40 Best Lioness Tattoo Design ideas For Women

Lioness tattoos are a popular choice for women, who like the idea of being strong and powerful. The lioness is an animal that stands on its own and protects its young. It also represents motherhood and nurturing. A woman who wears a tattoo of this animal can be seen as strong, protective and loving. She is willing to fight for what she believes in and will not take any flack from anyone.

The female lion is one of the most powerful animals in the animal kingdom. She has been compared to the goddesses of ancient times and is often associated with female warriors and heroes. Female lions are typically larger than male lions, making them more impressive.

There are many different types of tattoos that represent lions or lionesses. Some people choose to get an actual picture of a lioness tattooed on their skin while others choose abstract designs that still capture some elements of the animal’s face or body. Lionesses have thick manes around their necks which can be included when designing your own personal design for your tattoo.

1. Female Lioness Tattoo

The female lioness tattoo is a popular choice for women who want to get inked with a beautiful design. The female lioness is known for her strong maternal instincts and fierce loyalty. She will protect her cubs at all costs and even die for them if necessary. She can also be quite protective of her mate and other pride members if they are threatened by intruders or predators.

Female Lioness Tattoo

2. Female Shoulder Lioness Tattoo

You can get a shoulder lioness tattoo on either side of your shoulder blade or on both sides if you wish. These tattoos are usually done in black ink but some people prefer brown ink instead because it looks more realistic when done properly. You can use any image of a lioness that you like as long as it has fur on it since this will give it more detail and make it look more realistic as well as add color to your tattoo design.

Female Shoulder Lioness Tattoo

3. Feminine Lioness Tattoo

This feminine lioness tattoo features a woman wearing a tiara on her head while holding a scepter in one hand and a sword in another. She has wings on her back and she’s standing under an open sky full of stars and galaxies. This tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants to showcase their powerful side but still be able to show off their feminine side as well.

Feminine Lioness Tattoo

4. Floral Lioness Tattoo

The floral lioness is a classic tattoo design that has been around for years. The lioness is sitting on her haunches with her front paws extended, like she’s ready to pounce on anything that comes too close. The flowers in this tattoo are very feminine and delicate, which is why they work so well with the lioness design.

Floral Lioness Tattoo

5. Geometric Lioness Tattoo

The geometric lioness tattoo design features a lioness head with wide eyes and sharp teeth. The background consists of angular shapes that create a visual effect that makes it look as though the animal is leaping out at you from the page. The geometric pattern also gives this particular design a sense of movement, making it seem as though she’s about to pounce on her next meal.

Geometric Lioness Tattoo

6. Half Lioness Tattoo

This half-lioness tattoo design is a good choice for someone who wants to keep their tattoo relatively small but still has room for some detail. The lioness head is colored in shades of blue and red, giving it a regal appearance that would look great on someone who loves animals or nature in general.

Half Lioness Tattoo

7. Lion And Lioness Tattoo

The lioness tattoo is a very popular tattoo design, and it is also a very common choice for girls. The lioness is the female counterpart of the male lion. She has all of the same traits as her male counterpart, but also some unique ones as well. If you are looking for a tattoo design that represents strength and power, then this may be just what you are looking for. A lot of people choose to get this tattoo because they feel like their loved one is strong and powerful like a lioness.

Lion And Lioness Tattoo

8. Lion Lioness Tattoo

Lion tattoos have long been associated with strength, bravery, and power. This animal is often associated with royalty, which explains why kings and queens are often seen wearing lion tattoos. A lioness tattoo can also be a symbol of protection. The lioness is known for its maternal instincts, which makes it the perfect tattoo for mothers who want to show their love for their children.

Lion Lioness Tattoo

9. Lioness And Cub Tattoo

A tattoo of a lioness and her cubs can represent many things, but it usually has something to do with family or relationships. The mother lioness protecting her cubs shows how much she loves them and will do anything to protect them. It can also represent the bond between siblings or friends who will always be there for each other no matter what happens in life. A tattoo like this would look great on any part of your body, but if you want it somewhere visible then your back or shoulder are good choices.

