40 Best Red ink Tattoo Designs for Women

Red ink tattoos are becoming increasingly popular these days. The intensity of red ink as compared to other colors gives an unusual look to the wearer. Red tattoos can be inked in any part of the body and there are a lot of variations that you could make with them.

A red tattoo ink is one of the many colors that can be used to create a great tattoo. You will find that most people love the color red and there are so many different designs when it comes to tattoos. This is because red looks good with most other colors, so you are sure to find something that you like.

A red ink tattoo can be an awesome statement of your individuality. As the color of blood, passion and energy, red is used for many different types of tattoos. While some people think that a red tattoo looks too gory or in-your-face, others love it as a bold and beautiful statement. If you’re thinking about getting a red tattoo, we’ve got some ideas to help you decide what design will work best for you.

1. Red Bird Tattoo

This tattoo is a stunning representation of the delicate nature of elegance. The thin line red tattoo uses only a single breath to create a beautiful, symmetrical design that can either be worn on its own or as part of a more complex design. It’s just one example of how beauty can be expressed in many different ways.

Red Bird Tattoo

2. Fine Line Red Tattoo

Fine line tattoos are perfect for those who want to express their individuality and creativity without having to deal with the hassle of permanence. This style offers the best of both worlds: it’s easily removable, but provides an artistic way to express yourself. Fine lines allow you to create bold statements that will last forever!

Fine Line Red Tattoo

3. Red Fire Tattoo

Fire tattoos are always a favorite among men and women alike. They’re not only a great way to show off your personality, but they also make for an awesome conversation piece when you’re hanging out at home or going out on the town with friends. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, then consider getting one today!

Red Fire Tattoo

4. Half Sleeve Red Tattoo

The half sleeve red ink tattoo is one of the most popular types of tattoos. It is usually done on either arm depending on your preference. This type of red ink tattoo is mostly associated with courage, passion and strength because of the way it covers part of.

Half Sleeve Red Tattoo

5. Red Angel Tattoo

The Red Angel Tattoo is one of the most meaningful types of tattoo designs, which symbolizes the life after death. The red angel usually represents protection, though it can also mean life. A red angel tattoo can be chosen to represent this symbolism or to represent something else that has a special meaning to the person getting the tattoo.

Red Angel Tattoo

6. Red Back Tattoo

A red sun tattoo symbolizes many things, but it mainly represents strength and pride. This is why this design is often chosen by those who want to show their inner strength and power. These tattoos are also very versatile and can be used on all parts of the body. The back is one of the most popular places to get these designs because it is so visible.

Red Back Tattoo

7. Red Bee Tattoo

The red bee tattoo is a common design that represents the hard work and dedication needed to accomplish your goals in life. The bee is also associated with community and loyalty.

Red Bee Tattoo

8. Red Butterfly Tattoo

A red butterfly tattoo is an expression of femininity and grace. It can also symbolize a new beginning and rebirth. Red is the color of passion, so you can also use it to spell out your lust for life in big, bold strokes. A bright red butterfly tattoo on the back or shoulder blade can be unexpected, but absolutely stunning. A more subtle interpretation could be a small red butterfly on your ankle, wrist or collarbone.

Red Butterfly Tattoo

9. Red Dragon Tattoo

A red dragon tattoo can be representative of many things, depending upon your personal beliefs and views. The dragon is considered a guardian of treasures and the provider of power, wisdom and good luck. A dragon tattoo was often worn by ancient warriors as a symbol of protection and strength, while today it’s used to convey the same ideas on both men and women.

Red Dragon Tattoo

10. Red Finger Tattoo

If you’re looking for a unique tattoo that’s easy to hide when necessary, consider a tiny red finger tattoo. You can opt for something small and discreet (such as a heart) or make it more noticeable by getting something larger or adding multiple designs along the length of your finger. Use your imagination—you have plenty of options!

Red Finger Tattoo 1

11. Red Flower Tattoo

The most common use for a red flower is as a symbol for beauty and love. This can be traced back to ancient times when people would wear flowers on their bodies to show their beauty and love. Another common use for the red flower is as an indication of wealth, as well as good luck. A lot of people also get tattoos with this design because they want to show off their wealth. This can be seen in many different cultures, such as the Chinese and Japanese cultures.

Red Flower Tattoo

12. Red Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos are popular among people who are in love since they symbolize love. Most heart tattoos are designed using red ink since it makes them more attractive as compared to other colors. If you want to get a heart tattoo, then it is important that you select an experienced artist to do so since this is a complicated design. You should also select a location on your body where it will be easy for an artist to work on without much strain.

