12 Awesome Greek Word Meraki Tattoo Design ideas

Meraki is a word of Greek origin (originally ), pronounced “may-rah-kee,”  with a very rich and deep meaning. “Meraki” means that you leave a piece of yourself, a part of your soul, your feelings, in everything you do. The idea is to put a little of yourself on your back.

With this depth and beauty of meaning, Meraki produces beautiful tattoos. In this guide, you’ll check out some ideas for regions to tattoo the word, as well as suggestions for typographic fonts, and also learn a little more about the meaning of the term.

Greek is one of the richest languages in the world, comprising over 5 million words and over 70 million word inflections. The Greek language is at least 4,000 years old and has influenced many other languages. Because of this, Greek is full of expressions that only exist in that language and are hardly translated into Portuguese using few words.

Meraki Tattoo ideas

Meaning of Meraki Tattoos

Meraki is the soul, creativity, and love you put into everything you do. This idea goes for everything from the simplest things, like cooking, to the great things in life, like loving people. Meraki is a way of expressing that every action, every task, and every work is always done with passion.

Meaning of Meraki Tattoos


Meraki tattoos are a kind of reminder of this philosophy of life. In short, Meraki is “giving your soul” to what you do. Give yourself to what you do, be it a hobby, an artistic activity, a job, or any other time. In ancient Greek, meraki can be considered both a verb and an adverb.

Meraki Tattoo

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Meraki Word Tattoo


palavra grega


Meraki Word Tattoo Tips

Check out some tips for your Meraki tattoo:

  • You can choose to write the word with Greek characters. Therefore, the word remains: μεράκι.
  • What sets the tone of word tattoos is the typography used, that is, the font used in writing the term. Check out our article with lyrics and fonts for tattoos.
  • Word tattoos can be done in various sizes. Given that, this tattoo fits well on any region of the body. You can even opt for smaller, more discreet tattoos in regions where larger designs wouldn’t fit.
  • Remember that the success of your tattoo depends on taking all the precautions and measures indicated by your tattoo artist.
  • Choose a reputable tattoo artist in a certified location who provides quality work.
  • Remember that tattoos are definitive marks on the skin. Think carefully before making your decision.
  • A cool idea to make you more sure is to not get tattoos on impulse and let the idea mature for a few weeks or months in your head. Talk to friends and family about your idea to gather opinions and good ideas.

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