Lioness And Cub Tattoo

10. Lioness And Cubs Tattoo

The mother lioness is often depicted with her back arched slightly as she stands over her cubs. The cubs are usually sitting up on their haunches looking toward their mother for guidance and protection from danger in the wild. You could choose to have just one cub or multiple ones depending on how many children you have! If you’re looking for something unique then try getting an abstract design that.

Lioness And Cubs Tattoo

11. Lioness And Flower Tattoo

A lioness flower tattoo is a very unique design that features a lioness and a flower. This tattoo is perfect for women who love all things feminine, but at the same time have an interest in wildlife and nature. The lioness flower tattoo is often placed on the arm or leg, but can also be placed on other areas of the body such as the back or chest.

Lioness And Flower Tattoo

12. Lioness And Rose Tattoo

A lioness and rose tattoo is a great way to show your love of nature and animals. This tattoo can be done in many different ways, depending on your personal preference. For example, you could have the rose and the lioness in the same area, or you could have them separate. You could also add other elements, like butterflies or flowers, to enhance the design.

Lioness And Rose Tattoo

13. Lioness Arm Tattoo

One of the most popular places for women to get their lioness arm tattoo is on the inside of their upper arm. The inner part of the upper arm is a great place for a tattoo because it’s not too visible and it’s easy to cover up if you decide you don’t like it after all. A lioness arm tattoo can be done in color or black and white, depending on your personal preference.

Lioness Arm Tattoo

14. Lioness Calf Tattoo

A lioness calf tattoo is another very popular design choice for those who want a lioness tattoo but don’t want a full-body piece. The calf is one of the most common locations for these types of tattoos because it’s easy to cover up if needed and still provides enough space for intricate designs without being overbearing on such a small area of skin.

Lioness Calf Tattoo

15. Lioness Crown Tattoo

A lioness crown tattoo is a symbol of royalty and courage. This image portrays freedom from oppression and freedom from fear. The wearer of this type of tattoo will feel empowered by their ability to overcome obstacles in life with grace and style. A lioness crown tattoo is a powerful image that represents strength and bravery. It may be used as an emblem of courage or pride by those who have faced adversity and come out victorious in the end.

Lioness Crown Tattoo

16. Lioness Face Tattoo

A lioness face tattoo is designed for those who want to show off their fierceness with style. This image shows that the wearer has an inner strength that cannot be broken by anyone or anything no matter how hard they try! This is why it is often used as an inspirational piece for those who wish to keep going no matter what life throws at them. This is probably the most common design for lioness tattoos. It consists of a complete face of the lioness with her ears folded down and her eyes closed. The face is usually surrounded by flowers and vines, which makes it look very feminine and beautiful.

Lioness Face Tattoo

17. Lioness Flower Tattoo

The lioness flower tattoo is typically done in black ink with some shading added to give it more depth and texture. The background of this tattoo will also vary depending on what kind of flowers you choose to use in your design. Some people like to have their lioness tattooed against a white background while others prefer using green or blue backgrounds instead.

Lioness Flower Tattoo

18. Lioness Foot Tattoo

Lioness foot tattoos are probably the most popular type of lioness tattoo because they are easy to hide if you work in an office. The tattoo artist will usually use black ink to create the image of a lioness on your foot. This type of tattoo is usually very small and inconspicuous, so it won’t get in the way when you need to wear shoes or go out in public.

Lioness Foot Tattoo

19. Lioness Forearm Tattoo

Lioness forearm tattoos are another common type of lioness tattoo because they can be easily hidden with clothing without drawing too much attention to yourself. This type of tattoo typically uses black ink as well, although sometimes it will use color if you want it to stand out more than other types of tattoos do on your arm area (such as stars).

Lioness Forearm Tattoo

20. Lioness Hand Tattoo

For those who want something simple, a lioness hand tattoo is the way to go. This type of tattoo can be done on any part of the body and will look great on anyone. One of the most common types of lioness tattoos is done on the hand. It is often done as a single image or it can be combined with another design, such as a flower or an animal. The hand is an ideal location for this type of tattoo because it can be easily hidden under clothing if you do not want it to be seen by others.

