25 Beautiful Belly Tattoos For Women in 2023

Belly tattoos are a beautiful way to decorate the area around your belly button, which is also called the navel. They’re a great choice for women who want to express their femininity and creativity. Some of the most popular designs include birds, flowers, butterflies, stars, and hearts.

Belly tattoos are popular with women because they add an element of femininity to the image. They are often used as accents for other tattoos on the body such as arm or leg sleeves. Some people who have belly tattoos choose to get them inked over scars from surgery or pregnancy. This can help them feel less self-conscious about their bodies after a life-changing event like this, while still looking cool and attractive!

Belly tattoos are very popular among women. Because the stomach is a place on the body where fat tends to collect, it’s easy for a tattoo to seem distorted as we get older and our bodies change shape. However, this can easily be avoided by opting for smaller, simpler designs.

1. Belly Button Tattoo

Belly button tattoos are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of body art. They’re an opportunity to express yourself through your navel, and some people even argue that it’s the perfect spot for a tattoo. The interesting thing about belly button tattoos is that they can be shown or hidden depending on what you’re wearing. If you have a low-cut top or bikini, then your belly button tattoo will be visible, but if you’re wearing something higher up around your waist, then it will be out of sight.

Belly Button Tattoo

2. Bird Belly Tattoo

Bird tattoos have become especially popular over the past couple of years and wherever you are, you’re sure to see at least one or two flying around on someone’s skin. These little creatures stand for freedom and represent the desire to reach higher ground in life.

Bird Belly Tattoo

3. Black Belly Tattoo

The color black has many different meanings but most commonly it represents power, strength and elegance. Black tattoos are also known to represent mystery or darkness which can be appropriate during pregnancy since it’s such an unknown experience for women who have never been through it before!

Black Belly Tattoo

4. Butterfly Belly Tattoo

The butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular types of belly tattoos. It symbolizes beauty, femininity, and fertility. These tattoos also represent change, as a butterfly will eventually grow up into an adult. You may choose to have a butterfly placed on your belly button or anywhere else on your stomach area.

Butterfly Belly Tattoo

5. Cherry Blossom Belly Tattoo

Cherry blossoms are one of nature’s most beautiful creations. Their delicate pink petals bring a touch of springtime and renewal wherever they’re seen. Cherry blossom tattoos have become popular in Asian cultures. if you want to add a touch of that sophistication to your style, consider getting your own cherry blossom tattoo on your belly!

Cherry Blossom Belly Tattoo

6. Dragon Belly Tattoo

Dragons are often associated with the orient and the Far East. In some Asian cultures, they were seen as gods who could control nature. They were also seen as protectors of wealth, so having a dragon on your stomach could mean you are protecting your wealth or looking for good fortune in life.

Dragon Belly Tattoo

7. Fish Belly Tattoo

Fishes are common animals that live in water and can also be used as symbols for being lucky. They can also symbolize peace, purity and harmony with nature. Since these animals live in water and are so much a part of it, having one on your belly could mean you’re trying to achieve inner peace or harmony with your surroundings.

Fish Belly Tattoo

8. Floral Belly Tattoo

Floral belly tattoos are a popular choice for women who want to get their first tattoo. The feminine nature of flowers makes them a perfect choice, and the smoothness of the stomach is an ideal place to have one done. If you’re on the fence about where to get your first tattoo, consider getting a flowery design on your belly.

Floral Belly Tattoo

9. Flower Belly Tattoo

Flower belly tattoos are often composed of a variety of blooms and vines that span across the lower abdomen. Though they may look great at first glance, they’re actually a major source of pain and discomfort. The large amounts of ink that cover your navel area can cause irritation and itching in some people, and this is especially true if you’re someone who tends to sweat profusely in hot weather or while exercising.

Flower Belly Tattoo

10. Knife Belly Tattoo

The knife belly tattoo is all about the sharpness of life. A knife belly tattoo can represent that a person has been through a lot of tough situations in life and is ready to take on anything without fear. It can also represent that the person is ruthless or has evil intentions.

Knife Belly Tattoo

11. Leaf Belly Tattoo

Leaf tattoos are very beautiful and hold a lot of meaning. Some of these meanings include growing, rebirth, fertility and nature. Leaf tattoos are usually seen on girls, but they can also be seen on men as well. There are many different types of leaves you can get on your belly tattoo if you choose this design.

Leaf Belly Tattoo

12. Lily Belly Tattoo

The spider lily belly tattoo is a common sight in Asia. These flowers are a large part of Eastern culture and the spider lily flower represents purity, justice, and duty. The design of this tattoo often includes bright colors that make it stand out from other tattoos.

