30 Best Money Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Money tattoos can be expressed in many ways. Some people choose a realistic design, while others prefer an abstract representation of the theme. The most common way to show money in a tattoo is through its value: $100 bills are more popular than coins or banknotes with higher values.

Money tattoos can be made in any size and displayed on various parts of the body. They can be worn in public without fear of embarrassment or ridicule because money tattoos are not only fashionable but also practical. They are easy to hide and show when needed – making them ideal for those who want to keep their valuables safe at all times without putting them in an obvious place such as a purse or wallet.

A money tattoo can be made by using different colors, patterns or images which represent various types of money such as dollars, pounds sterling and euros. Each piece will have its own unique look depending on what type of design you choose, but they all have one thing in common: they represent wealth!

1. Bat Full Of Money Tattoo

One way to get a tattoo of money is to choose an image that represents money such as a bat full of money. This is a popular image because bats are known for being creatures that fly at night, which is when most people work. In addition, bats are also known for being associated with vampires and Dracula, which means they can be considered evil creatures. However, if you look at the bat full of money tattoo from another angle, it could represent good luck or fortune because bats are considered lucky animals in some cultures.

Bat Full Of Money Tattoos

2. Burning Money Tattoo

Another way to get a tattoo of money is by getting one that shows burning bills or coins on fire or in flames. This type of tattoo may be more common among people who have been through tough financial situations where they felt like they were burning up inside due to stress or anxiety over their finances.

Burning Money Tattoos

3. Cash Money Tattoo

Cash is king, so why not show it off with a tattoo? There are many ways to display your love of money through tattoos. You can simply get some cash symbols on your body or get an actual dollar sign tattooed on you. Some people even choose to get the word “cash” tattooed on them as well.

Cash Tattoos

4. Donald Duck Money Tattoo

Donald Duck is one of the most popular cartoon characters of all time, but did you know that he’s also one of the most famous money lovers? His trademark phrase is “quack quack,” which sounds like the word ‘money’ when said fast enough. This makes him a perfect choice for any kind of money tattoo design.

Donald Duck Money Tattoos

5. Finger Money Tattoo

The finger money tattoo design is very popular among ladies. If you have ever visited a casino or an amusement park, then you must have seen people wearing these beautiful temporary tattoos on their fingers. You can also get these tattoos printed on your body permanently by using the same design or make some changes in the design as per your choice. As it is quite small in size, so even if you have very small area on your body like palm or wrist then you can easily get this tattoo placed there.

Finger Money Tattoos

6. Forearm Money Tattoo

The most popular place for getting money tattoo is forearm as it gives a tough look to the entire body of any person who wears it on his/her body. It gives a bold impression as well as makes you look more attractive than before when compared with other types of tattoos like flowers, birds etc which do not give such an impression when worn by anyone on their bodies.

Forearm Money Tattoos

7. Gang Money Tattoo

Gang money tattoos are used by gangs as a way to show their affiliation with one another and their gang name. These tattoos are usually placed on the upper arms or legs and sometimes even on the neck or face of the members of the gang. Gang money tattoos can also be found on some criminals who have committed crimes against others.

Gang Money Tattoos

8. Half Sleeve Money Tattoo

Half sleeve Money Tattoos are very popular among men who want large tattoos that cover both arms from wrist to shoulder. Half sleeve money tattoos are usually placed down both arms but they don’t need to be exactly the same size on both sides if you don’t want them too look like mirror images of each other.

Half Sleeve Money Tattoos

9. Hands With Money Tattoo

If you love to show off your wealth and don’t mind putting it on display, hands with money tattoos could be right for you. These tattoos usually feature an open hand with several stacks of cash in it and are usually done in black ink or colorized.

Hands With Money Tattoos

10. Heart Money Tattoo

Heart money tattoos are another popular style of tattoo with many variations available. Some people have hearts made up entirely of cash while others have hearts that have been sliced into pieces by dollar bills. If you’re looking for something more unique than just hearts alone, why not combine them with other symbols such as flowers or butterflies?

Heart Money Tattoos

11. Leg Money Tattoo

Leg money tattoos are also known as dollar sign tattoos or leg tattoo designs with money symbols on them. They can be placed anywhere on your leg but they look best when they are placed near your ankle. They look beautiful when done in black ink with a white outline around the design.

Leg Money Tattoos

12. Money Arm Tattoo

Money arm tattoos are another popular option when it comes to getting a tattoo with cash on it! Since money arm tattoos usually feature a larger amount of money than leg money tattoos do, some people choose to get these instead of leg money tattoos because they think it will look better on their arm when they wear short-sleeves or tank tops!

Money Arm Tattoos

13. Money Japanese Tattoo

In Japanese tattoos, the image of money is a great way to express prosperity, good luck and wealth. The image of money may be used in its entirety or as a part of various designs. The most popular design is the one where the picture of a coin is placed inside a circle with a geometric pattern around it.

Money Japanese Tattoos

14. Money Rose Tattoo

The rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world, known for its beauty and fragrance. When combined with money symbols, it makes an excellent tattoo design. A single rose can represent love and romance while multiple roses represent love and romance with family members or friends. A rose surrounded by dice represents good luck while two roses together represent friendship between two people who share common interests.

Money Roses Tattoos

15. Money Shoulder Tattoo

This is a great tattoo to get if you love money or if you want to show off your wealth. The tattoo is simple and elegant, which makes it perfect for both men and women. This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, but it’s most commonly found on the shoulder blades or arms.

