25 Best Angel Tattoos Designs Ideas in 2023

Angel tattoos are one of the popular tattoo designs. They have been around for centuries, and have been a part of many different cultures. Angels are often depicted as having wings, which is also a common theme in angel tattoos.

Angels are the messengers of God, the good spirits that guide us through life. They are protectors and guardians, and they love us unconditionally. Angel tattoos can be worn by anyone looking for strength, guidance and protection in their lives.

There are many different angel designs to choose from, including guardian angel tattoos, cherub tattoos and religious angel tattoos. Angels can be used as an inspirational symbol or may represent something special for the wearer. Angel tattoos can be placed in any area of the body, but are often found in places where they will be easily seen such as on an arm, neck or wrist.

1. Angel And Demon Tattoo

Angels are not always portrayed as sweetly innocent creatures. They can be aggressive and fierce as well, and they often protect us from demons and evil spirits that thirst to destroy mankind. The angel and demon tattoos are a popular choice among people who want to show their religious beliefs or have a personal connection with angels or demons.

Angel and Demon Tattoo

2. Angel Arm Tattoo

Angel arm tattoos are usually large images of angels on the upper arms or lower arms of their wearers. These tattoos often include detailed scenes depicting angels fighting with demons or performing other actions that showcase their positive qualities such as protecting mankind from evil forces trying to destroy it.

Angel Arm Tattoo

3. Angel Back Tattoo

Angel back tattoos with wings are extremely popular. The angel wing tattoo is a symbol of protection, guidance and love. It’s also a popular tattoo for women who have lost a loved one. If you’re looking for an angel wing tattoo design, we have plenty of ideas to choose from.

Angel Back Tattoo

4. Angel Chest Tattoo

Angel chest tattoos are also popular among women and men alike. The angel chest tattoo looks great if you have a large chest piece or if you just want something small on your chest area that looks good with any type of clothing you choose to wear. Angel chest tattoos look great when done in black ink or color ink depending on which color scheme you choose for your tattoo design.

Angel Chest Tattoo

5. Angel Forearm Tattoo

An angel forearm tattoo is a great choice for those who want to get a tattoo but do not want anything too big or too small. The angel itself can be made from a variety of different symbols and images such as flowers or butterflies which will make it more unique than other types of tattoos.

Angel Forearm Tattoo

6. Angel Gabriel Tattoo

Angel Gabriel is also known as messenger angel and is usually portrayed as a beautiful woman with white wings around her body. She is often seen holding scrolls or wearing golden crowns on her head. This type of angel tattoo design can be used by both men and women as it does not have any specific gender associated with it.

Angel Gabriel Tattoo

7. Angel Halo Tattoo

Halo tattoos are a common choice for angel tattoos. They’re often seen in white ink but can also be done in black and other colors. A halo is a circular or semi-circular shape that surrounds the head of an angel or saint. It represents holiness and purity, which makes them perfect tattoos for those with religious beliefs or faith in God.

Angel Halo Tattoo

8. Angel Leg Tattoo

Leg tattoos are becoming more popular among women and men alike, especially among those who want to show off their body art while wearing short skirts or shorts. If you want to get an angel leg tattoo, you’ll need to find out if it will be visible when wearing certain types of clothing before choosing where on your leg you want it placed!

Angel Leg Tattoo

9. Angel Of Death Tattoo

Angel of Death tattoos are inspired by the angel of death, Azrael. In the Jewish mythology, Azrael is the angel that takes people’s souls after they die and brings them to heaven. The angel also had a part in the Christian religion as well. He was said to be the guardian of God’s throne. This tattoo is often used as a symbol of life and death. It can represent either one or both depending on the person who wears it.

Angel of Death Tattoo

10. Angel Rib Cage Tattoo

The rib cage is an area of the body that has a lot of space, so it’s a great canvas to get inked with an angel. It also has enough curves and lines that you can create some beautiful designs with it. The rib cage tattoo can be done in any color you like, but black ink with white details always looks good on the skin.

Angel Rib Cage Tattoo

11. Angel Shoulder Tattoo

The shoulder area is a popular spot for angel tattoos because it’s easy to hide your tattoo if you’re working in a conservative environment or don’t want to show it off at work. Angel shoulder tattoos are usually done in black ink with white highlights, but they can also be done in other colors as well.

Angel Shoulder Tattoo

12. Angel Sleeve Tattoo

The angel sleeve tattoo is one of the most popular angel tattoos for men and women alike. Angel sleeves can be designed in different ways, but most often they feature multiple angels on both arms. The wings can be colorful or black and white, inked in tribal style or incorporated into other designs such as flowers or hearts.

