35 Best Flame Tattoo ideas For Men And Women

Flame tattoos are a popular choice for many tattoo lovers. They can be designed in different sizes, colors and shapes. The flame tattoos may be drawn in different styles as well. From small flames to large ones, from realistic flames to cartoonish ones and from black flames to blue flames, the designs are endless.

Flame tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs today. They are also very easy to design and there are many different sizes, colors and styles to choose from. Flame tattoos can be used to symbolize different things depending on the color chosen. The flame effect can also be done in several different ways including showing a single flame or multiple flames.

Flame tattoos can be done in many different ways. The flame tattoo is a very popular design choice for women and men alike. It is a symbol of passion and love in many cultures, but mostly it represents strength and power. It is a very bold choice to get a flame tattoo on your body, so make sure you are ready for it!

1. Behind The Ear Flame Tattoo

The behind the ear flame tattoo is a great choice for those who want to show off their love for tattoos, but not too much. This tattoo can easily be covered up with hair if you are not comfortable with it being seen by others. It’s also a good idea to consider having a small flame tattoo placed on your ear in case you later decide that you would like to get more tattoos!

Behind The Ear Flame Tattoo

2. Black Flame Tattoo

The black flame tattoo is a symbol of strength and determination. This tattoo is also a symbol of freedom and independence. It represents the burning passion that one feels for their life and the desire to do something with it. It is also a symbol of inner strength and self-control.

Black Flame Tattoo

3. Blue Flame Tattoo

Blue flames have always been associated with water, which is why this tattoo has become popular among people who are fond of swimming or those who like to be near water bodies such as lakes, rivers or seas. It can also represent an emotional connection to someone who has passed away, especially if there was an accident near water bodies where they might have drowned.

Blue Flame Tattoo

4. Butterfly Flame Tattoo

Butterfly flames tattoos are mostly done on the back, arm or leg. The butterfly tattoo is made from small and large flames with red and yellow colors on a black background. The butterfly flame tattoo looks very beautiful when it is placed on the upper part of your arm or leg. The butterfly flame tattoo can also be done in different colors like blue, purple or green to give it a different look.

Butterfly Flame Tattoo

5. Feminine Flame Tattoo

A feminine flame tattoo is a very feminine design that looks great on women of all ages. The main difference between a masculine and feminine flame is the shape of the flames themselves. Feminine flames are rounder and softer than masculine flames which tend to be sharper and more angular. The feminine designs also tend to have more detail and shading than masculine designs do as well.

Feminine Flame Tattoo

6. Flame Tattoos For Women

Women tend to choose flame tattoos that are more feminine in nature, such as butterflies or flowers with flames around them. This is especially true if they’re getting a tattoo on their body somewhere other than their legs or arms, where most flame tattoos reside. For example, some women choose to get a heart shaped flame tattooed onto the back of their neck or near their earlobe as a way of showing love for someone close to them.

Flame Tattoos For Women

7. Fire Tattoo Designs

There are many different types of Fire Tattoos that you can choose from as well as several different colors that you can use for your design. You can choose from red flames, orange flames or even yellow flames when choosing your design for your tattoo artist so make sure you go over everything with them before getting started with your tattoo design!

Fire Tattoo Designs

8. Fire Tattoos

Fire tattoos are great for those who want to express their desire for passion and warmth. Fire tattoos symbolize bravery, strength, determination and courage. Fire tattoos can be worn by both men and women and are suitable for every body part including legs, arms, shoulders etc.

Fire Tattoos

9. Flame Ankle Tattoo

An ankle flame tattoo is a popular choice for men and women alike. The ankle area is one of the areas where you can get an attractive flame tattoo without showing too much skin. This design usually covers the entire ankle area but sometimes only covers half of it. A flame ankle tattoo can be done in any color combination but it’s best if you stick with red, yellow and orange for this design since those are the colors associated with flames.

Flame Ankle Tattoo

10. Flame Arm Tattoo

An arm tattoo is the most common place for flame tattoos because it’s visible almost everywhere you go. It’s also a good spot if you want to show off your new ink to everyone! If you’re thinking about getting an arm tattoo, check out our collection of designs below! This will give you some ideas on what kind of flames you like best before getting inked up!

Flame Arm Tattoo

11. Flame Back Tattoo

Flame tattoos can be placed just about anywhere on the body but they look especially good on the back, chest, or arms. A flame back tattoo can represent a phoenix rising from the ashes or a warrior ready for battle. It can also symbolize strength in the face of adversity or overcoming one’s inner demons.

