is also colored in blue tones to match up with the rest of the design. This is one of our favorite Pisces tattoos because it’s simple yet elegant at the same time!

Pisces Ankle Tattoo

11. Pisces Arm Tattoo

One of the most popular Pisces tattoos is an arm tattoo that features their symbol, which is two fish swimming in opposite directions. This tattoo is usually done in black ink, but it can also be colored in with shades of blue or purple if desired. The fish symbolizes unity and strength, making it a great design for many people.

Pisces Arm Tattoo

12. Pisces Back Tattoo

The back tattoo is an excellent place to get a Pisces symbol because it can be very large and still look great. The reason for this is that your back has no joints or bones that break up the shape of a design on it like other parts of your body do. If you have long hair, then you can still get a good view of your tattoo even if it’s not visible when you wear clothes.

Pisces Back Tattoo

13. Pisces Behind The Ear Tattoo

The Pisces behind the ear tattoo is a great way to show off your zodiac sign. This tattoo requires very little pain and can be done in any size and shape you want. It is also very small, so it will not be too noticeable unless you are close enough to see it.

Pisces Behind The Ear Tattoo

14. Pisces Chest Tattoo

Pisces chest tattoos are very popular because they are large enough to be seen but not so big that they take away from your outfit or look tacky. You can get this tattoo in any color and style that you choose, so if you are looking for an artistic design or something more simple, there will be options for you to choose from.

Pisces Chest Tattoo

15. Pisces Constellation Tattoo

Many people choose to get a constellation tattoo because they associate it with their zodiac sign. The Pisces constellation is one of the oldest constellations known to man and it has been used as a symbol for Christianity since ancient times when it was believed that Jesus Christ was born during this month. One reason why these tattoos are so popular among Christians is because they represent Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead which happened on Easter Sunday when we celebrate his resurrection from the dead each year.

Pisces Constellation Tattoo

16. Pisces Fish Tattoo

The Pisces fish tattoo symbolizes transformation, rebirth, and change in life. The fish also represents fertility so if you’re thinking about starting a family or have already started one this tattoo would be great because it will remind you of how precious life is! It’s also a great tattoo for anyone who was born under this sign or just loves anything that has to do with water!

Pisces Fish Tattoo

17. Pisces Flower Tattoo

The Pisces flower tattoo is one of the most popular choices out there. Flowers are beautiful, and they make great tattoos because they can be done in so many different ways, from simple to complex. A lot of people like to get flowers that represent their personality or something else special about them. For example, if you’re into gardening then you could get a flower that represents how much you love plants and flowers by getting it tattooed on your skin forever!

Pisces Flower Tattoo

18. Pisces Hip Tattoo

Many Pisces choose to get their zodiac sign tattoo on their hip as an expression of their personality and individuality. It can also serve as a reminder of what day they were born on, so they can celebrate their birthdays every year by getting another tattoo! A simple black and white design is usually all that is needed for this hip tattoo design, which will make it look good no matter what style your body art has been done in.

Pisces Hip Tattoo

19. Pisces Koi Fish Tattoo

The most popular tattoo design for people born under the astrological sign of Pisces is the koi fish tattoo, which symbolizes strength in numbers and strength through unity. Koi fish also represent good luck, which makes them an ideal choice for someone who wants to bring their own good fortune into their life through getting a Pisces tattoo!

Pisces Koi Fish Tattoo

20. Pisces Leg Tattoo

A Pisces leg tattoo could be done either in black or blue ink depending on your skin tone. The symbol can be placed anywhere on your leg including above or below the knee or even around the ankle area if it suits you best! You could also add some stars around it for added effect or even change the shape of the fish so that they look like dolphins instead!

Pisces Leg Tattoo

21. Pisces Rib Tattoo

Another popular tattoo among those born under the sign of Pisces is a rib tattoo. This type of design is very unique because it is usually done with black ink only so that it stands out against your skin color. If you want something different than usual and don’t mind getting a little bit of pain then this design would be right up your alley!

Pisces Rib Tattoo

22. Pisces Shoulder Tattoo

The shoulder is a popular spot for Pisces tattoos because it’s easily visible when wearing sleeveless tops or dresses. The shoulder tattoo design can be any symbol that matches your personality, such as a fish or star. You could also get a tattoo of your astrological sign if you’re not sure what to choose.

Pisces Shoulder Tattoo

23. Pisces Sign Tattoo

Another popular choice for people born under this astrological sign is getting their astrological symbol tattooed on their body somewhere prominent so that everyone can see it when they look at them up close or from afar. This makes it easier for people around you to know what your sun sign is without having to ask you first before they do anything else!

