20 Best Sacred Heart Tattoos For Men And Women

The Sacred Heart tattoo is popular among Catholics, but it has become a common symbol in many other religions as well. The heart represents the love of God for humanity and the suffering that Jesus endured for us. It is also symbolic of love, purity, devotion and charity. The Sacred Heart was prominently displayed during the medieval period as a way to remind people of the sacrifice that Jesus made for them on the cross.

The Sacred Heart is a symbol of love and sacrifice. It is also a symbol of Jesus Christ, who sacrificed his life for us. The Sacred Heart was first used by Christians as early as the 13th Century. It can be seen in many Catholic churches around the world and is one of the most popular tattoos amongst Catholics.

The Sacred Heart is often depicted as two hearts, one pierced with a sword and the other bleeding with blood drops falling from it onto a cross. This shows our Lord’s suffering and death on the cross for us. This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, but it looks best when it’s placed on an arm or chest area.

1. Black Sacred Heart Tattoo

A black Sacred Heart tattoo is a very traditional way to show your devotion to God. While most people associate the color black with evil and darkness, in this case it represents holiness and purity. This tattoo shows that you are a devoted Catholic who wants others to know about your faith.

Black Sacred Heart Tattoo

2. Realistic Sacred Heart Tattoo

The realistic Sacred Heart tattoo is usually done in red ink or color with white outlining, but can also be done in black and white or just one color. This kind of tattoo makes it easy for people who see it to know what it means without having to ask for an explanation first.

Realistic Sacred Heart Tattoo

3. Religious Sacred Heart Tattoo

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is an image of the physical heart of Jesus, which is said to have been removed during his crucifixion. The heart is often depicted within a sunburst and surrounded by thorns, as well as pierced with the nails from his crucifixion. It is also often shown with flames rising from it. The most prominent symbol of the spiritual devotion associated with the Sacred Heart is a flame-shaped heart made up of five wounds representing Christ’s suffering on the cross. The practice of displaying the Sacred Heart on an image began in France during the 17th century.

Religious Sacred Heart Tattoo

4. Sacred Heart Arm Tattoo

One popular Sacred Heart tattoo design is an arm tattoo with the symbol of a flaming heart on it. This type of design can be done in many different ways, but most often it consists of an outlined flaming heart with flames coming off the outside edges and sometimes inside each point as well if desired. There are many variations on this theme that can include thorns or spikes coming out of the center instead of flames or even winged angels hovering above it if desired.

Sacred Heart Arm Tattoo

5. Sacred Heart Back Tattoo

This is a wonderful example of a sacred heart back tattoo. The image is outlined with black ink, which makes it stand out even more against the person’s skin. The tattoo artist has also used some red ink to fill in the outline of the heart, making it appear more realistic to the eye. This design is quite simple but has an elegant look to it that makes it perfect for women who want something sweet and feminine on their bodies.

Sacred Heart Back Tattoo

6. Sacred Heart Chest Tattoo

The Sacred Heart chest tattoo is a beautiful way to show your love and devotion for Jesus Christ. This tattoo can be done in various sizes and colors. It is very popular among Christians as it represents the love of God for all mankind. If you want to get this tattoo, then you should take care that it is done by a professional artist.

Sacred Heart Chest Tattoo

7. Sacred Heart Gem Tattoo

A gem tattoo design is made up of gems and stones that represent different things. The sacred heart gem tattoo represents love and devotion to God or your faith. This can be worn by both men and women alike. It makes for a great tattoo idea if you want to get inked with something meaningful that you can wear all year long!

Sacred Heart Gem Tattoo

8. Sacred Heart Hand Tattoo

The Sacred Heart hand tattoo is a symbol that reflects your own personal faith and spirituality. This tattoo can be used by people from all walks of life because it is open to interpretation based on its meaning to you. If you are interested in getting this tattoo, then you should know that there are several different designs available for you to choose from.

Sacred Heart Hand Tattoo

9. Sacred Heart Leg Tattoo

If you have a large area of skin that you would like to cover with your tattoo, consider getting a Sacred Heart leg tattoo. This design works well on legs because it fits into the shape of the leg without looking awkward or out of place. The best thing about Sacred Heart leg tattoos is that they can be placed anywhere on your leg without looking ridiculous!

Sacred Heart Leg Tattoo

10. Sacred Heart Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are another popular placement for Sacred Heart tattoos because they’re easy to hide if you don’t want your tattoo to be noticed by everyone you meet. The only downside is that they can be hard to see if your neckline is covered by clothing like scarves or sweaters.