Flame Back Tattoo

12. Flame Belly Tattoo

A flame belly tattoo is usually placed on the lower stomach area, but can be placed anywhere on your body if you want to display your love for someone special. Flame belly tattoos are typically done in black ink, but there are also other colors available for this type of tattooing. A flame belly tattoo can be added to any design that you like, such as stars or hearts, butterflies or flowers.

Flame Belly Tattoo

13. Flame Butt Tattoo

Flame butt tattoos are one of the most popular versions of flame tattoos. These tattoos are often done on the lower back or buttocks to create an illusion of fire blazing across the skin. This is a very common design, but it can be done in any color or shade that you choose. The flames may be solid or they may have an outline of some sort. They can also be colored with any shade you prefer, including black, blue, red, yellow, green and purple.

Flame Butt Tattoo

14. Flame Chest Tattoo

Flame chest tattoos are another common type of flame tattoo design that features flames coming out of your chest area towards your shoulders. These types of designs can be done in any color that you want, but they’re often done in shades such as reds or blues because those colors look great when merged together on such a large area of skin like your chest or back.

Flame Chest Tattoo

15. Flame Date Tattoo

The flame date tattoo is a unique tattoo that expresses love and commitment. The flame date tattoo is commonly seen as a couple’s tattoo because it represents their love for each other. If you get this kind of tattoo, make sure you get it with someone who has similar values, values like loyalty and commitment. This design is simple yet effective when it comes to expressing feelings towards another person.

Flame Date Tattoo

16. Flame Dragon Tattoo

The flame dragon tattoo is a very popular tattoo design. It depicts a dragon with wings and the head of a horse. The flames can be seen on its back and tail. The dragon is one of the most powerful creatures in the Chinese culture and mythology. It represents courage and strength. A flaming dragon tattoo design symbolizes power, beauty, wisdom, strength and prosperity.

Flame Dragon Tattoo

17. Flame Finger Tattoo

A flame finger tattoo is usually done in black ink and it looks very cool on the fingers. This type of tattoo design is suitable for people with small hands as they will not look too big on them. The flame finger tattoo can be designed in different ways, like a simple outline, a detailed design or even a realistic one.

Flame Finger Tattoo

18. Flame Hand Tattoo

A flame hand tattoo is a very popular tattoo design that is often used as an outline or as a filled in tattoo. A flame hand will typically start at the wrist area and will continue up the arm until it reaches the shoulder area. The flames on the hand will typically be red in color but they can also be orange or yellow depending on how bright you want them to look in your final design.

Flame Hand Tattoo

19. Flame Heart Tattoo

A flame heart tattoo is one of the most popular types of flame tattoos. It can be placed on any part of the body that you like; however, it usually appears on the forearm or upper arm. One advantage of having this type of tattoo is that it looks good no matter how old you are or what kind of clothes you wear.

Flame Heart Tattoo

20. Flame Hip Tattoo

A flame hip tattoo is a great way to show off your favorite tattoo. It’s also an excellent way to show off your love for fire and flames. A flame hip tattoo can be placed either on the right or left side of your body and it will look great no matter what size it is. If you have no other tattoos on your body then this could be a good place to start because it should be easy to hide if needed.

Flame Hip Tattoo

21. Flame Leg Tattoo

Flame leg tattoos are one of the most popular flame tattoo designs. They can be placed anywhere on the leg and still look amazing. The best place to put a flame leg tattoo would be on the back of your calf or behind your knee. If you’re going to get a flame leg tattoo make sure that it’s not too big so that it doesn’t overwhelm your leg.

Flame Leg Tattoo

22. Flame Neck Tattoo

The first example is a simple flame neck tattoo. Flame tattoos like this are often done in red ink and look great on men or women alike. This particular design is small and simple, but it still has a lot of detail to it which makes it look very realistic and beautiful.

Flame Neck Tattoo

23. Flame Tattoo Designs

Flame tattoos are usually made out of red ink or black ink. A flame tattoo is usually made of a single line but there are also some that have more than one line and they also have designs inside them like stars and other shapes. The flames in your tattoo may be curved or straight, they may be short or tall as long as they look like flames.