Angel Sleeve Tattoo

13. Archangel Tattoo

Archangel tattoos represent specific archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Chamuel. Archangel Michael is considered a protector against evil forces while Archangel Gabriel is known as an angel of healing and deliverance from evil influences. Archangel Uriel helps us through dark times while Archangel Raphael brings clarity and insight into difficult situations. Finally, Archangel Chamuel helps us find our true soul mate while bringing peace and harmony into our lives.

archangel tattoo

14. Baby Angel Tattoo

Baby angels are one of the most popular tattoo designs for women. The angel is a symbol of purity, innocence and love. It’s no wonder that angels are so popular with women who want to get their first tattoos. Baby angel tattoos can be placed on the back, shoulder, ankle or foot. They tend to be smaller designs, but they can also be as large as you want them to be.

Baby Angel Tattoo

15. Cherub Angel Tattoo

Cherub angels are another popular tattoo design for women. These little cherubic babies have big heads, chubby cheeks and tiny wings. They’re often seen holding a bow or a string of arrows in their hands. Cherub angels are usually depicted smiling or laughing because they bring happiness wherever they go! Cherub angel tattoos are great choices for people who want small tattoos that they can place anywhere on their body (such as on the wrist).

cherub angel tattoo

16. Dark Angel Tattoo

Dark angel tattoos are usually associated with fallen angels, demons or other evil beings. These dark angel tattoos often depict an angel that has been corrupted by sin and temptation, but is still trying to redeem itself through good deeds or other ways of saving mankind from itself.

Dark Angel Tattoo

17. Fallen Angel Tattoo

Fallen angel tattoos depict an already corrupted being that has lost its way. It is said that these creatures were once good angels who tried to intervene when God was punishing humankind for its sins against Him, but they were cast out of Heaven along with Lucifer due to their insolence towards Him and His ways.

Fallen Angel Tattoo

18. Female Angel Tattoo

Female angel tattoos can symbolize beauty, grace, purity and love. Female angel tattoos can be portrayed in different ways such as wearing a robe or gown with wings, holding a sword and shield or carrying a trumpet.

female angel tattoo

19. Geometric Angel Tattoo

Geometric angel tattoos are similar to tribal angel tattoos but they have more complex patterns and designs than tribal angel tattoos. Geometric angel tattoos can also be used to cover large areas of your body like the back or chest area.

Geometric Angel Tattoo

20. Guardian Angel Tattoo

Guardian angel tattoos are very popular, especially for those who believe in the spiritual world. The image of an angel can be found in many religions, including Christianity and Islam. Usually, guardian angel tattoos appear on the chest or back.

Guardian Angel Tattoo

21. Half Sleeve Angel Tattoo

Angel tattoos can also be incorporated into half sleeve tattoos. A half sleeve tattoo is an extremely large tattoo that covers an entire arm from shoulder to wrist, or just below the elbow. Half sleeve angel tattoos typically contain three or more angels, but they may include other religious symbols as well if desired.

Half Sleeve Angel Tattoo

22. Praying Angel Tattoo

The praying angel tattoo is one of the most popular angel tattoos chosen by both men and women. It can be done in a variety of styles, but the most common would be a winged female figure with her hands clasped together and her head bowed, usually in prayer. This tattoo can also be done as just an outline on its own or with some color added in.

Praying Angel Tattoo

23. Simple Angel Tattoo

Another popular choice is a simple angel tattoo that’s just one wing or even just an outline of an angel’s face against your skin. Simple angel tattoos can be done on any part of your body, including your arms, legs, back and chest. They don’t take as long to get as other designs do and they don’t hurt nearly as much either!

Simple Angel Tattoo

24. Small Angel Tattoo

Small angel tattoos are among the most popular designs for women because they’re often feminine and whimsical in nature. Often times these designs include wings and halos, but you can also find small angel tattoos that feature just the angel’s face or body without any type of embellishment.

Small Angel Tattoo

25. Warrior Angel Tattoo

Warrior angels are often depicted with swords or spears, as opposed to carrying a shield or wearing armor like other warriors. Warrior angels are fierce protectors who protect their charges from harm. These types of angels have been known to slay demons and other evil creatures in order to protect humans. Warrior angels are also thought to be able to bring about peace between opposing parties by helping them resolve their differences peacefully instead of resorting to violence and war.

Warrior Angel Tattoo


What do angel tattoos mean?

The meaning of angel tattoos varies depending on the individual and how they view the world. Angel tattoos can symbolize hope and faith, or they can represent a loved one who has passed away. Angel tattoo meanings also vary by culture, religion and country of origin.

What does an angel tattoo symbolize?

The symbolism behind the angel tattoo is very meaningful and powerful because angels are believed to have the ability to protect humans from evil spirits while also guiding them toward goodness in life. Angels are also thought to be messengers between God and man.

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