45 Best Africa Tattoo Design ideas With Meaning

The Africa tattoo has become more popular than ever before. This is because they are beautiful, unique and have many meanings behind them. When you have an African tattoo, it will be something that represents who you are as well as what you believe in.

There are so many different things that can be done with an African tattoo design. You could get a tribal piece of art on your body or even a portrait of someone important in your life. You can also get an animal portrait or another type of piece of artwork on your body if you want something more unique than just a plain black and white design or one that has color added into it.

If you’re thinking about getting an African tattoo design for yourself then there are several things that you should think about first before deciding whether or not it’s something that you want for yourself. The first thing that you should think about when getting an African tattoo design is making sure that it means something to you and not just something that looks cool or unique but doesn’t mean anything at all to.

1. Meaningful Africa Tattoo

You can get a meaningful Africa tattoo by creating a design that represents something important to you. There are many things that you could represent in your tattoo, such as the people of Africa, their customs and traditions, the wildlife of this continent, etc. You could also choose to get an inspirational quote about Africa written on your body in order to show people what it means to you.

Meaningful Africa Tattoo

2. Africa Tattoo Ideas

There are many different ideas when it comes to getting an African tattoo. You can get any number of designs that incorporate the tribal feel that is so popular with this type of tattoo. Some people choose to have their entire body covered in African themed tattoos while others may just get a single design somewhere on their body. Regardless of how much or how little you want covered up with this type of tattoo, there are plenty of options available for you!

Africa Tattoo Ideas

3. Mother Africa Tattoo

The mother Africa tattoo is a symbol of unity and togetherness. It is a representation of the continent as one whole body. The mother Africa tattoo can also be seen as a representation of African heritage and culture. The mother Africa tattoo can be done in many different ways, but it’s always black and white with little to no shading. The design itself is usually very simple, consisting of only a few lines or shapes within the tattoo itself. Some artists may add other things like flowers or animals within the design as well, but overall this is not too popular because it takes away from the original idea behind the tattoo.

Mother Africa Tattoo

4. Outline Africa Tattoo

The outline Africa tattoo is another popular choice for those looking to get a tattoo that includes the outline of their favorite country or continent. The outline Africa tattoo can be done in any color you want, but most people choose black as it makes it easier to see the details in the design.

Outline Africa Tattoo

5. Warrior Africa Tattoo

The warrior tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos in Africa. It is said that the warrior tattoo represents strength, courage and bravery. It also shows that the wearer of this tattoo has been through many challenges in life and has come out victorious.

Warrior Africa Tattoo

6. Africa Tattoo With Crown

The crown tattoo is another popular tattoo in Africa. There are many meanings behind this tattoo such as royalty or respect from peers or even just having a sense of pride for where you come from.

Africa Tattoo With Crown

7. Africa Tattoo For Women

If you are looking for a feminine tattoo design, then Africa tattoos will be a great choice for you. There are many images which can be used on your skin; from animals like elephants and giraffes to flowers like lilies or lotuses. You can also get tribal tattoos on your body parts like arms or legs as well as on your back and shoulder areas to give them a unique look. Some of these designs are very colorful while others are black and white so that they look more elegant.

Africa Tattoo For Women

8. Girly Africa Tattoo Designs

The girly Africa tattoo design is a popular choice for women looking for a smaller, more feminine design on their body. This type of tattoo usually features bright colors and flowing lines to create an elegant look. Some girly Africa tattoos also feature flowers or other feminine elements like hearts or butterflies.

Girly Africa Tattoo Designs

9. South Africa Tattoo

South Africa is one of the most famous countries for its diverse cultures, stunning landscapes and unique wildlife. It is also a country that is known for its diversity in tattooing styles. The large variety of tattoos you can get in South Africa makes it one of the best places to get your next ink piece done!

South Africa Tattoo

10. Map Of Africa Tattoo

The map of Africa tattoo represents your love for this continent. It can be done with a detailed map or simply as a silhouette of the continent. This tattoo is usually done on someone who has traveled extensively throughout Africa but if you have never been there before then it could represent your desire to visit the continent someday soon!

