42 Best Medusa Tattoo ideas For Women And Men

Medusa tattoos are popular among both men and women. For men, they’re often used as a way to show off their masculinity by displaying their strength and power over others. For women, they’re often used as symbols of strength and independence when they want to break free from traditional gender roles or express themselves in ways that aren’t accepted by society at large.

Medusa tattoos are very popular among women, especially in the Western world. Medusa is a Greek mythology monster, who has a face of a monster and snakes for hair. She lives in the underworld and is known for turning people into stone if they look at her face. Medusa tattoos can have different meanings depending on the design. However, most people get them for their beauty and style. The tattoo can be done in many different ways such as watercolor, black and gray or color.

Medusa tattoo designs are very popular among women. They are not just beautiful, but also very powerful and meaningful tattoos. This is why more and more women decide to get this tattooed on their body. Medusa has been a symbol of feminine power since ancient times. It represents the evil side of women and their ability to seduce men. Medusa is often portrayed as an evil creature that tries to kill men, but also as an important goddess who protects women from harm.

1. Badass Medusa Tattoo

If you want to show off your badass side, then this type of Medusa tattoo might be exactly what you’re looking for. This tattoo features an angry Medusa with snake hair and blood dripping from her mouth, which gives it an edgy look that’s perfect for those who want something more than just a pretty design on their bodies.

Badass Medusa Tattoo

2. Black Medusa Tattoo

A black medusa tattoo is a great choice if you want something dark and edgy that people won’t be able to miss when they look at your skin. Black ink can add an element of drama to any design, so this tattoo style works well with other dark designs like skulls or demons. If you’re looking for a bold look that’s guaranteed to turn heads, this is one way to do it!

Black Medusa Tattoo

3. Colorful Medusa Tattoo

Medusa tattoos can be colorful and vibrant or they can be black and grey with a few colors incorporated into them. A colorful Medusa tattoo will look great on any body part, but it looks especially good on your back or shoulder blades. If you want to get a colorful Medusa tattoo, make sure that you do not get too many colors added to the design because it may end up looking like an abstract piece instead of a realistic one.

Colorful Medusa Tattoo

4. Feminine Medusa Tattoo

A feminine Medusa tattoo is usually done in black ink with an outline that makes it pop off your skin more than a solid black color would do. A feminine Medusa tattoo will usually have smaller lines than a masculine one does and there’ll be less detail inside the snake heads’ mouths so they don’t look too scary when they’re closed up tight around your wrist or ankle or wherever else you choose to get this tattoo done.

Feminine Medusa Tattoo

5. Flower And Medusa Tattoo

One way to incorporate flowers into your Medusa tattoo is by placing them behind her head or on top of it like hair. Flowers are often associated with women, which makes them perfect for this type of design element. You could also choose to place flowers around the body of the snake or between its fangs to give the design more detail and make it more interesting to look at when you see it on someone else’s body.

Flower And Medusa Tattoo

6. Forearm Medusa Tattoo

One of the most popular places to get a tattoo is the forearm. It’s also one of the easiest places to hide your ink, since it’s covered by sleeves and gloves. Forearm tattoos tend to be big, bold and colorful, so they can make a statement on their own, but they also look great when combined with other tattoos or just by themselves.

Forearm Medusa Tattoo

7. Medusa Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are often small and delicate, making them perfect for those who want something pretty but don’t have much space to work with. Ankle tattoos can be very feminine or masculine, depending on what style you choose. They’re also incredibly versatile whether you’re looking for something elegant or fun and flirty, there’s an ankle tattoo for everyone!

Medusa Ankle Tattoo

8. Medusa Arm Tattoo

A Medusa arm tattoo can be of the entire head or just the face and eyes. The eyes of Medusa are usually very large and bulging outwards with an evil expression on her face. The snake hair is usually depicted as curling around her head, neck and shoulders while she stares down at you with her piercing gaze that turns men into stone!

