30 Amazing Foot Tattoo ideas for Women

Women take special care of their feet and make sure that they are pedicured and appealing. However, many do a lot more to further increase this attractiveness. For them, the feet such as the face, neck and hands are equally important areas for beautification. A fantastic foot tattoo is a perfect way to add attraction to your soft, beautiful feet. So they can stroll in style knowing that all attention is focused on them from head to toe. Over the long haul, young ladies and ladies have made foot tattoos famous to flaunt their style, excellence, and character. The foot is an agonizing spot to get a tattoo, but since of its openness and engaging quality, it’s perhaps the most pursued spots for woman. Women who bring them there understand the concept of “no pain, no gain”. In this article, I shared 84 awesome foot tattoo ideas that have taken the internet and the world by storm. The source / artist information is provided under each image so you can follow the artist directly to learn more of his great work.

What do foot tattoos mean or symbolize?

The simple answer is beauty, elegance, and cuteness. If you are a girl or woman who loves her beloved, well-groomed feet, you would take the bold step of flaunting them all the time.On the other hand, some like the foot tattoo under the foot or a minimalist one on the sides to reflect their introverted or mystifying personality. There is yet another interpretation of the characteristics of enthusiasts who like to have their feet colored and that is that they are shy or mysterious. You would either get one to express your style or just keep up with trends. Whichever of the many reasons is applicable to your situation, and obviously the undying prevalence of foot tattoos is setting down deep roots. For more youthful ladies, the most well-known components that make up foot tattoos are butterflies, ringlets of blossoms, stars, moon, sun, lettering, names, creatures, and such. Guys get foot tattoos too, but their preference centers on tribal, sports, and other similar imagery. By and large, women have foot tattoos applied to subtly depict the beauty so they can stand out at parties, etc. Plus, they can easily hide their foot tattoo on the way to work.

The Most Popular Elements in Foot Tattoos

There are many popular elements in foot tattoos. Some of them are listed below.

Trailing Vines and Flowers

They look beautiful because of their colors and different shapes and sizes. There is a wide variety of flowers available to ensure that each individual’s preferences are catered for. Some women opt for roses, others for chrysanthemums, while others choose a variety according to their tastes. By and large, most flowers stand for joy, love, admiration, purity, etc. These elements are super easy to draw due to the clearly defined lines.


Butterflies and similar species stand for freedom, beauty and transformation. They are the most beautiful way to symbolize positive change. Women who want a tattoo that represents a fresh start in their life or one of the meanings above can incorporate butterflies into the tattoos on their feet or elsewhere.

Floral or Tribal Designs

There are a variety of floral and tribal designs to choose from that can look amazing when colored on your feet. Tribal tattoos look extremely attractive, which is why they are so popular with women of all ages.

30 Amazing Foot Tattoo Designs For Women

1. Pretty bird tattoo on foot

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8b9df4f128

Your pretty sandaled feet deserve a nice tattoo. I am as mesmerized as you are staring at the bird tattoo above.

2. Octopus Tentacle Design

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8b9ee1e6ab

Do you like sea creatures? My favorite is the octopus.

3. Bride Henna Tattoo on Feet

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8b9f86f1c3

Henna is a fantastic and extremely popular form of temporary tattooing. The above bridal design is beautiful, very intricate, and deeply rooted in Indian mythology. This design is bursting with positivity.

4. Japanese Foot Tattoo

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba0809c7a

Japanese foot tattoo designs have incredible colors and notable elements.

5. Minimalist foot tattoo

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba181dd3a

You can’t go wrong with a minimalist design. Especially if it should be your foot tattoo. This orange and green flower is small but vivid. Get ready to attract maximum eyeballs! It can be seen when you wear most of the sandals or slippers.

6. Sun & Leopard Foot Tattoo

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba28d2c27

The leopard is an incredible symbol of self-confidence, independence and self-reliance. If you are an ambitious woman, you would love this calm, yet powerful symbol. The eye-catching appearance of the animal should be reason enough to get inked with the above design.

7. Cat and Ladybug Tattoo on Foot

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba2c7efc3

Isn’t it interesting that the cat’s paw is smaller than the size of the ladybug? The ladybug is an embodiment of the happiness of women! When it comes to tattoo design, the rules can be defined by you.

8. Beautiful Vine and Flower On Foot

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba384b423

This tattoo is extremely elegant to say the least. It’s a trailing vine with a baby rosebud that has just started to bloom.

9. “Be Happy” Slogan on Foot

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba48dc2ed

Getting inked with a slogan like “Be Happy” is one of the best ways to let the world know that you care about others and want to spread anything positive about.

