30 Best Jesus Tattoos With Meanings in 2023

Jesus Tattoos are very popular as they are considered to be an expression of faith and devotion. The most common tattoo designs include Jesus Christ, crucifixion, dove, cross and the Sacred Heart. Many people choose to get a tattoo of Jesus because it shows their love for him and their belief in his teachings.

The Jesus Tattoo is a religious symbol that represents the son of God, Jesus Christ. It features a cross with a crown of thorns and a halo around the sun. An image of Jesus appeared on the Shroud of Turin in 14th century Italy, giving birth to this tattoo design. It was one of the first tattoos that were used for religious purposes and it has been popular ever since.

Jesus tattoos can be designed in many different ways. Some people opt for traditional designs like the cross or other religious symbols, while others want something more modern. For example, some people get a tattoo with Jesus being nailed to the cross, while others get a tattoo that shows Jesus holding a heart or with his arms outstretched as if he’s welcoming everyone into heaven.

1. 3d Jesus Tattoo

3D Jesus tattoos are becoming more and more popular. These tattoos incorporate a three-dimensional effect that makes it seem like Jesus is actually coming out of your skin. It’s not uncommon to see these types of tattoos done on the side or back of the neck, shoulder blades, arms, hands and chest area.

3d Jesus Tattoo

2. American Traditional Jesus Tattoo

American traditional Jesus tattoos are usually depicted as realistic portraits or paintings with bold black outlines and solid colors for shading purposes only. They’re usually done in either black or red ink with a few variations here and there depending on the artist’s preference or style of artistry.

American Traditional Jesus Tattoo

3. Black And Grey Jesus Tattoo

Black and gray Jesus tattoos are often used as designs for larger pieces like sleeves or backs. The size of these types of tattoos makes them ideal for covering large areas of skin quickly. If you want a large tattoo but don’t want it to take forever, then consider getting a black and gray design instead of color because it will look just as good without all the extra work involved with adding color throughout the entire piece.

Black And Grey Jesus Tattoo

4. Black Jesus Tattoo

This style is one of the most popular choices for Jesus tattoos. The reason is because it looks great on every skin tone, and it also works well with any other design elements in your artwork. You can use bold black lines to create simple images such as hands or feet, or you can use black shading to make more complex designs like flowers or leaves.

Black Jesus Tattoo

5. Cool Jesus Tattoo

This is a cool way to show your love for Christ. It is also a great way to create your own unique tattoo design. If you want to get a tattoo that is creative and unique, this is a great choice for you. While many Christians choose to get a cross tattooed, there are many other symbols that can be used as well. A tattoo of Jesus is one of the most popular Christian tattoos, but there are many other religious symbols that can be used as well.

Cool Jesus Tattoo

6. Crying Jesus Tattoo

The crying Jesus tattoo is another great way to show your devotion to Christ. This type of tattoo shows Christ as he was being crucified on the cross, crying out in pain and sorrow because of what was happening to him. This is an important part of his life story that should not be forgotten by anyone who follows him as their Lord and Savior!

Crying Jesus Tattoo

7. Full Sleeve Jesus Tattoo

Full Sleeve Jesus Tattoos are one of the most popular types of Jesus tattoos. With a full sleeve tattoo, you can showcase your love for Christ by having him displayed on your arm from shoulder to wrist. Depending on how much space you have available, you may choose to have only an upper arm piece or down to your wrist. You can also choose to display other religious symbols such as crosses, angels and cherubs along with Jesus Christ himself in your full sleeve tattoo.

Full Sleeve Jesus Tattoo

8. Jesus Tattoo On Bicep

This Jesus tattoo on bicep is a great example of how you can make a traditional looking cross tattoo even more interesting. The black and white colors make it look like you’re wearing a shirt with this design on it, but when you turn around your whole arm is covered in the tattoo. It’s really cool because it looks like a completely different tattoo when you turn around! This one may not be for everyone, but if you have the right skin tone then it could look amazing!

Jesus Bicep Tattoo

9. Jesus Cross Tattoo

The cross has long been a symbol of Christianity. It is often used as an emblem of the Christian faith by members of the Catholic Church. The cross is also associated with other religions including Eastern Orthodoxy and Protestantism, but it is most closely associated with Catholicism. Many people choose a cross tattoo as a way to show their faith in God and Jesus Christ. These tattoos can vary from simple crosses to elaborate designs that include other symbols such as doves or roses.