Lioness Hand Tattoo

21. Lioness Head Tattoo

If you’re looking for something more elaborate, then a head tattoo is the way to go. Lion heads look amazing when placed on an arm or leg but they can also be placed on other parts of the body as well. Another popular type of lioness tattoo is done on the head. This style is often used by people who want to get a facial tattoo but do not want to permanently alter their face if they decide that they do not like it later on down the road.

Lioness Head Tattoo

22. Lioness Leg Tattoo

The leg is one of the most popular areas to get a tattoo on because it is visible and easy to show off. If you want to get a lioness leg tattoo, there are many designs that can help you achieve that goal. For example, one idea is getting an image of the animal itself on your leg or foot. Another option is getting something symbolic like a paw print or a crown on your leg or foot.

Lioness Leg Tattoo

23. Lioness Mandala Tattoo

This lioness mandala tattoo is another example of how you can wear your favorite animal on your body and still look stylish at the same time! The design is colorful and vibrant and will definitely stand out from other tattoos worn by other people around you. A mandala is an intricate design that represents many different things depending on how it’s used. A mandala can represent the universe or the energy that flows through all living beings on earth.

Lioness Mandala Tattoo

24. Lioness Sleeve Tattoo

A lioness sleeve tattoo is a design that covers the entire arm. The tattoo often includes a number of different animals, including lions, tigers and even humans. Tattoo artists will often use this style as an opportunity to put their own spin on the design. A lioness sleeve tattoo is one of the most popular designs for women who want to get inked with this animal. This kind of tattoo is usually done from shoulder to wrist and it looks great when done in black color only.

Lioness Sleeve Tattoo

25. Lioness Tattoo Designs

There are many different types of lioness tattoos that you can choose from when getting this type of tattoo done on your body. Some people will choose to get just the face or head of a lioness inked onto their bodies. Other people will go all out and get an entire body colored in with this type of tattoo design on it instead. There are so many different ways that you can go about getting your own lioness tattoo done on your body too!

Lioness Tattoo Designs

26. Lioness Tattoo For Women

Lioness tattoos are very popular among women because they are considered feminine tattoos, which means that they can be used by both men and women without being considered too masculine or feminine. Lioness tattoos can be designed in many different styles and colors depending on the person’s taste and preference. Most people choose to have a black outline around their lioness tattoo design so that it stands out better against their skin color and blends in better with their overall look.

Lioness Tattoo For Women

27. Lioness Tattoo Ideas

The lioness is an awesome animal to have tattooed on your body in many ways. She is beautiful and graceful, yet fierce when she needs to be. She is also extremely powerful and independent, making her an excellent choice for people who want to show their inner strength through their tattoo design.

Lioness Tattoo Ideas

28. Lioness Tattoo On Back

The back is another great place to get a lioness tattoo. You can either get it on your upper back or lower back, depending on what size area you want to cover up with the tattoo design. If you want something larger, then getting it on your lower back will work better than getting it on your upper back when it comes to covering up large areas of skin.

Lioness Tattoo On Back

29. Lioness Tattoo On Shoulder

A lioness tattoo on shoulder is a very good design. If you want to draw attention to your shoulder, you can get a tattoo of a lioness on your shoulder. It is a beautiful design that will make you look great. The tattoo will be made up of two lions and some other designs that are related to the lioness. If you like this design, then it is recommended that you get it done professionally at the best tattoo parlor in town.

Lioness Tattoo On Shoulder

30. Lioness Tattoo Thigh

The lioness tattoo is a popular choice for women. The lioness tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, but most people prefer to have them on the thigh. There are many different types of lioness tattoos. Some are simple, while others have more complicated designs and patterns. Lioness tattoos can also be designed in different sizes and colors, depending on your preferences.

Lioness Tattoo Thigh

31. Lioness Thigh Tattoo

The lioness thigh tattoo is probably one of the most popular tattoos for women in general. It’s a great way to show that you are strong and fierce without being too overbearing. A lioness is an animal that is part of the family of felines. The lioness has a mane and she is fierce and proud. A tattoo of a lioness can be used as a symbol for strength and courage. If you have been looking for a great way to show off your inner strength, then this tattoo may be just what you need.

