20 Best Magpie Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Magpie tattoos have a rich history in the tattooing world. With their bright colors and sharp edges, these birds create a great design for both men and women. In this article, we are going to talk about magpie tattoos and the symbolism behind these stunning pieces of body art. We will discuss many different designs and tell you some things that you may not know about this amazing bird.

Magpies are often looked at as a negative sign. They are said to bring death and bad luck when they are seen. This is why so many people choose to get magpie tattoos done on them. Many times people will get these birds drawn with a skull or other negative imagery to show the dark side of the bird. Some people will just get the bird without any additional artwork.

Magpie tattoos are a perfect choice for those who love birds and are looking for something unique. The magpie is a unique species of bird that is known for its intelligence, beauty, and its ability to mimic human speech. This bird has been a popular subject in tattoo art for centuries, and it’s popularity has only increased over the years. If you’re looking to get a magpie tattoo, there are several things you should know before choosing one of these beautiful creatures!

1. Ankle Magpie Tattoo

The ankle is an excellent place to get a tattoo, especially if you want it to be discreet or hidden from public view. A magpie tattoo on the ankle can be easily covered up with socks or tights, but it can still be revealed when you want to show it off. The ankle is also a good choice because it is easy to reach and generally not too painful during the process of getting inked.

Ankle Magpie Tattoo

2. Arm Magpie Tattoo

The magpie is mostly portrayed flying or sitting on a branch with its wings spread out. This kind of tattoo looks best when it’s placed on the upper arm or shoulder blade. These tattoos usually have more details than those on the ankle, but it’s still possible to make them simple if you don’t like complex designs.

Arm Magpie Tattoo

3. Back Magpie Tattoo

The back magpie tattoos are usually placed on the back area of the neck and they look very cute and adorable. The back area of the neck is where most people show their personality so if you want to get a good quality back magpie tattoo then you should make sure that the artist that you choose knows what he or she is doing.

Back Magpie Tattoo

4. Foot Magpie Tattoo

If you want to get a magpie tattoo, but you’re not sure where to put it, your foot is one of the best places. Foot tattoos are easy to hide, but they’re also easy to show off. You can wear a pair of sandals to reveal your magpie tattoo and then hide it with shoes or socks when you need it out of sight.

Foot Magpie Tattoo

5. Chest Magpie Tattoo

Chest tattoos are big and bold, so they make a great canvas for magpie tattoos. If you’re ready for a big tattoo, consider getting one on your chest. Chest tattoos are very eye-catching and beautiful if you get the right design.

Chest Magpie Tattoo

6. Collarbone Magpie Tattoo

Magpie tattoos look great on collarbones if you want something small and cute. Collarbone tattoos are very popular right now because they look cute and feminine. If you want a small magpie tattoo, consider getting it on your collarbone.

Collarbone Magpie Tattoo

7. Forearm Magpie Tattoo

Forearm is a part of the body that is usually the center of attraction. This is a place where you can have a tattoo of your own choice without feeling awkward. It is a common habit of people to observe the arm tattoos if they are interested in having one. People who love magpies love to get them inked on their arms. You can get different designs at different places on your forearm such as below your elbow, above your wrist or even the whole length.

Forearm Magpie Tattoo

8. Hand Magpie Tattoo

The hands are also a very good place for getting any kind of tattoo you want. The variety in hand tattoos is unlimited and so are the magpie tattoos. These tattoos look elegant and graceful and reflect your love for magpies. They can be inked on any part of your hand like fingers, wrist, back or palm etc. You can make them big or small according to your preference and liking.

Hand Magpie Tattoo

9. Neck Magpie Tattoo

These are popular with both men and women. The neck is a great place for a tattoo that you want to be visible when you want it to be, and concealed when you don’t. Magpies are small birds, so a magpie tattoo on the back of the neck can be discreet if it’s not too detailed. The back of the neck is also ideal for people who don’t want to commit to having a tattoo on their face or arms, which are more difficult to cover up.