Map Of Africa Tattoo

11. Small Africa Tattoo

This small tattoo depicts the continent of Africa in its entirety, with all of its countries included. This is a good choice for anyone who wants to get an Africa tattoo but doesn’t have enough space on their body to accommodate a larger piece of art work.

Small Africa Tattoo

12. Lion Africa Tattoo

The lion represents strength, courage, bravery and leadership. Many traditional African tribes believe that the lion is one of their ancestors from which they sprang forth into existence. The lion is also associated with bravery and courage in battle. The king of the jungle often represents royalty or power in Africa. This tattoo would be a perfect piece this man’s arm as it displays his pride in his heritage while paying tribute to his people’s beliefs about lions being part of their ancestry.

Lion Africa Tattoo

13. Black Panther Africa Tattoo

The black panther is one of the most popular African symbols used on tattoos by people all over the world. These powerful animals are thought to bring good luck to those who wear them or keep them close by at all times. They symbolize strength, courage and determination among other things as well as possessing supernatural powers such as being able to heal wounds faster than other animals can do so naturally.

Black Panther Africa Tattoo

14. Africa Tattoo Sleeve

The Africa tattoo sleeve is a great way to show your love and appreciation for the continent. The main body is made up of a colorful tribal-style design that features an elephant, giraffe and lion. The sleeve also features an African sunset with palm trees and colorful birds.

Africa Tattoo Sleeve

15. Shape Of Africa Tattoo

This is another great tattoo idea for those who want to show their love for Africa. This tattoo features the shape of Africa, which is surrounded by clouds, rainbows and flowers. The tattoo also features colorful tribal designs along with elephants and other animals.

Shape Of Africa Tattoo

16. Sunset Africa Tattoo

This sunset tattoo has a lot going for it. The colors are beautiful and vibrant and the design itself is quite intricate. The sun sets over an African landscape with mountains in the background and animals running through it all. This tattoo would look great on anyone who loves sunsets or just appreciates beautiful designs like this one.

Sunset Africa Tattoo

17. African Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are always an amazing way to pay tribute and honor your roots. If you are looking for a tribal tattoo design then you have come to the right place! We have hundreds of tattoo designs available for you to choose from! You can choose from our many different categories such as animals, flowers, hearts, skulls, butterflies and much more!

African Tribal Tattoos

18. Female Africa Tattoo

The female Africa tattoos can be designed in various ways such as the giraffe, elephant, tree of life, peacock etc. In this article we will focus on the tree of life design as it is one of the most popular designs among women who want to get an Africa tattoo done on their body.

Female Africa Tattoo

19. Tree Of Life Africa Tattoo

The Tree Of Life is considered sacred by many cultures around the world including Africa. It symbolizes longevity, health and prosperity for all those who live under its shade or stand near it. It also represents protection from evil spirits and evil forces that try to harm them or their families.

Tree Of Life Africa Tattoo

20. Stolen From Africa Tattoo

One way that people are expressing themselves is by getting tattoos that represent their culture. This is especially true for people with African ancestry who may not have been born in Africa. For example, Stolen From Africa Tattoo is a popular tattoo among those who have African ancestry but don’t have any direct connection with the continent itself.

21. Africa Tattoo Design

Another popular tattoo design is the Africa Tattoo Design which features the continent itself or a specific country within it. Some people choose this design because they want to celebrate their heritage while others choose it because they don’t know anything about their heritage except what their parents told them growing up or what they’ve learned since then on their own time and dime!

Africa Tattoo Design

22. Black Lion Africa Tattoo

The lion is one of the most popular animals for tattoos, and it has been for centuries. Its strength, power and courage make it a great symbol for those who want to show their inner strength. A black lion tattoo is an excellent choice for any man or woman who wants to show off their boldness and independence.