10. Your favorite flower and a name

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba543a3e4

This is the beautiful hibiscus flower with the name of a loved one underneath. Do you have a favorite flower? If you do, you can replace this with this and it will look just as beautiful.

11. Dreamy Butterflies

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba64ce079

Getting inked is a big decision. Your tattoo is permanent. A dreamy design is a constant reminder to make you happy, keep you motivated, and allow you to always enjoy life to the fullest. These butterflies and beautiful flowers represent freedom, positive transition and immense joy.

12. Swastika symbol tattooed on feet

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba6deac74

For centuries, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains used the swastika symbol as a symbol of “well-being or divinity”. The symbol means “sun”. In western countries this symbol can be misinterpreted to mean the Nazi sign, so be careful.

13. Gremlin and Flowers Foot Tattoo

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba7b10cf8

This is an interesting combination. It’s cute as intended. Likewise, you could have your favorite creature or character instead.

14.Delicate leaves on soles

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba88d5cd0

This is a super-discreet stick-and-poke tattoo. Tattoos that are on the sole are not often seen unless the wearer intentionally shows them to you. Otherwise, they can be spotted if the owner sleeps with the soles of their feet exposed. Still, if they are kept minimalistic, like the design above, it makes a lot of sense to own them. I personally love this leaf pattern. It symbolizes nature, protection and care for the environment.

15. A sea creature

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba9819cf9

A tattoo of a sea creature looks ideal in this placement. The artist has done a remarkable job combining fine lines, shading, and dot work.

16. Gangster Muppets on Feet

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8ba9cc4e77

You can never get big enough to forget the Muppets! I love the attraction of these two gangsters, one on each foot.

17. Japanese Yokai On Feet Tattoo

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8baa859dda

These supernatural monsters from Japanese folklore look incredibly cute on your feet.

18. Owl Skull Foot Tattoo

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8bab9d9360

The owl alone represents knowledge and wisdom, but when it is in the shape of a skull it means death. Be careful though, in some cultures an owl is unlucky! However, this tattoo looks very neat! Many of us rely on the aesthetics of a tattoo and ignore negative connotations.

19. Heartbroken Foot Tattoo

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8bac3ce813

This pair of tattoos shows two phases of history. It’s pretty easy as the cat has a loving heart and heartbroken leaves. Aww, isn’t that cute?

20. Caligraphy Tattoo On Foot

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8bace333e3

This is the perfect example of how aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated a calligraphy-style message or quote can look.

21. Half Butterfly Foot Tattoo

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8badd4850c

This elaborate piece, or rather a pair of pieces, is eye-catching and unique. If you love butterflies and have a skilled artist on your network, this design will guide you!

22. “True love” quote on feet

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8baec4140d

Shoe addicts women can opt for this stunning “true love” tattoo. There are numerous interesting and appealing elements in this tattoo. It shows how customization can produce impressive results.

23. Peonies on Feet Tattoo

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8baf67eba0

Peony is a beautiful type of flower that is available in different colors. The symbolism of the flower is different in every country. In general, however, peonies symbolize wealth, fortune, love, and honor.

24. Tiny Fish On Feet Tattoo

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8bafca998f

This little pair of fish, one on each foot, looks incredibly cute. Minimalistic and yet lively.

25. Circus Pin-Up Tattoo on Foot

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8bb0db614e

This is a lovely circus pin-up that looks amazing on the top of the foot. There are plenty of other circus pin-ups for you to explore as they provide amazing foot tattoo ideas.

26.Hopeless Heartless Tattoo Design

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8bb21ed078

The creatures look amazing, colored black with negative spaces. A heartless means an emotionless nature. However, go for this tattoo if you like the cuteness of these creatures. By the way, the dog looks – hopelessly – terribly cute on the left foot.

27. Nice “Love” tattoo on foot

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8bb2dc4749

Love is self-explanatory. Each letter is sketched with a girl symbol that means beauty.

28. Black and White Tattoo “The Sun & The Moon” on Feet

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8bb3c4f6d5

This is a very popular subject when tattooing women’s feet. Sun and moon tattoos symbolize the merging of opposites. They also mean “unity and cooperation”.

29. Simple black flame design

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8bb4536d9a

Another bizarre idea. The fire or flame stabbed the hand on the big toe without tattooing the rest of the foot. However, it stands out and is sure to be noticed.

30. Simple Inner Foot Flower Design Tattoo

30 amazing foot tattoo ideas for women 61b8bb48762cb

This is another awesome stick and pockes tattoo creation, one happy, the other sad or neutral …

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