25 Gorgeous Roman Numeral Tattoo Designs

The Roman numeral tattoo is a popular choice for men and women alike. It is usually simple in design and has quite a lot of meaning behind it. Roman numerals are often used to represent dates in the form of years, birthdays, wedding dates, or other important life events.

Roman numeral tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. Often, they are used to commemorate a special date or event. Many people choose Roman numerals to mark important life milestones like a wedding anniversary, birth of a child, or a birthday. This tattoo style can be subtle and discreet or large and elaborate.

Roman numeral tattoos are a great way to make a statement with your tattoo. The number in Roman numerals can be anything, whether it is your birth year, the year of a family member’s birth or death, or anything else that you want to remember. Many people choose to get Roman numerals tattooed on their body because they represent an important date to them. These tattoos are also well done in black and white ink, which gives them a clean and crisp look. Below we will talk about some examples of Roman numeral tattoos that were done by different artists.

1. Artistic Roman Numeral Tattoo

Roman numerals are often associated with clocks, watches and other timepieces. For this reason they’re used in many tattoo designs to represent the passing of time. This is especially true of Roman numbering systems that are used to depict years, months or days.

Artistic Roman Numeral Tattoo

2. Behind The Ear Roman Numeral Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoos can be done in many different styles and fonts. One of the most popular ways for women to get Roman numerals tattooed is behind the ear. This is a great place for someone who likes smaller tattoos and doesn’t want something huge on their body. Behind the ear is a subtle placement that can be covered up if necessary without taking away from its beauty.

Behind The Ear Roman Numeral Tattoo

3. Colorful Roman Numeral Tattoo

Roman Numeral tattoos are especially popular among young men who want to express their love for their family or significant other by having their birthdays tattooed on them. These tattoos can be done in a variety of designs and styles using different colors and fonts.

Colorful Roman Numeral Tattoo

4. Roman Numeral And Arrow Tattoo

The arrow is a symbol of direction, power, and protection. This can be a great way to represent your faith in God or your love for your family. A tattoo with arrows and Roman numerals could be the perfect symbol for you.

Roman Numeral And Arrow Tattoo

5. Roman Numeral And Clock Tattoo

The clock is one of the most common symbols used in tattoo art. It represents time, which is something we all have in abundance at our fingertips today thanks to technology like smartphones, tablets, computers etc… Some clocks have Roman numerals whereas others do not; this depends entirely on personal preference but both styles will do just fine!

Roman Numeral And Clock Tattoo

6. Roman Numeral And Cross Tattoo

The Roman numeral tattoo that is accompanied with the cross is a very popular tattoo design. This type of tattoo design combines two of the most powerful symbols known to man. The Roman numeral tattoo may be chosen by someone who has a strong faith in Christianity, and wants to show it off. It is also a good way to commemorate a date that is special to you, such as the date of your birth or the date of your wedding.

Roman Numeral And Cross Tattoo

7. Roman Numeral And Rose Tattoo

The Roman numeral tattoo is often associated with flowers and roses are one of the most popular types of flowers. This type of flower has been used for many years by both men and women as a symbol for their love for one another.

Roman Numeral And Rose Tattoo

8. Roman Numeral Ankle Tattoo

A Roman numeral tattoo on the ankle can be a great choice for a woman. The design can be simple, such as the date of a special event in her life. Or it can be more elaborate, with the date or numbers surrounded by other symbols that have meaning for her.

Roman Numeral Ankle Tattoo

9. Roman Numeral Arm Tattoo

The arm is another popular spot for a Roman numeral tattoo. It’s another area of the body that allows for both large and small designs. Some people like to get Roman numerals on their inner forearm because it’s an area that’s easy to cover up if needed. Others like to get them on their biceps or upper arms for decoration.

Roman Numeral Arm Tattoo

10. Roman Numeral Back Tattoo

For those who want to cover a large area of the body with roman numeral tattoos, the back is a perfect choice. It is large enough that you can fit any number you want on it without needing to go too big or too small. You can also customize your design by adding symbols or words around the numbers to make it more meaningful. You can also get this tattooed anywhere else on your body that fits well with your design, such as the chest or shoulder blade.

Roman Numeral Back Tattoo

11. Roman Numeral Bicep Tattoo

Roman numeral bicep tattoos are a popular tattoo choice for men. The bicep is a large area of muscle, making it easy to cover with ink. Many times, the Roman numeral tattoos are displayed on the inside of their biceps, but they can also be found on the outside. However, some people will choose to get them in a different location, such as on their chest or back.

Roman Numeral Bicep Tattoo

12. Roman Numeral Chest Tattoo

One of the most popular places for Roman numeral tattoos is on the chest. You can place the numerals within a larger design, or wear them alone. If you’re looking for a masculine tattoo, consider getting large Roman numerals inked on your chest.

Roman Numeral Chest Tattoo

13. Roman Numeral Collarbone Tattoo

Another great place for Roman numerals is along the collarbone. This placement is especially popular for women, or men who want a feminine tattoo design. You can wear your numerals alone, or incorporate them into other symbols to add meaning to your ink. The placement of this type of tattoo is also very sexy and is sure to turn heads no matter what you have inked there!