Medusa Arm Tattoo

9. Medusa Back Tattoo

A Medusa back tattoo is a great idea for men or women who want to get a back tattoo that shows off their personality and interests. The back is an easy place to put your tattoo because it isn’t as visible as other parts of the body, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be just as beautiful! You can also get a full back piece with several different designs, so make sure that you pick a design that will look amazing on your back!

Medusa Back Tattoo

10. Medusa Butt Tattoo

For those of us who love tats but hate the idea of having our backs covered in ink, here’s an alternative! This Medusa butt tattoo is cute and girly – perfect for those who like their badasses with a feminine touch! It features a simple design with just enough detail to make it stand out without being overdone.

Medusa Butt Tattoo

11. Medusa Calf Tattoo

The Medusa calf tattoo is very popular among women who want to show their strength and power. The Medusa calf tattoo can be done in many different ways; it can be drawn with just one snake head or multiple snake heads on both calves. Some people also choose to get a full-body image of Medusa on their calves, which is quite bold but looks incredible.

Medusa Calf Tattoo

12. Medusa Chest Tattoo

The Medusa chest tattoo is a beautiful design that can be done in many different styles and colors. The most popular way to get it done is by using traditional black and grey or color ink, but there are many other options available for those who want something different from what everyone else has seen before. You can also combine other images into your chest tattoo design so that it’s not just about the Medusas head anymore but also about other parts of her body such as snakes or wings.

Medusa Chest Tattoo

13. Medusa Eyes Tattoo

This is a very popular tattoo design, which can be done in several different ways. You can get Medusa’s eyes on your arms, legs or back. If you want something smaller and more discreet, you can get an outline of her eye instead of an entire face.

Medusa Eyes Tattoo

14. Medusa Forearm Tattoo

A Medusa tattoo on your forearm will look great if you have short or long sleeves. It looks good from every angle and it’s easy to hide it when you are not wearing the right clothes. Medusas arm tattoos can be small or large, depending on your preference. I would recommend getting something like this inked on your outer arm so that you can show it off without having to worry about hiding it at work or school.

Medusa Forearm Tattoo

15. Medusa Hand Tattoo

A Medusa hand tattoo is perfect for those who want to get a full body piece but don’t want it to be too big or too expensive because they don’t have enough money or space on their bodies for one big tattoo design. A hand Medusa tattoo is easy to hide with gloves during winter so that you won’t have to worry about people seeing it all the time!

Medusa Hand Tattoo

16. Medusa Head Tattoo

The Medusa head is probably the most common tattoo design that you can get. It can be done in many different ways, such as just her face with snakes for hair, or the entire body of Medusa, including wings and tail. The Medusa head can also be incorporated into other designs such as a sleeve or chest piece.

Medusa Head Tattoo

17. Medusa Leg Tattoo

One style of Medusa tattoo that has become very popular is the leg tattoo. This style is often done in black ink and can be placed anywhere on the leg such as on top of the ankle or just below it all the way down to the knee area depending on how large you want your design to be. Some artists will do different color variations too including red, green and blue which look great when added into an already existing black design like this one.

Medusa Leg Tattoo

18. Medusa Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are becoming more popular these days because they can be easily hidden under clothing if you want them out of sight at times. Medusa neck tattoos are usually small but very powerful images that make onlookers stare in awe at their magnificence! The neck tattoo design can be done in many ways since it’s basically just an outline of Medusa’s head or body part with some colors added here and there according to your imagination!

Medusa Neck Tattoo

19. Medusa Neo Traditional Tattoo

The Medusa neo traditional tattoo is one of the most popular styles of this tattoo design. It features a fierce looking female face with snakes for hair, along with wings on her back and claws on her hands. This style can be done in many different colors and shades, such as red or yellow ink.

Medusa Neo Traditional Tattoo

20. Medusa Shoulder Tattoo

The Medusa shoulder tattoo can be an amazing choice if you want to get something which looks beautiful but at the same time has a meaning attached to it as well. The shoulder is an extremely delicate part of your body so it is better not to go for any complex designs here. If you want something simple then try going for this one!

