30 Best Dove Tattoo ideas For Men And Women

Dove Tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs out there. These dove-themed tattoos can be meaningful and symbolic, or they can simply add a beautiful design to your body. For example, doves are known as peace symbols because they represent innocence and purity. You can also use dove tattoos to symbolize love, loyalty, friendship, or a spiritual awakening.

Doves are symbols of peace, purity, and love. They are often depicted flying towards heaven or carrying an olive branch as a sign of peace. Doves are often used in weddings as a symbol of hope and good luck. In Christianity, the dove is said to have been sent from God to bring back news of his son’s birth. They are also associated with the Holy Spirit in some religions.

Dove tattoos are usually done in black ink, but can be done with other colors depending on the artist’s preference. The dove can be made out of one solid color or multiple shades blended together for a more realistic look.

1. Dove Tattoo Designs

The dove is a symbol of peace and purity. It has been used in many cultures as a symbol of love, happiness, and good luck. A dove tattoo can also represent freedom and hope as they are often portrayed flying to heaven or resting on a branch. The dove is often associated with the Holy Spirit in Christian artworks which makes it suitable for both men and women regardless of religious preference.

Dove Tattoo Designs

2. Geometric Dove Tattoo

Geometric dove tattoos are a great choice for anyone who wants something unique and different from the standard round shape of most doves. Geometric doves usually have straight edges that make them look more like an abstract design than natural birds. This style of dove tattoo is very popular among millennials because it’s so trendy right now. It’s also one of the most popular choices for men with tattoos because it works well with many different styles of clothing.

Geometric Dove Tattoo

3. Small Dove Tattoo

A small dove tattoo is a great idea for your first tattoo or even as a touchup after you get your other tattoos. The dove tattoos are usually small and simple, so they’re easy to work with. You can choose from many different sizes of doves, depending on what size of body part you want it on. For example, if you want a tiny dove tattoo in black ink on your finger or wrist area then it’s going to be quite small probably less than an inch long by half an inch wide at most.

Small Dove Tattoo

4. Dove Neck Tattoo

The dove is known for its peace and love, but it can also be a sign of freedom. It means that you are free from all the problems in your life and you have achieved a lot in life as well. If you want to get this tattoo, make sure that the place where you will get this tattoo is visible from everywhere so that everyone around can see what does it mean by looking at your neck.

Dove Neck Tattoo

5. Dove Outline Tattoo

A dove outline tattoo is a great choice for those who want a simple and elegant design. The image of a bird so well-known for its gentleness, purity, and love of peace can be depicted in many ways and what better way to show how you feel about your faith than with a dove? If you choose to have your own dove tattooed on your skin, there are some things to consider before getting that first needle stuck.

Dove Outline Tattoo

6. Dove Tattoos For Women

Dove tattoos for women are particularly popular among those who want something small and feminine on their body. The dove design can be placed anywhere on the body but it is often placed on the chest or back as these are areas which are visible when wearing shirts or dresses.

Dove Tattoos For Women

7. Dove Tattoo Meaning

A dove is a symbol of peace and the Holy Spirit. The dove is an ancient symbol of the Holy Spirit, representing purity and innocence. Dove tattoos are often done in black ink, although other colors can be used to add depth to the tattoo design. It’s common for people to get a dove tattoo on their upper back or shoulder blade where it won’t be seen unless they wear certain clothing items such as tank tops or halter tops. In addition to being meaningful symbols, doves also make beautiful tattoo designs because their wings are so graceful looking when drawn on paper or skin with permanent ink!

Dove Tattoo Meaning

8. Dove Tattoos For Men

For men, the dove is a symbol to be associated with love and peace. Doves are also believed to bring good luck and prosperity. This is why it’s common for men to get a dove tattoo on their arm or shoulder area. It’s usually done in black ink, but you can choose another color as well if that suits your taste better. Either way, the meaning will remain the same!

Dove Tattoos For Men

9. Dove And Rose Tattoo

A dove and rose tattoo is an interesting combination that represents peace and love. The rose is often used as a symbol for love, beauty and wealth in many cultures around the world. Doves are often depicted holding roses in their beaks or talons because they are believed to bring good luck to those who see them fly by in pairs during wedding ceremonies or other occasions requiring good omens like births or deaths.

