Neck Tattoos for Women and Men

The nape is a part of the body that has become very popular with people who want to get a tattoo. The designs look amazing and there are so many inspirational ideas for tattoos that draw attention to the neck and always leave a visible message. In our gallery you will find some of the most popular designs and some ideas that will definitely inspire you when choosing your next tattoo.

Female Neck Tattoo ideas

mini pembe ense dövmeleri

dövmeler ense kız roma rakamları

lotus çiçeği ense dövmeleri

dövmeler ense kadın mandala

The options for tattoos on the neck of women are very diverse. The designs range from flowers to numbers or expressions, to symbols such as the heart representing love, the silhouette of an animal that evokes the love of nature, or the lotus flower, which has great symbolic value in the union between the physical world and the world. spirit world.

dövmeler ense kadın oluşturma eller

çiçek ense dövmeleri

minimalist kedi ense dövmeleri

neck tattoos for women and men 61cb00d84b320

kız ilk ense dövmeleri

lotus çiçeği ense dövmesi

The models we feature in our neck tattoos gallery often also deal with initials or names tattooed on the skin to remember important moments or people in our lives forever.

Neck Tattoos for Men

erkekler için boyun dövmeleri

dövmeler ense adam om

dövmeler ense adam orus gözü

dövmeler ense kanatları adam

Erkekler için üçgen boyun dövmeleri

noktacılık adam boyun dövmeleri
Men also choose from a wide variety of designs for neck tattoos with inspirational ideas including tribal designs, arrows, Egyptian symbols or wings. Every tattoo has a history and meaning and the choice will depend on the type of look you want to highlight.

For example, in the gallery we find a very successful design with the pointillism technique, which reminds of the appearance of a lotus flower. This type of tattoos on the neck serves as a reference to the bridge between our physical body and spirit.

Frequently asked questions

In this section of the gallery you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions people ask themselves before getting a tattoo on their neck. Trustworthy? What care should be taken? Review the most common questions to clear any doubts.

Problems and Risks

Tattoos on the neck can be very painful. As always, people’s pain thresholds vary widely, but the area very close to neural networks and bones can make needle vibrations feel even more intense.

Pay close attention to allergic reactions, as the nape is usually a region where the body’s responses to any infection or allergic substance occur quickly.

A very common risk in the tattoo world is the risk of ink affecting our immune system. It is a natural risk from the accumulation of titanium dioxide and other substances in the lymph nodes. Check that the quality of the artist and studio that got you tattooed complies with all health and hygiene measures.

You cannot have an MRI. Due to the presence of metals in the ink, nuclear magnetic resonances cause burns in the tattoo area.

How much does it cost to get a tattoo on the neck?

Prices for a tattoo on the neck will depend mainly on two parameters: the artist or studio that made it, and the size. You can get a neck tattoo done for as little as $30 at a lesser known studio, while a reputable artist may charge up to $300 for a neck tattoo design.

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