30 Best Panther Tattoos For Men and Women

Panther tattoos are a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts. These powerful animals symbolize strength, agility and courage. Panther tattoos are often used to represent the zodiac sign Leo or the element fire. The panther is a member of the Felidae family and is closely related to other cat species like lions, tigers and leopards.

Panther tattoos can be used to express many different things that you may find important in your life. It can represent strength, courage and power. It can also represent royalty, creative energy or sexuality. Some people choose to get a panther tattoo because they like the way it looks or because they have heard that it means something special for someone else.

Panther tattoos can be done in a variety of styles from black and grey to color. They can be done as animals or as humans. Panthers are known for their strength, beauty and ability to thrive in any environment. The Panther tattoo is a popular tattoo design for men and women alike.

1. American Traditional Panther Tattoo

The American traditional panther tattoo is typically illustrated in black ink on the skin with bold outlines and high contrast. The panther is often depicted in its natural habitat surrounded by trees and foliage. The American traditional panther tattoo is usually done in a realistic fashion without any shading.

American Traditional Panther Tattoo

2. Black Panther Tattoo

Black Panther Tattoos are one of the most popular styles of panther tattoos out there today. These designs usually depict a black panther on its own or together with other animals like zebras and elephants. They’re usually done in black ink but you can also find them in other colors such as purple or red when done by professional artists who know what they’re doing!

Black Panther Tattoo

3. Colorful Panther Tattoo

Colorful panther tattoos can be done in many different styles. You can opt for an outline of a panther in black ink, or you can even get an entire sleeve tattooed with a colorful panther design. If you like the idea of getting a full sleeve of panther tattoos but aren’t quite ready to commit yourself to getting one yet, consider getting small designs here and there until you’re ready for something bigger!

Colorful Panther Tattoo

4. Female Panther Tattoo

Female panther tattoos are also very popular among women who want to show off their wild side. There are many different designs that can be used for female panthers, including flowers, butterflies and other animals like monkeys and tigers. They can be used to represent the strong woman within us all or even as a way to empower ourselves against our fears and doubts in life.

Female Panther Tattoo

5. Feminine Panther Tattoo

The panther is also an ideal tattoo for feminine women who want a tattoo design with an air of mystery about it. A feminine panther tattoo highlights your inner confidence and boldness through its graceful curves and flowing lines. The cute kitten-like appearance of this animal makes it appealing for those who want to get their first tattoo done but aren’t sure if they will like the idea of having permanent artwork on their bodies forever!

Feminine Panther Tattoo

6. Forearm Panther Tattoo

The forearm is one of the most popular places for people to get their panther tattoos done because it is easy to conceal if you need too, but it can still be seen by other people around you if you want them too. Forearm panther tattoos can be done in just about any size from small ones to large ones that cover up most of your arm from elbow down to wrist area which makes them quite unique compared to other types of tattoos out there today.

Forearm Panther Tattoo

7. Half Sleeve Panther Tattoo

A half sleeve panther tattoo is an excellent way to show off your love for this wild cat without having too much of your body covered in ink. It’s also less expensive than getting an entire sleeve tattooed because there are fewer hours involved in the process.

Half Sleeve Panther Tattoo

8. Heart Panther Tattoo

Heart Panther tattoos are a great way to show off your love for this powerful animal. Heart panthers have a variety of meanings behind them, but they all represent or show love in some way or another. A heart panther can represent love for family members or loved ones who have passed away. It can also represent your love for animals or nature as well.

Heart Panther Tattoo

9. Japanese Panther Tattoo

The Japanese panther is also known as the leopard or jaguar, depending on what part of the world you live in. The Japanese panther symbolizes strength, courage, and freedom from all restraints. These qualities make it an excellent choice for those who want to express themselves through their tattoos without adorning themselves with images of flowers or butterflies, which are usually associated with women’s tattoos.

Japanese Panther Tattoo

10. Knife and Panther Tattoo

Knife and Panther tattoos are another popular combination that has been so for a long time now. Knife tattoos have been around for ages but the knife and panther combination was only recently introduced. They go hand-in-hand with each other and look amazing when inked together. The knife represents death while the panthers represent life so together they represent both sides of life and death.

Knife and Panther Tattoo

11. Lower Back Panther Tattoo

Lower back Panther tattoos are very popular among women as they look very attractive when worn in this area of the body. Women prefer to get these tattoos done instead of getting them on their wrists or shoulders because they can easily be covered up with clothing if not desired by anyone else who may see them.

Lower Back Panther Tattoo

12. Old School Panther Tattoo

There are many ways to get an old school panther tattoo, but one of the most popular ways is to get it colored black and grey style with bold lines and solid color fillers. The traditional way to get an old school style panther tattoo is by using tribal designs or full sleeve tattoos that incorporate tribal art with other elements, like flowers or vines or waterfalls. You can also use some bright colors like reds, yellows and oranges to give your tattoo more depth and contrast which will make it pop!

Old School Panther Tattoo

13. Panther Tattoo For Men

If you’re looking for a masculine design, then the panther tattoo might be perfect for you. This tattoo represents strength and power, which are qualities that men aspire to have in their lives. The panther can also symbolize courage and confidence, so this is an excellent choice for those who want to express those qualities through their body art.

Panther Tattoo For Men

14. Panther Tattoo For Women

Many women also choose to get a panther tattoo because it represents their inner strength and beauty. The panther is often portrayed as beautiful creature that’s graceful and elegant in its movements. It’s no wonder that women want to portray this image through their ink!