Jesus Cross Tattoo

10. Jesus Face Tattoo

The face of Jesus has been used on many different types of religious art throughout history, including paintings and sculptures created by artists who were inspired by their own visions of Christ. This trend continues today with many people choosing to get Jesus face tattoos on their own bodies in order to show their devotion to God and his son Jesus Christ. These tattoos can be designed in many different ways depending on what kind of style you want for your body art design.

Jesus Face Tattoo

11. Jesus Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are one of the most popular types of Jesus tattoos because they’re easy to hide if need be. There are many different designs available for forearm tattoos, but some of the most popular include crosses, sunbursts, and hands holding rosaries or prayer beads. These types of Jesus forearm tattoos can be placed anywhere on your arm and will fit any style you choose!

Jesus Forearm Tattoo

12. Jesus Half Sleeve Tattoo

The most common Jesus tattoo is the half sleeve design. This is a tattoo that covers the entire arm, from just below the shoulder down to the wrist. This type of tattoo is usually done in black ink, though colored variations are also possible.

Jesus Half Sleeve Tattoo

13. Jesus Tattoo On Leg

A leg tattoo can be an excellent way to show your love for Jesus Christ and his teachings. A leg tattoo is typically smaller than a full sleeve design so it can fit on your calf or thigh area, but still provide enough room for detail and color choices.

Jesus Leg Tattoo

14. Jesus Lion Tattoo

The Jesus Lion tattoos are a symbol of protection and salvation, as well as a reminder of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. It is a symbol that is used by Christians around the world. It is also known as the Lamb of God or Agnus Dei. The tattoo can be seen in many different forms, but it typically features a lion looking up at the sun with its head bowed down.

Jesus Lion Tattoo

15. Jesus Praying Tattoo

The Jesus praying tattoos are a popular choice among Christians, who use them as a sign of their faith in God. The tattoos depict Jesus praying or meditating on his mission on earth. This tattoo can be found in many different forms, but it typically features Jesus bowing his head while kneeling down on one knee with both hands clasped together in front of him.

Jesus Praying Tattoo

16. Jesus Quote Tattoo

One of the most popular ways to show your devotion is by getting a tattoo with a favorite Bible verse or saying from Jesus himself. These tattoos can be displayed anywhere on the body, but some people choose to get them on their back or shoulder for easy viewing.

Jesus Quote Tattoo

17. Jesus Tattoo On Shoulder

The most common place for people to get Jesus tattoos is on their shoulders. This placement makes the tattoo visible when people wear tank tops or dresses with low backs. The cross is often inked in traditional red ink, though some people opt for black ink instead or use other colors like blue or purple.

Jesus Shoulder Tattoo

18. Jesus Tattoo On Arm

Another popular spot for Jesus tattoos is on the arm, just below the shoulder or near the elbow area. This placement works well when paired with another tattoo, such as an angel wing or a Bible verse about salvation. It can also be used as a standalone design, especially if you want to show off all your religious ink at once!

Jesus Tattoo Arm

19. Jesus Tattoo On Back

A Jesus tattoo on the back is a religious tattoo, but it can also be a way of showing your faith in Jesus. It’s a way to show your devotion to him and his teachings. If you have Christian beliefs and want to get this type of tattoo, then this is the perfect place for you to start your search.

Jesus Tattoo Back

20. Jesus Tattoo On Chest

The Jesus tattoo on chest is worn by many people as it is more visible and attractive than other tattoos. The Jesus tattoo inked on the chest can be in the form of a cross or any other symbol associated with Christianity. The cross may be black or red in color, depending upon the wearer’s choice.

Jesus Tattoo On Chest

21. Jesus Tattoo On Hand

The Jesus tattoos are also popular among women who like to wear them on their hands, legs or arms as they are quite visible at all times. If you want to get Jesus tattooed in your hand then make sure that it is not too big or else it will look too crowded when you lift up your hand for something else.

Jesus Tattoo On Hand

22. Jesus Tattoo On Thigh

This is one of the most popular places to get a Jesus tattoo because it is easy to hide if you want to and it looks great on both men and women. A Jesus tattoo on thigh is usually done in black or brown colors with a simple outline of Jesus’ face or body. You can even get a small cross on your thigh for added effect.

