35 Best Leo Tattoo ideas For Men And Women

Leo tattoos are very popular with those born under this zodiac sign. This is because they represent their personalities and traits. The lion symbolizes strength, power and courage, which are all qualities that Leos love to have in their lives. If you are looking for a Leo tattoo design that represents someone who is strong, powerful and courageous, then look no further than our selection of Leo tattoo designs below.

Leo is the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac. It is named for the lion and those born under this sign are considered to be bold, energetic and ambitious. The lion is known as a symbol of courage and strength so it is no surprise that people with Leo Zodiac Tattoos are usually very confident in their abilities.

Leo is a very popular zodiac sign. They are known for being very determined, confident and outgoing. They are also very strong and courageous, which is why they make great leaders. If you’re a Leo, you’re likely to be someone who wants to stand out in a crowd. This can make it hard to find tattoos that fit your style. Luckily, there are lots of leo tattoos available that will work for you!

1. Constellation Leo Tattoo

A constellation tattoo can be done in any style and any color scheme. The only requirement is that it features one or more constellations. The most common constellation tattoo design is Constellation Leo Tattoo because it features a lion as part of its design. If you already have a constellation tattoo on your body then consider adding more images to make it more unique and personalized. For example, if you have Aries Tattoo on your arm then consider getting Libra Zodiac Tattoo on your other arm or leg so that they match and create a full set!

Constellation Leo Tattoo

2. Girly Leo Zodiac Tattoos

There are many girly designs available for those who want to get their zodiac sign tattooed on their bodies. You can choose any design from among them and get it inked on your body. The girly designs include flowers, hearts, butterflies and birds as well as other cute elements such as cupcakes and unicorns etc. These designs are ideal for girls who love to flaunt their feminine side through their appearance and personality.

Girly Leo Zodiac Tattoos

3. Leo Ankle Tattoos

Leo ankle tattoos can be a great option for those who want a subtle and easily hidden tattoo. Leo ankle tattoos are often small and simple designs that are easy to cover up. They can also be placed in areas where they are more likely to be seen, such as the upper leg or foot. If you have a small tattoo design in mind for your Leo ankle, consider using one of our pre-designed designs or creating your own custom design.

Leo Ankle Tattoos

4. Leo Arm Tattoos

Leo arm tattoos are a great way to show off your zodiac sign with pride! Leo arm tattoos can be placed on the upper arm, forearm or wrist area. If you’re looking for something bold and colorful, choose from our selection of pre-designed designs or create your own custom design!

Leo Arm Tattoos

5. Leo Back Tattoos

A Leo back tattoo is usually a very large design that covers most of your back, if not all of it. These types of tattoos are often very colourful and have lots of detail in them. Some people choose to have their zodiac sign surrounded by flames or other images that represent fire or strength, while others choose to have their name written underneath it instead. There are so many different ways in which you can design your own Leo tattoo that there really isn’t any limit to what you can do with one!

Leo Back Tattoos

6. Leo Behind Ear Tattoo

If you’re looking for a small tattoo design that symbolizes your zodiac sign, then consider getting behind ear tattoos! This tattoo placement is great because it isn’t too noticeable but still shows off your personality with an astrological symbol like Leo’s paw print or a lion face with piercing blue eyes!

Leo Behind Ear Tattoo

7. Leo Chest Tattoos

Leo chest tattoos are one of the most popular designs for the sign. The symbol for Leo is a lion and this animal is usually depicted as either standing or sitting down with its head held high. These tattoos can be done in any color and they can be done in one color or as a detailed piece.

Leo Chest Tattoos

8. Leo Constellation Tattoo

Constellation tattoos are another popular choice for people born under this sign. A constellation tattoo usually depicts one of the 88 official constellations that have been identified through history by astronomers and stargazers alike. A constellation tattoo can also depict an entire group of stars or just one specific star in one specific constellation.

Leo Constellation Tattoo

9. Leo Finger Tattoos

A Leo finger tattoo is a good choice for those who don’t want to get a full sleeve or half sleeve. It’s also one of the most popular tattoos for people with this zodiac sign, so it can be difficult to find a unique design that hasn’t been done before. However, there are plenty of great options out there if you take the time to look and are willing to spend some money.

Leo Finger Tattoos

10. Leo Flower Tattoo

Leo flower tattoo is a simple and elegant design that can be easily incorporated into your existing tattoo collection or as a standalone piece on its own. This is an ideal design for anyone with a love of flowers or flowers in general, but especially those born under the sign of Leo! The lion head is beautifully crafted and looks great against the background of the flower petals that frame it on either side.