Black Lion Africa Tattoo

23. South Africa Tattoo Ideas

If you’re looking for a new tattoo design, but aren’t sure what kind of style you want, then look no further than South Africa tattoos! These beautiful designs are inspired by the colors and patterns of African culture. South Africa tattoos often feature bright colors and intricate patterns that are meant to represent different aspects of African society and culture.

South Africa Tattoo Ideas

24. Elephant Africa Tattoo

The elephant is the symbol of strength in Africa. It represents the power of the sacred bull to overcome obstacles and adversity while maintaining its integrity. This is why it makes an excellent symbol for those who want to show their strength against all odds or who wish to become stronger in themselves.

Elephant Africa Tattoo

25. Black Africa Tattoo

This design is one of the most popular among Africans. It depicts an outline of Africa with the continent’s map coordinates inked inside it. This tattoo can be done in any color you like, but it’s more commonly done in black ink because it looks great on darker skin tones.

Black Africa Tattoo

26. Continent Of Africa Tattoo

The continent of Africa is a wonderful place to visit. It is one of the most diverse regions in the world. The culture and people are rich with tradition, music, art and food. Africa’s history spans thousands of years and has been shaped by many different cultures. African tattoo designs are very popular among men and women alike.

Continent Of Africa Tattoo

27. Africa Tattoo For Men

The Africa tattoo for men can be placed anywhere on their body. It is a great design because it will look good no matter where you get it done. The design itself is simple and does not require any special skills when it comes to putting it on someone else’s body. If you want a design that looks good on your body but doesn’t take up too much room, this might be the right one for you.

Africa Tattoo For Men

28. Africa Tattoo Design For Collarbone

The collarbone is a beautiful place for a tattoo design as it shows off your skin without being too out there like some other visible areas like your arms or back may be. Collarbone tattoos are often small in size but can be made large if desired by adding more detail or shading into it which would make it stand out more.

Africa Tattoo Design For Collarbone

29. Africa Tattoo Behind Ear

Africa Tattoo Behind Ear is a great idea for those who love Africa. The tattoo has a simple design and can be easily done by any artist. This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body. It can be placed behind your ear, chest or back. It is a great way to show your love for Africa.

30. Minimalist Africa Tattoo

Minimalist Africa Tattoo is one of the most popular designs for women who love minimalism. This can also be used by men too! It’s a very simple design that can be done anywhere on your body. You can choose from various colors such as black, red, white or even blue green depending on how much creative control you have over your own body art design idea!

Minimalist Africa Tattoo

31. Ankh And Africa Tattoo

The Ankh is a symbol used by the ancient Egyptians as a representation of life and fertility. It’s also known as key of the Nile because it was believed to unlock the doors to heaven after death. This symbol is often incorporated into Africa tattoo designs because it represents many things that are important to African people such as love, life, health, fertility and rebirth.

Ankh And Africa Tattoo

32. Nefertiti African Tattoo

The Nefertiti Africa tattoo is a great choice if you want a tattoo that will be remembered by all who see it. The Nefertiti Africa tattoo shows a beautiful woman with long black hair wearing an Egyptian headdress holding up two hands in prayer as she looks toward heaven. This tattoo design is perfect for anyone who wants to show their love of ancient Egypt while also showing their devotion to the gods.

Nefertiti African Tattoo

33. Africa Tattoo On Arm

A simple Africa tattoo on arm is a tattoo design that can be done in many different ways. It can be a bold and large tattoo, or a small and sophisticated one. The idea is to keep it simple, so people will not see your tattoo as something that is out of place or that they do not understand.

Africa Tattoo On Arm

34. Africa Tattoo On Hand

The same goes for an Africa tattoo on hand. Here you have more freedom to choose any design you want; however, this is not recommended if you are looking for something subtle or elegant. The hands are very visible parts of our bodies and they tend to attract attention when we wear something unusual on them. Also, if you choose an intricate design it will take some time before it heals completely and looks natural again.