Money Shoulder Tattoo

16. Money Sign Tattoo

This particular type of money sign tattoo is one of the most popular designs for people who want to show off their love for cash. Some people also combine this design with other elements such as hearts, diamonds, or other symbols of wealth. These types of tattoos are usually found on the legs or ankles because they don’t take up too much space on your body and they look great no matter what type of pants you wear.

Money Sign Tattoos

17. Money Skull Tattoo

Money Skull Tattoos are very popular among those who want to get inked with something unique and meaningful. They are also popular amongst those who want a little bit of danger in their life, but not too much! It’s no secret that skulls symbolize death or anything related to the afterlife. But this tattoo is different because it represents the value of money rather than death itself.

Money Skull Tattoos

18. Money Sleeve Tattoo

The most common type of money tattoo is the money sleeve tattoo. This type of tattoo usually covers both arms from the wrist to the shoulder. The reason why these types of tattoos are so popular is because they give you an opportunity to have more space to display your favorite designs and artwork.

Money Sleeve Tattoos

19. Small Money Tattoo

Money small tattoos are usually done in a small size so that they can be hidden under clothes if needed. These tattoos can be done on any part of the body like neckline, behind ears etc., but they will always have a dollar sign somewhere in the design so that it reflects your love for money.

Money Small Tattoos

20. Money Symbol Tattoo

There are many different ways that you can get a money symbol tattoo. Some people prefer to just get a simple dollar sign with no other design around it; others like to add a little bit more detail into their artwork by adding things such as dollar bills or dice around their dollar sign design; while others may choose an entirely different type of artwork altogether such as getting an image from another country’s currency.

Money Symbol Tattoos

21. Money Tattoos For Females

Girls love getting tattoos too! The same rules apply when it comes to getting a money symbol tattoo as they do for guys. You need to pick a design that means something special to you or has some kind of meaning behind it, otherwise it will just look like any other tattoo that many people have already seen before!

Money Tattoos For Females

22. Money Tattoos on Hand

If you want to get money tattoo on hand, it is necessary to know the significance of money and the meaning of the tattoo. You can get a tattoo of dollar bills or coins as they represent wealth, prosperity and abundance. Here we have a picture of a money tattoo on the hand that has been colored in black ink. The design is simple but elegant and looks great on any part of the body.

Money Tattoos on Hand

23. Money Tree Tattoo

Money tree tattoos are a popular design that many men and women are choosing to get inked on their bodies. Money tree tattoos usually depict a tree with money falling from the branches. The meaning behind money trees can vary depending on your interpretation of it. Some people think of money trees as symbols of prosperity, while others believe them to be reminders for hard work and success.

Money Tree Tattoos

24. Realism Money Tattoo

If you’re looking for realism in your money tattoo then Realism Money Tattoos are perfect because they look like real bills! These tattoos are exactly what they sound like: they look like actual dollar bills but they’re actually just tattooed onto your skin! If you want realistic looking money then this is the way to go because it will look like an actual bill on your body forever!

Realism Money Tattoos

25. Simple Money Tattoo

If you prefer simplicity over detail in your tattoo designs, then simple money tattoos are probably what you are looking for. These designs will feature plain images such as dollar signs or coins instead of realistic depictions of dollar bills or banknotes. They may also include other images such as hearts or flowers but these will not be drawn realistically either; rather they will be simple shapes or outlines instead of detailed illustrations with shading effects etc.

Simple Money Tattoos

26. Thigh Money Tattoo

The thigh area is usually used for tattoos depicting money because it gives out a message of wealth. This is because most people wear tight clothes that show off their thighs, making them look very attractive and sexy. For men, this makes them look like they have big muscles while women appear hot when they wear short skirts or pants with revealing thighs.

Thigh Money Tattoos

27. Time is Money Tattoo

Time is money, and nothing is more accurate than this statement. As such, there are many people who are in the habit of working hard and earning extra money for their families. To show how much money they can earn, they get tattoos that depict the value of time. These tattoos are done on different parts of the body depending on how much time one person would want to dedicate to work.

Time is Money Tattoos

28. Wall Street Money Tattoo

Wall Street is one of the most famous districts in New York City, but it is also a symbol for money. The image of Wall Street is very popular in tattoos as well. Wall Street can be shown by itself or with other symbols for money like dollar signs or a bulldog. It can also be combined with other images that represent success and achievement such as an eagle or a crown.

Wall Street Money Tattoos

29. Wise Monkey With Money Tattoo

The Wise Monkey is another popular symbol representing money and wealth. This tattoo represents intelligence and wisdom, which are required to make money. It also represents good luck as it is believed that people who have this tattoo will have good fortune coming their way. If you want to get this tattoo then get it inked on your back behind your ear or around your neck area so that it can easily be seen by others.

Wise Monkey With Money Tattoos

30. Wrist Money Tattoo

A wrist tattoo is a great choice for people who want to make a statement without too much commitment. This tattoo is small enough to be hidden if you don’t want to show it off, but large enough to make an impact when you do show it off. The most common design for wrist tattoos is the dollar sign because it represents wealth, success and achievement.

Wrist Money Tattoos


What does a money tattoo mean?

Money is one of the most important things in the world which we all need to survive. It has many different meanings depending on who you ask but most people agree that it represents wealth and prosperity. This can be anything from material goods to happiness and success.

What do money tattoos symbolize?

Money represents wealth, prosperity, health, and happiness. Money tattoos can also be used to symbolize success, good fortune, and the future.

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