Dove And Rose Tattoo

10. Flying Dove Tattoo

A flying dove is a popular choice for tattoos. These birds are not only beautiful, but they represent freedom and hope. The flying dove tattoo is a symbol of peace, love, and forgiveness. People who choose this type of tattoo want to show that their life has been transformed by the power of God’s grace or in some other way found renewal and hope in their lives through Jesus Christ.

Flying Dove Tattoo

11. Dove Bird Tattoo

Doves are a popular design for tattoos and you can see this one in the image above. The dove is an extremely spiritual bird, often representing peace and love, but it can also be used as a symbol of hope or innocence. The dove represents love and peace to many people, because these animals mate for life and always look out for each other when they’re together. They will also fly away if there is any danger approaching their nest, so they are often used as symbols of protection as well.

Dove Bird Tattoo

12. Dove Hand Tattoo

Dove hand tattoo is a symbol of peace, love, and purity. The dove was first used as a religious symbol by the Celts and later adopted by Christians. It represents purity and innocence, and people who want to get this tattoo usually want to convey these meanings. Dove hand tattoo also has a long history dating back to ancient times when people believed that it had healing powers.

Dove Hand Tattoo

13. Forearm Dove Tattoo

A dove tattoo on the forearm is a popular choice among those looking for an intimate tattoo design to be placed in a prominent location on their body. Forearm tattoos are often seen on both men and women, but they tend to be more popular among men who want to show off some of their ink without going too far overboard with it.

Forearm Dove Tattoo

14. Mourning Dove Tattoo

A dove is a symbol of peace and purity. It is often used to represent the Holy Spirit, or it can symbolize love, peace and forgiveness. If you choose this tattoo design, it means that you want to spread your love and kindness to everyone around you.

Mourning Dove Tattoo

15. Dove Chest Tattoo

Dove chest tattoos are a popular choice among people who want to remember their loved ones. You can get a dove chest tattoo as a way of remembering someone or something that is important to you. The meaning of these tattoos will differ depending on who is getting them and why, but they are all similar in that they represent peace and love, as well as hope for the future.

Dove Chest Tattoo

16. Dove Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for a tattoo that represents love, peace and purity, then you can consider getting a dove tattoo design. The dove is a symbol of peace and beauty. It is also associated with the Holy Spirit in Christianity. Doves are also associated with faithfulness. A pair of doves is often depicted on wedding rings as well as engagement rings to signify fidelity between two people who share their lives together in marriage or partnership.

Dove Tattoo Ideas

17. Dove Tattoo On Shoulder

A dove tattoo on the shoulder is a popular choice for many people. The meaning of the dove tattoo can vary from person to person. This is because this bird has been used as a symbol in many cultures and religions. For example, it is known as a symbol of peace in Christianity and Islam. It also represents love and innocence in Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism.

Dove Tattoo On Shoulder

18. Cross With Dove Tattoo

The cross with dove tattoo has a deep meaning and symbolizes hope, peace and love. The cross represents Jesus Christ while the dove is an example of purity and goodness. The combination of these elements in one tattoo design makes it look stunning when done right. This is a great choice for Christians who want to show their faith without having to reveal their beliefs through words or phrases on their body.

Cross With Dove Tattoo

19. Dove And Clouds Tattoo

The dove and clouds tattoo is a design that many people choose for its simplicity and classic beauty. The dove represents peace and the clouds symbolize the sky, which ties in with the idea of heaven. The design can be done in many different ways, from smaller tattoos to large pieces that cover most of an arm or leg. It’s also popular among both men and women as it doesn’t have a particularly feminine or masculine feel to it; it’s just beautiful art!

Dove And Clouds Tattoo

20. Realistic Dove Tattoo

A realistic dove tattoo is a beautiful way to represent the meaning of peace, love and freedom. The dove is a symbol of purity and devotion, with its white feathers and graceful flight pattern. The dove is also often seen as an angelic figure. The dove tattoo can be associated with young women who are looking for their soul mate or someone who has found true love in their lives. It’s also associated with those who have been separated from someone they love due to war or other circumstances beyond their control (i.e., death).