Leo Flower Tattoo

11. Leo Forearm Tattoos

Forearm tattoos are popular among the Leo tribe because they can be easily hidden during the day and shown off at night. It’s an easy way to show off your star sign without having to worry about people seeing it on your face or neck area. Also, forearm tattoos are perfect for those who have a lot of tats already as they can add another without making too much of a statement.

Leo Forearm Tattoos

12. Leo Hand Tattoos

If you’re looking for a unique tattoo design then Leo hand tattoos are perfect for you! The lion tattoo can be drawn anywhere on your hand such as on your fingers or palm but make sure that it’s not too small so that people will notice it easily when they shake hands with you! It’s important to choose an artist who can draw this design perfectly because otherwise it may look like another animal instead of a lion!

Leo Hand Tattoos

13. Leo Hip Tattoos

Hip tattoos are some of the most popular choices for Leo zodiac tattoos because they usually require very little space and can be easily concealed if needed. The hips are also an area that many women like to show off, so tattooing them can be a good way to express yourself without having to worry about what others think about your choices in body art. A simple lion design is a common choice for Leo hip tattoos, but there are many other designs available as well such as roses or tribal patterns that can make great additions to your collection of tattoos.

Leo Hip Tattoos

14. Leo Leg Tattoos

A Leo leg tattoo can look like anything from a simple picture of a lion to an elaborate piece of art. The most common type of Leo leg tattoo is a picture of a lion face or body. This tattoo can be done with black ink and usually has small details such as whiskers or fur patterning. It is also possible to find full-color pictures of lions for your leg tattoo although these are less common than black ink pictures.

Leo Leg Tattoos

15. Leo Lion Tattoo

A lion tattoo for Leo can be designed in many different styles depending on what you want to convey through your tattoo design. For instance, if you want a tattoo that represents your personal characteristics or interests, then you can design it accordingly. If you want your tattoo to represent something that makes you feel happy or proud of yourself then you can also design it accordingly.

Leo Lion Tattoo

16. Leo Neck Tattoos

There are many ways to create neck tattoos for your Zodiac sign. One option is to get an actual picture of a lion on your neck but this might not be practical if you want to cover it up with clothing during the winter months! Another option is to get an outline drawing of a lion head, tail or paw print instead; this will make it easy for you to show off.

Leo Neck Tattoos

17. Leo Red ink Tattoo

Red is considered as the color of fire and is associated with energy, passion and power. The red ink tattoo design for Leo symbolizes pride, strength, courage and confidence. This tattoo can also be a great way to show your loyalty towards your loved ones or towards your country.

Leo Red ink Tattoo

18. Leo Shoulder Tattoos

The shoulder tattoos for Leo symbolize the strength that lies within them. It can also be used to show off your rebellious side or even just to make a statement about yourself. The shoulder tattoo designs for this sun sign are usually quite large in size because they need enough space to express themselves properly.

Leo Shoulder Tattoos

19. Leo Sign Tattoo

Leo sign tattoos are often associated with royalty, power and prosperity. To portray these traits, many people choose to get a tattoo of their astrological sign. This tattoo is usually located on the upper back, near the neck or shoulders. It is also common for Leo people to have a tattoo on their wrist or ankle.

Leo Sign Tattoo

20. Leo Stomach Tattoo

The stomach tattoo is a popular choice for Leos as it represents their strength and confidence. Many people choose to get this type of tattoo in hopes that it will help them become more confident in themselves and in their abilities. A Leo stomach tattoo can be found on any part of the body but is most often located near the lower back or on the abdomen area.

Leo Stomach Tattoo

21. Leo Symbol Tattoo

The leo symbol tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs for people born under this zodiac sign. The leo symbol can be depicted as a lion, or a lion’s head with a crown on top. Sometimes it’s also shown as two lions facing each other with their heads down.

Leo Symbol Tattoo

22. Leo Tattoo Designs

The Leo tattoo is usually done in red or orange colors, both of which are associated with this sign. The tattoo can be designed on your back or front as well as on your arms or legs. You can also choose to get a tribal design or an image of a lion that represents your fierce nature.

Leo Tattoo Designs

23. Leo Tattoo Ideas

Leo zodiac tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. The symbol of the lion itself has always been a popular design for tattoos. People born under this zodiac sign are strong, powerful and confident. They have a strong personality and love to be in the spotlight. If you have this zodiac sign or just love these types of people, then get a Leo tattoo design!

