35 Best Music Tattoo ideas For Men And Women

Music tattoos are a great way to express your love for music. Whether it’s your favorite song, band or artist, music tattoos can be an awesome way to show off your taste in music. Music notes, record albums and even instruments can make for some really cool tattoos.

Music tattoos are popular among musicians, music lovers and those who just appreciate beautiful art. If you’re looking for a tattoo that expresses your love of music in a unique way, music note tattoos can be a great option for you. A simple black and white music note tattoo is the perfect way to show off your appreciation for music, while more elaborate designs can make a statement about your personality or interests.

Music is an important part of life and it can be a great source of inspiration. If you love music as much as we do, then you should get a music tattoo. Music tattoos are a great way to pay tribute to your favorite artist or band and show off your love for the music they produce. Music tattoos are also the perfect option if you’re looking for a unique tattoo design that will stand out from the crowd.

1. Colorful Music Note Tattoo

The colorful music note tattoo is one of the most popular types of music-themed tattoos. The colorful design is eye-catching and is sure to get people’s attention when you’re out and about. This design can also be used as a temporary tattoo that you can put on any part of your body!

Colorful Music Note Tattoo

2. Forearm Music Tattoo

For many people, music is an important part of their lives so they like having it incorporated into their body art in some way or another. A forearm music tattoo with a guitar or drum set makes for a very cool tattoo design that will look great on anyone who loves playing instruments or listening to music!

Forearm Music Tattoo

3. Geometric Music Note Tattoo

Music notes can be simple or complex depending on what type of music you like best. Some people prefer a simple black ink design with no color while others prefer bright colors like blue, red, yellow or green instead of black. The most common type of geometric music note tattoo is made up of dots that form a circle around a solid line circle or square shape that represents each individual note in a song.

Geometric Music Note Tattoo

4. Guitar Tattoo

Guitar tattoos are probably one of the most common types of music tattoos out there. They’re easy to create and they look great on just about any body part. Most people choose to get them on their arms or legs because those areas are large enough for the entire instrument to fit on them without any problem. If you’re looking for an easy design that will look great and make people ask what it means, this is definitely something you should consider getting done!

Guitar Tattoos

5. Half Sleeve Music Tattoo

A half sleeve music tattoo is one of the most popular designs for music lovers because it allows them to show off their love for music without covering the entire arm area with ink. If you choose this design then there are plenty of different ways that it can look depending on how big it is and what kind of musical notes you choose for your design.

Half Sleeve Music Tattoo

6. Meaningful Music Note Tattoo

A meaningful music note tattoo might be a good choice for someone who has been playing an instrument for years. This is a great way to commemorate the time you have spent learning how to play your instrument of choice. If you want to get a meaningful tattoo that also represents your love of music, consider getting a small music note tattoo on your wrist or ankle.

Meaningful Music Note Tattoo

7. Music Lover Tattoo

A music lover tattoo is another great choice for those who love music. You can get a design that shows off your love for just one type of music or you can get one that shows off all of your favorite artists and bands. You may even choose to have your favorite song lyrics written out on your body so that every time someone reads them they will think about how much you love music!

Music Lover Tattoo

8. Music Note Spine Tattoo

The spine tattoo is often considered the most painful part of the body, but it’s also one of the most popular spots for a music note tattoo. The spine is located at the center of your back and runs from your neck down to just above your butt. A music note spine tattoo can be done in several different ways: with only one music note or several notes, with musical scales and/or musical notes along with other designs such as stars or hearts. If you’re looking for something unique, consider getting a back piece with a violin shaped like an S instead of an actual violin!

Music Note Spine Tattoo

9. Music Note Tattoo Behind Ear

If you’re looking for something unique, a music note tattoo behind your ear could be the perfect choice for you! This design looks great when paired with other ear piercings, so if you already have earrings in this area it will look even better! The only downside is that it may be more difficult to cover up than other designs if you ever decide to get rid of it.

Music Note Tattoo Behind Ear

10. Music Note Tattoo Designs

Music note tattoos can be designed in many different ways according to personal preference and taste. One common design features only one music note that covers most of the arm from shoulder to elbow or from wrist to elbow depending on how large you want it to be. This design is usually done in black ink but may also be done in colors like blue or red if you want something more colorful than traditional black ink.

