40 Best Wave Tattoos For Men And Women

Wave tattoos are a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts. They symbolize the energy of water, which is often associated with emotions, spirituality and healing. Waves can also represent the movement of time, or how waves may represent the movement of life itself.

The wave is a symbol of everything that is constant in life. It’s something we can always rely on whether it be the waves of the ocean or the waves of time. Waves are also a symbol of change and movement. They have been used to represent all kinds of things from the birth and death cycles to the ebb and flow of relationships.

Wave tattoos are extremely popular, and for good reason. The ocean is a vast, powerful force that inspires us to be better versions of ourselves. It’s also a reminder that we’re small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The best wave tattoos capture this sense of awe and wonder while also making you feel like you’re not alone in your struggle against the waves.

1. Anchor And Wave Hand Tattoo

The anchor and wave hand tattoo has a nautical feel to it. The anchor is a symbol of safety and stability. It also represents the sailor’s life, which is why it is one of the most popular tattoos among sailors. On the other hand, the wave represents freedom and adventure. When both the anchor and wave are combined into one image, it shows that despite being rooted in your life, you can still go out and explore the world.

Anchor And Wave Hand Tattoo

2. Ankle Wave Tattoos

The ankle is one of the most common places to get wave tattoos because it is easily hidden by clothing. It’s also not too hard to cover up if you decide that you don’t like it anymore or it gets damaged by an injury. A wave tattoo on your ankle will look good with jeans or shorts, so it’s a great place to get one if you want something small but still noticeable.

Ankle Wave Tattoo

3. Beach Wave Tattoos

There are a lot of different types of wave tattoos. The first type is beach wave tattoos. Beach waves are long, wavy lines that can be drawn in any color you want. Beach waves are very popular because they look like they are coming off the skin and they have a very natural look to them.

Beach Wave Tattoo

4. Behind The Ear Wave Tattoo

Another popular type of wave tattoo is behind the ear wave tattoos. These types of wave tattoos go around your ear, but do not go all the way up to your head like regular ones do. They are usually done in blue or black ink and they can be done in any size you want them to be. They look great when they’re done on small children, who often have smaller ears than adults do, because there’s no need for them to go all the way up to their heads if there’s no room for it!

Behind The Ear Wave Tattoo

5. Blackwork Wave Tattoos

This tattoo features a blackwork wave design done on the forearm. The waves are done in black ink, while the rest of the tattoo is done in grey shades with white highlights. This is a very simple yet beautiful tattoo idea for anyone who wants to get a wave tattoo but doesn’t want anything too intricate or colorful.

Blackwork Wave Tattoo

6. Blue Wave Tattoos

This blue wave design is another example of how you can get a more subtle wave tattoo without using many colors. This design is very simple, with just one wave on each side of the arm and no shading at all. It shows off an elegant simplicity that works well for those who want something simple but still eye catching enough for their taste.

Blue Wave Tattoo

7. Colorful Wave Tattoos

One way to design your wave tattoo is to let your imagination run wild with color. If you want something bright and colorful, this is certainly one way to go about it. These types of tattoos tend to work best if you have darker skin and don’t mind having bright colors on your body all the time. Many people choose this type of design because they want something fun and vibrant that doesn’t take up too much space on their body yet still has meaning behind it.

Colorful Wave Tattoo

8. Cute Wave Tattoos

Waves can be designed in many different ways to make it look cute. For example, if the waves are drawn with small dots or lines then it will look very cute and sweet. You can also get a small girl riding on top of the waves or even a dolphin jumping out of the water. If you want to get a cute tattoo then you should go for this type of design because they look very attractive on any part of your body especially if they are designed in such a way that they can easily fit into any part like shoulder blade, wrist or ankle etcetera.

Cute Wave Tattoo

9. Ear Wave Tattoos

If you love the idea of having a wave tattoo, but don’t want to go all over your body, then getting an ear wave tattoo might be perfect for you! There are plenty of different designs available for this type of tattoo and it’s easy to get rid of if you change your mind about it later on down the line.

Ear Wave Tattoo

10. Finger Wave Tattoos

The most common types of finger wave tattoos are the ones that run down the fingers on both hands. These types of tattoos are often used to symbolize something important to the wearer, such as love or friendship. They can also be used as a way to pay tribute to someone who has passed away.

Finger Wave Tattoo

11. Forearm Wave Tattoos

Many people choose forearm wave tattoos for themselves because they want something that will cover up some of their skin but not all of it at once. A forearm wave tattoo is perfect for this purpose because it covers a large area without being too overwhelming or difficult to cover with clothing.

