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25 Sun and Moon Tattoo ideas

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25 sun and moon tattoo design ideas with meanings

Many of us choose tattoo designs for aesthetic reasons. However, we also choose them based on their relevance and symbolism, which should match our personality and social identity. So ask your artist to take out the wireless tattoo machine because you’re about to be inspired! Sun and moon tattoos are both aesthetically pleasing and rich in history and symbolism. The designs are overwhelming, and so are their meanings. The meaning and symbolism of the sun and moon differ depending on civilization and culture. For example, in ancient Egyptian culture, both the sun and the moon represent deities. The sun, for example, was thought to be the deity Re – the sun god. Such ancient cultural interpretations continue to inspire tattoo lovers to this day. Before we dive into the top 25 most attractive sun and moon tattoo designs that I handpicked, let’s first examine the meanings and symbolism of this popular topic.

Meaning and symbolism of sun and moon tattoos

The fusion of opposites

The combination of sun and moon is an incredible way to illustrate the fusion of opposites. These two symbols are natural counterparts. In general, the sun is a male figure while the moon is a female figure. The sun symbolizes power and strength. The moon means stability and a sense of calm. In summary, the unification of opposites is necessary so that opposition, polarity and differentiation can exist.

Duality of Human Nature

There are both good and bad experiences in everyone’s life. This is essentially the principle of life, which is aptly symbolized by a sun and moon tattoo. The concept of the duality of human nature states that every individual has a dark and a light side.

The cycle of life

Sun and moon are heavenly symbols. When linked into one, their combined solid symbolism encompasses the simplified representation of the cycle of one’s life, which includes life, death, rebirth and balance.


But that’s not all; The sun and moon tattoos represent a sexual and spiritual partnership between two people in love. The moon symbolizes the woman in the relationship while the sun represents the man.

Attractive Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs

1. Tattoo with intertwined sun and moon faces

Intertwined Sun And Moon Faces Tattoo

A tattoo with an intertwined representation of the sun and moon is a popular option. The purpose or symbolism is to replace conflict and disagreement with the unity of opposites. This tattoo design option looks best in black and white, but colored options are also preferred by many.

2. Dainty Sun and Moon Tattoo

Ornamental Sun And Moon Tattoo

There is a lot you can do with sun and moon tattoo designs. The above example is a decorative version. The unique placement – on the calves – adds to the grandeur of the overall effect.

3. Sun and moon hourglass tattoo

Sun And Moon Hourglass Tattoo

The hourglass represents the cycles of one’s own life in the cosmos. The sun and moon, as mentioned, represent the unity of two opposing powers, etc. The combination of the two and the design above is the perfect illustration of the fact that many of our problems are not so problematic from the perspective of time.

4. Simple Sun and Moon Tattoo

Simple Sun And Moon Tattoo

The above tattoo is simple but meaningful. It’s a subtle way of expressing the same significant meaning. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours going through a painful tattoo parlor session to get this one.

5. “Handpoked” sun and moon solar system design on rib

‘Handpoked’ Sun And Moon Solar System Design On Rib

In this black ink design, the representation of the sun and moon is part of the solar system.The vertical format of this particular design looks perfect when inked onto the rib area of ​​a man or woman’s body. Tarot card tattoo with sun and moon

Sun And Moon Tarot Card Tattoo

The symbolism of trust, mental clarity and emotions is suggested by a tarot card that shows the sun alone or the sun and moon together.

7. Linework Sun & Moon Tattoo

Linework Sun & Moon Tattoo

When simple lineworks are done correctly, they can produce the same meaningful effect as bolder, more distinctive and colorful tattoos. You’ll also save some money in the end!

8. Sun and moon tattoos on the shoulders

Sun And Moon Tattoos On Shoulders

The design pictured above on the shoulders is not only artistic and cool, but also has a clear message attached to it – it gives the duality of human nature – where there is good there will always be bad. So everyone has both sides – a dark side and a light side.

9. Sun and moon head tattoo

Sun And Moon Head Tattoo

The head is a challenge when tattooing. You have to endure the excruciating pain to reap the ultimate gain from such a fantastic tattoo.