Sacred Heart Neck Tattoo

11. Sacred Heart Of Jesus Tattoo

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a symbol of divine love and compassion. It is an image of the heart of Christ, shown as a burning heart in the center of the traditional depiction of the Sacred Heart. The use of this symbol started in the thirteenth century. It was used to decorate churches and altars. The Sacred Heart has been depicted in paintings and sculptures, as well as on stained glass windows, medals, and other devotional objects such as candles, rosaries and prayer books.

Sacred Heart Of Jesus Tattoo

12. Sacred Heart Shoulder Tattoo

If you want a simple tattoo design, then getting a Sacred Heart shoulder tattoo can be a great option. This is because it will give you an opportunity to show off your religious beliefs without having too much detail in your design! The best thing about this kind of tattoo is that it can look good regardless of where on your body it is placed!

Sacred Heart Shoulder Tattoo

13. Sacred Heart Stomach Tattoo

Stomach tattoos may represent something that is important to you, or they can be used to tell a story that is meaningful. Some people choose to get a tattoo that represents their heritage or ethnicity. Others may choose a tribal design for their stomach tattoo because it is simple and elegant. Some people even use their stomach tattoos as an homage to a deceased loved one by having his name tattooed there in memory of him.

Sacred Heart Stomach Tattoo

14. Sacred Heart Tattoo Designs

There are many different designs for Sacred Heart tattoos, but one of the most popular designs is a simple red heart with a crown above it or around it. This design can be done in black ink or color, depending on your preference. You can also choose from several different sizes of hearts and place them anywhere on your body that you wish to have them placed.

Sacred Heart Tattoo Designs

15. Sacred Heart Tattoo ideas

The sacred heart is a symbol of love, devotion, and sacrifice. It’s associated with the Catholic Church, but people of all faiths can appreciate its meaning. The heart represents love for God and for others, as well as hope for salvation. The heart also symbolizes the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to save humanity from sin.

Sacred Heart Tattoo ideas

16. Sacred Heart Tattoo Meaning

The tattoo meaning depends on how you interpret it. The Sacred Heart symbolizes Jesus’ love for humanity and his desire to redeem us from sin. In the Catholic tradition, it represents Christ’s suffering for our sins and death on the cross. It also symbolizes God’s love for mankind and his mercy toward us sinners.

Sacred Heart Tattoo Meaning

17. Sacred Heart Tattoos For Men

For men, the Sacred Heart is a popular tattoo, especially among Catholics. The Sacred Heart is a symbol of Jesus’s love for us and our love for him. It is believed that if you pray to the Sacred Heart, you will be saved from all evil. The heart can be depicted in many different ways, but it usually has two flames and a crown of thorns around it.

Sacred Heart Tattoos For Men

18. Sacred Heart Tattoos For Women

For women, the Sacred Heart is an expression of their devotion to God and their love for Jesus Christ. It’s also a symbol of purity and innocence. Women often choose to get this tattoo because they want to serve God or because they want to show their love for Jesus Christ.

Sacred Heart Tattoos For Women

19. Small Sacred Heart Tattoo

The small sacred heart tattoo is one of the most popular designs in the world. The small heart is surrounded with a crown of thorns, which represents Christ’s crucifixion on the cross. This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, but it is most often found on the wrist or chest area. The small heart can be colored black or red to represent darkness and blood, or it can be colored white to represent purity and light.

Small Sacred Heart Tattoo

20. Traditional Sacred Heart Tattoo

The traditional Sacred Heart tattoo is usually larger than the small heart design and may have a more complex design. The traditional tattoo often includes a cross around the outside of the heart, along with other symbols such as thorns and roses around it. Some people also choose to add wings to their traditional Sacred Heart tattoo so that it resembles an angel or cherubic figure.

Traditional Sacred Heart Tattoo


What is a sacred heart tattoo?

A popular design for those who wish to honor their faith in Christianity is an image of Jesus' Sacred Heart carved into their body via a tattoo. The Sacred Heart can be seen as a representation of God's love for humanity through Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

What does a sacred heart tattoo mean?

The Sacred Heart is a symbol of love and compassion. The heart represents the emotions and feelings, while the arteries represent the physical body. The church teaches that Jesus has manifested his love for us through his crucifixion on the cross. He sacrificed his life for our salvation, and he asks us to do the same for others by living lives of charity toward others. The Sacred Heart symbolizes how much Jesus loves us all.


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