20 Awesome Bicep Tattoo ideas For Men in 2023

Bicep tattoos for men are usually an extension of a full-sleeve tattoo design. However, the bicep is a great spot for a standalone piece.

One of the most popular tattoo designs for men is the bicep tattoo. There are numerous bicep tattoo designs that can be done on a man’s arm. There are also many different reasons why men want to get a bicep tattoo. Some men may want to show off their body art, while others may want to express themselves through their tattoos.

Upper-arm tattoos are a great way to show off your personality. There are so many things that can be done on the bicep. The upper arm is a great place to have a tattoo because it can be shown or covered up at will. The bicep is an extremely popular spot for men who want to have a tattoo but are not sure of what they want.

Bicep Tattoo Designs

1. Animal Bicep Tattoos

Animal tattoos are another popular tattoo choice for men. There are so many different types of animal designs to choose from that you can find one that perfectly suits your personality! If you’re looking for something more subtle, consider getting just an outline.

Animal Bicep Tattoos

2. Full Bicep Tattoos

Full-bicep tattoos are exactly what they say on the tin. These designs can be anything you like, as long as they cover the full length of your bicep. They don’t have to be particularly large, but it’s important to remember that the bicep is actually a pretty small space for a tattoo, so you might have to choose an image that lends itself to being broken up or condensed into something smaller.

Full Bicep Tattoos

3. Bicep Armband Tattoos

There’s no doubt about it: armbands are probably the most popular type of bicep tattoo out there, and for good reason. They look great, and they’re versatile enough to lend themselves to most images and styles. They can also be done with lots of different materials, from steel chain to rope, and with lots of different decorative elements. This means that if you want one of these tattoos, you can personalize it to suit your tastes.

Bicep Armband Tattoos

4. Simple Bicep Tattoos

If you want a simple tattoo that’s easy to cover up, consider getting a line or an arrow on your bicep. This style is super simple but still looks amazing and stylish! You can even make it more unique by adding color or choosing an interesting font for the word or phrase.

Simple Bicep Tattoos

5. Fine Line Bicep Tattoos

If you want something subtle yet impressive, get a fine-line tattoo. Small tattoos like birds or flowers look great on your bicep because they accentuate your muscle.

Fine Line Bicep Tattoos

6. Arrow Bicep Tattoos

Arrow tattoos are not only beautiful and expressive, but they have a deeper meaning than you may realize. Arrow designs are often chosen as symbols of protection and defense. For centuries, arrows have been used as weapons in warfare and hunting, and the arrow symbol has become a representation of strength, power, and fortitude for many cultures around the world.

Arrow Bicep Tattoos

7. Lion Bicep Tattoos

The lion is an animal that is held in high regard by almost every culture. Lions often represent courage, power, nobility, royalty, and pride. Lion tattoos can carry personal meaning or be used to display your connection to someone else with a lion tattoo. There are many different ways to design a lion tattoo, which gives you plenty of options when choosing one.

Lion Bicep Tattoos

8. Tribal Bicep Tattoos

Do you love tribal tattoos? The bicep is the perfect place to get one! It offers plenty of room for large designs, and its round shape makes it easy to create symmetrical patterns.

Tribal Bicep Tattoos

9. Bicep Sleeve Tattoos

A bicep sleeve is a larger tattoo that covers the entire upper arm, along with the shoulder, and may extend down onto the forearm. Many people get these as a single piece of art covering their entire arm, but they can also be combined with an existing chest or back tattoo.

Bicep Sleeve Tattoos

10. Clock Bicep Tattoos

A clock bicep tattoo is stylish, trendy, and cool. This tattoo gives you a sense of time and the manifestation of nature in the form of time. It shows the passing of time and goes around the arm in a circular motion, similar to the design of a clock.

Clock Bicep Tattoos

11. Multicolor Biceps Tattoo

The multicolor bicep tattoo is perfect for someone who wants a bit of color in their life and something that makes them stand out from the crowd. With its unique design, it looks amazing on all skin tones and adds some vibrant colors to your life that make you look as colorful as your personality.

Multicolor Bicep Tattoos

12. Cross Bicep Tattoos

If you’re looking for something that’s religious but not too over-the-top, then a cross on your bicep might be just what you’re looking for. If you like this design, think about adding other religious symbols like a dove or praying hands.

Cross Bicep Tattoos

13. Inner Bicep Tattoos

An inner bicep tattoo is on the inside of your upper arm. It can be as small or big as you want, but most inner bicep tattoos are smaller in size because they are covered when your arms are down by your sides. They can only be seen when you flex them, which makes them more intimate and secretive.

Inner Bicep Tattoos

14. Small Bicep Tattoos

If you’re looking for a small bicep tattoo idea, then consider getting a tiny symbol in black ink on your inner arm. The simplicity of the design will make it look beautiful, and the inner arm is a place that’s easy to hide if you need to cover it up for work or other reasons. A tiny symbol can also work well if you want something more colorful, such as a butterfly or hummingbird.

Small Bicep Tattoos

15. Back of Bicep Tattoos

A biceps tattoo is located on the backside of your upper arm. The back of the bicep tattoos are more likely to fade faster than the inner bicep tattoos due to being hit by the sun more often. You can have a variety of designs inked on the back of your arm, but make sure you choose a reputable tattoo artist who knows what they are doing.

Back of Bicep Tattoos

16. Eye Bicep Tattoos

Getting an eye tattoo on your bicep is an interesting design choice that will definitely turn heads. You could even add a few eyelashes or tears to make it really stand out from other bicep tattoos.

Eye Bicep Tattoos

17. Rose Bicep Tattoos

The rose is a popular flower design for bicep tattoos because roses have a unique shape that fits well on the upper arm. The rose is also associated with beauty and love in many cultures around the world. Roses come in many different colors, which makes them ideal for tattoos because they can be easily customized with color to match your personal style or mood!

Rose Bicep Tattoos

18. Quote Bicep Tattoos

Having a meaningful phrase tattooed on your arm is an awesome way to express who you are without words. Quotes are also sometimes chosen to honor someone who has passed away or someone who has made a significant impact in your life. Keep in mind that quotes can be long, so this is where font style and size come into play.

Quote Bicep Tattoos

19. Flower Bicep Tattoos

The bicep is a very prominent part of the arm, and it can be used to show off a tattoo. Flowers are the most popular design for people to have tattooed on their biceps. Flowers are great because they are colorful and can be tattooed in all different sizes. Your tattoo artist will create a unique design for you, which can include lots of different colors and flowers.

Flower Bicep Tattoos

20. Anchor Bicep Tattoos

Another very popular design for the bicep is an anchor. Anchors are very symbolic for sailors and other people who love being around the water. They usually have a lot of meaning attached to them, but it is usually a spiritual connection with someone or something. Anchors look really cool when done correctly by a good tattoo artist.

Anchor Bicep Tattoos


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