Lioness Thigh Tattoo

32. Lioness With Crown Tattoo

The lioness with crown tattoo is a popular design that symbolizes royalty and strength. This image can be used as part of a larger piece such as a back piece or sleeve design, or it can stand alone as a single image on its own. The image can be colored in any way you choose, but it’s most commonly seen in black ink with gold detailing around the crown and face of the lioness.

Lioness With Crown Tattoo

33. Meaningful Lioness Tattoo

When deciding what kind of lioness tattoo you want, think about what it means to you and why you’re getting it done in the first place. A lot of people choose this particular animal because they feel like they’re strong enough to take over the world and conquer anything that comes their way. Others use the lioness as an emblem for feminism and female empowerment.

Meaningful Lioness Tattoo

34. Minimalist Lioness Tattoo

This minimalistic tattoo features just two elements: a lion’s face and body along with its cub design. The tattoo is simple but it still manages to look amazing thanks to its minimalist style! Another popular design is to use only minimalistic lines without any shading or color at all. This style allows you to create your own style and design from scratch without having to worry about matching colors or artist styles if you’re looking for something specific that doesn’t exist yet in tattoo shops.

Minimalist Lioness Tattoo

35. Queen Lioness And Cub Tattoo

The queen lioness and her cubs are one of the most beautiful and amazing images of nature. The image depicts the motherhood of a lioness and her cubs. The queen is shown with two cubs at her side, while another is seen licking its ears. This is one of the most common tattoos that you can get done on your body. It represents love and care for your family. It also symbolizes motherhood and protection.

Queen Lioness And Cub Tattoo

36. Realistic Lioness Tattoo

This realistic lioness tattoo is done in shades of brown ink with red accents. It looks like a photograph rather than an image created by an artist’s hand. This gives it a very natural look, as if it were really taken in the wild somewhere far away from civilization. The artist has also added some shading around the edges of the image to help further enhance this effect.

Realistic Lioness Tattoo

37. Simple Lioness Tattoo

A simple lioness tattoo is probably the most common type of lioness tattoo. It’s easy to find because it doesn’t require a lot of detail and there are many different versions that you can choose from. The most popular version is probably the mother and cub tattoo, but there are also other designs available such as one that shows just one lioness or even just a silhouette of one.

Simple Lioness Tattoo

38. Small Lioness And Cub Tattoo

This tattoo is a great way to show your love for lions, especially if you have children. The small size makes it perfect for someone who wants a tattoo but doesn’t want something too large on their body. This tattoo features both a mother lioness and her cubs together in one tattoo design. The mother is shown looking down at her cubs with love while they rest peacefully in her arms.

Small Lioness And Cub Tattoo

39. Small Lioness Tattoo

This is another simple tattoo design that shows an image of a mother lioness looking down at her cubs with love while they rest peacefully in her arms. This small tattoo design could be used by anyone who loves lions or wants an image that represents strength and power without being too flashy or complicated in its design.

Small Lioness Tattoo

40. Watercolor Lioness Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are popular because they can be used as outlines for larger pieces of artwork or as standalone pieces themselves. This watercolor tattoo features two female lions standing next to each other with one looking down at something below them while the other one looks straight ahead.

Watercolor Lioness Tattoo

Lioness Tattoo Meaning

A lioness tattoo is a symbol of female strength and power. The lioness is a symbol of the zodiac sign Leo and represents the sun in its fullness, or the new moon at its fullest. A lioness tattoo can be used as a symbol of self-empowerment or as a way to remember someone who has passed away. The lioness tattoo symbolizes feminine strength, courage and power. It can also represent protection from evil forces or protection from harm. A lioness tattoo can also represent fertility and pregnancy.


What does a lioness tattoo mean?

A lioness tattoo can refer to many things depending on the type of design chosen for your tattoo. If you choose an image of just one lioness head, this could represent independence and freedom from restrictions put on us by others or society as a whole. If you choose two lions heads facing each other, this could represent two people coming together as one unit where each person is equal in importance to the other person's life.

What does a lioness tattoo symbolize?

The meaning behind this type of tattoo is simple: strength, courage and pride. While most people associate lions with these traits, they can also be used as symbols of leadership and royalty. The king of the jungle is often depicted as being very powerful and courageous by nature, which makes him an excellent role model for those looking to lead others through life's challenges.

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