Neck Magpie Tattoo

10. Realistic Magpie Tattoo

For those looking to go all-out, realistic magpie tattoos can look incredible on any part of the body. Realistic magpie tattoos have the advantage that they can look amazing even without color. This makes them great for people who like simple tattoos because they’re easy to conceal if necessary, or just prefer their body art this way.

Realistic Magpie Tattoo

11. Leg Magpie Tattoo

If you want to get a large magpie tattoo then there are several places where it would look great on your body. For example, you could get a large black and white magpie tattooed on your leg or arm if you want something big enough to attract attention. If you want something smaller then you could get just one little magpie tattooed somewhere like behind your ear or on your wrist.

Leg Magpie Tattoo

12. Traditional Magpie Tattoo

Many people like to get traditional tattoos because they look striking and beautiful at the same time. Traditional magpie tattoos can be colorful or just black ink. The black ink ones tend to be bolder looking, while the color ones tend to look softer and more feminine or friendly. You can add other elements, such as flowers, animals, or other birds to your traditional magpie tattoo if you want something even more unique or personal.

Traditional Magpie Tattoo

13. Rib Magpie Tattoo

The rib cage is a great place to get a beautifully bold magpie tattoo. The black and white design will stand out against your skin, making sure that it gets noticed. As well as this, the rib cage is an area where there can be some slight pain when getting a tattoo, but not enough to deter most people from getting one there.

Rib Magpie Tattoo

14. Shoulder Magpie Tattoo

Magpies are very beautiful birds and you can show that by getting a nice tattoo. The birds can be shown in a variety of ways. You can get them in a simple design or something more complex. These are just some ideas for you to consider.

Shoulder Magpie Tattoo

15. Simple Magpie Tattoo

You don’t have to get super detailed magpie tattoos. If you want something that is less involved, then you can get one on the shoulder or another part of your body. It will stand out because it’s not so detailed compared to other birds.

Simple Magpie Tattoo

16. Behind The Ear Magpie Tattoo

There are different types of tattoos that you can get on your body, including one behind the ear. This is something that many people get when they want to keep the design small and subtle. You could also add other elements like flowers if desired.

Behind The Ear Magpie Tattoo

17. Small Magpie Tattoo

Small magpie tattoos are a great choice for those who want to get inked but don’t want to show off their tattoo art on a regular basis. You can place a small magpie tattoo anywhere on the body.

Small Magpie Tattoo

18. Thigh Magpie Tattoo

Thigh magpie tattoos are easy to hide and show off at the same time. You can embellish your thigh with a big magpie tattoo or you can even get inked with small designs that have meaningful messages behind them

Thigh Magpie Tattoo

19. Wrist Magpie Tattoo

Wrist magpie tattoos are cute, simple, and elegant too. These designs make great finger tattoos because they also look good on fingers and wrists.

Wrist Magpie Tattoo

20. Colorful Magpie Tattoo

If you love bright colors then you will certainly love colorful magpies tattoos. These designs are usually created with vibrant tones and shades that take the beauty of these designs to a whole new level altogether!

Colorful Magpie Tattoo

Magpie Tattoos For Men

Magpie tattoos are a cool idea for guys who want to express their personality. Guys can choose to get a magpie tattoo that is small, medium or large. You can have your artist design the bird with a realistic look or you can go super edgy and have him draw it in black and white. If you are into the traditional look, then maybe you should consider getting a full sleeve of the magpie. Magpie tattoos are also great for guys who love the outdoors or nature. You may choose to have your artist add something tribal to your magpie tattoo as well.

Magpie Tattoos For Women

Although not as popular as their male counterparts, women do get tattoos of magpies done on their bodies. Most designs are simple and small like those of hummingbirds and butterflies. Some women choose to have flowers or other birds inked along with the magpie for a varied look. Girls who want something more colourful can opt for this bird which has feathers in many shades.


Magpie Tattoo Meanings

There are many different meanings behind magpie tattoos. Some people like to get them done because they think they will bring good fortune while others believe that they bring bad luck. Some believe that these birds represent death while others believe that they symbolize happiness and joyfulness! Whatever your reason is for getting one done, there are plenty of different meanings associated with.


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