Pisces Sign Tattoo

24. Pisces Spine Tattoo

The spine is another great place for Pisces tattoos because they can be placed on any part of it without obstructing any major nerves or arteries. A spine tattoo design can be similar to those found on other parts of the body, such as flowers or stars, but it’s important to choose one that will make sense for your personality type.

Pisces Spine Tattoo

25. Pisces Symbol Tattoo

The Pisces symbol is one of the most popular designs for astrological tattoos. The two fish represent the two hemispheres of the brain and the fact that we use both sides of our brain to think and process information. In astrology, this symbolizes our ability to be flexible in our thinking and adaptable in life situations.

Pisces Symbol Tattoo

26. Pisces Tattoo Design

Pisces tattoo designs can be simple, or they can be full of detail and color. The most popular design is a simple black and white fish that looks similar to the astrological sign. This design can be used with other symbols to create other designs. Some people choose to add stars or other constellations as part of their Pisces tattoo design.

Pisces Tattoo Design

27. Pisces Tattoo For Men

Pisces tattoos are also popular among men as they are considered masculine in nature. The Pisces symbol has been used by men for centuries to convey their inner feelings about themselves and their life choices. The tattoo design can be worn by both men and women alike, but it is more commonly seen on men than on women because it is considered masculine in nature.

Pisces Tattoo For Men

28. Pisces Tattoo For Women

Pisces tattoos are very popular among women because they symbolize femininity and beauty while representing compassion, sensitivity and intuition along with imagination and creativity. This is why many women choose images of angels or fairies along with dolphins or whales as their tattoo designs because these creatures embody all these qualities that make up the personality of women who have this astrological sign in their horoscope.

Pisces Tattoo For Women

29. Pisces Tattoo Ideas

There are many different ways to get your own Pisces tattoo. Some people choose a simple design that symbolizes their zodiac sign, while others opt for something more elaborate. If you’re looking for something unique, consider getting a Pisces tattoo with watercolor artistry. This will give you a beautiful piece of body art that makes it stand out from other tattoos.

Pisces Tattoo Ideas

30. Pisces Wrist Tattoo

The Pisces wrist tattoo is another popular choice for people with this sign in their astrological chart. The symbol can be made as large or small as you like, depending on how much space you have available on your wrist area. This design also looks great when it’s done alongside other designs that represent other signs from the zodiac.

Pisces Wrist Tattoo

31. Pisces Zodiac Sign Tattoo

There are many different ways to get your zodiac sign tattooed on your body depending on what part of your body you want it placed on and what size you want it to be. Some people like to get their tattoos in large scale so that they can be easily seen while others prefer small tattoos that aren’t noticeable unless someone gets really close to them and looks closely at their body art.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Tattoo

32. Simple Pisces Tattoo

A simple Pisces tattoo can be designed in many different ways. The most common design features two fish swimming in opposite directions around an anchor, heart, or other symbol. Some artists will add some color to their tattoo so that it stands out more against their skin tone, while others leave it black and white only.

Simple Pisces Tattoo

33. Small Pisces Tattoo

If you would like a smaller version of a Pisces tattoo then this might be right for you! This small design features two fish swimming in opposite directions over top of an anchor. This is a great way to show off your love of the ocean while still keeping it simple enough that it won’t take up too much space on your body!

Small Pisces Tattoo

34. Tattoo Ideas For Pisces

Pisces tattoos come in many different forms and meanings, but they’re always associated with water in one way or another. Some people get their zodiac sign tattooed on their body as a way of honoring their star sign while others use their zodiac sign as inspiration for unique designs that have nothing to do with astrology at all!

Tattoo Ideas For Pisces

35. Tattoo Ideas Pisces

Pisces tattoos are a great way to show off your zodiac sign. The Pisces symbol is the fish and with this tattoo design you can get it inked in many different ways. A Pisces tattoo is one of the most popular zodiac signs to get inked because it’s so easy to make it look beautiful. These tattoos are usually done in black ink with some color added in as well.

Tattoo Ideas Pisces


What does a Pisces tattoo mean?

Pisces tattoos are often connected to spirituality and religious beliefs. Some people get them as an act of devotion towards their faith while others just think they look cool on their bodies! There’s nothing wrong with either reason but if you do want to get one because you believe in it then make sure you know what your tattoo means before getting it done!

What does a Pisces tattoo symbol?

Pisces tattoos have a lot of meaning and symbolism. They can be great for those who are into astrology, or those who want to express their love of water. The Pisces sign is one of the 12 zodiac signs, and it represents people who are sensitive and compassionate. The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming together in opposite directions, which represents the duality of this sign.


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