Realistic Dove Tattoo

21. Simple Dove Tattoo

This is a very simple dove tattoo that can be placed on almost any part of the body. It’s best to place this on your wrist or neck for maximum effect. The bird’s body is done in black and the wings are done in white, making it easy to see where you should start and end each line of feathers.

Simple Dove Tattoo

22. Dove Tattoo On Leg

Dove tattoos on leg are very popular among women. They prefer to get a dove tattoo on their legs because these tattoos look very beautiful there. If you want to get this kind of tattoo then you should select a good design for your body part. The dove tattoo designs can be easily incorporated with other designs like flowers or butterflies etc.

Dove Tattoo On Leg

23. Dove Holy Spirit Tattoo

The dove is a symbol that has been used for centuries to represent peace, love and purity. The Holy Spirit represents the third person of the Trinity and it’s this interpretation which many people are drawn to when considering a religious tattoo. The dove appeared as an angelic figure in early Christian art and literature, acting as a messenger between Heaven and Earth. In later times it became associated with the Virgin Mary when she was depicted holding one on her shoulder.

Dove Holy Spirit Tattoo

24. Dove Tattoo Sleeve

Dove tattoos are popular for a reason, and this dove tattoo sleeve shows what you can do with them. The whole thing is done in black, which makes the white doves stand out even more. They represent peace and purity and grace, making them perfect for anyone looking to express their faith through body art.

Dove Tattoo Sleeve

25. Dove Tattoo On Arm

A dove tattoo on your arm is considered to be a very feminine design. If you have sensitive skin or if you want to cover up another tattoo, then this is the best place for you to put your tattoo. The arm also has plenty of room for larger designs so it’s an ideal place for an intricate piece of art like this one.

Dove Tattoo On Arm

26. Meaningful Dove Tattoo

A meaningful dove tattoo is one that has a special meaning for you or someone you know. For example, doves are often used to represent peace or love so if you have lost a loved one, then this is an appropriate design choice for your body art. You could also choose the dove as a symbol of hope or promise for the future.

Meaningful Dove Tattoo

27. Memorial Dove Tattoo

A memorial dove tattoo is one that serves as a reminder of someone who has passed away from this world. Memorial tattoos are especially popular among those who have lost loved ones due to cancer or other illnesses related to old age. Most people prefer these types of tattoos because they don’t want their loved ones’ memory to fade away over time, no matter how long it takes for them to heal from their loss or pain.

Memorial Dove Tattoo

28. Minimalist Dove Tattoo

The minimalist dove tattoo has a very simple design compared to other dove tattoos. It features only one or two doves with simple lines and shapes. The design is usually black and white or black ink only with no color added at all. The minimalist dove tattoo is usually small in size and placed on the wrist, neck or behind the ear area. It’s also possible to get a bigger minimalist design that covers most of your back or chest area if you want something more impressive than just a tiny tattoo on your wrist or neck area!

Minimalist Dove Tattoo

29. Traditional Dove Tattoo

A traditional dove tattoo is done in black ink, with white lines outlining the bird’s wings and body. The tail feathers are shaded in black ink as well. The beak of this dove is open slightly as if it was singing or cooing, giving off an air of peace and tranquility that is associated with doves in general. This design can also be done in color if desired, with different shades of blue used for shading instead of black ink or with other colors being used for accents, such as yellow, pink, or red.

Traditional Dove Tattoo

30. Dove And Clock Tattoo

Dove and clock is a very common symbol used in tattoos. The dove is the symbol of peace and love, while the clock represents time. The dove and clock tattoo can be done in many different styles and colors. You can get this tattoo with or without words on it, but if you do want words make sure they are positive ones. If you don’t know what to say, then just add the word Peace or Love in your dove and clock tattoo.

Dove And Clock Tattoo


What does Dove tattoo mean?

The dove tattoo can have many meanings depending on the type of design or placement on the body. The dove can be a symbol of innocence or purity as well as a sign of protection from evil spirits or bad luck. It can also represent peace and love. Many people get this tattoo as a reminder to themselves to stay strong in difficult situations or for guidance through tough times.

What does a dove tattoo symbolism?

A dove tattoo symbolism is often associated with love, family and relationships. Dove tattoos are also popular in many cultures. For example, in Christianity, the dove represents the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the dove symbolizes peace and love.


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