Forearm Wave Tattoo

12. Japanese Wave Tattoos

Japanese wave tattoos are very popular because they represent nature and the movement of energy in our lives. Japanese wave tattoos are usually done in black ink but there are also some artists who use colors like red or blue as well as traditional Japanese patterns such as cherry blossom trees or dragonflies.

Japanese Wave Tattoo

13. Matching Wave Tattoos

You can also get matching wave tattoos with your significant other as a way to tell the world that you’re in love and committed to each other. The matching wave tattoo is an excellent idea for couples who want to celebrate their love with something more permanent than just words. If you have already gotten married, it’s even better because you can get a new tattoo together on your wedding anniversary.

Matching Wave Tattoo

14. Meaningful Wave Tattoos

If you want your wave tattoo to have more meaning than just its appearance, then consider getting one with an inspiring quote or saying on it! Personalize it by choosing words that resonate with you most deeply so that every time you look at your ink, you’ll be reminded of what’s important to you in life.

Meaningful Wave Tattoo

15. Minimalist Wave Tattoos

The most common type of wave tattoo is a minimalist design that shows only one or two waves crashing into each other. This type of tattoo is perfect for those who want to create art without adding too much color or detail to their body art piece. It’s also perfect for those who don’t have much canvas space for a larger design because it doesn’t take up too much room on your body!

Minimalist Wave Tattoo

16. Moon And Wave Tattoo

The moon is a symbol of femininity and fertility. It also represents the feminine side of our nature. When combined with water or waves, it can represent emotions such as love, peace and calmness. A moon tattoo can also symbolize change in life or death.

Moon And Wave Tattoo

17. Mountain And Wave Tattoo

Mountains are majestic natural wonders that have been revered as sacred places for thousands of years by many cultures around the world. They are often associated with spirituality and meditation because they symbolize inner strength and wisdom that only comes from living a full life. The combination of mountain peaks with crashing waves represents the beauty of nature’s force.

Mountain And Wave Tattoo

18. Ocean Wave Tattoo

There are many ways to represent the ocean in a tattoo. Ocean waves are an obvious choice, but they don’t have to be boring and simple. They can be made into something more unique, such as a series of waves in different sizes and shapes.

Ocean Wave Tattoo

19. Palm Tree And Wave Tattoo

Palm trees are very common in tattoos because they symbolize summer and relaxation. They also make a good backdrop for other elements such as flowers or animals. The combination of palm trees and waves is especially popular because it evokes images of tropical beaches where people go when they want to relax on vacation.

Palm Tree And Wave Tattoo

20. Quote Wave Tattoo

A quote wave tattoo can be a great way to get a meaningful tattoo without having it be too obvious. A quote can be an inspirational saying or something that means something to you and your life. The great thing about quote tattoos is that they are usually easy to hide if you need them to be, so if you want people to see them then go ahead and show off your ink! If not, then no one will know that you have one unless you choose to tell them about it yourself!

Quote Wave Tattoo

21. Realistic Wave Tattoo

The most popular type of wave tattoo is one that is realistic looking. These designs typically have bold colors and detailed lines that make them look as if they came right out of an ocean scene. Realistic wave tattoos can also be created with just one color such as blue, green or black ink.

Realistic Wave Tattoo

22. Ship and Wave Tattoo

A ship and wave tattoo is another popular choice among those looking for a wave design on their body. This type of design features both a ship sailing through the waves as well as some beautiful scenery around the edges of the design. These types of tattoos are great because they can be done in any size or shape and still look amazing!

Ship and Wave Tattoo

23. Shoulder Wave Tattoo

The shoulder area is one of the most popular places to get a wave tattoo, as they look great and can be easily hidden under clothing if you want them too. The only thing you need to make sure of when getting a shoulder wave tattoo is that you get it done somewhere where it won’t be impossible to cover up if you don’t want people seeing it all the time.

Shoulder Wave Tattoo

24. Simple Wave Tattoos

Simple wave tattoos are another great way of getting a wave tattoo without spending loads of money on it. These tattoos tend to take much less time than other types of wave tattoos as well, so if you’re looking for something small then this might be for you!

Simple Wave Tattoo

25. Small Wave Tattoos

Small wave tattoos are very popular among women because they can be placed almost anywhere on the body. Smaller tattoos can also be used as a cover up for larger tattoos or scars. Many people choose this type of tattoo because it is easily concealed under clothing if needed.

Small Wave Tattoo

26. Sun And Wave Tattoos

The sun is another popular tattoo design, especially for people in search of spiritual enlightenment or rebirth. The sun represents new beginnings and hope. Sun tattoos are usually done in black ink because it is easier to cover up if needed. However, there are some designs that use multiple colors for shading to create different effects on the skin.