Music Note Tattoo Designs

11. Music Note Tattoo Ideas

Music note tattoos come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. There are so many different types of music notes that you can choose from when designing your own tattoo. Some people choose to get the classic black and white music notes, while others prefer bold colors like red or blue. There is also the option of having multiple colors or designs on one note if you want something more colorful than just black and white. You could even get a full color design with multiple colored notes if you want a lot going on in your tattoo design.

Music Note Tattoo Ideas

12. Music Note Tattoo On Ankle

Music note tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo choices for both men and women. They come in many different styles, but the most common is a small music note with a stem. Many people choose to get this type of tattoo on their ankle or foot, since it is a relatively small location that can be easily hidden by pants. Some people will also get it on their forearm or wrist, although this is more common among women than men.

Music Note Tattoo On Ankle

13. Music Note Tattoo On Arm

The arm is another popular location for getting music note tattoos. This seems to be particularly common among women, who seem to prefer having these types of tattoos on their arms instead of other body parts like their wrists or ankles. If you want to get an arm tattoo and have been thinking about getting a music note, this may be the best choice for you because there are many different designs that work well in this area.

Music Note Tattoo On Arm

14. Music Note Tattoo On Finger

The first place most people think of when they think of a music note tattoo is on the finger. This is usually done by having a simple black line or outline of a music note on the finger with no color or additional design work done. It’s an easy design that can be placed anywhere on the body, but it would look best on someone who plays an instrument that uses fingers such as the piano or guitar.

Music Note Tattoo On Finger

15. Music Note Tattoo On Hand

The hand is another popular place for people to get musical tattoos. These designs can range from simple outlines similar to those found on fingers, but they may also include some color work and additional features such as flowers or stars that surround the tattoo itself. This type of design can be done anywhere on the hand from below the wrist up to just below the knuckles if desired by the wearer because there are so many different ways for it to look great depending on what you like best!

Music Note Tattoo On Hand

16. Music Note Tattoo On Leg

A music note tattoo on your leg is a great place for this kind of tattoo because it will show off the design without being too obvious. The leg is typically covered up by clothing so most people won’t even notice the music note unless they see it in person or you decide to show them! This makes it an ideal location for those who want a discreet but meaningful tattoo that represents their passion for music.

Music Note Tattoo On Leg

17. Music Note Tattoo On Neck

Music note tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body but the most preferred place is on the neck. This is because it adds beauty to the overall look of the person wearing it. It also makes a great conversation starter when you are out with friends or at work or at school etc.

Music Note Tattoo On Neck

18. Music Note Tattoo On Wrist

Music notes can also be inked on your wrists as well but if you want something unique then go for something other than just plain black ink! Music notes look beautiful when they are accompanied by other designs like stars, hearts etc., which makes them look more vibrant and colorful than they would otherwise be if they were plain black ink alone!

Music Note Tattoo On Wrist

19. Music Note Tattoo

Music note tattoos are popular among musicians and people who love music in general. These tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body and are usually done in black or red ink to make them stand out even more against your skin’s natural color palette. The notes can be placed vertically or horizontally depending on how much space you want them to take up on your body’s canvas.

Music Note Tattoo

20. Music Symbol Tattoo

Music symbol tattoo is another popular choice among music lovers. You can get whatever symbolizes your favorite genre like rock or pop star logo or album cover art as tattoo designs on your body parts like wrist, neck, arm etc.. If you have multiple genres then you can opt for an abstract design with multiple symbols instead of just one specific symbol for each genre.

Music Symbol Tattoo

21. Music Tattoo Designs

Music is an important part of our lives, and it’s no wonder that it inspires musicians to create music. Music brings us together when we’re feeling down, and it can even help us express ourselves if we’re having trouble expressing ourselves with words. Music is therapeutic, therapeutic, and it makes people feel better about their lives.

Music Tattoo Designs

22. Music Tattoo Ideas

There are many different types of music tattoos that you can get. Some people choose to get very simple designs, such as a treble clef or a guitar pick, while others opt for more complex designs with more detail. There are also a number of different colors you can choose from for your music tattoo. The most common colors include black, white and red, but if you’re looking for something more unique then there are plenty of other colors available too!

Music Tattoo Ideas

23. Music Tattoo On Back

Music tattoo on back is one of the most popular music tattoos. Music tattoos are mostly done in black ink. Black color and music have a common bond. Black represents the sadness, depression and darkness in life. And music is also the same which can make you sad or happy depending upon your mood. So, this is one of the reasons for using black ink in music tattoos.