Medusa Shoulder Tattoo

21. Medusa Sleeve Tattoo

A Medusa sleeve tattoo can be done in many ways. The most common design is to show her head with snakes instead of hair. Another design is an entire body shot of Medusa with snakes all over her body. You can also have parts or all of your arms covered with tattoos of the Gorgon’s head or body shots.

Medusa Sleeve Tattoo

22. Medusa Snake Tattoo

A snake tattoo can represent the Medusa character if it’s done with snake-like features. A snake head with Medusa eyes is one example. Another option would be a snake wrapped around your arm or neck in a way that suggests she’s protecting you.

Medusa Snake Tattoo

23. Medusa Statue Tattoo

If you’re looking for something more unique than just a picture of Medusa, consider getting a statue tattooed on your body. Many artists will create an image of Medusa out of stone or metal and place it on your skin as if it were real. This type of tattoo design is most commonly placed on shoulders and arms, but can be done anywhere on the body.

Medusa Statue Tattoo

24. Medusa Stomach Tattoo

A Medusa stomach tattoo will look great on someone who has a flat belly and an hourglass figure. This tattoo design can be done in any size and color depending on your choice. The most common colors used for Medusa tattoos are red, black and white but other colors can also be used to create different shades of these colors.

Medusa Stomach Tattoo

25. Medusa Tattoo Design

Medusa is a mythical female monster from Greek mythology, most commonly known for her snake-hair and her ability to turn those who looked at her into stone. Medusa was considered an avatar of the goddess Athena who punished the mortal for not paying attention in Athena’s temple.

Medusa Tattoo Design

26. Medusa Tattoo For Girl

The Medusa tattoo design can be used by girls to signify their inner strength, courage and boldness. It will also help them to overcome their fears and become more confident in themselves. Girls can get this tattoo done on their lower back or shoulders so that it can easily be covered when they need to wear short dresses or swimsuits.

Medusa Tattoo For Girl

27. Medusa Tattoo For Guys

Medusa tattoos were once considered more of a feminine tattoo design and were only worn by women. However, this is no longer the case and men are now getting them too. Medusa tattoos are especially popular among guys who want to show off their masculine side but also demonstrate some sensitivity at the same time.

Medusa Tattoo For Guys

28. Medusa Tattoo Ideas

Medusa tattoos can take on many different forms depending on the artist’s interpretation of the mythological character. Some artists choose to create tattoos that show Medusa in her human form while others choose to show her as she was immediately after Perseus decapitated her: with snakes for hair and a gaze that could turn men into stone.

Medusa Tattoo Ideas

29. Medusa Tattoo Meaning

Medusa’s serpentine hair represents wisdom and spirituality, while also symbolizing protection against evil forces. Many people who choose this type of tattoo feel they need protection from something or someone in their life, making it an excellent choice for those who feel they cannot go through life without some sort of defense mechanism in place.

Medusa Tattoo Meaning

30. Medusa Tattoo Stencil

In this section we have collected some awesome Medusa tattoo stencils that you can use to get your own Medusa inspired tattoo done at a local tattoo parlor or at home using tribal ink, sable brush and other tatoo supplies. We hope that these designs will inspire you to get yourself inked up with this amazing mythological creature!

Medusa Tattoo Stencil

31. Medusa Tattoos For Men

Medusa tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs for men. Medusa is a Greek Mythology character who has snakes for hair and turns people into stone with her gaze. The tattoo is a symbol of power and strength, but can also be seen as a sign of being controlled by your past.

Medusa Tattoos For Men

32. Medusa Tattoos For Women

Women can also get this tattoo done on their back or shoulders where it will look great when worn with low-cut dresses or tops in front of others. They can also get this tattoo done on their arms if they want something smaller than the traditional Medusa tattoo designs which are quite large in size and take up a lot of space on your body.

