20 Best New School Tattoo Designs ideas

New school tattoos are an exciting and bold new form of art. The new school tattoo is a modernized version of an old form. They are typically very colorful and incorporate opposing concepts. This style is often associated with cartoons and comics, as well as pop culture elements. Some of the most popular themes for these types of designs include dinosaurs, cute animals, and popular symbols.

New school tattoos are designed to garner attention. Because they contain so much detail and color, they are often the main focus of a room. They can be used to portray many different things at once–they can be funny, serious, whimsical or creative. Because they are so versatile, they have become extremely popular among tattoo enthusiasts.

New school tattoos are an evolution of old school tattoo art. The styles of new school use exaggerated, cartoon-like designs in a very bright color palette. This style is often more graphic and less naturalistic than the old school style of tattooing. New school designs are typically applied with bold lines, bright colors and heavy shading.

New School Tattoos Design ideas

1.Cute New School Tattoo

New school cartoon tattoos are an all-time favorite of children and adults, both alike. The new school of tattooing is an American style that has descended from the old school. New school tattoo designs are more graphic and cartoony than the old school ones. They are also brighter and more colorful than their predecessors.

Cute New School Tattoo

2. Crazy New School Tattoo

The new school tattoo artists have added a whole new touch to traditional styles by infusing them with fun elements, bold lines and bright colors. This has made the tattoos much more popular among young people who want to express their fun side in a crazy way.

Crazy New School Tattoo

3. New School Cartoon Tattoo

If you like being inked with cute symbols, then you should consider getting a cute new school tattoo for yourself. These tattoos can be as simple or complicated as you want them to be, depending on your choice of theme and design.

New School Cartoon Tattoo

4. Easy New School Tattoo

New school tattoos are bright, bold and vibrant. They’re most often used to depict cartoon-like characters or images related to popular culture. New school tattoos generally have larger proportions and exaggerated features like huge eyes or long limbs. They can be tattooed in either black or color inks. New school tattoos are best for people who want large pieces with lots of detail that can be seen from a distance, such as on shoulders or upper arms.

Easy New School Tattoo

5. New School Halloween Tattoo

New school tattoo designs are great for those who want their tattoo to be bright and noticeable. The typical images used in this type of design include dragons, sharks, skulls, and other scary images that can be found in traditional Halloween costumes. A new school Halloween tattoo is particularly popular among teenagers who wish to have fun with their body art without spending too much money or time on it.

New School Halloween Tattoo

6. New School Hand Tattoo

Because new school tattoos often contain vibrant colors and exaggerated shapes, they work well as hand tattoos. The more intricate parts of a new school tattoo can be used to decorate the back of the hand, while simpler elements can be used for the palm. Unique new school designs like cartoon characters also work well in this area because they bring a fun element to otherwise ordinary body parts.

New School Hand Tattoo

7. New School Japanese Tattoo

New School Japanese Tattoos are very similar to the traditional Japanese style, but they have more color and the images look more cartoonish. The New School Japanese Tattoo may be less detailed than the traditional Japanese version, but it still captures the essence of the art form.

New School Japanese Tattoo

8. New School Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger people. You’ll find both women and men getting neck tattoos these days. They tend to be small in size and design. The New School Neck Tattoo is a good option for those who want to get an attention-grabbing tattoo without covering their entire body with ink.

New School Neck Tattoo

9. New School Sleeve Tattoo

The new school sleeve tattoo is a tat that takes up the entire arm. It’s usually done in bold, bright colors, but it can also be depicted in black and gray. The style is characterized by large characters, symbols, animals and other images that are exaggerated with lots of shading, depth and color. The designs can be as small as a single character that starts on the wrist or forearm and extends to the elbow, or they can be giant tattoos that take up most of the arm and even part of the chest.

New School Sleeve Tattoo

10. New School Tattoo Style

In new school tattoos, the artists use bold lines and vivid colors to create works that look like cartoons. The artists can use heavy black outlines and a variety of bright colors in their designs. The style also tends to be more animated than traditional designs, with features such as large eyes, large lips, and big hair. The artists can use an array of fonts in their lettering as well.

New School Tattoo Style

11. New School Outline Tattoo

One of the most unique characteristics of new school tattoos is that they often feature a thick black outline around all of the shading and color work. This helps to give the tattoo a lot of definition, which lends itself well to creating more realistic artwork that has a relatively flat color palette compared to other styles such as neo-traditional or watercolor tattoos.