Music Tattoo On Back

24. Music Tattoo On Chest

Music tattoos on the chest are often placed near the heart, not only because of its location but also because of its significance as an indication of emotion. A heart symbolizes love, emotion and passion while also representing how much someone cares about their favorite music artist or genre.

Music Tattoo On Chest

25. Music Tattoo On Thigh

The thighs are another good choice for getting a music tattoo because they are easy to see when wearing shorts or skirts without having to wear anything special to show off your ink work. Thigh tattoos have become very popular lately as more people realize how much skin they have left over after getting all their other tattoos done!

Music Tattoo On Thigh

26. Music Tattoo Sleeve

This is a large piece that covers the entire arm from shoulder to wrist, with various designs and images throughout. Depending on how many songs you want included in your music tattoo sleeve, you can choose from hundreds of different options. Music tattoos sleeves are often done by experienced artists who have several years of experience in tattooing.

Music Tattoo Sleeve

27. Music Tattoo

Music is something that can take you back in time and remind you of a particular moment in your life or even an experience with someone special. It can also be used as a form of therapy when you are feeling down or depressed. Music tattoos are perfect for those who have a deep appreciation for music because they allow you to express yourself in a way that words cannot express.

Music Tattoo

28. Music Tattoos For Females

Music tattoos for females are usually based on their favorite band or musician. A lot of girls get their favorite artists name tattooed on their wrist or ankle, but this isn’t the only way for girls to get inked up with music. Some people like to get small designs such as guitars or drumsticks, while others opt for large sleeves that feature several different images all connected together by a common theme. If you’re looking for some creative ways to get your favorite band’s logo permanently etched onto your skin then check out these cool designs below!

Music Tattoos For Females

29. Music Tattoos For Men

Music tattoos are very popular among men and many people like to get them on their bodies. This type of tattoo is usually done on the upper arms and chest but there are also other places where these can be put such as back, wrist and ankle. The best part about music tattoos is that they have been around since ancient times but it was not until modern times that people started getting them inked on their bodies as a form of expression or an artistic statement.

Music Tattoos For Men

30. Music Tattoos For Women

Women also love to express themselves through music tattoos but there are certain designs which are more suited for them than others. Some women like to get designs that represent their favourite music bands while others prefer those which symbolize love or happiness in life. There are many different types of music tattoos available today so don’t hesitate if you want something unique and special!

Music Tattoos For Women

31. Playlist Music Tattoo

The playlist music tattoo is a great way to honor the musicians who have inspired us throughout our lives. This type of tattoo can also be used to commemorate a special event or occasion such as a concert date or anniversary date. The playlist music tattoo can be designed as an outline with no color or it can be colored in with pastel shades of blue and yellow, which are the colors used by Apple’s iTunes app store logo. The image could also be colored in with red or black to represent popular genres such as country music or rock n roll music.

Playlist Music Tattoo

32. Simple Music Note Tattoo

This is a simple ink design with a single music note on top of it. The beautiful color combination makes this tattoo stand out from others in its category. If you like simple tattoos and want something unique, then this is the perfect choice for you. You can also add other designs to make your tattoo more attractive and colorful.

Simple Music Note Tattoo

33. Small Music Note Tattoo

A small music note tattoo is the most common type of this style of tattoo because it’s easy to fit into any size space on your body. It’s also one of the most popular designs for women who like to show off their love for music with a simple design that doesn’t take up much room on their bodies.

Small Music Tattoo

34. Tiny Music Note Tattoo

A tiny music note tattoo is perfect for those who want something small but meaningful on their body. It would look great on your wrist or behind your ear if you want something discreet. A tiny music note tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body as long as it fits your style, but make sure it does not clash with other body art or clothing.

Tiny Music Note Tattoo

35. Watercolor Music Note Tattoo

This is another style that works well with any type of ink and color scheme. The watercolor look gives off an artistic vibe and can be customized based on preference. You can choose from a variety of colors or even add multiple colors at once for an even more vibrant effect! If you’re looking for something simple but still fun, then this may be the perfect option for you!

Watercolor Music Note Tattoo


What does a music note tattoo mean?

A music note tattoo can represent a number of different things. It can represent your love for music, the instrument you play, or even your dreams of becoming a famous musician one day. Music notes are also used as symbols for love and friendship. Some people also incorporate them into their wedding vows or as symbols of unity with their significant other.

Can i listen to music while getting a tattoo?

Yes! You should always ask your tattoo artist before playing any type of music during the procedure though. Some artists will allow you to play your own music while they work on you, but others don't want anything distracting them while they're focusing on their work.


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