Medusa Tattoos For Women

33. Medusa Thigh Tattoo

A Medusa thigh tattoo will give you an exotic look which is perfect for summer parties or beach vacations where you can show off your new tattoo to everyone around you. A Medusa thigh tattoo can be done in any size depending on how big or small you want it to be but it should be large enough so that people can see it easily when they look at your legs from a distance.

Medusa Thigh Tattoo

34. Minimalist Medusa Tattoo

A minimalist Medusa tattoo is one of the most popular designs out there, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s simple, yet elegant and beautiful enough to catch anyone’s attention. The design consists of just two elements the face of Medusa and her snake hair. You can add some color to make it stand out from the rest of your body art, but keep in mind that this design works best when done in black ink only.

Minimalist Medusa Tattoo

35. Realistic Medusa Tattoo

A realistic Medusa tattoo is a great choice for those who love myths and legends. This girl has an amazing realistic portrait of this beautiful yet terrifying goddess. The artist made sure to capture every detail in her face, including her snake hair and piercing eyes. The shading on this piece shows off the different shades of green and yellow on her skin and allows us to see each strand of hair clearly.

Realistic Medusa Tattoo

36. Sexy Medusa Tattoo

Medusa is a mythical female creature in Greek mythology who had hair of living, venomous snakes. She was said to be the daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, who were sea deities of great power. She was often portrayed as a winged monster with fangs, horns and a speckled belly.

Sexy Medusa Tattoo

37. Simple Medusa Tattoo

This simple design gets straight to the point with no frills or embellishments required! The simplicity of this piece makes it perfect for anyone looking for an understated look without all the fussiness that comes with most other designs. This is also a great choice for someone who doesn’t want something too big or too small the middle ground is where most people land when it comes to sizing up their ink!

Simple Medusa Tattoo

38. Small Medusa Tattoo

This is a great example of how you can do a small Medusa tattoo that looks amazing. The detail on this piece is so good, it looks like it came right off the wall! The artist did a great job creating an image that is both feminine and fierce. This would be a great choice for someone who wants a tattoo but isn’t sure they want to go through with getting one permanently etched into their body.

Small Medusa Tattoo

39. Thigh Medusa Tattoo

The thigh is one of the most common locations for women to get tattoos. The thigh area is large enough to accommodate an intricate design, but small enough so it doesn’t take up too much real estate on your body. A Medusa tattoo on your thigh will look great in any color and any size.

Thigh Medusa Tattoo

40. Traditional Medusa Tattoo

The traditional Medusa tattoo design depicts Medusa with her hair down and snakes around her neck, which was inspired by Greek mythology where she was depicted as a snake-haired gorgon monster who had deadly gaze that could turn men into stone. The traditional Medusa Tattoo design can be placed anywhere on your body but it looks best if placed on your arms, chest or back.

Traditional Medusa Tattoo

41. Hand Medusa Tattoo

A hand medusa tattoo is another great idea because it’s relatively small and easy to hide if necessary. You could also get both hands done if you want to show off your love for mythology even more! A hand meduses tattoo would look great on any part of the body, but especially on the hands themselves since they’re already surrounded by snakes in most depictions of her myth.

Hand Medusa Tattoo

42. Medusa Tattoo Forearm

Medusa has always been a popular subject for tattoos. In this forearm tattoo, Medusa is depicted as an evil looking woman with snakes on her head. The tattoo artist has used some color to create this piece and it looks great on skin!

Medusa Tattoo Forearm


What does a medusa tattoo mean?

The most common meaning behind medusa tattoos is that they represent strength and empowerment. Medusas are strong women who stand up for themselves and don't let anyone walk all over them. Some women get a medusa tattoo because they want to feel more confident or empowered.

What does medusa tattoo symbolize?

The symbol of Medusa has been used in many cultures since ancient times as a protective amulet or talisman against evil spirits and the forces of chaos. Today it is still used as an amulet or talisman against evil forces and evil intentions that may affect one’s life negatively through witchcraft or black magic spells.


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