30 Beautiful Rib Tattoo ideas For Women in 2023

Rib tattoos for women are one of the most visible places to get a tattoo. The rib area is also one of the most painful places, especially for large and ambitious pieces.

Women tend to prefer smaller tattoos that are more feminine. Women also seem to be more tolerant of the pain, so many choose their ribs as an area to get their first tattoo. A popular choice for women is an image of their children’s names or some other symbol of love, such as flowers or hearts.

Rib tattoos have become popular among girls lately. They are very symbolic and meaningful, and they accentuate your figure perfectly. The ribs are not just bones; the sides of our bodies are full of muscles, making it difficult for an artist to ink them perfectly. Rib tattoos are popular among women and men who want to get a tattoo that is unique, elegant, and meaningful. Getting a ribcage tattoo is quite painful. However, the result is always amazing.

Best Rib Tattoos For Women

1. Cute Rib Tattoo

A cute tattoo is something that everyone loves, regardless if you are a girl or guy! This tattoo design features a simple design with vibrant colors that complement each other well. The tattoo is small enough to not be too noticeable and large enough to grab someone’s attention.

Cute Rib Tattoo

2. Cat Rib Tattoo

There are many different ways that you can design cat tattoos for women. Some designs have a cartoonish look to them, while others are more realistic and detailed. You can also make the tail of your cat tattoo curvy or straight, depending on what you prefer.

Cat Rib Tattoo

3. Compass Rib Tattoo

Compass tattoos are a nod to the traditional tattoos of sailors. They show that you are a person who is adventurous, bold, and willing to travel the world. This tattoo can be done in many different ways, but the most popular compass tattoos for women have an arrow pointing north. This design can also be used with other symbols, such as stars or hearts.

Compass Rib Tattoo

4. Cross Rib Tattoo

Cross tattoos are available in different styles, colors, and designs. You can choose between traditional crosses and modern ones depending on your preference and taste. For example, if you like to wear something subtle, then go for a small cross tattoo with an elegant pattern that complements your overall personality perfectly. If you are someone who likes to have bolder designs on his body parts, then go for bolder crosses with bright colors that add an edge to your personality instantly!

Cross Rib Tattoo

5. Anchor Rib Tattoo

As a symbol of safety, anchor tattoo designs often have other religious symbols like the cross, heart, and rosary beads. They are usually inked on the rib cage. Women are more likely to get this tattoo design than men. The size of an anchor ribcage tattoo can vary depending on the tattoo wearer’s preference.

Anchor Rib Tattoo

6. Angel Wings Rib Tattoo

The angel wing tattoo is a common favorite among women. It is usually inked on the lower ribs and spread out across the ribcage. It is often combined with other elements like flowers or birds to make it look more feminine and beautiful.

Angel Wings Rib Tattoo

7. Butterfly Rib Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are popular among women as they are considered to be a symbol of femininity, delicacy, and beauty. The butterfly rib tattoo is one of the most preferred spots for these types of tattoos because, due to its placement, it makes the body look more slender.

Butterfly Rib Tattoo

8. Dreamcatcher Rib Tattoo

This dreamcatcher tattoo has a very intricate design that will require a professional artist to complete it correctly. It is placed on the right side of her rib cage, making it very easy to hide if she needs to do so at any point in time.

Dreamcatcher Rib Tattoo

9. Elephant Rib Tattoo

The elephant is one of the most popular animals to have on your body as a tattoo. The elephant symbolizes good luck, wisdom, and power, which makes it an excellent choice for someone who is looking for these qualities in their life. This beautiful design comes from an artist named Steve Butcher. The blackwork style of this piece adds a wonderful contrast to the pale skin on which it was drawn.

Elephant Rib Tattoo

10. Geometric Rib Tattoo

The geometric style has been around for years, but it’s still going strong today. This tattoo design will look amazing on anyone who wants to show off their body art in a more subtle way than others might choose.

Geometric Rib Tattoo

11. Lotus Flower Rib Tattoo

A lotus flower tattoo is a popular choice for people looking to get ribcage tattoos. The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty, ultimately symbolizing the ability to rise above the muck of life to bloom into purity and beauty.

Lotus Flower Rib Tattoo

12. Mandala Rib Tattoo

Mandala tattoos are also a popular design for women who want rib tattoos. They are also used as a way to aid meditation and help focus on spiritual and religious matters.

Mandala Rib Tattoo

13. Meaningful Rib Tattoos

There are many reasons why people get meaningful rib tattoos. One of the most common reasons is to honor the memory of someone close to them who has passed on. A tattoo artist will often design a unique tattoo design, especially for someone wanting a meaningful tattoo on their ribs with a strong and poignant message that honors a loved one who has passed on.

