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Tiger Tattoo Ideas and Meaning

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Like all animal tattoos, the tiger is deeply symbolic. There is a huge variety of designs that you will see like a black or white tiger, a wild tiger or a cute tiger. In this article, I am going to share tiger tattoo designs and their meanings with them. You will have the opportunity to view several designs pictured below. In the end, I hope you will be able to find ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo design. Tiger mit Vogel und Baum Tattoo am Unterarm When it comes to the animal tattoos, the tiger ranks as one of the best of them. Tigers have been part of the fashion world for years. Their beautiful stripes make them very attractive in the fashion world as arts and tattoos. Although the lion is considered to be the king of the jungle, it is actually the tiger. Most of the tigers live in the dense jungles of Asia. Due to the popularity of their fur coats, they are on the endangered species list. The beauty and symbolism of the tiger makes the deeper very sought after in the tattoo world.

Weiße Bengal-Tiger Tattoo am Brust der Männer

The Bengal and Siberian tigers are absolutely beautiful animals. The Bengal is orange with black stripes while the Siberian is white with black stripes. They are deadly jungle predators. The people who still live in the jungle, where these tigers roam, they have to be constant, vigilant. One of the strengths of the tiger is its ability to hunt and ambush its prey without being detected. The tiger has a very important role in Asian cultures, such as China and Japan. In these cultures, the tiger is associated with the dragon. You can also see tiger tattoos that actually have a dragon on them. Japanese samurai had tigers on their combs.

Tigerkopf Design auf der Bein

As you read earlier, the tiger is an endangered animal. Because of this fact, the tiger tattoo has become very important for those who care about the tiger species and conservation. These people proudly wear the tiger tattoo as a reminder of their work. As of today there are only a few thousand links in the entire world. The species became endangered after humans hunted the animals’ furs.

Thai Tiger Design am Rücken Schwarz und weiß

The tiger can be represented in a variety of different ways. Some show it with a calm expression, while others show it more sternly and dangerously. Many show the tiger in the jungle. Some tiger tattoos will portray only the head of the tiger and others show the whole body.

The Meaning of Tiger Tattoos

There are a variety of different meanings that are associated with the tiger tattoo. Here are some:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Beauty
  • Pride
  • Ferocity
  • Vengeance
  • Caution
  • Courage
  • Passion
  • Independence

Abstract Kleiner Tigerkopf Tattoo am Unterschenkel

Two of the most common meanings associated with the tiger tattoo , are power and strength. In nature, the tiger is the top predator in its environment. The beautiful tiger usually wanders alone. Hence, a tattoo can represent a free spirit or independence. Along with these positive connotations, the tiger can also symbolize danger, revenge or punishment. It can represent the darkness in a person. These meanings are likely associated with the tiger’s aggressive behavior.

Tiger mit Lotusblume Tattoo Design

Tigeraugen Tattoo am Oberschenkel Chinesischer Tiger Tattoo am Oberarm Tiger Design am Oberarm Schwarz und weiß Kleiner Tiger Design am Handgelenk
Tiger mit Schlange Design am Oberarm Schmetterling mit Tiger Tattoo am Rücken Tigerkopf Design am fuß Bunte Tigerkopf Design am Unterarm Aquarell Tiger Tattoo am Oberschenkel Tigerkopf mit Dolch Design auf dem Arm Tiger mit Dolch Design auf dem Arm Tiger mit Blumen Design auf der Bein 3D Tiger Design am Oberarm Tigerkopf Design auf Hand Tigerkopf mit Pfeil Tattoo am Unterarm  Weiße Bengal-Tiger Design auf dem Arm Tribal Tiger Design am Unterarm Tigerkopf Design um den Hals Aquarell Tigerkopf Design am Oberarm Blau Tigerkopf Design Tribal Tiger Design am Rippenbogen Tiger und Feder Tattoo Design Tiger mit Käfer Tattoo auf dem Arm.

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