10. The Lovers Sun And Moon Linework Tattoo

The Lovers Sun And Moon Linework Tattoo

The above simple, romantic sun and moon tattoo shows the two elements in kiss mode. The symbolism is that of the unity between two lovers who had initial differences. This overly romantic piece shows that the kissing images are more in focus than the sun and moon.

11. Sun and moon faces on the middle upper back

Sun And Moon Faces On Central Upper Back

The sun and moon as faces are a trendy tattoo design option. It gives depth to meaning. However, the above facial expressions suggest that calm and serenity are more important than a stricter or more focused portrayal.

12. Colorful Sun and Moon Bicep Tattoo

Colorful Sun And Moon Bicep Tattoo

The above tattoo is a masterpiece in every way. It’s the best of sun and moon tattoos, especially if you like all of the work that is artistically done in one piece without looking over the top. There is color, face representation, intertwined elements, shades, and appropriate elements that surround the tattoo. The placement of this design is lovely too.

13. Sun and Moon Thigh Tattoo

Sun And Moon Thigh Tattoo

For larger parts like the one above, the front thigh is one of the placement areas to consider. Here the sun is depicted as a goddess while uniting with the moon. The blue shading effect adds further beauty to this remarkable design.

14. Elaborate sun and moon tattoo

Intricate Sun And Moon Tattoo

Saturated colors and heavenly action are clearly defined by this beautiful, colorful sun and moon tattoo placed on the upper back.

15. Upper abdomen sun & moon tattoo

Upper Abdomen Sun & Moon Tattoo

Here, too, a solar system design cannot help but impress.It is also suitable for both men and women.

16. Sun, moon and nature tattoo

Sun, Moon, & Nature Tattoo

Words are not enough to express the talent of the artist who dyed the above back piece. In addition, the black lines make it , the intricate details and the overall composition make this a masterpiece of tattoo design.

17. Balance Of Life Sun And Moon Tattoo

Balance Of Life Sun And Moon Tattoo

This rib tattoo depicts the balance of life by depicting the sun and moon on a scale. It’s a beautiful and symbolic idea.

18. Black Dotwork Sun and Moon Tattoo

Black Dotwork Sun And Moon Tattoo

Sun and moon on each wrist represent the duality of life. It shows that everyone has both a dark and a light side. The fine dot work, lines and precision of the black ink design speak volumes about the artist’s immense talent.

19. Small sun and moon tattoo

Tiny Sun And Moon Tattoo

Small but significant. The above tattoo is miniature but rich in meaning. It’s right in the middle of the man’s back with no other concern. It’s pretty noticeable.

20. Colorful sun and moon chest tattoo

Colorful Sun And Moon Chest Tattoo

The chest position is suitable for this bright sun and moon piece. It’s an eye-catching design that will stand out from the crowd.

21. Backpiece Sun And Moon Tattoo

Backpiece Sun And Moon Tattoo

If you consider yourself to be the bravest and most beautiful, this design is for you. If you’ve got guts and a tremendous threshold of pain, you won’t be shy of this full-back piece that is as tight as the tattoo cover can.

22. Sun and moon at hand

Sun And Moon On Hand

The description that comes closest to the above tattoo is “realistic”. The sun and moon are represented as faces, which is a popular option. This particular look tends to be more focused and serious. In addition, the facial features are realistic, which should be a blessing for those who are into realistic tattoos.

23. Watercolor Style Sun And Moon Tattoo

Watercolor Style Sun And Moon Tattoo

The moon is the highlight in the above tattoo, while the sun is half hidden in the background. Here, too, the watercolor technique fully does justice to this composition.

24. Sun and Moon Wrist Tattoos

Sun And Moon Wrist Tattoos

If you like cute tattoos with a splash effect and significant meaning, this is your choice.

25. Sun and Moon Yin-Yang Tattoo

Sun And Moon Yin Yang Tattoo

To finish off, here’s an excellent Sun and Moon Yin-Yang tattoo design for your middle, upper one Move. This design can be called one of the best concepts in the sun and moon tattoo category. I say this because of the amazing aesthetic and deep meaning ..

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