Meaningful Rib Tattoos

14. Medusa Rib Tattoos

People who choose Medusa as their style of rib tattoo will often have their favorite color incorporated into the design, such as pink or blue shades in the eyes and hair. The Medusa tattoo can be designed using various colors, shades, and artistic styles, which makes it a popular choice for many people getting a rib tattoo.

Medusa Rib Tattoo

15. Moon Rib Tattoos

The moon is an ancient symbol that has been used throughout history by many different cultures. A moon tattoo can symbolize many things: creativity, intuition, purity, or femininity. It can even represent the entire cycle of life.

Moon Rib Tattoo

16. Mountain Rib Tattoos

Mountain tattoos are a great way to show your love for nature and the outdoors. They can be very simple in design or highly detailed and elaborate. They can also symbolize strength, power, and perseverance.

Mountain Rib Tattoo

17. Owl Rib Tattoos

Owls symbolize wisdom and protection, which makes them extremely popular in tattoo culture. An owl with its wings spread is often used to represent freedom. In some cultures, owls are associated with death because they prey on animals such as mice and rats that were once believed to carry disease.

Owl Rib Tattoo

18. Quote Rib Tattoos

As far as rib tattoo ideas go, quotes are one of the most popular designs for both men and women. Many people choose to get their favorite quote tattooed on their sides. The rib cage provides a large area to work with when creating your own personalized quote tattoo.

Quote Rib Tattoo

19. Rose Rib Tattoos

This is an excellent example of a full-color tattoo that is both elegant and unique. The rose design itself is simple and doesn’t require much artistic skill to replicate. However, if you want to make it more eye-catching like this one, then adding in some color will definitely make a difference. This type of tattoo is perfect for someone who wants their ink to be as stunning as possible.

Rose Rib Tattoo

20. Simple Rib Tattoos

If you want something more subtle than a large colored tattoo, then this minimalist style may be for you. This rib tattoo looks like it has been made from watercolor paint rather than ink, with the faded edges around the flower petals giving it an air of softness. It’s also very small, so you don’t have to worry about the pain!

Simple Rib Tattoo

21. Skull Rib Tattoos

The skull is one of the most common symbols in tattoos, and it’s also one of the most well-loved ones. A skull tattoo can represent death, mortality, or the inevitability of death. It can also represent life after death and rebirth. Skull tattoos are often associated with pirates and sailors due to their frequent use as symbols on flags and other nautical items.

Skull Rib Tattoo

22. Small Rib Tattoos

This is a common idea for those who want something small enough that it won’t be too noticeable every day but is still noticeable enough for people to see when you wear clothes that aren’t form-fitting, like tights or leggings. These tattoos can be anything from birds flying over mountains with clouds above them to flowers blooming in fields below them; there are no limits here except for what you want!

Small Rib Tattoo

23. Snake Rib Tattoos

These tattoos wrap around the torso and are usually drawn in black ink. The snake coils around the body and can be used to symbolize growth, rebirth, or protection.

Snake Rib Tattoo

24. Star Rib Tattoos

Stars are always popular tattoo designs, and they work well on the ribs because they can be easily extended to other parts of the body. These tattoos usually have several points and look best when there are a lot of them, arranged in a pattern along the skin.

Star Rib Tattoo

25. Sun Rib Tattoos

The sun is another popular tattoo design, and it works well along with other images such as stars, moons, or flowers. Many of these tattoos incorporate tribal designs into their outlines, making them perfect for people who like minimalist styles.

Sun Rib Tattoo

26. Sunflower Rib Tattoos

Sunflowers symbolize adoration for the sun and life. Therefore, a sunflower tattoo is a delightful idea for summer ladies who have an affinity for nature and its beauty. These tattoos allow you to express your emotions and personality.

Sunflower Rib Tattoo

27. Tree Rib Tattoos

If you appreciate Mother Nature, a tree rib tattoo is the ideal piece of body art for you. This tattoo will remind you of life’s journey and how important it is to be grateful for what we have. A tree tattoo represents both the strength and fragility of life in different ways.

Tree Rib Tattoo

28. Tribal Rib Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are usually associated with masculinity, but there is no reason why women can’t get them too! Tribal rib tattoos are popular among women because of their attractive designs and unique patterns. They represent cultural significance to those who believe in tribal traditions.

Tribal Rib Tattoo

29. Flower Rib Tattoos

The most popular rib tattoo design is flowers. They can be any kind of flower, from roses to cherry blossoms to daisies, that fits your personality and hobbies. Flower designs also come in various colors and sizes, so you can really get creative with them!

Flower Rib Tattoo

30. Angel Rib Tattoos

In ancient cultures, angels were looked upon as divine messengers of God who protected humankind from harm and evil forces. Hence, angel tattoo designs have a protective quality to them. Angel wings make an excellent ribcage tattoo design because they look both graceful and strong at the same time.

Angel Rib Tattoo


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