Sun And Wave Tattoo

27. Sun Wave Tattoos

Sun wave tattoos feature a sunburst design with rays coming from the center and fanning outwards towards the edges of your body. These tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body but are usually placed on an arm or leg since these areas are often exposed when you wear short sleeves or shorts during warmer months.

Sun Wave Tattoo

28. Tiny Wave Tattoos

If you love the idea of wave tattoos but don’t have room for one on your back or chest, then consider getting a small version instead! Tiny wave tattoos are also great options for people who like multiple tattoos because they can easily be placed together on one arm or leg without taking up too much space or looking crowded.

Tiny Wave Tattoo

29. Wave Tattoo Arm

The arm is a good place for a larger wave tattoo because it has plenty of room for multiple designs and colors. You can choose from hundreds of different designs for this location, such as sunsets and moons, which look great with waves in their background. The stars at night can also be incorporated into your design if you wish.

Wave Tattoo Arm

30. Wave Tattoo Foot

If you want something special yet subtle then this is definitely the place to get your wave tattoo placed. You could get any variation of waves on your foot but we recommend going with either straight lines or curved lines as these will look best on feet than any other style would do!

Wave Tattoo Foot

31. Wave Tattoo For Men

A wave tattoo is a great choice for men who love the sea and long to be lost in it. It can represent your love for water, surfing or swimming. It might also represent your travels or simply be a symbol of your passion for life.

Wave Tattoo For Men

32. Wave Tattoo For Women

Women can also get wave tattoos if they want to express their love for water or traveling by sea. The same rules apply for women as for men when it comes to choosing designs for these types of tattoos though women tend to lean towards less detailed designs rather than complex ones like men do because women don’t want their ink work to interfere with any clothing they may wear during their day today lives.

Wave Tattoo For Women

33. Wave Tattoo On Ankle

A wave tattoo on ankle is a very popular and beautiful tattoo design. It looks great in a small size and can be easily covered up with socks. If you want to get a wave tattoo on your ankle, choose an ankle bracelet or anklet as the perfect platform for this design.

Wave Tattoo On Ankle

34. Wave Tattoo On Arm

Another popular location for wave tattoos is on your arm. This allows for more room on your body for larger waves or multiple waves across multiple areas of skin. You can place them along your forearm or above your elbow so they don’t get in the way when you wear short sleeves or long sleeves.

Wave Tattoo On Arm

35. Wave Tattoo On Back

The wave tattoo on back is one of the most popular body locations for this design. It’s a great spot to get inked because it can be hidden by clothing when needed, but still visible enough to see on bare skin. The wave tattoo on back can also be placed with other designs such as nautical stars or anchors.

Wave Tattoo On Back

36. Wave Tattoo On Chest

The chest area is another common spot for wave tattoos. Wave tattoos on the chest are often done as black and grey pieces, but they can also be done in colors like blue and purple shades to match your skin tone better if you prefer this look over black ink.

Wave Tattoo On Chest

37. Wave Tattoo On Hip

If you’re looking for a simple design that still makes a statement, this hip tattoo is perfect! The waves are simple but very effective in their simplicity. The colors used here also make this tattoo stand out because they contrast so well with each other.

Wave Tattoo On Hip

38. Wave Tattoo On Rib

This rib tattoo was done using black ink and white ink to create a cool contrast between the colors in the waves and the colors on her skin. You can see how well these two colors work together when she wears them together and how they reflect light at different angles depending on how her body moves. This has been done in many different styles over the years, from tribal designs to geometric shapes like squares or triangles or even circles!

Wave Tattoo On Rib

39. Wave Tattoo On Thigh

The thigh is another good place for getting a wave tattoo because it can be easily hidden under pants or skirts without anyone knowing that you have one unless they are very close to you and looking directly at your legs! A thigh wave tattoo can be done in any color that you like and it will look great with any outfit that you wear on any given day!

Wave Tattoo On Thigh

40. Wrist Wave Tattoos

The wrist is a great place to get a wave tattoo because it is easily covered with clothing when you want to hide it. This makes it an ideal place for people who want to hide their tattoos from their employers or others who may not approve of their choice of body art. A wave tattoo is also a great addition to any other kind of body art such as tribal tattoos or animal tattoos.

Wrist Wave Tattoo


What does a wave tattoo mean?

The meaning behind wave tattoos varies from person to person. The most common interpretation of these tattoos is that they represent the strength and power of water. Waves are also associated with emotions and feelings, which is why many people choose this design for their first tattoo.

What does a wave tattoo symbolize?

Waves are a powerful symbol of change and transformation. The tide comes in and goes out, bringing with it new possibilities. Waves wash over the shore and leave behind a fresh start. Waves are also a symbol of the ocean, which represents deep emotions, intuition, and spirituality.

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