25 Stunning Gem Tattoo Designs With Meaning

Gem tattoos are one of the most beautiful types of body art. They are also extremely popular with both women and men. Gem tattoos can be placed on various parts of your body, including the arms, legs, chest, back, shoulders and even the face.

Gem tattoos come in many different colors and designs, including diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Gem tattoo designs can be made to look like a cut gemstone if you want something more realistic or they can be stylized into abstract designs if you prefer something more symbolic or artistic.

Gem tattoos are a great way to show your devotion for a loved one. These tattoos can be inked on any part of the body and can be designed from simple to intricate. The gem tattoos have been popular among women because they are very feminine and dainty. They can also be made as temporary or permanent depending on the artist and their work.

1. Diamond Gem Tattoo

Diamond tattoos are one of the most popular gemstone tattoos. They come in a variety of colors and have a lot of different meanings. Diamonds symbolize perfection and purity, so they can be used to represent innocence and purity as well as elegance and sophistication. They can also be used to honor loved ones who have passed away.

Diamond Gem Tattoo

2. Gem Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are a very popular choice for women because they can easily be hidden by shoes and socks. Many people choose ankle tattoos because they are small enough that the tattoo artist doesn’t need to use an outline, which makes them quick and easy to do without taking up too much space on your body. The most common ankle tattoo designs include butterflies, fairies, hearts and other symbols that represent love or femininity.

Gem Ankle Tattoo

3. Gem Arm Tattoo

The gem arm tattoo is a popular choice for women who want to get inked. It’s not just because it looks pretty, but also because it can be used as an accessory to any outfit or outfit combination that you want to wear. If you want to look good, then there is no better way than getting yourself a gem arm tattoo!

Gem Arm Tattoo

4. Gem Back Tattoo

The Gem Back Tattoo is a very popular choice among women because it is easily concealed by clothing and can be worn with almost any outfit combination that you may choose to wear on any given day. The best part about this kind of tattoo is that you don’t have to wear anything special when going out with friends or family members; everyone will know that you have one but not exactly where it is located on your body!

Gem Back Tattoo

5. Gem Chest Tattoo

A gem chest tattoo is a popular way to show off your love for gems and jewelry. The design can be as simple as choosing one type of gemstone and placing it on your chest, or you can go more extravagant and use several different types of gems. This style is usually done in color, but it can also be done in black and white.

Gem Chest Tattoo

6. Gem Cross Tattoo

A cross tattoo is a popular symbol that represents faith and hope among most religions and faiths. If you want to get one as part of your religious beliefs then this would be the perfect design for you! It can also represent things like love between two people or even just general happiness in life.

Gem Cross Tattoo

7. Gem Crown Tattoo

A gem crown tattoo is a popular choice for women who want to get inked. This style can be made from any number of gems such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. The most popular gem crown tattoos are those that feature jewels like diamonds and rubies. The main reason for this is the fact that these gems are associated with royalty and luxury. If you want to show off your wealth, then it makes sense to choose a gem crown tattoo design.

Gem Crown Tattoo

8. Gem Flower Tattoo

Flowers have always been used to express love and beauty. They are also one of the most popular designs for tattoos because they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and types of materials. A gem flower tattoo is a combination of these two elements which were combined together to create something beautiful. The best part about getting a gem flower tattoo is that you can choose any type of flower you want, whether it’s an orchid or rose or even hibiscus ones!

Gem Flower Tattoo

9. Gem Foot Tattoo

Gem Foot Tattoos are popular because they are beautiful and classy. These tattoos are usually small, but they can be large if you want to make an impact. They are usually done in black ink, but there are many different colored gems that you can use in these tattoos as well.

Gem Foot Tattoo

10. Gem Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is a great place for a gem tattoo because it is large enough for the design to be noticed, but not so big that it will take up too much of your body space. You can get a small gem tattoo on your forearm or you can get one bigger than one quarter of an inch in diameter! If you want to get one that is larger than this size, then it should be placed on the inside of your arm where it won’t be seen by others when you wear short sleeves.

Gem Forearm Tattoo

11. Gem Hand Tattoo

One of the most common places to get gem hand tattoos is on your hands. This is because your hands are always visible so people can see them easily. There are many different styles of gem hand tattoos that you can choose from such as hearts, flowers or even stars. You can also get different colors for these designs including red, blue, yellow and green depending on what type of gem you want to represent in your tattoo design.

Gem Hand Tattoo

12. Gem Lace Tattoo

Another type of gem tattoo that is becoming popular among women is lace designs on their bodies such as their arms or legs. These designs have been around for years but have recently become very popular due to celebrities wearing them at red carpet events and other special occasions like weddings or prom nights where they want to look extra.

