20 Best Centipede Tattoos For Men And Women

Centipede tattoos is one of the most popular tattoo designs for men and women. A centipede has a long body with multiple legs, each leg has a pair of claws that helps it move easily on different surfaces. The centipede is a poisonous insect that can be found in different colors like black, green, white, yellow and red.

The centipede is one of the most common animals used in tattooing. It has been used as a symbol since ancient times, and its popularity has remained strong over the centuries. As such, there are many different meanings associated with this insect, depending on where it is located on your body.

Centipede tattoos can be used in many different ways. Some people like to get their entire body covered in centipede tattoos. Others prefer to get only one or two centipede tattoos on different parts of their body. There are many different designs that you can choose from when it comes to getting a tattoo of this type. There are also many different colors that you can use for your design as well.

1. Centipede Tattoo For Men

The centipede tattoo for men is a rather large and bold design. It is one of the more detailed designs and is also very colorful. The centipede tattoo for men is one that you can get inked on your arm, leg or chest. The tattoo artist will have to use a lot of ink to make sure that the entire body of the bug is covered.

Centipede Tattoo For Men

2. Centipede Tattoo For Women

The centipede tattoo for women is not as detailed as the male version but it still has its own unique look to it. It’s smaller than its male counterpart but still has plenty of detail to it. You can get this type of tattoo done on any part of your body from your ankle to your shoulder blade. This type of design is perfect for those who want something simple yet beautiful at the same time.

Centipede Tattoo For Women

3. Centipede Tattoo Meaning

A centipede tattoo symbolizes protection and strength. Centipedes are known to be very poisonous, which is why they are often used in tattoos. A centipede tattoo can also represent speed and agility; this symbol is perfect for athletes and those who love to compete.

Centipede Tattoo Meaning

4. Centipede Tattoo On Ankle

A centipede is a small, venomous creature with numerous legs. It’s found in many parts of the world and can be alarming when you’re sitting on your couch and suddenly it runs across you! This small tattoo is perfect for anyone looking for something tiny but that still has meaning. If you want to get a centipede tattoo, there are a few different places where you can place it. One of the most popular spots is on the ankle. This area has plenty of room for a small design, yet is still visible if you wear shorts or skirts often.

Centipede Tattoo On Ankle

5. Centipede Tattoo On Hand

Another option for centipede tattoos is on your hand. The hand makes an easy location because it’s easy to cover up with long sleeves or gloves if necessary, but it’s also one of the most visible areas when you’re dressed casually. You can get creative with how you place this tattoo by opting for a larger or smaller design that fits well within your palm or along the side of your fingers. If you have smaller hands, this tattoo might be too big to fit comfortably within.

Centipede Tattoo On Hand

6. Centipede Tattoo On Leg

Leg tattoos are one of the most common places to get a centipede tattoo because they don’t usually cover much skin area on any part of your body. However, it’s important to choose an artist who is experienced with leg tattoos and knows how to avoid getting too much shading in one area so that it doesn’t look distorted or stretched out when you walk around in shoes with them on your feet all day long!

Centipede Tattoo On Leg

7. Centipede Tattoo On Neck

Neck tattoos are becoming more popular as time goes by because they provide an easy way for people to express themselves without having to worry about what others think about their ink. Centipedes are not commonly used as neck tattoos because they require large areas of space on the skin to be truly effective; however, there have been some artists who have managed to create some amazing designs for those who want them.

Centipede Tattoo On Neck

8. Centipede Tattoo On Shoulder

The shoulder area is a great place to get a centipede tattoo because it’s easy to hide if you don’t want it visible at all times. The shoulders make for a large canvas which allows you to have more detail in your tattoo design without making it too busy or confusing for people who see it for the first time.

Centipede Tattoo On Shoulder

9. Centipede Tattoo On Thigh

Thigh tattoos are one of the most popular spots for centipede tattoos because they can be done in any size and shape that you would like them in. You can get them in black and white, or you could even get them colored in with different colors for each section of the centipede body.

Centipede Tattoo On Thigh

10. Centipede Tattoo On Wrist

One of the most common places for women to get a centipede tattoo is on their wrists or hands. This is because it’s often difficult to find an appropriate place for your centipede design that isn’t too visible when wearing short sleeves or tight clothing. Wrist tattoos can also be done in full color or black ink.

Centipede Tattoo On Wrist

11. Colorful Centipede Tattoos

This colorful tattoo features a vibrant green and red centipede crawling up someone’s arm. The design is very detailed, as it shows all eight legs as well as its head and body. The shading on this piece is done very well, making each color pop off the skin.

Colorful Centipede Tattoo

12. Floral Centipede Tattoos

This floral centipede tattoo incorporates some beautiful flowers into its design. The artist has done an excellent job of incorporating those flowers into his artwork without making them look out of place or ruining the flow of the piece overall. The shading on this tattoo is done very well too, making it look extremely realistic!

Floral Centipede Tattoo

13. Forearm Centipede Tattoos

Forearm centipede tattoos can be done in many different ways. One of the most popular is to have the centipede crawl up your arm from your wrist up towards your shoulder like a vine. Another option is to have it crawling down your arm, as if it were coming out of a hole in your arm.

Forearm Centipede Tattoo

14. Human Centipede Tattoos

There are many different ways to create a centipede tattoo design based on your preferences and budget. You can choose from realistic designs or graphic ones that feature bright colors and bold outlines. The most popular places to get a centipede tattoo include the arm, leg and back areas where you can show off your new ink proudly!

Human Centipede Tattoo

15. Japanese Centipede Tattoos

The Japanese centipede tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs out there today. This particular design features a realistic image of an Asian-style centipede sitting on top of a leafy branch with Japanese writing flowing down from above it. The image is done in black ink and is usually quite large in size so that it can be seen clearly.

Japanese Centipede Tattoo

16. Red Centipede Tattoos

Red is usually associated with danger or blood, which makes it an interesting color choice for centipede tattoos. Red centipedes have been used as symbols of strength and power throughout history because they’re able to kill snakes and other dangerous creatures with their venomous bites. Red is also associated with fire, so you may.

Red Centipede Tattoo

17. Simple Centipede Tattoos

A simple centipede tattoo can be done in a few different ways. One way is to get a small tattoo of the head and body of the centipede. This type of tattoo can be done in black ink or color. It can be placed anywhere on your body, but it is usually placed on an arm or leg so that it can be seen easily. The body of the centipede may also be colored red or green, which makes it look more realistic than just black ink would.

Simple Centipede Tattoo

18. Small Centipede Tattoos

Another option for getting a centipede tattoo is by getting one small part of the centipede instead of getting all of its parts in one picture. For example, if you want only one leg or one segmented body part then this could be done with just one picture rather than having all three pictures together as one image.

Small Centipede Tattoo

19. Tokyo Ghoul Centipede Tattoos

One of the most popular centipede tattoos is the Tokyo Ghoul centipede tattoo. This tattoo is inspired by the anime series Tokyo Ghoul and features an intricate design on the ankle that resembles an actual centipede crawling down from the foot all the way down to the wrist area. The tattoo design itself is very intricate with many colors and patterns that make it look realistic and lifelike.

Tokyo Ghoul Centipede Tattoo

20. Traditional Centipede Tattoos

A traditional centipede tattoo features an image of the animal with its legs spread out behind it. This is usually done as a black ink piece with red or green shading added for effect. The image may also be embellished with additional details such as fangs or antennae. You can choose to get this type of tattoo done in any size or color scheme you like, although most people who choose this route go with bolder designs instead of something subtle and elegant.

Traditional Centipede Tattoo


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