Amazing Giraffe Tattoos with Meaning

A giraffe is one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful gifts. They are graceful but clumsy at the same time. People are fascinated by how the giraffe manage and coordinate its legs and long neck and move with such grace and elegance. So it is with the giraffe tattoos they look simply stunning as a motif. In this article you will get to know the meanings of the griffen tattoo motifs and the history of the giraffes.

Bunte Giraffe Design am Handgelenk

The history of the giraffes

The giraffes can adapt very quickly to the environment where they live. You only sleep a few hours.In a sense, they are able to see danger long before others around them have the slightest idea of ​​what is to come. Giraffes are particularly vulnerable when they bend over to take a sip of water and keep an eye on their surroundings – they are very attentive. This point has not been lost on the local tribes. The Bushmen of Africa have developed numerous rituals that mark their views on these strange but beautiful animals. The giraffe dance is supposed to chase away the ghosts that influence the head.

Giraffenkopf Tattoo Design am Unterarm

These animals have been incorporated into a variety of African folk traditions that talk about the animal’s intelligence and beauty. During the height of the Roman Empire, countless giraffes were shipped and displayed in Europe. The Romans were fascinated by these unusual animals and believed that these animals were a mix of leopards and camels. Unfortunately, this practice died quickly after the fall of the Roman Empire and from the Middle Ages. Outside of Africa, giraffes could only be seen in China. The Impressionists Dali will often built these creatures into his pieces, along with elephants and other jungle animals.

Giraffe Design am Unterschenkel

The meaning of the giraffe tattoos

You don’t have to be a NASA engineer or an African Bushman to draw any meaning or inspiration from the giraffe. These animals embody a number of characteristics, including:

  • ingenuity
  • intuition
  • grace
  • patience
  • Intelligence
  • Reliability
  • Vulnerability

Kleiner Giraffe Tattoo Design am Knöchel

Giraffe tattoo variations

Giraffe tattoos are rarely treated as not many individuals can identify with the animal and this is a rather embarrassing tattoo design. Those who choose to get a giraffe tattoo tend to do their pieces in hilarious hilarious cartoons – for example, like a giraffe sitting, reading a newspaper, or reading a group of animals, gathering for a cup of tea. Regardless of which design you choose or which element you add to it, the most important question is what your new tattoo should symbolize.

Wasserfarben Giraffe Tattoo Design am Schulterblatt

Where will it be placed on your body? Will you combine it with other elements or will you leave it alone? If the decision is difficult for you, take a look at the pictures I have chosen for you, perhaps these pictures will make your decision easier. If you think this motif is not for me I have prepared many other articles that you can look at, there are a lot of tattoo motifs that will surely suit you.

Cartoon Giraffe Kopf Tattoo Design am Unterarm

Giraffe Tattoo Design hinter dem Ohr

Bunte Giraffe Tattoo Design am Rippenbogen

Aquarell Giraffe Tattoo Design am Unterarm

Giraffe Tattoo Design mit Blumen am Unterschenkel

Giraffe mit Herz Design am Oberschenkel

Kleiner Giraffe mit Namen Design am Handgelenk

Giraffe Design auf der Bein

Giraffen Design am Unterschenkel

Mandala Giraffenkopf Tattoo Design am Oberschenkel

Geometrisch Bunte Giraffe Design am Rippenbogen

Tribal Giraffenkopf Design

Mandala Giraffenkopf Tattoo Design Dotwork

Wasserfarben Giraffe Design auf der Bein

Origami Giraffe Tattoo Design am Unterarm

Bunte Giraffe Tattoo am fuß für Frauen

Tattoo Cartoon Giraffe Design

Kleiner Giraffe Design am Unterarm

Bunte Giraffe Kopf Design am Rücken

Cartoon Giraffe Tattoo Design mit Herz

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