New School Outline Tattoo

12. New School Pigeon Tattoo

This tattoo is definitely for the bold and brave. It has a shock factor, which some people prefer. The pigeon has been drawn with a lot of detail and with a vibrant color scheme. The pigeon has a face that looks like it got caught in some sort of explosion, with its eyes bulging out of its head. Its feathers are also quite different from what you would see on a real-life pigeon.

New School Pigeon Tattoo

13. New School Pikachu Tattoo

Pikachu tattoos are not new, but this artist took a modern approach to designing this body art. This tattoo includes Pikachu and his friend Pichu, both of whom have been created in an animated new school style. It’s something different than just having the cartoon character on your skin.

New School Pikachu Tattoo

14. New School Rabbit Tattoo

These rabbit tattoos are often inked in a cartoon style and are known for their bold black outlines and the bright colors that are used to fill them in. New School rabbit tattoos can be done with any color combination you want, but some of the most popular choices are orange and blue, pink and purple, or red and green.

New School Rabbit Tattoo

15. Simple New School Tattoo

A simple new school design is an excellent choice for tattoo novices. The bold lines of these tattoos make them easily recognizable, and if you are looking for your first tattoo, this can be a great way to start small with a design that you will love forever.

Simple New School Tattoo

16. New School Simpson Tattoo

If you’re a fan of The Simpsons, then you might consider getting one of these awesome new school tattoos. They feature the classic cartoon characters in the style of new school art, complete with the exaggerated features and bold lines common in this type of body art.

New School Simpson Tattoo

17. Smal New School Tattoo

This style usually has thick black outlines, which are often filled with other colors to give it a bold look. The images in this style are usually very exaggerated and even cartoonish. They are usually very large designs, covering most of the body. But you can also get a small new school tattoo that has just enough details for people to notice it and be impressed by it.

Smal New School Tattoo

18. Traditional New School Tattoo

Traditional new school tattoos are characterized by exaggerated proportions combined with bright colors and bold lines. A popular theme in this style is the exaggeration of facial features such as eyes, hair and teeth. These characteristics combined with thick outlines make traditional new school tattoos instantly recognizable.

Traditional New School Tattoo

19. New School Animal Tattoo

There are many popular animal tattoos that can be reworked into a new school tattoo style, including birds, fish, octopi, dogs, cats, monkeys, snakes and more. Birds like eagles and ravens make great new school animal tattoos thanks to their long wingspans. Fish are also common because of their flowing fins and bright colors.

New School Animal Tattoo

20. New School Arm Tattoo

A new school arm tattoo is a more modern form of the traditional old school arm tattoo. New school arm tattoos feature bold lines and bright colors to create a cartoonish depiction of the subject matter. Depictions can be anything, but they tend to be of people, animals or objects like cartoon characters, snakes or skulls. These tattoos can cover larger areas, such as the entire arm, or they could be smaller pieces that fit on one area of the arm.

New School Arm Tattoo

New School Tattoos For Men

New school tattoos for men can be designed with a variety of different cartoon characters that hold symbolic value. Cartoon characters are often chosen for their qualities that make them role models in society, such as courage and bravery. There are endless possibilities when it comes to new school tattoos because they can be designed with any cartoon character that you want. However, if you’re looking for a tattoo that holds meaningful value, then we suggest choosing a character that you look up to or one that has special meaning in your life.

New School Tattoos For Women

New school tattoos are the perfect choice for women who want something fun and vivid. In addition to being colorful, these tattoos tend to be larger in size than other tattoo styles. And since new school artists don’t work with the same constraints as traditional artists did, they can really go wild with their designs.


What is a new school tattoo?

New school tattoos emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a rebellious reaction to traditional Americana. Their bold lines, bright colors, and wild cartoon qualities were a stark contrast to the more conservative designs typical at the time. New school tattoos are known for their edgy, eye-catching look.

The Art of New School Tattoos

More often than not, new school tattoos will include cartoon-like characters or images of people with exaggerated features. They also tend to have thick outlines that make these tattoos stand out. Overall, new school tattoos are perfect for those looking for a fun tattoo that celebrates their creativity and individuality.

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