Lily Belly Tattoo

13. Medusa Belly Tattoo

If you’re looking for a powerful design, then you can’t go wrong with Medusa. In most stories, Medusa is a beautiful woman who has snakes for hair and whose gaze turns people to stone. You can incorporate your favorite aspects of the Medusa legend into your belly tattoo design as well as any other ideas you have.

Medusa Belly Tattoo

14. Minimalist Belly Tattoo

The minimalist belly tattoo is a great option for anyone who doesn’t want something too flashy or ostentatious on their body. This type of tattoo is small and sweet, and can be designed in any way that you want. There are plenty of different designs out there that can help you find the perfect fit for your minimalist style.

Minimalist Belly Tattoo

15. Ornament Belly Tattoo

More ornate than the minimalist version, ornament belly tattoos are great options for anyone who wants something more dramatic than a simple design. These tattoos range from delicate looking designs to full-on landscape art pieces, so there’s definitely one out there for everyone’s taste.

Ornament Belly Tattoo

16. Scorpion Belly Tattoo

Scorpions are another great option for people looking for a bold design. They have a unique aesthetic that immediately draws the eye, and their bright colors and distinctive shape make them perfect for those who want something dramatic. The only downside is that scorpion belly tattoos can be painful due to their location on the body.

Scorpion Belly Tattoo

17. Shark Belly Tattoo

Sharks are one of the most iconic ocean predators, and shark belly tattoos are great for those who want something that will stand out. There’s a fantastic variety of designs available, from cool-looking sharks swimming in the ocean to elaborate tribal designs. if you’re looking for something you can hide, a shark belly tattoo is probably not your best option.

Shark Belly Tattoo

18. Simple Belly Tattoo

Simple belly tattoos are often discreet and elegant. These are perfect for the woman who wants a tattoo but doesn’t want it to be obvious. They can be hidden underneath clothing and yet still make you feel sexy and confident when you show them off.

Simple Belly Tattoo

19. Snake Belly Tattoo

Snake belly tattoos are popular because they can mean so many things to different people. They can symbolize fertility and new life or they could simply indicate that you’re as mysterious as a snake in the grass! Snakes have long been symbols of wisdom, fertility and femininity throughout cultures around the world, so they make an excellent choice.

Snake Belly Tattoo

20. Spider Belly Tattoo

Spider belly tattoos can be designed in a variety of different ways. If you want the tattoo to be on the smaller size, then you can just get a small spider tattoo. If you want something more extraordinary, then you can get a larger spider inked on your stomach. The spider is often portrayed with a web that looks like it was created on the skin. Many women choose this type of design because they believe it represents their femininity.

Spider Belly Tattoo

21. Tiger Belly Tattoo

Tiger belly tattoos are extremely popular among both men and women. Tigers are known for their power and beauty, which is one reason why they make great tattoo designs for the stomach area. There are many different types of tiger belly tattoos that you can choose from.

Tiger Belly Tattoo

22. Traditional Belly Tattoo

If you’re looking for something that’s classic, traditional belly tattoos may be right for you. Some popular options include stars, flowers, and hearts all inked in black or color. You can cover your entire tummy or just a small part of it,the choice is yours!

Traditional Belly Tattoo

23. Tribal Belly Tattoo

A tribal tattoo is another option for someone who wants an edgier look. Tribal designs often feature bold lines surrounding larger shapes like circles or arrows. They’re typically done without much shading, but they can still be beautiful additions to your body art collection.

Tribal Belly Tattoo

24. Watercolor Belly Tattoo

This style of tattooing has become incredibly popular in recent years. It gives a more delicate look to the design by using soft, blendable colors that resemble watercolor paintings. With this style, you can opt for a standard design or have your own artistic creation put onto your belly. The possibilities are endless!

Watercolor Belly Tattoo

25. insect Belly Tattoo

Insect tattoos are popular for many reasons; what could be more beautiful than the symmetry of a dragonfly or the delicate balance of an ant? Insects have long been used as symbols in various cultures, so adding them to your body art can give it multiple layers of meaning. Plus, they look great!

insect Belly Tattoo


Do belly tattoos hurt?

Yes, just like any other tattoo, belly tattoos do hurt. That said, it may be more painful for some people than others. How much it hurts will depend on your specific pain tolerance, the placement of the tattoo, and the size of the design.

What Makes Belly Tattoos More Painful?

There are a number of reasons why tattoos on the stomach hurt more than those on other parts of the body. The first reason is that there is not much fat or muscle in this area, so the pain will be felt right away when the needle pierces the skin.

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