Red Heart Tattoos

13. Red Spider Lily Tattoo

The spider web tattoo is a very common design but if you add some colors to this design then it will look more attractive and beautiful. A red lily spider tattoo is a very popular and unique design among the tattoo lovers. This design makes the spider and the web more attractive and meaningful. You can try out this design for your body if you are looking for something different and unique.

Red Spider Lily Tattoos

14. Red Moon Tattoo

Red Moon tattoo is a simple tattoo design which means you can have it as small or large as you want. It can be incorporated with other designs such as flowers, birds, animals, etc. It also symbolizes fertility, love and energy. If you are looking for a simple red moon tattoo that has a meaning behind it then this is the perfect choice for you.

Red Moon Tattoo

15. Red Quote Tattoo

A red quote tattoo is an ideal choice if you want to express your personality through tattoos. Red quotes are usually short and sweet and they don’t have any complicated meanings. They can also be used on other body parts such as wrists, arms and thighs.

Red Quote Tattoo

16. Red Rose Tattoo

A red rose tattoo is an excellent choice for those who want to show their love for someone or something in particular. You may use a single red rose or you may choose to get multiple roses depending on how much space you have available on your body part where the tattoo will be placed.

Red Rose Tattoo

17. Red Scorpion Tattoo

The scorpion is a symbol that is often associated with aggression and danger. It also represents courage, as well as protection from harm. A red scorpion tattoo can be a great choice for those who feel they have been through some rough times or are currently facing difficult challenges in their lives.

Red Scorpion Tattoo

18. Red Arm Tattoo

The arm is one of the most popular places for tattoos in general, and red arm tattoos are no exception. The symbolism of this location can tell others that you are a person who speaks from the heart and wears your emotions on your sleeve (or arm). Red arm tattoos can also be viewed as a sign of strength and bravery since it takes guts to get such an intense design inked onto your body!

Red Arm Tattoo

19. Red Dragon Back Tattoo

The dragon is one of the most popular tattoos around today. It can be found on men and women alike, and they come in many different styles. While some may think that dragons are only for those who want something big on their back or chest, dragon tattoos can actually be quite small as well. The best thing about them though? These mythical creatures symbolize power and strength; making them perfect for anyone looking for an eye-catching design!

Red Back Tattoo 1

20. Red Belly Tattoo

This fiery tattoo shows how the color red can be used to add a feeling of danger to an image. Red is also often used to symbolize energy, so for those who want a piece that represents strength and power, this is a great option.

Red Belly Tattoo

21. Red Chest Tattoo

Red tattoos don’t always have to be bold and brash—they can be subtle, too. The bright red color of the stars in this tattoo is eye-catching but the small size keeps it from being overwhelming.

Red Chest Tattoo

22. Red Foot Tattoo

The red in this tattoo is just one part of the overall design, but it works well with the other colors to give this butterfly a vibrant look. This tattoo shows how red can be combined with other colors to make an image pop.

Red Foot Tattoo

23. Red Hand Tattoo

The hand is one of the more popular spots for the red tattoo, especially among those looking to make a statement about how they feel about something or someone. Typically, you’ll see these tattoos in the shape of a rose or heart with thorns. A common design is that of a red rose wrapped around a finger.

Red Hand Tattoo

24. Red Hip Tattoo

Women who are looking to add a little splash of color to their midsection often choose this area to get their tattoo. This can be simply an outline or it can be filled in with red ink—either way it will probably look great! Red tattoos are often used on tribal designs as well.

Red Hip Tattoo

25. Red Leg Tattoo

Flowers are beautiful and feminine, so why not make yours stand out by filling them with bright red ink? This leg tattoo is the perfect example of how red can be used sparingly in floral designs to make them pop. The subtle shading on the petals adds depth to the design without distracting from the red flowers as the focal point.

Red Leg Tattoo

26. Red Neck Tattoo

Red is also a great color for butterfly tattoos because it mimics their natural wing markings. This simple neck tattoo uses red shading to create a realistic butterfly silhouette. If you’re looking for something more intricate, consider adding yellow or orange accents like this blackwork tattoo.

Red Neck Tattoo

27. Red Rib Tattoo

The tattoo is done in a traditional Japanese style and the attention to detail is exquisite. What makes this tattoo so unique is its placement on the rib cage, giving the dragon a more realistic shape and feel. The placement also creates an illusion that the dragon is ready to rip its way out of your body, which perfectly captures its menacing appearance.