Flame Tattoo Designs

24. Flame Tattoo ideas

Flame tattoos are a great way to show your passion for something, whether it’s fire, love or just how awesome you are. The flame tattoo design is simple and bold, representing energy and heat. Flame tattoos can be used as an image on the body, or just as a symbol of what you stand for.

Flame Tattoo ideas

25. Flame Tattoos For Men

Flame tattoos for men are very popular because they look great on both arms and legs. Men also have a lot of other options when it comes to flame tattoo designs for men because there are so many different colors available today. Red flames are still the most common color choice when it comes to flame tattoos, but there are also black flames as well as blue flames and even purple flames available if you want something different than red flames.

Flame Tattoos For Men

26. Flame Thigh Tattoo

Flame thigh tattoos can be applied anywhere on your thigh, but they are most commonly seen on women’s legs near their knees. These tattoos look great when paired with other designs such as flowers, hearts or butterflies for added impact. Flame thigh tattoos can also be done around your entire leg if you want to cover more skin area without having too much empty space between designs.

Flame Thigh Tattoo

27. Flame Wrist Tattoo

Another example is a flame wrist tattoo. These types of tattoos are very popular with both men and women because they can be easily hidden underneath clothing if you want them to be unseen at all times. However, if you’re going out somewhere special then why not show off your new flame tattoo? This particular design has been done in yellow ink which looks great against the skin tone of whoever wore it originally!

Flame Wrist Tattoo

28. Flames On Wrist Tattoo

The wrist area is one of the most popular places for people to get flame tattoos because it is small enough to fit on any part of the wrist without taking up too much space. A flame tattoo on your wrist can represent passion, determination or courage depending on how you want it to look like.

Flames On Wrist Tattoo

29. Forearm Flame Tattoo

A forearm flame tattoo is a popular choice for many people because it’s a large piece of body art that covers half or more of the arm from wrist to elbow. This type of tattoo is also incredibly easy to hide under long sleeves if someone does not want their flames showing at all times! Forearm flames are typically done in black ink only because they tend to blend into the rest of your skin tone better than other colors would.

Forearm Flame Tattoo

30. Matching Flame Tattoo

Matching flame tattoos are a great way for couples to express their love for each other. Having matching tattoos shows commitment and partnership between two people who love each other deeply. When one person gets a matching flame tattoo then their partner should also get one because it sends out a message that they both believe in something together as a couple.

Matching Flame Tattoo

31. Red Flame Tattoo

Red is considered as one of the strongest colors because it represents power, warmth, passion and strength among many other things that make up our world today. Red flames represent intense passion which is why they’re often used in weddings because they symbolize love between two people who will spend eternity together creating new memories every day of their lives.

Red Flame Tattoo

32. Rose On Fire Tattoo

The rose on fire tattoo design is a beautiful design that shows flames coming from the center of the rose flower. It has been designed with great detail and color combination. The red roses with orange flames make this tattoo design unique and attractive at the same time. The flames look like they are coming out from under the flower petals which gives an illusion that they are burning up inside too!

Rose On Fire Tattoo

33. Simple Flame Tattoo

Simple flame tattoos look great on any part of the body but they tend to look better on larger pieces of skin such as the arms and legs because they can cover more area without looking too busy or complicated. If you want a simple flame tattoo, then consider getting an image that represents something special to you such as love or friendship. You can also get an image that represents something negative such as hate or revenge if that is what you wish to accomplish with this particular design choice!

Simple Flame Tattoo

34. Small Flame Tattoo

A small flame tattoo is a great option for anyone who wants to add a little bit of fire to their skin. If you have never had any type of body art before and are looking for something small and simple, then this might be the way to go. You can get a small flame tattoo on just about any part of your body, but it is most commonly placed near the ankle or wrist area.

Small Flame Tattoo

35. Twin Flame Tattoo

The twin flame tattoo is another popular choice when it comes to fire ink tattoos. The twin flames represent soulmates who have been separated by death or distance but are destined to be together again at some point in their lives. You can customize your twin flame tattoo with different colors, shapes and sizes depending on how large you want the flames to appear on your skin surface!

Twin Flame Tattoo


What does a flame tattoo mean?

Flame tattoos can mean many things to different people. Some people have them because they like how they look, while others get them because they wish to express themselves through body art. Some people choose these designs because they want something meaningful that they can keep with them forever.

What do flame tattoos symbolize?

Flame tattoos are a common choice for many people. They are often chosen to symbolize strength and courage, but sometimes people also get them because they like the way it looks.


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