Finger Tattoos with Designs and Ideas

Woman Finger Tattoos

küçük kadın parmak dövmeleri

dövmeler parmaklar kadın noktaları
Many women choose to tattoo this area of ​​the body with various designs and symbols from the sun, star, moon or some runes or glyphs.

Men Finger Tattoos

adam parmak dövmeleri

parmak dövmeleri adam silahı

siyah beyaz adam parmak dövmeleri
Men also opt for finger tattoos with designs that include diamonds, plants, weapons or tools, among other designs.

Couples Finger Tattoos

çift ​​parmak dövmelerini yutmak

çiftler parmak dövmeleri
Many couples choose to get finger tattoos with related symbols. From pairs of animals to symbols that complement each other when together.

Literature Finger Tattoos

dövmeler parmak harfler sanat
They can be used to create words, abbreviations or names, they look great.

Words Finger Tattoos

dövmeler parmak kelimeleri
Another popular alternative is to use finger tattoos to create important words, ideas or ideas that have a strong meaning that represents a way of life or way of seeing the world.

Animal Finger Tattoos

Small animal designs that represent different personality traits. From courage and wisdom to intelligence and will.

Ring Finger Tattoos

parmak yüzük dövmeleri
Rings in tattoos on fingers are a representation of devotion and unity of people.


Symbol tattoos are very common when looking for inspirational ideas. In this part of the body, symbols tend to look small in size, but have large symbolic value and are easy to do on a small area such as the fingers.

to pass

The cross is mainly a representation of religion and the spiritual world in the Christian religion.

Flower Finger Tattoos

çiçek parmak dövmeleri
Flowers in tattoos on fingers have different meanings, as each flower has its own personality and distinctive features.

Heart Finger Tattoos

kalp parmak dövmeleri

kırmızı kalp parmak dövmeleri
The heart is a symbol of love, tenderness and emotion.

Branches Finger Tattoos

dövmeler parmak dalları
The branches symbolize the bond with people and the power to form meaningful relationships.

Arrow Finger Tattoos

ok parmak dövmeleri

dövmeler parmak okları yan
The arrow is a symbol of protection and courage. It was one of humanity’s first weapons.

Moon Finger Tattoos

ay parmak dövmeleri
The moon in tattoos on the fingers serves to symbolize wisdom, a strong connection with the feminine and spiritual world.

Point Finger Tattoos

parmak dövmeleri
In finger tattoos, dots are used to reflect the completion of a stage or even the writing of the future if there are three-dot designs.

Geometric Finger Tattoos

parmak dövmeleri
Glyphs have a wide variety of meanings, they are ancient symbols representing the forces of nature, values ​​and ideas.

Lotus flower Finger Tattoos

lotus çiçeği parmak dövmeleri

The tattoo on the finger of a lotus flower is a representation of spirituality and the connection between the physical world and the world of thought, ideas and religion.

Viking Runes Finger Tattoos

Viking runes el dövmeleri
Like glyphs, Viking runes have different meanings depending on the design. They are very chosen designs for tattoos on fingers because of their size and the way they are created.

Star Finger Tattoos

yıldız parmak dövmeleri
The stars represent the way forward, the people and ideas that always guide us and exist in our lives.

Frequently asked questions about finger tattoos

In this section, we answer some of the most repeated questions on the forums about tattoos on the fingers.

Frequently asked questions about finger tattoos

✅ Can it be erased over time?

Tattoos on fingers wear more than other parts of the body, but this does not mean that they will be erased. The truth is, they can last for many years, depending on the quality of the ink and skin care. But get used to the idea that you might need to touch them.

? Does it hurt to get a tattoo in that area?

The pain threshold in tattooing on the fingers is medium. But still, it will always depend on the person. For some it will be nothing more than a mild discomfort, for others it can be a much stronger pain. Fingers have many nerve endings, so you may feel more discomfort or itching.

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