Red Rib Tattoo

28. Red Shoulder Tattoo

There’s something about snakes that makes them both frightening and fascinating at the same time; it could be how their long bodies can be seen winding around on their own in nature or the way they mesmerize us when they slither across our path. But when you add some vibrant red ink into this mix, then we’re talking about something truly amazing!

Red Shoulder Tattoo

29. Red Stomach Tattoo

The stomach can be an excellent spot for a red tattoo because it offers a lot of room without being too prominent. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing a design, and red will look great no matter what you pick out. You may also want to consider adding some shading or color gradients to make your stomach tattoo stand out even more!

Red Stomach Tattoo

30. Red Wrist Tattoo

A wrist tattoo is another great choice for people who want something visible but not overwhelming. The wrists are often covered up by long sleeves and bracelets so they won’t always be on display unless you want them to be, but when exposed they’ll certainly catch other people’s attention with their vibrant colors.

Red Wrist Tattoo

31. Red Thigh Tattoo

Thigh tattoos are often considered a more feminine design, but that doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for women. From intricate tribal designs to traditional symbols, the thigh is a large canvas that allows for a lot of detail and can be flaunted or covered up as needed. The larger size also allows for some versatility in the placement of the tattoo.

Red Thigh Tattoo

32. Red Tiger Tattoo

A lot of people find them to be great subjects for tattoos because they represent strength and power. There is a sense of pride that anyone can get from having this animal tattooed on their body, but it’s not just the meaning that makes tiger tattoos so popular. Many people are drawn to tigers because of their beautiful coloring and patterns, which make really cool designs when tattooed on someone’s body.

Red Tiger Tattoo

33. Red Wave And Moon Tattoo

This tattoo has a beautiful combination of red and black ink. It is a perfect design for the people who love to get inked on their wrist or the upper back. The tattoo is not big, but it looks stylish. If you are inspired by this tattoo, you can try it!

Red Wave And Moon Tattoo

34. Sleeve Red Tattoo

If you love to have tattoos all over your hands, then this tattoo is perfect for you! This tattoo can cover your entire arm with a combination of red and black ink. You will look super hot if you have this tattoo on your arm.

Sleeve Red Tattoo

35. Small Red Tattoo

Small snake tattoos are popular among both men and women, as they are a suitable design for just about any part of the body. Choosing a small tattoo such as a snake can be very significant in the wearer’s life, or it can be a beautiful work of art. The snake is a symbol of rebirth, change, healing and fertility. Small snake tattoos also represent wisdom and creation.

Small Red Tattoo

36. Snake Red Tattoo

The snake red tattoo is a good choice if you want to immortalize your love. It will look great on your shoulder or on your hand. It can be used to cover scars or other unwanted marks on the body. Try to place it in a place where you have enough room for it. You can have it large or small and have it done in any color combination you like.

Snake Red Tattoo

37. Spine Red Tattoo

The spine flower red tattoo is another popular tattoo that represents rebirth, change and fertility. This design is perfect for those who want to express their affection for nature through their skin art. If you are thinking about getting this type of tattoo then you should consider having it done in a bright red color with some other colors added.

Spine Red Tattoo

38. Tiny Red Tattoo

This tattoo is so amazing, it’s hard to believe that it’s done in just red ink! The design and the placement are perfect, but what makes this tattoo truly amazing is the shading – it makes the butterfly look like it’s fluttering right off of your skin!

Tiny Red Tattoo

39. Underboob Red Tattoo

If you love plants and nature, this underboob leaf tattoo might be perfect for you. This tattoo is small and subtle enough to be hidden if necessary, but still gorgeous enough to put on display.

Underboob Red Tattoo

40. Behind The Ear Red Tattoo

Last but not least we have this dragon tattoo at the back of the ear. This tattoo is great because it’s unique, small, and can easily be shown off or hidden as necessary. With its bright red color, there’s no way that anyone will miss noticing this cool little dragon!

Behind The Ear Red Tattoo


Is red ink safe for tattoo?

Yes, red ink is safe for tattoo. But it can also cause an allergic reaction in some people, according to a new study. Red ink is the most popular color used in tattoos, and while it's safe for most people, there is an increased risk of sensitivity to the ink. For some, it can spark a potentially serious allergic reaction, turning the tattoo experience into a nightmare.

Why do people get red tattoo?

It has been used since the beginning of mankind to symbolize blood, fire, and love. Red is also considered to be a sign of power, strength, and courage. It is believed that red tattoos give courage to those who wear them.


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