25 Best Astronaut Tattoos Designs With Meanings

Astronaut tattoos are a popular choice for people who are fascinated by the unknown and love their job. These tattoos are mostly chosen to represent people who are interested in space and travel, but they can also be used to represent your faith or a personal hero.

Astronaut tattoos can be a great choice if you’re looking for a unique design that symbolizes your personality. If you choose an astronaut tattoo, make sure it represents something important to you so that it will be meaningful when you look at it every day.

The history of space travel is a fascinating one, and tattoos about it are just as exciting. Astronauts are some of the bravest men and women on Earth, and they travel into space to explore the unknown. Their journeys are inspiring and awe-inspiring, making them the perfect subject matter for tattoos. Here’s a look at some of the best astronaut tattoos:

1. Astronaut Lady Tattoo

The astronaut lady tattoo is a popular tattoo design for women. It’s a great option for anyone who loves space or has a passion for astronomy. The design shows a woman in an astronaut suit and helmet with a planet and stars behind her. This tattoo can also be done in black and white or colored, depending on your preference.

Astronaut Lady Tattoo

2. Astronaut on the Moon tattoo

There are quite a few different designs for astronaut tattoos that feature the moon as well as other spaceships or planets. Some of these designs include rocketships flying towards or away from the Moon along with astronauts floating around in space suits among other space objects like stars and planets.

Astronaut on the Moon tattoo

3. Astronaut Tattoo on the Arm

This astronaut tattoo is a great idea for people who want to show their love for space and science. It can be done in a variety of colors, such as black and white, or even blue. The design can be made more detailed with stars and planets, or it can be kept simple like this one.

Astronaut Tattoo on Arm

4. Astronaut Tattoo on the Calf

This is another cool idea if you want an astronaut tattoo on your leg. This design has a lot of detail, but it is still easy to read. It features a large rocket ship with wings and an astronaut inside. There are also planets and stars around it that make it look like it’s traveling through space!

Astronaut Tattoo on the Calf

5. Astronaut Tattoo on the Forearm

The forearm is a great place for an astronaut tattoo, especially if you are a fan of space and science. This tattoo is a great way of letting people know that you have a passion for the universe, and it’s also a great conversation starter. The most common type of astronaut tattoo is one that shows an astronaut with his helmet on or off, but there are many other designs available. Some people choose to have the American flag in their design, while others choose to have their favorite planet as part of their tattoo.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Forearm

6. Astronaut Tattoo on the Leg

A leg tattoo can be a good choice if you want to show off your love for space without having too much visible skin covered up by clothing. The legs are easily hidden under pants and skirts, so if you are worried about being judged by others because of your tattoos, then this might be a good place for you to get one! This type of tattoo can be very simple or very elaborate depending on how much time and money you have available for such things.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Leg

7. Astronaut Tattoo on the Shoulder

If you love space and you want to commemorate it in your ink, then get an astronaut tattoo on your shoulder. The shoulder is a great spot for an astronaut tattoo because it’s easy to cover up if you ever want to change it out. Astronaut tattoos can also be placed in other areas of the body like the hip or ankle, so feel free to experiment with different locations.

Astronaut Tattoo on the Shoulder

8. Astronaut Tattoo with Balloons

An astronaut tattoo design with balloons is another fun idea for those who love space and want to include something from earth in their design as well. Balloons represent our planet, which is where we live and where all life originated from according to science.

Astronaut Tattoo with Balloons

9. Astronaut Tattoos For Men

Men tend to choose more masculine astronaut tattoos, such as ones with spaceships, astronauts and planets. Many men also choose to have their name written in script underneath the image of an astronaut. Other popular designs include astronauts standing on the moon’s surface or flying through space in their space suits.

Astronaut Tattoos For Men

10. Astronaut Tattoos For Women

Women also like astronaut tattoos but tend to choose more feminine designs featuring hearts, flowers, butterflies and other images that are more feminine in nature. Some women will choose to get names or initials written on their bodies in front of an image of an astronaut, while others will get images such as flowers or butterflies placed around the name or initials on their bodies.

Astronaut Tattoos For Women

11. Colorful Astronaut Tattoo

If you want to get an astronaut tattoo, but you don’t want to go with a standard design, consider getting one that is colorful instead. This will make it stand out from the crowd and give it a more interesting look.

Colorful Astronaut Tattoo

12. Cool Astronaut Tattoo

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern and stylish, then consider getting one of these cool astronaut tattoos. These designs are perfect if you want to show off your love for space while still being able to express some creativity.

Cool Astronaut Tattoo

13. Death Astronaut Tattoo

Death astronaut tattoos are a popular choice, and they can be done in many different styles. The most common type of death astronaut tattoo is one that shows a human skull wearing an astronaut helmet. This kind of tattoo is usually done in black and white, but it can also be colored to create more detail and realism.