Jesus Tattoo On Thigh

23. Jesus Tattoo Outline

On the other hand, if you want to be more subtle with your tattoo, you can choose a Jesus tattoo outline instead. This is a very delicate tattoo that can be used for many purposes. You can make it as detailed or as simple as you like. You can also place it anywhere on your body from the back of your neck to the middle of your back. It will look great either way because this design is so simple and beautiful.

Jesus Tattoo Outline

24. Jesus Tattoo On Wrist

If you want something that is going to stand out, then you should get a Jesus tattoo on wrist. This is a unique design that looks like it was made by an artist who had some talent in him. The best part about this design is that it represents both religion and spirituality without looking like an ordinary tatoo. It has a lot of meaning behind it and there are plenty of people who would love to have one just like yours!

Jesus Wrist Tattoo

25. Mary And Jesus Tattoo

Mary And Jesus tattoos are popular among believers because they represent the love between mother and son. These tattoos can be done in many different styles including realistic, cartoonish or traditional art styles. Realistic Mary And Jesus tattoos are often done in color while cartoonish versions are usually black and white to make them stand out more from their surroundings.

Mary And Jesus Tattoo

26. Realistic Jesus Tattoo

Realistic Jesus tattoos are often done in black ink and feature the iconic image of Christ that most people associate with him today. The image shows Jesus with long curly hair, a halo around his head and long flowing robes covering his body from head to toe. This style of tattoo works well on any part of the body including arms, legs, feet and backsides.

Realistic Jesus Tattoo

27. Revelation Jesus Tattoo

The Revelation Jesus tattoos are a bit more complex and detailed than the Sacred Heart of Jesus tattoos. This is because they include many other religious symbols, such as angels, crosses, and cherubs. The Revelation Jesus tattoos are popular among Christians who like to show their faith in a unique way. These tattoos can be placed on different parts of your body including hands, arms, legs or feet. They can be done in black ink or with other colors depending on your preference.

Revelation Jesus Tattoo

28. Sacred Heart Of Jesus Tattoo

The Sacred Heart of Jesus tattoos are very similar to the Revelation Jesus tattoos but these ones have more detail and are more intricate in design. The Sacred Heart of Jesus was one of the first symbols used by Christians to represent their faith during the Middle Ages. It is still used today as an emblem for many churches around the world.

Sacred Heart Of Jesus Tattoo

29. Simple Jesus Tattoo

A simple Jesus tattoo is a great way to show your love for Jesus. These tattoos are usually small, and they don’t have to be complicated or detailed. They can simply be a cross, or they can be an image of Jesus himself. A simple tattoo like this is a great way to get started with your new ink if you’re not sure what you want yet.

Simple Jesus Tattoo

30. Small Jesus Tattoo

Small Jesus tattoos are another great choice for those who want to get inked but aren’t sure how big their tattoo should be or what it should look like. Smaller tattoos tend to cost less money than larger ones, so this is an affordable option for people who aren’t sure what kind of tattoo they want just yet. Smaller designs also tend to heal faster, so if you decide that you want something bigger after all, then at least you won’t have as much work ahead of you!

Small Jesus Tattoos

Jesus Tattoos For Men

Jesus tattoos for men are a great way to show your love for the savior. Jesus tattoos can be done in many different styles and colors, but they are generally done in black ink. Some people choose to have Jesus tattooed on their arms or chest, while others prefer to have Jesus inked on their back or leg. The most common type of Jesus tattoo is the one that has Him carrying His cross to Calvary while wearing a crown of thorns and surrounded by a halo.

Jesus Tattoos For Women

There are many different types of Jesus tattoos for women including those that depict His crucifixion as well as those that show Him carrying His cross to Calvary while wearing a crown of thorns and surrounded by a halo. Women also like having tattoos that include angels or cherubs because these symbols represent purity and innocence, which is something every woman wants to feel like she has from time to time!


What Does Jesus Tattoo Mean?

There are many different meanings for Jesus tattoos. Some people get them as a reminder of their faith, or to show their support for their religion or church. Others get them because they believe that Jesus is the son of God or that he sacrificed himself for humanity's sins. Some people get them as a way to mark a life changing event such as getting married or having children.

Who Gets Jesus Tattoos?

Jesus tattoos appeal to people from all walks of life and with different interests and beliefs. They are popular among Christians, Jews, Muslims and others who follow Abrahamic religions but they also appeal to people outside these groups who admire Jesus' teachings or simply want to express their love for him through art on their bodies.

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