Roman Numeral Collar Bone Tattoo

14. Roman Numeral Hand Tattoo

The Roman numeral hand tattoo is a great choice for someone who is looking to get a meaningful tattoo in a subtle way. Common Roman numeral hand tattoos include the day you were born, your anniversary date, or the date of a loved one’s death. It can also be used for a personal slogan or motto that you live by. Because the ink is so close to the skin, it will fade much quicker than tattoos located on other parts of your body. You can choose to have it filled in all black, or you can use colors to add some detail and make it stand out more.

Roman Numeral Hand Tattoo

15. Roman Numeral Hip Tattoo

A Roman numeral hip tattoo is also another option for people looking to get something meaningful but still keep it relatively simple and small. There are more placement options when it comes to hip tattoos than there are with hand tattoos because they take up more space, but they usually require less upkeep since they aren’t as exposed to the elements as other areas and they don’t rub against.

Roman Numeral Hip Tattoo

16. Roman Numeral Leg Tattoo

One of the more popular placement spots for Roman numeral tattoos is the leg. Men typically like them on the calf, while women might prefer a spot near the ankle or even higher up on the thigh. Either way, these designs can look quite classy and elegant when done properly.

Roman Numeral Leg Tattoo

17. Roman Numeral Neck Tattoo

A more daring spot for Roman Numeral tattoos is the neck, which offers less space than the leg but also holds symbolic meaning. The neck is often seen as one of the most vulnerable parts of the body; by getting a tattoo on your neck, you’re showing that you’re willing to put yourself out there and make yourself vulnerable in order to express your beliefs and values.

Roman Numeral Neck Tattoo

18. Roman numeral rib tattoo

Rib tattoos are one of the most popular types of Roman numeral tattoo. They look great on both men and women and are easy to conceal if necessary. It’s also a great place for larger tattoos that can have more detail added to them than other places on the body due to its size.

Roman numeral rib tattoo

19. Roman Numeral Shoulder Tattoo

When it comes to shoulder tattoos, there are a number of different tattoo designs and styles that you can choose from. However, one tattoo design that you may find interesting is the Roman numeral shoulder tattoo. Roman numeral tattoos are not only beautiful and unique, but they also carry a symbolic meaning. They can be used to represent the date of an important event in your life or the birth date of a loved one.

Roman Numeral Shoulder Tattoo

20. Roman Numeral Spine Tattoo

While many people select traditional back tattoos, there are also those who prefer something a little different. If you are looking for an alternative to the common back tattoos, you may want to consider a Roman numeral spine tattoo. This type of tattoo may seem a bit strange at first glance, but it is actually very attractive and unique.

Roman Numeral Spine Tattoo

21. Roman Numeral Thigh Tattoo

One popular choice is to get a Roman numeral tattoo on the thigh. This location gives you plenty of space to show off your ink and also provides flexibility when it comes to the size and shape of your tattoo. Some people like getting their Roman numerals on the inside or outside of their thighs, so they can be easily covered up by clothing if need be.

Roman Numeral Thigh Tattoo

22. Roman Numeral Wrist Tattoo

Roman numeral wrist tattoos have been popular for many years and continue to be one of the most requested styles today. They’re very versatile, being equally appropriate for women or men and looking great in either block or cursive lettering. Since they cover such a small area of skin, it’s best to keep them simple: try just one number or at most two that are related in meaning, like birthdays or anniversaries.

Roman Numeral Wrist Tattoo

23. Simple Roman Numeral Tattoo

The simplest version of this style is the basic Roman numeral. All you need to do is write out numbers in their correct sequence, making sure they are all evenly spaced apart. This style works well with either black ink or color ink, depending on your preference. It can also be used as an outline for a more complex design if desired.

Simple Roman Numeral Tattoo

24. Small Roman Numeral Tattoo

Small Roman numeral tattoos are another common style of this type of tattoo design. The idea behind them is simple: make everything smaller than usual so it will fit onto your body without taking up too much space. In addition to being visually appealing, small Roman numerals can also be used as a symbol for something meaningful to you such as your birthday or anniversary date.

Small Roman Numeral Tattoo

25. Traditional Roman Numeral Tattoo

Traditional Roman Numeral tattoos are the most popular tattoo that uses Roman numerals to represent their birth date. They always appear on the forearms, upper arms, or shoulders. The traditional design for Roman numeral tattoos is just that,numbers written in the ancient language of the Romans.

Traditional Roman Numeral Tattoo


What does a Roman numeral tattoo mean?

They can represent a date of significance in the life of the wearer, or it might be a number that has personal meaning. Or maybe you have an important date like your birthday or your wedding day that you want to remember forever.

Are Roman numeral tattoos cool?

When Roman numerals are used in tattoos, they add an air of mystery to the design. Roman numeral tattoos are a popular choice for tattoo designs, particularly among men. The Roman numeral tattoo is often inked as a memorial to a special day or person in the wearer's life.


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