Death Astronaut Tattoo

14. Fishing Astronaut Tattoo

Fishing astronaut tattoos are perfect for those who love fishing, but also want to show off their love for space travel with their body art. These types of tattoos often feature fish that are being caught by astronauts while they’re out fishing in outer space, which makes them unique and fun designs that people will enjoy looking at every day.

Fishing Astronaut Tattoo

15. Funny Astronaut Tattoo

One of the most popular designs that people get done is an astronaut tattoo. This makes sense because astronauts are cool and have superpowers! Plus, you can get a funny astronaut tattoo if you want to make light of your love for outer space. These designs can be worn by men or women, so there’s no need to worry about cultural appropriation when getting an astronaut tattoo.

Funny Astronaut Tattoo

16. Galaxy Astronaut Tattoo

If you really want to show off your love for space travel and all things sci-fi then consider getting a galaxy astronaut tattoo. These tattoos feature bright colors, stars, planets and other celestial objects that will make anyone stop in their tracks when they see your sleeve or leg piece! They’re also great if you want something more subtle but still eye-catching enough to catch someone’s attention.

Galaxy Astronaut Tattoo

17. Geometric Astronaut Tattoo

These tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers. They are usually done in black and gray colors with sharp lines and bold shapes. Geometric astronaut tattoos look best on men’s arms and legs, as they’re not too big and don’t take up too much space.

Geometric Astronaut Tattoo

18. Girl Astronaut Tattoo

The girl astronaut tattoo is one of the most popular female tattoo designs in recent years. It has become so popular because it makes a statement about independence and strength, which are qualities that many women admire in themselves and others.

Girl Astronaut Tattoo

19. Half Sleeve Astronaut Tattoo

An astronaut tattoo on your arm is a great way to tell others about your interest in space travel. One such tattoo is an astronaut riding on a rocket ship into space. This can be done by using simple black ink or by adding some white stars around the design. You could also use color if you wanted to make it more vibrant or pop out from the rest of your body art.

Half Sleeve Astronaut Tattoo

20. Lost Astronaut Tattoo

Lost astronaut tattoos can also be considered as one of the most popular designs for astronauts. The lost astronaut is a symbol that represents human life lost during space travel and exploration. Lost astronaut tattoos are mostly done using black ink with a few accent colors like red or yellow which represents fire.

Lost Astronaut Tattoo

21. Minimalist Astronaut Tattoo

Minimalist astronaut tattoos are rendered with simple lines and geometric shapes to create a minimalist design that isn’t overly complicated. The designs can be rendered in black and white or with one color outline around the lines. These minimalist designs can be great for people who want to keep things simple without being boring!

Minimalist Astronaut Tattoo

22. Realistic Astronaut Tattoo

Realistic astronaut tattoos are often more detailed than minimalist ones, but they’re not necessarily better or worse than each other, it just depends on what you like! Some people prefer realistic images because they look more like what they see in real life, while others prefer minimalism because it’s simpler and less busy than some realistic images can be. Realistic images might include astronauts wearing their space suits or even flying through space towards Earth in their spaceships!

Realistic Astronaut Tattoo

23. Skull Astronaut Tattoo

An astronaut skull tattoo is often accompanied by other space-themed designs, such as planets and stars. The skull is usually black or gray in color, but it can also be colored with bright colors like blue or red. Some people choose to have the skull’s eyes filled in and its teeth replaced with metal braces so it looks more realistic.

Skull Astronaut Tattoo

24. Small Astronaut Tattoo

A small astronaut tattoo is a great choice for anyone looking for a unique design that doesn’t take up too much space on their body. Small astronaut tattoos can be placed on any part of the body including the arms, legs, chest or back. They are also typically done in black ink only so they don’t stand out too much from your skin tone when they heal up.

Small Astronaut Tattoo

25. Watercolor Astronaut Tattoo

These watercolor astronaut tattoos are a great way to show your love of space and the cosmos. The idea behind these tattoos is that they look like they are being drawn with colored pencils or crayons. This gives them a really cool effect and makes them stand out from other tattoo designs.

Watercolor Astronaut Tattoo


What does an astronaut tattoo mean?

Astronaut tattoos are usually associated with space exploration and the stars. They are also often used to show a love of travel and adventure, or to symbolize the individual's dreams of going into space.

What does an astronaut tattoo symbol?

The astronaut tattoo symbolizes the adventurous and fearless attitude towards life. It also symbolizes the quest for knowledge and space exploration. The tattoo is also for those who want to travel more and explore new places on earth or space.


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