35. Africa Tattoo On Leg

Africa tattoo on leg, this tattoo is very beautiful. The Africa tattoo design is made of simple lines and shapes but still looks so attractive. The color combination of this tattoo is also great, black and white colors are used for the background of this tattoo and red color for the African continent. This is an amazing idea for those who love to have a tribal style tattoos on their body.

Africa Tattoo On Leg

36. Africa Tattoo On Thigh

This Africa tattoo design is placed on the thigh of a girl and it looks very gorgeous. The girl has got a very nice body shape and she looks more beautiful with this tribal style tattoo design on her thigh. The girl has got a dark skin tone so this tribal style African continent tattoo stands out beautifully against her skin tone. This is truly an amazing tattoo design that you can try out!

Africa Tattoo On Thigh

37. Africa Tattoo On Back

The most popular and the most common place for Africa Tattoo is on the back. It’s a large piece of artwork that takes up a lot of space on the skin, so it’s not something that you can easily hide. If you’re going to get an Africa tattoo, it’s best to keep it as discreet as possible. You don’t want to lose your job because of your ink!

Africa Tattoo On Back

38. Africa Tattoo On Neck

The neck is one of the most popular places to get a tattoo because it’s a very visible area of your body, especially if you have long hair. This is a great option for women who want to get an Africa tattoo but don’t want something too large or too colorful. If you choose this location, make sure that your design does not interfere with your clothes or jewelry.

Africa Tattoo On Neck

39. Africa Tattoo On Shoulder

A shoulder tattoo can be quite elegant, especially if it’s small and simple. The upper part of the arm is also a good choice for an Africa tattoo because it allows you to show off more skin when wearing short sleeves or tank tops. You can also try adding some smaller details around your larger design for added interest and dimension.

Africa Tattoo On Shoulder

40. Africa Tattoo On Ankle

Ankle tattoos are usually small and simple designs that can be seen without drawing attention away from more important features on your body such as your face or chest area. This is another great option if you’re looking for something small and discreet enough to wear everyday without having others guess what it means based on.

Africa Tattoo On Ankle

41. Simple Africa Tattoo

This is the most popular African tattoo design. It’s a simple design that you can get in any color or size. It’s also not too expensive to get this tattoo done, since it doesn’t have any complex designs. This tattoo represents the continent of Africa, so if you like traveling then this is a good choice for you.

Simple Africa Tattoo

42. Africa Tattoo On Wrist

This is another popular choice for people who want to get an Africa tattoo. The wrist is a great place to get your tattoo because it’s small and isn’t as noticeable as other places on your body. You can get this tattoo in any size and color as well, but make sure that it fits nicely with your skin tone before getting it done!

Africa Tattoo On Wrist

43. African Tattoo On Forearm

The African tattoo on forearm is a great way to show off your love of Africa. Whether you are proud of your heritage or just want to get a piece of art that looks great, this tattoo is perfect. The design can be simple or complex and it can be done in any color of ink.

Africa Tattoo On Forearm

44. Flower And Africa Tattoo

This is another take on the African tattoo design shown above but instead of using vibrant colors this one uses softer pastel colors like pink and purple which makes it look like it was painted by an artist who used pastels instead of oil paint. This one also has flowers incorporated into it which makes it more feminine than masculine but both men and women can get this kind of tattoo if they wish so there’s no need for labels here!

Flower And Africa Tattoo

45.African Tattoo On Chest

The African tattoo on chest is a great way to show off your love of Africa. Whether you are proud of your heritage or just want to get a piece of art that looks great, this tattoo is perfect. The design can be simple or complex and it can be done in any color of ink.

Africa Tattoo On Chest


What does Africa tattoo mean?

The meaning of an Africa tattoo symbolizes freedom, peace and unity. A lot of people get this tattoo to represent their roots, or just because they love the continent.

What does Africa tattoo symbol?

The Africa tattoo symbolizes the strength and determination that flows through the veins of all people who live in this continent. The design of the tattoo depicts the beauty of the land and how it has given birth to some of the greatest civilizations on earth.


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