Gem Lace Tattoo

13. Gem Leg Tattoo

Gem tattoos for legs are very popular among women. Some people prefer to have small gem designs on their legs while others like to have larger designs that cover their entire leg. The most common color for gem leg tattoos is blue, but there are other colors available as well (red, green, yellow).

Gem Leg Tattoo

14. Gem Lion Tattoo

Lion tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs out there because lions symbolize strength and power. If you want to get a lion tattoo then consider getting one that has gems in it, especially if you plan on having this tattoo placed somewhere visible like your back or chest area.

Gem Lion Tattoo

15. Gem Moon Tattoo

Moon tattoos are very popular among women because they represent femininity, beauty and love. Moon designs can be incorporated into any tattoo design, but they look especially good in tribal moon tattoos. Tribal moon designs often incorporate stars or other celestial objects into their designs as well.

Gem Moon Tattoo

16. Gem Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos are another type of flower that is commonly used in tattoo artistry because roses symbolize beauty, love and purity. Roses come in many different colors including red, pink, yellow, orange and white which makes them easy to incorporate into any design idea you may have in mind!

Gem Rose Tattoo

17. Gem Shoulder Tattoo

A gem shoulder tattoo is a great way to show off your personality and style. Gem tattoos are often intricately designed with lines and shapes that resemble the look of a gemstone. These types of tattoos can be placed almost anywhere on the body, but they are most commonly located on the shoulders or upper back area.

Gem Shoulder Tattoo

18. Gem Sleeve Tattoo

Gem sleeve tattoos are one of the most popular designs for women and men alike. This type of tattoo design is usually made up of multiple different colored gems that cover an entire arm, or even both arms. They can also be used as an outline for any other type of tattoo design such as a butterfly or flower.

Gem Sleeve Tattoo

19. Gem Crystal Snake Tattoo

A snake tattoo is a common choice for men and women alike, but adding a gemstone to it can make it unique. This snake tattoo has a crystal set in its to create an eye-catching design. The color of the crystal makes it stand out even more against the black background of the ink.

Gem Snake Tattoo

20. Gem Sword Tattoo

A sword tattoo is another popular design that can be enhanced with a gemstone by placing it on the blade of the sword or within the hilt. This sword tattoo features an amethyst stone set within its hilt for an extra unique look that will show off your unique personality.

Gem Sword Tattoo

21. Gem Thigh Tattoo

Gem tattoos on the thigh are very popular, especially among women. This is because they look good no matter what you wear. The main thing to consider when getting a gem thigh tattoo is whether or not you want it to be visible while wearing shorts or skirts. If so, then it’s best to get a small gem tattoo somewhere on your thigh so that it doesn’t make an unsightly bulge when wearing shorter clothing items.

Gem Thigh Tattoo

22. Gem Wrist Tattoo

Gem wrist tattoos are another good choice if you want a subtle design that won’t draw too much attention when worn with short sleeve shirts or dresses. You can also choose between having just one large gem tattoo or several small ones along your wrist line depending on how many colors you like best!

Gem Wrist Tattoo

23. Lock And Key Gem Tattoo

The lock and key is one of the most popular gem tattoo designs. They are often used as an image of love, marriage or commitment. The lock represents the person’s heart, while the key represents their soul mate – the person they will share their life with.

Lock And Key Gem Tattoo

24. Small Gem Tattoo

Small gem tattoos are usually placed on fingers or wrists and can be in any shape or color imaginable. These small gems can be used to represent anything from a favorite song lyric, color or phrase, they can even be used to represent a certain time period in one’s life as well as other things like birthstones, lucky numbers and even birth dates!

Small Gem Tattoo

25. Traditional Gem Tattoo

Traditional gem tattoos are very similar to those mentioned above, only traditional gems are more commonly seen in more traditional designs like hearts and stars rather than words or phrases like the other types mentioned above.

Traditional Gem Tattoo

Gem Tattoos for Women

Gem tattoos for women are usually small designs that fit well with the overall shape of their body. These tattoos are often made up of only one or two gems with no background color around them.

Gem Tattoos for Men

For men, gem tattoos can be designed in a variety of ways depending on their preferences and how much ink they want on their bodies. Men tend to go for larger designs that take up more space on their bodies than women do when getting a gem tattoo because they want something that will look good even after they’ve gained some muscle mass or lost some weight over time.


What does gem tattoo mean?

Gemstones are often associated with wealth, power, beauty and success. Therefore, getting a gemstone tattoo can be an expression of confidence and self-assurance.

What does a gem symbolize?

Gemstones are the most beautiful and valuable gems in the world. They are used to make jewelry, to decorate palaces and they can be found in nature. They are a symbol of beauty, purity, luxury and elegance.

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