Leo Tattoo Ideas

24. Leo Tattoos For Females

Women can choose from a variety of different designs when getting a Leo tattoo. There are designs that feature lions or other animals that symbolize this sign. You could also get an image of the sun in its glory with rays shooting out from it to represent your own bright personality.

Leo Tattoos For Females

25. Leo Tattoos For Men

The lion is also considered to be a symbol of royalty in many cultures and therefore makes for an excellent tattoo for men born under this sign as well as women. It represents power, bravery and leadership skills which makes it an ideal choice for someone who wants to make their mark on society in some way or another.

Leo Tattoos For Men

26. Leo Tattoos For Women

The lion is a symbol of strength and courage in many cultures around the world, making it a popular tattoo choice for women born under this sign. Leo tattoos that feature lions can be found on many different parts of the body including the back, arms or legs. However, one of the most popular places to get a Leo zodiac tattoo is on the ankle or foot as it is easy to hide when wearing shoes.

Leo Tattoos For Women

27. Leo Thigh Tattoos

A Leo thigh tattoo can be created in many different ways. The most popular design is a lion head with a crown or mane on top of it. This is usually done in black ink or with an outline of black ink with color added to the inside of the design. Other popular designs include roses, hearts, cherries and other flowers that are associated with the zodiac sign of Leo.

Leo Thigh Tattoos

28. Leo Wrist Tattoos

Wrist tattoos are another popular choice for those who want to show off their Leo zodiac sign in a way that will not be covered up by clothing or jewelry. A simple design like an infinity symbol or an anchor can be used as an alternative to other types of tattoos like shoulder pieces or back pieces if you want something.

Leo Wrist Tattoos

29. Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo

The Leo zodiac tattoo can be found on many different parts of the body. Many people choose to get their sign tattooed on their wrist or back, but it can also be placed in other areas such as the ankle or shoulder blade. The design used for this sign is usually a lion or a lion’s head with a crown on its head. This can be done in several different ways depending on whether you want your tattoo to look realistic or symbolic.

Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo

30. Leo Zodiac Tattoo

The Leo zodiac sign tattoo is one of the most popular zodiac tattoos out there. It symbolizes strength, confidence and leadership. Those who have this tattoo are said to be confident, charismatic and courageous people who like to be in control of their life. The lion is one of the most powerful animals in the animal kingdom, so it makes sense that those born under this sign are powerful as well.

Leo Zodiac Tattoo

31. Matching Leo Tattoo

If you have a partner who is also a Leo, matching tattoos can be a fun way to celebrate your love for one another. There are many different ways to go about getting matching tattoos. If you want something simple and discreet, it’s best to stick with something small like an outline of a lion or heart tattoo. If you want something more elaborate and detailed, try getting a full body picture of yourself as a lion or maybe even an entire scene depicting your astrological sign in action.

Matching Leo Tattoo

32. Meaningful Leo Tattoos

The most popular Leo tattoo design is the lion face because it represents their courage and bravery very well. You can also get other designs related to lions such as paw prints or even a simple outline of a lion’s face if you don’t want something too complicated on your body but still want something meaningful as well as beautiful at the same time.

Meaningful Leo Tattoos

33. Simple Leo Tattoo

One of the most popular ways to incorporate this astrological sign into your life is through a simple tattoo design. This type of tattoo often features a single lion face or two lions facing each other. If you want something more elaborate, there are many artists out there who specialize in creating custom designs for clients with their own unique flair.

Simple Leo Tattoo

34. Small Leo Tattoos

This small tattoo features a lion head with one eye looking straight at you while the other one appears to be closed shut because it has no eyelashes on it! It looks like he is about to attack something or someone but we don’t know what! This Leo tattoo would make for an interesting conversation piece when people see it for the first time!

Small Leo Tattoos

35. Watercolor Leo Tattoo

This watercolor tattoo features a beautiful lion surrounded by flowers that represent all of its amazing qualities such as compassion and love. The colors chosen for this design are deep purple and burgundy which help enhance the overall look of this piece while still remaining feminine at the same time.

Watercolor Leo Tattoo


What does a Leo tattoo mean?

Leo tattoos symbolize bravery, leadership and confidence. They also represent strength, passion and creativity. If you have been looking for a tattoo design that represents your star sign, Leo tattoos may be the perfect choice.

What does a Leo tattoo symbolize?

The lion is one of the most popular animals used in zodiac tattoos because it represents courage, power and strength. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want an animal tattoo design that represents their star sign. While there are many different ways to portray lions in tattoos, there are three main styles: realistic, cartoonish or mythical.


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