Panther Tattoo For Women

15. Panther Tattoo Ideas

Panther tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs. They are a symbol of grace, power and strength. Panthers can be found in Africa, Asia and North America. There are several types of panthers including leopards, jaguars and cougars. They can be spotted in the wild and are considered endangered species.

Panther Tattoo Ideas

16. Panther Tattoo On Ankle

As far as panther tattoos go, the ankle is one of the most popular places to get one. A panther tattoo on your ankle can be symbolic of freedom and independence. It can also be a representation of power and strength. If you’re looking for an ankle panther tattoo idea that isn’t too bold or large, then this is a great option for you!

Panther Tattoo On Ankle

17. Panther Tattoo On Arm

A panther tattoo on arm is an excellent choice for men who want to show their strength and power to the world. It can be done in various styles like tribal, blackwork, dotwork or realistic. You can even combine different styles together in order to create a unique panther tattoo on arm design that represents your personality and interests.

Panther Tattoo On Arm

18. Panther Tattoo On Back

A panther tattoo on back symbolizes protection and safety for the wearer. It also represents loyalty and courage as well as freedom from fear. A red colored panther tattoo can be done on the back as it has positive connotations associated with it such as passion, determination, courage and strength.

Panther Tattoo On Back

19. Panther Tattoo On chest

Panther tattoos on chest are usually done in blackwork style as this type of style allows you to create a detailed panther tattoo design that looks really impressive. You can add some color to your panther tattoo on chest design if you want it to look more realistic but make sure that you don’t use too much color so that it doesn’t look tacky.

Panther Tattoo On chest

20. Panther Tattoo On Hand

The panther tattoo on hand can symbolize strength, ferocity and power. This tattoo design is popular among men who want to show off their muscles with a cool tattoo design. The panther tattoo on hand can be designed in many ways such as black panther tattoos, colorful panther tattoos or other animal designs like tiger tattoos or wolf tattoos.

Panther Tattoo On Hand

21. Panther Tattoo On Leg

The panther tattoo on leg also symbolizes strength, ferocity and power just like the other parts of the body such as arms, chest or back. However, this design may not be suitable for everyone because it takes up a large portion of your body which means it will cost you more money if you want to cover up another part of your body with another tattoo design later on down the track!

Panther Tattoo On Leg

22. Panther Tattoo On Shoulder

A panther tattoo on the shoulder is a good choice if you want a large animal tattoo that covers most of your upper body. The panther is an aggressive animal, which makes it perfect for men who like to show off their strength and bravery. It also fits well with women who like to be feminine but also have an edge to their personality.

Panther Tattoo On Shoulder

23. Panther Tattoo On Stomach

A panther tattoo on the stomach can be a great way to show off your wild side without having too much visible skin covered up by clothing all day long. If you have tattoos on other parts of your body already, adding one more might not make much difference in how much skin is exposed when you wear clothes, but it will give others something else to look at when they see you from afar or up close.

Panther Tattoo On Stomach

24. Panther Tattoo On Thigh

A panther tattoo on the thigh is an excellent choice for those who want to get a unique panther tattoo design but don’t want something too large or too small. The location of the tattoo makes it easy to hide if necessary but also makes it visible enough that you can show it off when you want to.

Panther Tattoo On Thigh

25. Realistic Black Panther Tattoo

Black Panther tattoo designs are very popular among men who love to show their macho side through ink. There are many different types of black panther tattoos, but if you want a real tattoo then you should go for the realistic black panther tattoos as they look more amazing than any other type of black panther tattoo design. These realistic black panther tattoos look so perfect that you can hardly believe that they are not real animals but just tattoos on your skin.

Realistic Black Panther Tattoo

26. Realistic Panther Tattoo

Realistic Panther tattoos have been popular for a long time due to their realistic look. They can be done as an entire body piece or as just one section of the body, such as the back or shoulder blade area. The whole body can be covered with realistic panther tattoos or just one area like the shoulder blade area can be done in black and grey tones. The design can also be done in color with reds being added for contrast in certain areas.

Realistic Panther Tattoo

27. Red Panther Tattoo

Red panthers are another variation that has been popular for many years now. Red panthers have become so popular that they have inspired many other types of animals that can be found in different colors such as green, blue, yellow etc… Red panthers are often used as sleeve tattoos or half sleeve tattoos on the upper arm area but they can also be used as full pieces on other parts of the body such as the back or chest area if you want something big and bold.

Red Panther Tattoo

28. Simple Panther Tattoo

A simple panther tattoo can be done in black and white with just a few lines or shading, or in full color with detailed shading and shading. The more intricate the design is, the more time it will take to complete it. A simple panther tattoo can take anywhere from two hours to five hours to complete depending on how intricate you want it to be.

Simple Panther Tattoo

29. Sleeve Panther Tattoo

One of the most popular types of panther tattoos is the full sleeve panther tattoo. This type of panther tattoo is meant to be shown off on the entire arm from shoulder to wrist, but can also be shown off in smaller sections as well. This type of tattoo will usually feature several different panthers in various poses and positions throughout the design.

Sleeve Panther Tattoo

30. Small Panther Tattoo

If you would rather have a smaller version of this animal tattooed on your body, then there are many options available for you as well. Smaller tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body, including your back or chest area. You can also get a small panther tattoo on just one side of your body if you would like to see more than one animal tattooed on yourself at once!

Small Panther Tattoo


What does a black panther tattoo mean?

The black panther is a powerful symbol of strength and power. It is also a symbol of agility, stealth, and grace. The panther tattoo represents many qualities that are important in life.

What does a panther tattoo mean?

The panther is one of the most powerful animals in the world. It has been known to be a symbol of strength and courage throughout history. The panther is also known as a symbol of royalty, which makes sense when you think about how powerful they are.

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